COPOUT26 – we have failed our children, our planet and ourselves


The final watered down meaningless bullshit that has been agreed to is a shocking nothing as the entire species faces an unprecedented omnicide from catastrophic global warming.

Vacant promises that aren’t enforceable is only a win to the oil industry.

We will hit 2.7°C with current policies, 2.4°C if all Governments met the 2030 targets.

That is an abysmal failure of collective will and represents the longest suicide letter in human history.

It’s not James Shaws’s fault that the rest of the planet is still only paying lip service to the adaptation required to mitigate against the enormous threat global warming poses, so it would be unfair to blame him but the sophistry of NZs position to do the least possible while pretending we are manifesting something meaningful feels like James taking our cow to market and returning with 3 magic beans.

We are all like, ‘James, where’s the cow’, and James excitedly tells us he’s got these 3 magic beans and we all punch James.

COP26 has been a failure, if this was our last chance, then we have failed. The political spectrum can’t operate when the wealthy polluters own the capitalist system exacerbating the problem.

Radical isolationism & extreme nationalism will be the only responses left.

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  1. Everyone, I mean everyone —who knows those types of conferences, knew this was going to be a BS fest…why? No agreements to start off the conference, no Russia/China/India —Presidents/Prime Ministers attending, and far too many media types attending, not many scientists/policy analysts…

    I hope James Shaw, and mates are pleased with themselves taking up MIQ spots from desperate Kiwis for this…

  2. There were more people from the oil and coal industry than countries. Nobody can get anywhere with the amount of lobbying from the super rich polluters.

    COP26: Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit

    “Governments just keep giving the super rich more money in spite of it being targeted at poor and middle class.

    At least 18 billionaires — and hundreds of other ultra-wealthy individuals — received federal stimulus checks even though the payments were aimed at helping poor and middle-income households weather the pandemic’s economic crisis, according to a new report from ProPublica.

    About 270 wealthy people received payments in the first round of stimulus checks directed by lawmakers in 2020, despite having a total of $5.7 billion in income, according to the the report, which cited a trove of IRS data on thousands of the nation’s wealthiest individuals ProPublica said it had obtained.

    These rich taxpayers received stimulus checks after tapping complex tax deductions to reduce their net incomes to less than zero, qualifying them for the checks, the report noted. Under the law, the full payments of $1,200 per single taxpayer and $2,400 for married couples were only available to single people earning less than $75,000 or couples with incomes below $150,000.””

    Same in NZ where wage subsidies and other government subsidies, developer subsidies are being given to the rich listers companies, which is being taken from the middle class and poor (aka infrastructure costs past down to the middle class and poor, for private developments that benefit super rich in NZ).

    Much is being made about the billionaires coming to NZ and buying mansions with the idea that they contribute significantly to NZ, the questions should be how much of their world wide tax are they paying here, for how long, because it probably will work out that the Kiwis end up subsidising their lifestyles with helicopter, private jet travel and increasing property prices, carbon emissions, justice costs, frauds aka themore work permits for their staff on low wages and so forth. These people have accountants whose job it is, to extract every dime out of any situation they enter into. Pensions, credits, NZ will end up giving them credits not the other way around.

  3. It was doomed once it became a good-cause jamboree with hand-selected and photogenic ‘indigenous representatives’ speaking truth to power…after being given a sponsorship and a speaking slot..

  4. Nah. She’ll be right.
    The Guardian.
    George Monbiot
    “It’s too late for incremental change. By mobilising just 25% of people, we can flip social attitudes towards the climate”
    The VW Beetle was known as The Peoples Car. If we hadn’t been lied to then ripped off more than 30 years ago we’d a had a very well endowed government by us and for us and an opportunity to manufacture our own electric people’s car.
    Has any of you seen a documentary titled ” Who killed the Electric car? ” ? Is bloody great.
    Check it out?
    We have hydro electric coming out the wazoo, we have wind turbines coming out the same wazoo, it’s a big wazoo. We could easily do a twin electric motor ‘peoples car’ made of 3 d printed panels that could be assembled by anyone from a kit set. Just order your choice and it comes to you as a large box with a picture of your new baby on the lid. And what a baby man! ? How about a funky, super snazzy art deco/ nouveau style body made from organic plastics that had compartments for pot and coffee and wines and fresh water and a pup and a kitten ? Imagine the creative bureaucracy coming out of their monthly hand wringers convention with freshly sharpened pencils? They’d have a fucking field day. Health and safety, the insurers, the police Woop-woop. Call them? Imagine the bug eyed outrage at a brilliant idea working perfectly? We’d never hear the end of it. What would Kiwis do with such a thing? I know! They’d ban it !
    They’d ban it because the car wasn’t slow, ugly and useless enough.
    300,000 km’s and nothing went wrong with it and it cost nothing to run!!!??? BAN IT ! DON’T ASK WHY BUT ‘CAUSE NO !
    It’s a basic law of physics isn’t it? The strongest thing is only as strong as its weakest bit. I mean, fuck that right! ?
    How about ” The weakest thing is only as strong as its strongest bit” Wouldn’t that up the anti just a bit?
    Wouldn’t the weak thing start to feel pretty good being strong? If, as a people, we had a strong leader, strong leadership and great strength in our economy…? Would that not make the weakest amongst us that much more strong by collateral association?
    Which brings me to a pondering… Why do our gubbimints want us to stay weak? Why do they enfeeble us after we vote them in then pay them very well? They’ve always fucking done that !
    You’d think it’d be the other way around? Personally, I want to be as strong as my strongest bits. Not as weak as my weakest bits.
    My guess is that the rich must have us believe we’re as weak as Christian tea. The kicker is we must literally believe we are weak way before the rich start having their evil ways with us. I think it’s called being ‘groomed’. Well, fuck the grooming, now give me my country and my planet back! ? ( Apols @ Maori. No insult or offence intended. )

  5. Still think it was worth it for getting to watch my favorite Journalist Abby Martin ask US state governors about the role of the US military as it dumps forever chemicals into the backyard of average yanks.

    Oh and until we stop the war machine we ‘ant stopping us locking in a 3 degrees rise. I’m just not sure how we can do that – except to stop being part of broken system.

  6. While we punch James, can we punch Judy too? JFF? We all gotta hope. Paradigm shifting sure is painful. Go Earth! She’ll cradle me in my grave, and I’ll give her my carbon. Thank you, Earth xx

  7. I’m thinking that the handling, even the thinking, behind 3 Waters is part of the Copout.

    Chris Trotter says this in
    Mahuta’s strategic reticence on discussing Three Waters freely and fulsomely, along with Vance’s airy dismissal of any significant reasons for her doing so, are all of a piece. At their heart lies a deep (and not unjustified) fear that the truth will outrage sufficient New Zealanders to kill the project stone dead. This government, and its journalistic bodyguard, no longer trust the democratic system to deliver the “right” answers. Their response: to propose, and defend, a massive centralisation of power in bodies sealed-off from democratic accountability.

  8. I think the Greens should be embarrassed but I’m sure they’re not.
    They are not an environmental movement they are purely opportunists.

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