Blue on Blue: Judith finally attacks David Seymour


Finally Judith…

National leader Judith Collins accuses ACT’s David Seymour of ‘complete flip-flop’ on COVID-19 vaccine mandates

ACT leader David Seymour has proposed regular testing as an alternative to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which National’s Judith Collins has described as “a complete flip-flop”. 

Collins didn’t seem too impressed.

“Well, number one he’s changed his mind because he was all for mandating, so that’s a complete flip-flop,” she told Magic Talk on Monday.

“When it comes to things like schools and border-facing workers and health workers, we believe that is important that it be mandated and it’s simply not going to be good enough for the rest of the public if they’re unsure about accessing schools, for instance; that is going to be a problem if we have to say we’ll test them all today. 

“We don’t like mandates but we understand we need to have them at this stage and obviously once we get more people vaccinated and we finally get rapid antigen testing into the country, which is still effectively banned here, that would open up some options. 

“But at the moment, now is not the time to be coming out saying, ‘Let’s get rid of mandates in schools.'”

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…the polling is brutal, 74% support mandatory vaccinations while only 20% don’t.

ACT are playing to the antiVaxx vote by offering then this political cover but Judith has to actually beat David up on the center line here and pull the protest vote part of ACT back to National.

Let ACT take these antiVaxxers, they are radioactive and toxic, once they join, actual right wingers will run a mile back to National.

National has to beat up on ACT before they have any hope of fighting Labour.

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  1. Yeah nah. Vaccine passports in New Zimbabwe laughably have a 6 month expiry date. So we are likely going to be the first westernised nation to mandate booster shots to go to your local pub. Mandates would have had 90% support a couple of months ago – watch for this to wane once the unwashed realise just how difficult the process is going to be going forward.

    As a double vaxxed I personally believe Seymour is onto a winner here and for it to not be would be to rely on government competence on the vaxx passport rollout. It won’t be be – we already know this.

    • Well he has lost my support . I feel this is his first misstep . The mandates need to be as strong as possible to protect all from both sides of the vax divide. As a National thinker I am not into government intervention except in situations for the common good.

  2. Kind of smart from Judith and kind of dumb from Seymour.

    ACT will sell their souls to anyone, even truly unstable to get a vote.

    Anyway the paranoia of the antivaxxers would surely mean they were highly unlikely to vote lest Big Brother harvests their information and cellular devices whilst the vote. Come on, you know they will be watching!

  3. ACT wasn’t the child of National, it was the bastard child of Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble.

    When it had problems growing up though National fostered it. Now the bastard foster child has got big and muscly enough to think in can take over the house and move the foster parents to the sleep out.

    Judith might have to call Oranga Tamariki for help.

      • Yes Bert- clever words by Peter. I’d say the Prebble/Douglas/Key wee glove puppet is about to have its supporting hand witthdrawn and in the words of Leonard Cohen, ‘the excrement is about to hit the ventilator fan’.

  4. No one else has the stomach for attack politics bar ACT and Nashnull. But the others had better start because ACT policies are straight from the “Chicago Boys” monetarist script, with a side of Trumpist culture wars.

    Ex Northland MP Matt Kings latest idiocy was more for Mrs Collins to deal with. She tried to distance National without attacking him because they no doubt want to try and win the electorate back from Willow Jean Prime.

    • With Labour in the low 40’s National will piss in in Northland – on the ‘red tide’ election the margin was less than 200

  5. I don’t think the Anti’s are going to gravitate to ACT. I think that they’re going to form their own party with a simple galvanising policy statement declaring themselves as an Anti-Woke, Anti Establishment, Right Wing party. They’ll hit 5%+!

    They’re well funded, well organised, which has been demonstrated over the past few months and they don’t give a fuck about anything.

    I kinda like their energy but not their beliefs or crazy.
    It is a democracy after all so imagine that circus in parliament! Now that would be fun and entertaining!
    Who takes politics seriously anymore?
    They’re all troughing out and doing fuck all so why not throw in some clowns for good measure?
    NZ is definitely in need of a good ole belly chuckle I recks.

    With such an advance technological savy population in NZ we should dump politics and politicians and run the country by smartphone weekly referendum. Now isn’t that innovative and progressive thinking!?

  6. We’ve had nut job parties before. The antidisestablishmentarianism parties may rise again. So what? They’re uncohesive as fk. Rowdy blips on the radar. Let them distract and detract from Rimmer. It’s all good!

  7. Well he has lost my support . I feel this is his first misstep . The mandates need to be as strong as possible to protect all from both sides of the vax divide. As a National thinker I am not into government intervention except in situations for the common good.

  8. Not if they are silly enough to put this Matt King up as a candidate especially if covid runs it course through this unvaxed area.

  9. Alphas to Epsilons..

    I don’t like the term “ticket to freedom”. Martyn and TheDailyBlog in general do well NOT using this doublespeak.

    All Kiwis are equal but some Kiwis are more equal than others. Given how atheist [at least spiritually-rundown/Marxist] NZ has become, Kiwi’s only fear dissenters of the government narrative.

    This never ends well for a society and those advocating “tickets to freedom” will find themselves running ever faster to stay in the same societal spot.

    There’s nothing wrong with the Savage Lands – you can brush up on Shakespeare and be truly free.. while everything falls apart.

  10. I don’t think many people appreciate exactly what Seymour is up to. His job description reads like this:

    “Tell any lies to any fool dumb enough to believe it, so we can gain power and sell all that tasty free state-paid shit to our mates and ourselves”.

    That’s the only reason he’s there.

  11. “Judith finally attacks David Seymour”
    I was hoping Chucky literally attacked roger douglas’s little Blood Boy.
    National are despicable and Act is like having a flea in ones jeans and neither of the cadre of expensive, useless fuckers are worthy of our closer inspection.

  12. Mandates are futile and just engender mistrust. Maybe a stand down period would have been a better option. Covid is coming. Vaccinated or not. The sooner the better if you ask me. I’ll be aiming for a breakthrough infection as soon as we Open Up.

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