The Liberal Agenda – 4pm today online event to mark the 40th anniversary of 1981 Springbok tour


40th anniversary of Springbok tour event

Sunday November 14th 2021, 4pm online

The link to the event is here.

Theme “Apartheid – wrong for South Africans, wrong for Palestinians”


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Hilda Halyard-Harawira will chair the event.


John Minto will link the struggle against South African Apartheid in 1981 to the struggle against Israeli apartheid in 2021.



  1. Hopefully we’ll see a summary of what evolved in that space, going forward afterwards. (Cos if you think I’m about to sign up for Facebook, or any of its derivatives you’re sadly mistaken.)

    • Leigh where has Minto been anti semitic, please advise me I would like to look at or hear or read comments that he has made that are anti-semitic.

    • When it comes to preposterous big lie attempts, false anti semitism accusations fit right in there with the likes of holocaust deniers.

      The Israeli Apartheid state will accept no criticism of its illegal treatment of Palestinians from The Nakba in 1948, to this day. So they have their troll farms working 24/7, and an international campaign to label even the mildest critics and aid agencies as anti semitic.

      Not everyone falls for this crap and 2021/22 are going to be big years for the extension of BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanction) and Palestinian solidarity generally. A fleet of 37 fully equipped Ambulances paid for by international groups including NZ’s own Kia Ora Gaza, was delivered to Gaza last week to replace ones Israeli butchers had destroyed during their recent air strikes and attacks. Really, what kind of depraved people would target ambulances?

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