1 year of NZ Greens lost in woke wonderland

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

It’s been one year since the Greens capitulated their mana for the vacant baubles of Office in a Government they has no power in and what have they to show for that strategic blunder?

Woke bullshit.

I warned the Greens in 2020 that unless they went in hard and demanded transformative change and threatened a civil war with Labour, they would get sweet FA, and they’ve managed to get even less than that!

Greta is right, the real power is protesting outside the conference, not selling out inside the conference!

The Green strategy team are chequers players trying to play chess.

Marama’s and James negotiating tactic was to get on their knees and beg.

You don’t get nuthin by begging, and they got nuthin..

No policy gains, just a couple of vacant baubles of office.

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The Greens repeatedly get screwed over by Labour in a never ending cycle of abuse that started with Helen Clark and you kind of feel like someone should step in and intervene now.

Labour gain the inoculation and political camouflage they want and the Greens get nothin.

Jacinda’s tepid incrementalism will not be challenged by the Greens, it will be supported by them.

As the climate crisis events explode over the next 2 years, as welfare reform goes no where, as housing stagnates, as poverty spreads, the Greens will sit alongside Labour like a parasitic twin unable to think for itself let alone change things.

It is rapidly becoming apparent that Labour and the Greens are not the political vehicle for transformative change. With Labour too focused on preventing Covid from exploding in NZ and the Greens now gagged, no forward thinking vision on how to transform things will be articulated.

It’s a Labour + Green supported Government, that gives them 75 seats in a 120 seat Parliament  and yet they STILL CAN’T be transformative?

All the Greens have gained for their hollow Ministerships is collusion with mediocrity plus some identity politics wins.

The Greens don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha and if they did they would need a 7month hui to discuss pronoun use.

Watching Climate Strike For Students Auckland cancel itself this year because of heteronormative cis male privilege sums up the Greens perfectly. A middle class asthetic for social justice virtue signals tied into woke dogma that believes all white people are racist, all men rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a Nazi.

The Greens are as alienating as a Spin-off dinner party where everyone is arguing over who hates white men the most.

The Greens are perfect for free the nipple rallies with cycling militant Trans ally mommy bloggers, not so good on the economic neoliberal hegemony.

They’ve spent a year harvesting the low hanging fruit of identity politics while doing nothing meaningful on poverty, homelessness or climate change.

The NZ Green woke have become so wedded to the power public health has given them over Covid that they can’t comprehend losing all that virtue signalling cred, they yearn for a perpetual level 5 and seem sad no actual genocide has occurred.

Despite my contempt for what the Greens have mutated into I will still probably vote for them in 2023 but will jump the second there is a real alternative.

Their only hope is Chloe.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party. Imagine Jacinda as Prime Minister with Chloe as Deputy.

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.

Meanwhile the planet burns.

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  1. The greens nailed their flag to the mask a few years ago by saying they would never go into any sort of coalition/partnership with National (ACT now also)….hey presto! Labour have an instant lap dog, and boy what a useful lap dog they have been and continue to be.
    Get stroked every now and again and get some scraps from the dinner table whilst residing under said table.
    I have no sympathy and as I have mentioned many times, the green party are an activist party and as such are best shouting from the sidelines than actually on the field playing.

    • 100%. The reason they’re best left on the sidelines is because they’re just narcissists looking for attention.

      If you want a laugh, just ask a Green what their plan is for carbon neutrality.

  2. My very first vote in 1975 was for the Values Party candidate in Palmerston North. I wish i had kept the weighty manifesto that i had from them at the time. It would be both amazing to re-read how advanced their thinking was and hugely depressing to realize how relevant much of it is to the problems we still face.

    • I have this manifest and bring it out each election,our local candidate was Jamie Luck,Jordon Lucks dad.I despair how little in manifest has been achieved and how much damage has been done

  3. “1 year of NZ Greens lost in woke wonderland”

    Is that dog years?

    Because I count the woke wonderland started in 2017 when Metiria Turei stood down.

    • I agree with that
      And when Russel Norman left for Greenpeace.
      Maybe we should be forgetting political parties, (they’re all useless) and putting our weight behind grass roots activism, and not the woke kind that does nothing but fuck around with language and tie people up in sophistry and bullshit.

      • Amen – but I would still like a Green political party that focuses 100% of solving the worlds environmental problems NOT greenwashing.

    • Very true!
      However like Martyn, I’ll probably vote for them in 23 simply because Labour do not deserve to have the huge mandate they were given, and which they’ve squandered.

        • History definitely rhymes at least. It’s taken me a while to realise why my former father-in-law gave up on Labour after a lifetime of support. He did so with the neo-lib reforms in the 80s.
          I’ve invested a lot of time in Labour over the years as well (although I have busted my butt delivering pamphlets for the Greens from time to time), and have always flicked them (Labour) a vote.
          Not no more no how. Like a growing number of my peers, we’ll be doing our best to ensure the next gummint will be a coalition one, and hopefully people will begin to realise that policy is more important than personality, bullshit and spin, and constantly trying to manage the message – all of which is necessary for the cult of neoliberalism to survive.
          And if that means the electorate has to suffer a term or two of the worst option available – the Nactoids – then maybe that’s what has to happen. And if it does, there won’t be much left of lill ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight to call Koiwoi.

    • If nothing is getting done blame Labour. They are the party with the ‘governing alone’ majority. In the 2017 parliament Labour had Winston to blame; in 2023 it will be the greens. But in this parliament they have only themselves to blame.

  4. Arguably NZ First under National & Labour and the Maori Party under National made gains. Regardless of whether you identify as right or left or something else and whether you agree with Labour and/or Green policies or not, it does seem like an opportunity list. Given some of the increasing tensions and societal divides, it’s hard to see any coalition grouping having that sort of majority in the foreseeable future.

    • Sorry, earlier post, first sentence ending should have read “made better gains” and further down should have read “it does seem like an opportunity lost” (not list). If they had a list I dread to think what was on it.

      • Do we need Winston then ChrisR – to try for better gains? We seem to be going down a rabbit hole at present. Winston was like an eager terrier going after a prize of something, and did catch some things. Who to vote for amongst this fairground display of smiling faces and open mouths? I felt that TOPS was just an alternative dish on the business neolib menu.

        • Good question Grey Warbler and I don’t have an answer. As a political agnostic I have voted for at least 5 different parties across the spectrum over the years and never felt that any of them were really the answer. The election before last I was so conflicted that I literally changed my vote from when I got out of the car to when I walked into the polling booth.
          Probably I will vote for a party that might realistically act as a brake on a larger party. I’m not a great fan of Winstons but in hindsight he did provide some sort of check and balance. Labour die-hards would say he held them back but, without him, they have achieved little imho and seem to be just ramming through legislation like hate speech and three waters but not anything that realistically addresses poverty, homelessness etc.
          I certainly detect a mood swing against Labour. In my household, for example, out of 4 of us I suspect National or Act received no votes last election. I don’t know how the other 3 voted, all female, but suspect their votes went to Labour or the Greens. Next election I suspect those parties will be lucky to get one vote. The one I’m sure voted Green is very dismayed by their lack of real environmental focus and their focus on wokeism.
          The 2 younger ones are incensed at the lack of action on poverty and also the attack on free speech represented by hate speech legislation.
          What a lot of tribalists on this blog seem to fail to recognise is that younger voters don’t have the same ‘history’ or tribalism as older voters. They are not wedded to a particular party. They don’t speak about neoliberalism, death-cult capitalists, socialism etc. They will change vote quite quickly. Speaking to some they are totally disillusioned with Labour and their promise of transformational politics. Several have indicated they will vote National or Act. Those on blogs like this who would say that those parties are worse or look what they’ve previously done – those arguments mean nothing to many of the younger voters. They just take a pragmatic view – this lot are not delivering so we’ll give someone else a go.

  5. James, and his mates went to COPout26 Glasgow — and did ‘F’ all, except take up MIQ spots from desperate Kiwis…
    Chloe should win again in Auckland Central, providing Labour continues to run candidates who find ways to lose to National (2017), and the Greens (2020) …in a solid left leaning area, let that sink in for a moment…

    With a bit of luck, the Gweens will wake up – and farewell James, Marama, Elizabeth, and Julie-Anne before the 2023 elections, and get their heads out of their arses

  6. This is from Wiki, the problem is that most of the greens are now actually woke Labour, that is why there is no Green agenda anymore. They have destroyed the party from the inside out, and changed it into a watered down woke neoliberal Labour Party. From wiki about the Green Party.

    The Green Party was founded to counter what it sees as the threats to the natural environment and environmental issues remain its main focus. In recent times, it has expressed concerns about mining of national parks,[15] fresh water,[16] peak oil[17] and the release of genetically engineered organisms.[18] The party strongly supports efforts to address climate change based on scientific evidence, by transitioning away from the burning of fossil fuels to renewable energy production,[19] as well as making carbon pricing more transparent and bringing the agricultural sector into the Emissions Trading Scheme.[20]

    The Green in the Green Party is missing in action – wounded after Russel Norman left and now deceased in the current form.

    • As a long time Greens supporter I hope The Greens management muppets in Wellington are reading all this because what has happened to the Party is tragic.

      • garibaldi Agree 100%. New Zealand, and our children’s future, has been massively betrayed by this miscellany of opportunists. The only political party I ever supported financially, and who I supported prior to some of their current clowns even being born. I will never vote for them again.

        Their only mitigating factor is that they may be causing less social harm in Parliament, than serving as school dinner ladies/or whatever gender platform they happen to be tediously grandstanding about.

    • See this is exactly it. If the green party was purely about the environmental aspect of policy, then it could quite conceivably go into coalition with both left and right wing governments. They could run any policy the government in power was proposing through an environmental lens and push for changes before giving their blessing. However, the social justice side of the green party is the absolute antithesis of any right wing policy and they would not even consider propping a right wing party up. I’m pretty sure a strictly environmental green party would attract a greater proportion of the vote than the current iteration.

      • That’s bullshit BC. The Right does not do Green Party tenets ie sustainable future and social justice. Those two things prevent any coalition with the Right. End of subject.

    • Will there be two tax systems in this state separated on racial lines? One for New Zealander’s and one for Maori? You would need to get iwi paying their full share to keep the Maori state afloat.

      And if we take it to its logical conclusion. Will New Zealander’s have to pay tolls on a road funded by Maori taxation?

      Will there be separate funded police forces? Who will divide up the area’s of operations? In the USA there are separate reservation police for ethic communities, but those communities have hard boundaries. Will we see hard boundaries in the racial separated Aotearoa state?

      Should be fun watched the conniptions setting up the racial separated state.

      • It is absolutely absurd to say that Maori can in any way be seperated from Aotearoa. Maori are the people of Aotearoa. Pakeha are the people of new Zealand. Everyone else is welcome to come party with us.

        • No, Maori are Aotearoa, Tauiwi (not just Pakena but all other races) are New Zealand. The question asked was how do you mix the two in a democracy? How do you distinguish the two with a separate tax, health, police, justice, private property rights, public property access, etc. system.

          So you are saying that democracy (as in one person one vote) is no longer in vogue? You want two separate states within a state? I think you actually want one state, a state run by racial divide where Maori are the “leaders and rulers” and every one else is subservient to them.

          Many Tauiwi consider themselves also as “people of Aotearoa” being “born of the land”with long histories and strongly rooted ancestry to this land. Going to be difficult to racial separate the people.

          Intermingling of the races is now so ingrained that separatism is all but impossible. I have a Maori grand child and am her Koro. You forcing us into a separate states? Forcing us to pick sides?

          Not going to happen.

  7. When the Greens party was formed in 1990 I was pleased because I felt it was high time that NZ had a party that prioritised conservation and environmental issues, not just added them on as an appendix (or totally ignored them) like the two major parties.
    I had also quite liked the Values Party of the 1970s, but felt they were a bit too middle-class and got the distinct impression that they didn’t really want to be a political party at all.
    I attended a few meetings and political rallies of the early Greens Party and enjoyed the laid-back bonhommerie of the gatherings. These were genuinely nice people, next-door types who you wouldn’t imagine had any political ambitions at all.
    As time went by the party evolved and the Greens became more like a “real” political party – more structured and confrontational. The Greens were arguably the strongest force in the Alliance, which scored an impressive 34% of the nationwide vote in 1993, only a percentage point less than Labour, although because of the FFP system it was poorly rewarded with only two seats.
    The Greens have had to make some harsh choices, whether to do deals and with whom. In their first few years they were written off as a perennial party of opposition who could never fit comfortably into government. As the Alliance gradually crumbled however the Greens survived on their own and began to push their policies, adopting more willingness to work with either National or Labour on individual issues.
    The problem is when you do deals you necessarily have to water down your demands, and consequently your principles don’t seem quite so principled.
    The earlier Greens were very conscious of that, and thought long and hard before committing themselves.
    The Greens now seem to think of only a few things before making a decision: If it is remotely racist, sexist, LGBT unfriendly, or if it involves old, white males then they don’t want a bar of it.
    At modern Greens meetings you don’t get the friendly, homely arty types wearing home-made woollen jerseys who started and built-up the movement.
    You get on-line Peter Pans crowing about how clever they are because of what race or gender or sexuality they identify with.
    I always reckon it is not so important who or what you are – it is what you do with it that counts.
    I suppose that counts me out as a Green supporter.

  8. Ah…?
    Can I remind you that it was I who first wrote here in support of Chloe Swarbrick? Thank you. You’re welcome. ( I probably wasn’t but then [I] think I was so that’s what’s most important to me. ( rasberry’s)
    Another reality ( Of the very many.) that you must come to understand @ MB is that our economy is agrarian. ( Little bit of sick? )
    Now? Think ‘Green’ policy and agrarian economics. Take your time…
    Ok. Enough time.
    The Green Party MUST become the party that our farmers must become most securely and confidently identifed with. And trust in. ( Did I hear a farmer somewhere hurl the cat into the fire then throw the wife through the kitchen window in wild and uncontrollable rage? Probably not. Slunk outside then shot yourself instead did ya? I read a sticker once on a farmers white baiting shanty door. “ The largest wilderness area exists between a Greenies ears. Ba ha! )
    At the risk of repeating myself.
    Colonial farmers started farming. ( And no doubt Maori too. No disrespect intended.)
    Some genius invented refrigerated shipping so our farmers could then ‘export’ perishable foods to the northern hemisphere, specifically to the UK but also Europe and the USA.
    The money came pouring in Aye Boys?
    Auckland banksters and that most despicable subhuman species, the money lenders, suckled up to the farmers plump money tit and latched on like leeches. ( No disrespect to actual leeches.)
    Didn’t you? Aye? Boys? Yes, you did.
    And so two worthless and unnecessary cabals of leeches coalesced into The National Party didn’t you? Yes, you did.
    And like all good leeches, you latched on and sucked AO/NZ dry but the leeches were smart enough to not go too far and completely kill off the host farmer.
    Instead? While still blood sucking, the leeches set about to market themselves as the ‘Fama’s Party dahlings’.
    I,100% guarantee, was said over the clink of Champagne glasses through cigar smoke.
    “Now, you lovely fama boys stay out there in the beautiful countryside and work ever so hard while we tewibly sad, fat leeches build mansions in silly old Remuera from the money we steal from under your big strong handsome noses, suckers. Oops! Sorry dahlings, just slipped out. ”
    ( There’s a book. The History of Wool. Look it up? https://www.mcleodsbooks.co.nz/p/nz-non-fiction-wool-a-history-of-the-new-zealand-wool-industry)
    So? The Natzo’s are merely metaphorical leeches. That, is all they are. The rest is piss and wind. Sure, there’s the odd cocky drawn in to the system but then there’s always a traitor or two in the midst. It’s human nature, after. Traitors with agendas are more common than judith collins.
    Labour. Labour was doomed to become the Natzo’s plaything appendix. Labour too had become fatally addicted to cheap farmer money and as leaders with good intentions fell by the way side, a new breed of Labour politician wriggled out of the long drop.
    roger douglas is far too easy a target. The rest, I can’t be bothered writing about here at this point, such is there value to me.
    I will write however; homelessness, hungry kids, deeply indebted young educated people, skyrocketing house prices, the abomination that’s the fact, highlighted by its absence, that we have no passenger rail service.
    We all know I could go on and on and on…
    The National party and The Labour Party are the same ‘thing’. Let that sink in…? They are the same ‘Thing’.
    The ‘ thing’ I refer to is what I term ‘ Neoliberal capitalism’ and it has its leech-teeth sunk deep into our arses by using democracy to ensure its perpetuity (A perpetuity is an annuity that has no end, or a stream of cash payments that continues forever. )
    Chloe Swarbrick could, but I can’t say she will, upend all of that in a most colourful and catastrophic way.
    Farming must be sustainable and regenerative. Farming must be organic. Farmers must be united and secure in their farming practises. Farmers must come to realise they’ve been suckered for generations by a greedy, covert cabal of bankers and money lenders who pre design debt traps for young farmers coming up
    with their irreplaceable knowledge and vital roles to play in the coming months and years as the planet prepares for war with China while it starts to become uninhabitable as a consequence of global heating.
    There you go Dear Chloe Swarbrick. Let the truth be your guide.
    @ MB. Without you and your fantastic The Daily Blog I’d never, ever be able to write the above and expect it to be seen by anyone.
    That’s how vital the role is that you play.

  9. Leave the Greens to be. I think they are on a great space. In fact they should get even woker. Just to make sure they drop to under 5%.

    • Agree 100% The Kraut.

      The Greens like a lot of labour have been captured by gender identity ideology. It’s hard to have any respect for that

  10. While the Greens frolic around their unicorn clutching at money (very revealing) this is the new NZ with Meth everywhere and bogus businesspeople coming to NZ with dysfunctional low level businesses keeping the migrant Ponzi alive.

    Rotorua Black Power women inflict brutal attack over methamphetamine debt

    Dunedin bakery owner fined after underpaying workers, threatening bodily harm

    Jail over plot to steal friend’s car

  11. New Zealand is at risk of becoming an automotive 3rd world importing all the cars that the world doesn’t want because old people are scared of building more charge stations, electrifying the motor pool and basically it are just, cheap.

  12. Yeah, well the this woke intersectionist paradigm. You either ginsu knife yourself into ever smaller more useless pieces. And/Or you Tetris those pieces into a constipated mess.

    Greens don’t know who they are or what they can achieve and it shows.

    I think if you compare the greens of the past, they were solid, earthy decent types who lived their values …Janette Fitzsimons and Russell Norman. The greens now are urban, wordy and kind of snotty with it….and remind me of an updated Mike, Neil and Vivian from the Young Ones.

    I would like to think I would consider voting for them…but I won’t.

    • Frances – Marama and the Green girls hijacking the Auckland Muslim massacre vigil to dish dirt on Pakeha Kiwis, was the last straw for me. It was socially divisive, racist, and plain wrong. It was also a shocking thing to be doing to the bereft traumatised Muslim community.

      They have nothing to be snotty about, and need to grow up.

  13. The woke world is finally collapsing under the weight of it’s own bullshit – as discussed here regarding the humiliating defeat in Kentucky https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/11/08/wokeness-killing-democrats-lesson-for-next-years-hate-speech-fight/
    I’m not at all sure the Greens have the wisdom to recognise that; Marama and Golriz will be out with their hateful dog-whistling about “colonisers” to themselves before they wake up.

    Apart from the open and motivated resistance at school level in the US (and coming here) a new university is starting that is dedicated to open enquiry and the search for the truth (and founded and staffed by some of the world’s greatest living academics) while the legacy institutions disappear down their woke rabbit hole.

    “Our rigorous curriculum will be the first designed in partnership not only with great teachers but also society’s great doers—founders of daring ventures, dissidents who have stood up to authoritarianism, pioneers in tech, and the leading lights in engineering and the natural sciences. Our students will be exposed to the deepest wisdom of civilization and learn to encounter works not as dead traditions but as fierce contests of timeless significance that help human beings distinguish between what is true and false, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Students will come to see such open inquiry as a lifetime activity that demands of them a brave, sometimes discomfiting, search for enduring truths.”
    Very exciting! https://www.uaustin.org/

  14. Chloe is as wedded to identity politics, queer (not lesbian or bi), self ID as the rest of the Greens. Just a lot of superficial, middle class virtue signalling. She’s a very good communicator, but just tends to follow the trends of those around her – don’t know that she has any strong principles about ending economic inequality.

    The Green Party was never just about the environment (they were the first political party to include it), but were always for participant democracy and social justice. They included some of the economic justice issues of the Aliiance Party. Now they are just a middle class soft neoliberal party.

    Their ‘no-debate’ stance on genderism shows they strayed well away from participant democracy.

    I’ll vote social credit now before I’ll vote Labour or Greens. We need the Green party to vacate the anti-Nat small party space and open it to a left party that stands strongly against economic and social justice and for democratic principles: and that has some strategic nouse.

  15. They’re ‘wedded’ to $183k pay packet for 159 days of ‘work’, troughing-out a year.

    Chloe … ‘Yeah Right!” Death to the gweens! Now that’s karma, good and proper.

    RIP J Fitzsimons, Rod Donald.

  16. You know how people get mad because the Act party and it’s mp’s are taken as an adorable joke and don’t get serious scrutiny for what they believe in…. Same with The Greens and Chloe Swarbrick she’s constantly on Twitter saying crazy woke stuff like “abolish all prisons” and pandering to no pride in prisons or people against prisons who believe pedos and their victims should have group therapy.

    Seriously I hope they do put Chloe as leader, she represents everything wrong with rich woke green activists.

    It’s alway rich woke people like Chloe who way crazy stuff like abolish the prisons and police , not poor brown white and Asian people in poor areas they want reforms because they know it’ll be them who are more likely to be victims of crime or murder not rich people who live in nice neighborhoods.

    I dare them to put Chloe as leader. It’ll be the end of bthe greens cos she’ll have to spend the entire election backtracking on things she’s said, the public will get outraged, Ardern will rule out having Chloe in cabinet due to the outrage, Chloe will resign with weeks to go and the greens will die.

    Maybe then we can highjack the greens from them and turn it into what the alliance or even the greens were in the 90s

  17. Ahh…? Cough, cough.
    So hungry kids, people living in cars at best and a fucked social infrastructure are mentioned in the context of a ‘strong rebound and a lack of bad debts’ to justify why it’s ok for the once was micky fay plaything foreign owned bnz to steal 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS from our economy. Our agrarian primary industry economy.
    Can the planet RNZ’s just arrived from please send us a proper covid vaccine?
    “BNZ annual net profit rises by 74% to $1.3bn”
    “Another major retail bank has seen its profits surge, driven by the strong economic rebound from Covid-19, high demand for mortgages and a lack of bad debts.”
    What a shameful, awful situation. How fucking dare they?

  18. Heard all the bullshit above before? The right-wing tory supporters want to get rid of the Greens so their beloved Natz and Act parties can get into power. Did you see how the Tories and their right-wing media friends over the last decade or two did their best to get rid of Winston and his mob. It took Jacinda to do that in just one term. Once that Covid is under control Labour and the Greens will excel excel and will consolidate their majority of the vote. The Tories have no green whakapapa in their beliefs. The Natz have always been exploiters of the environment and a carry-on from the old colonial land thieving ways. Aotearoa has been lucky with Covid – LUCKY that “Singapore” Collins and “Taiwan” Seymore were not managing Aotearoa’s covid response.

    • Speaking of Tory(s), couldn’t help but smile today hearing Collins recollect how our wonderful Dame Cath referred to her as one, without realising that this was the same name that our beloved Dame Cath gave to her pet dog 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes…after the Covid scare has passed, the Government needs to win back that 1.4 million Kiwis, because the 1.4 million Kiwis who voted against it, tended to be ACT/National supporters…while the YES voters tended to be Labour/Green supporters…so, the Government has supported ACT/National voters on Cannabis Law reform…so far

  19. The Greens should team up with Wi ston and make the Baubles Party. Seriously, the sooner they drop their social issues party crap and focus on enviromental issues the better. When last have you heard your beloved Chloe talk about green initiatives? I haven’t. In a bizarre twist, I don’t think the Greens have grapsed just how much money, business and employment a truly green society will generate. I know of many many friends who will happily invest big money into it. But not with a green party like this. This green party is a red party with only one single strategy: punish NZ and tax everything. We’ll fuck you Greens.


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