In the same week Oxfam highlights Billionaire class inequality, National get $2.3m from richlisters

National vs ACT

In the same week Oxfam highlights Billionaire class inequality, National get $2.3million from rich listers…

National raises ‘unprecedented’ $2.3m war chest from richlist donors before election year

The National Party may start election year with a $2.3 million war chest raised from 24 big donors in 2022, while Labour has declared just $150,000 in large donations, according to Electoral Commission records.

The disparity has seen National raise more money from large donors in one year than Labour has raised in nearly a decade.

…make no mistake, if you are voting for National or ACT too spite Labour and Jacinda, you are being played you dupes!

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The NZ 1% are protecting their interests by manipulating your anger and resentment at Covid by playing racist 3 Water Co-governance dog whistles and get tough on crime cheerleading fuelled by mainstream media ram raid clikbait crime porn!

The billionaire class are playing you.

Wake up.

If you protest vote National or ACT, you are empowering the very wealth elite class who are exploiting you.



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  1. Yes, and the left is cavorting with the rich, Bono, Irdis Elba and other numbkins in Davos pretending to save the world. Like no one on either side gives a shit. In fact lets give N a treat for not hiding their assholery behind some bullshit kindess that just never seems to trickle down.

  2. National have a strong leader now who has pulled the team behind him in line and why would anybody running a business want Labour in the driver’s seat .

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