If Mihi Forbes can see it, why can’t Jacinda’s political minders?


I think bringing Jacinda to Auckland when radicalization from the 13 weeks in de facto house arrest is running rampant is a terrible security risk.

I have argued that Jacinda’s Wellington Media wranglers are utterly out of touch with the speed and intensity of the radicalization and that led to their disastrous press conference fiasco up North and has fueled antiVaxx protests wherever Jacinda now goes.

If Mihi Forbes can see it, why can’t Jacinda’s political minders?

I’ve argued that the radicalization occurring has led to extreme positions.

For the ‘Jesus-is-my-vaccine’ crowd they see Jacinda as the antiChrist.

For Qanon lunatics they see Nazi Germany.

For Crystal Karens (Liz Gunn) Jacinda is raping Gaia.

For double vaxxed they are furious Jacinda won’t re-open.

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For small Business on the verge of collapse they blame Jacinda.

For the woke Jacinda is enacting a ‘modern genocide’.

After 12weeks de facto home arrest everyone has gone loopy.

If you honestly believe via Facebook hate  algorithms that Jacinda is the antiChrist, Nazi, Gaia raping, continual double vaxx liberty denying, woke modern Genocide or business ruining witch then any action against total evil becomes acceptable to brittle minds.

If Jacinda comes to Auckland the security must be over the top.

The last thing this country could take is some type of political violence.

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  1. I can no longer see the point in the PM or a party political roadshow coming to Auckland. It will not help. Jacinda is 2 months too late and she’s lost us I am afraid. People here in Auckland, that is ordinary vaccinated people, are just pissed off at everything on so many illogical levels because of us being locked away by ignorant well meaning dithering Wellington based politicians. Let alone the unvaxxed.

    Best if the government ended the restrictions immediately and let everything calm down before returning, in 6 or so months time to Auckland.

    • X-ray. If the government ended restrictions immediately, this will not result in everything calming down. It could result in total bedlam, and a collapse of the public health system. Not perhaps for the privileged with their protective buffers, and bucolic lifestyle blocks, and with health insurance, and with easy access to nice places off-shore, but for the ordinary everyday folk who have borne the brunt of all the Covid restrictions.

      Let’s not do this. Only fools and knaves would wish pain and social chaos upon others – and others who even the rich and privileged need, if NewZealand is not to rely upon cheap replaceable people parts from Asia and the Pacific forevermore. That’s where we’re heading.

      • By your logic Auckland remains locked down indefinitely. Do not think for a minute that keeping Auckland bottled up is possible or workable economically. That option is well past its used by date and it is a fantasy. And if this government persist, they are history come the next election.

        It appears by your reckoning Auckland being used as a giant quarantine facility is because our undercooked health system wouldn’t cope. Well whose bloody fault is that? But you needn’t worry, our hospitals allow sick covid patients to self isolate, and die, at home here in Auckland to take the pressure off them even when there is none currently.

        We’ve had kids not at school for almost two terms, New entrant kids who had learnt basic literacy have become illiterate. College students ready to leave will likely leave without proper qualifications. Police who ceased doing a miriad of duties for the public because they are on checkpoints. Don’t go to the police up here, it’s pointless.

        People going mad who have been holed up for months without interaction with others outside their household. The domestic violence because of it ugly. That’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg for this city.

        Sorry mate, “the cure” is doing far more subtle damage than our out of touch PM and her advisors will ever know.

      • Good answer, Chris Trotter had a good article a while ago that explained many of the reasons for the current problems and as you say letting loose a virus that will mainly target the poor is not the answer.

  2. If you’re banned from your preferred job because you’re sceptical about taking a jab that doesn’t prevent the spread of disease and any protection you did have wanes after a few months…

    That’s called a crime against humanity, apartheid and fascism.

    • Hear hear.
      But how dod you get that message passed the censor/suppressor.
      It would seem all message NOT ‘on script’ are banned.

    • so the alternative is to collapse the health system so that even auto crash victims won’t be treated????? The vaccine DOES prevent transmission certainly NOT TOTALLY but there is NO alternative. The vaccine does guarantee you won’t DIE if and when you get the virus so what’s the alternative? The virus mutates at an ever increasing rate amongst the unvaxxed so what’s the alternative? And you can get a booster shot when ever needed so how is that different to an annual flu jab? An what’s the alternative? And also why should ANY vaxxed person carrying the virus give a rat’s arse about any unvaxxed twat ?Personally I long ago ceased to give a fuck!

      • Shona, nope. Plenty of other options. How about early treatment. The vax shouldn’t be the only game in town. Once people wake up you are going to see tens of thousands of vax injured. And what, they’re just supposed to take boosters? How about those who had their bodies taken away once before and are now terrified of having it taken away again. Now you may no longer care but some of us do.

        • Still talking crap.
          What vax injured are you talking about .
          I suppose you were waiting for JFK jnr to return with the other Qanon idiots.
          It is a crying shame that the vast majority of NZ people have to wait for idiots like you to get vaxed before we can move forward. At least after the 15th you will start to feel isolated and possibly out of work.

        • The problem with early treatment is that the virus has spread to others before the person seeks treatment in most cases and with exponential growth we can never win that race.

    • I reckon you are a crime against sanity, reason and common sense. Pandemics have always been with us. Before the advent of vaccines, the only effective response was isolation, where entire cities would be sealed off from outsiders. Those who spurned such medieval measures have died in their millions throughout human history. Now we have scientific responses available, but we still have fucking lemmings who refuse to accept any containment strategies at all. They’d rather spout inane bollocks and whine about imaginary losses of “rights”. How about offering us an alternative solution to the problem, Einstein, instead of making it worse with your half-witted claptrap? Calling sensible folk “sheeples” for following blindingly obvious counter measures is not a strategy, son. I get that you and your ilk are terrified, but running around in circles waving mis-spelled placards is unlikely to help much at all. Because when the vast majority of New Zealanders who actually care about their fellow citizens finally lose patience with your antics, it won’t end well.

    • offwhite

      If you’re banned from your preferred job because you’re sceptical about taking a jab that doesn’t prevent the spread of disease and any protection you did have wanes after a few months…

      That’s called a crime against humanity, apartheid and fascism.

      If you belive that you have no understanding of the terms you are bandying about.

      time for more spurious holocaust comparisons perhaps?

  3. This has been what I have been warning about for the last 18 months. The Prime Minister’s lasting legacy won’t be Chch, covid or anything like that. It will be the partisanship of NZ politics. We are now no different from the States.

    Ardern going to Auckland would be like Biden going to a Southern Texas border town.

    This is all on Ardern and her minders.

      • Nothing at all. 2 lone voices in an otherwise compliant media hasn’t caused the building resentment. 70+ days within limited rights and no clear defined exit from East Germany by the Sea fueled by making 10% of the population effectively second class citizens has though.

        The balance I’ll put down to Wellington institutional arrogance.

      • LOL Dazza. You are sounding like Nicole Wallace or Van Jones surrogate scratching their heads why joe public doesn’t vote or think the way they do.

        They blame Fox/Breitbart – you blame Hosking/HDPA

        • Fox are repulsive liars Frank. Hosking/Soper are too. No difference. They all know exactly what they’re doing, as I’m sure you do.

          This is the undermining of democracy, the right and extreme right are making an authoritarian play in the states, and we’re seeing this replicated around the world.

          This is what you back Frank. This is your tribe. Will you speak up against this evil movement? There’s the real conspiracy.

    • Mate is it really such a hard ask to hang out in your own home for a couple of years so you dont catch covid and then kill your family or neighbours or workmates! I’m not missing being part of the jet set at all.

  4. This illustrates once again what I consider to be the Governments biggest failing at this time. The failure to use the medium of Television to EDUCATE.

    In election campaigns the politicians know exactly how important Television is. They also know their profession is not exactly the most trusted profession which is exactly why we shouldn’t have politicians of any brand fronting vaccination campaigns, especially highly emotive campaigns.

    Bring the debate out in the open. Run documentaries every night on the Television fronted only by health professionals. Show them in multiple languages. Encourage a studio audience and let them raise every concern about Covid and the vaccine. Then EDUCATE. Show what Covid does to the body including post-mortem images. Show how the vaccine is constructed, exactly what’s in it and what it’s designed to do. Address every and any risk. After a few days of this you won’t need to encourage anyone to get vaccinated. Why are they not doing this? Also show how the anti-vax movement operates.

    Yesterday I was again sent a clip of Michael Yeadon who was a scientific researcher and vice president at drugs giant Pfizer Inc. He is now an anti-vax hero. Many people will just accept what he says as being factual despite the seriousness of his claims but in most cases these people don’t know anyone who can debunk Yeadon’s absurd claims and highlight his record in recent years where he has claimed repeatedly that Covid is not that serious and will soon pass. The man is the epitome of a charlatan and a very dangerous one at that…but he’s going unchallenged so in the eyes of some, must be correct.

    What the PM has done is replace education with instruction and direction. Not only is that giving oxygen to the anti-vax brigade and fueling their divisive anger, it’s also causing many people who were sitting on the fence to resist vaccination simply because they as adults, hate being told what to do as if they were children, especially by a politician they don’t support.

    • No she’s blown that one too, by declaring her government the one source of all truth, by buying certain editorial lines for $55 million, and by politicizing her science advisors – all media here are now viewed as owned as per Martyns quote.
      The 1 pm sermon was overdone, always late, every fucking time= no one else’s time was valued.

      Pink hair flip flopping on everything to fit the government narrative, then getting busted at the beach and officially forgiven was another loss of faith moment.
      The public could see the double standard even if government is blind to its own hubris.
      You cannot have scientists publishing pro government articles in government funded media (hello spin-off) and expect people to look past the obvious bias.

      And we have seen government “education” with the 3 waters bullshit propaganda that was just plain fiction.
      And who wants to watch more covid fear porn?
      Every one is over it.
      No one watches public TV any more just watch Breakfast to remind yourself why.

      • Also the whole ‘expert’ tag is only given to those who toe the govt lines.

        I’d hate to be called an expert now, because most people would believe you fill of S£&t

        • Standard position from those who have fallen down the libertarian rabbit hole. We’re all talking others here. Create an enemy. Then dehumanise. This is the language you’re using in your comment

          An expert is someone who has studied and has full knowledge of the field they are speaking in. Don’t make it political. You know, like a mechanic.

          Dangerous times indeed.

      • Yep. Oldies get plonked in front of television sets in the day rooms of rest homes. I visited and had a pleasant time watching American animals and children doing peculiar sorts of things set up by home video makers egging them on and laughing happily throughout. Pretty harmless. The worst are inane people filmed having bitchy dinner parties in each others’ homes right here in Aotearoa New Zealand, with crap menus and hot-potched tables which which, as a former silver service waitress, I’d sooner not see.

        The local madman races home to watch Brit quiz shows, but the news should be avoided as the last times I watched they were read by girls whose voices grated, and who over-enunciated, but that should become easier as deafness kicks in.

    • I suspect you might be surprised by the numbers of people who no longer watch TV. The ability for businesses to reach consumers through TV has been collapsing for a few years now. Media has fragmented into many, many different channels.

      This is part of the problem and it’s compounded by the fact that societies no longer have a mass media provider that as a majority we trust. The explosion in social media, camera phones and like all allowing for ideas and concepts to go ‘viral’ without the traditional filter of an editor (or spin doctor) has pulled the curtain back.

      There are increasing numbers who simply no longer believe what they’re told by the newspapers, the talking heads on TV and most of all by the politicians. We can all see now that they all lie, to varying degrees, to advance their interests – not those of the people they purport to represent.

      Think of classics like Masks don’t work until they do, we’re at the front of the queue until we’re not, climate change is an extinction event but I’ll fly to COP in a private jet or build a beach front home (Obama).

    • Failure to educate, started when the government privatised NZ education and went for paid bums on seats and woke style participation certificates, not quality education in NZ that actually qualifies someone to do something well, or research something correctly and with integrity.

      Education is now all about marketing and spin. By removing critical thinking from you populous, is very dangerous as the exposed then get exposed to other marketing and spin campaigns.

      Thinking critically is being eradicated with neoliberalism. We just need the cheap chefs, fruit pickers, ‘carpenters’, ‘support’ workers and consumers, folks.

      The sad thing is that all roles benefit from critical thinking, especially those that involve people!

      Sad case in Australia when a disabled man, fell into a drawer, the untrained staff did not try and help him get out straight away, so he died. The coroner “I find clear and cogent evidence that the death of John Frederick Reimers was preventable. He was not removed promptly from the perilous position in the bottom of his bedside drawers by those responsible for his care.”

      In NZ woke safe are now prosecuting the pilots who rescued people from White Island, it took a while for the official emergency services to help them, apparently. Meanwhile a number of other preventable deaths in NZ, seem to be given a green light from woke safe!

      • To true saveNZ. Especially in regards to helicopter operators and others being prosecuted for trying to help out in the White Island eruption.
        Woke Safe, dumbing down Kiwis since 1991

        • Yes, especially the effect of privatising bumph on NZ education.
          Private profit-gouging is anti-social behaviour. End of story.

    • SPOT ON @thinking man. Couldn’t agree more.Would have to be bite sized pieces of info with many icons and graphic images of damaged organs to penetrate the thicko’s of the dumb phone /iPad generation of low info non thinking numpties! Anyone brave enough to take this on would be framing concentration spans at a nano-second with associated images.Then break to the pussy cat pics!

    • One of the main reasons the country is in the mess it is in is because this PM is the first labour PM in a while to prefer coercion and instruction to education and collaboration. We have seen it on every single issue. Pay off the media, stack it full of ideologues and then tell everyone what to do. Dont even bother to read submissions on issues or ridicule them if you do. Never has a NZ government less reflected what NZers are wanting. Not even slithering Shon Key and his ignoring of a clear referendum result, fell into the hubris of repeatedly not listening to NZ. The flag change campaign was disastrous but at least he did things the right way and NZ responded.

      • There is truth in your words.

        The debacle with the cycle lane on the Harbour Bridge highlighted several big things. The Government pushes forward with their plan as they have the power to do so. They spends tens of millions of tax payer funds and wheel out Michael Wood to arrogantly tell kiwis what’s going to happen and how it’s the best thing for Auckland bla bla bla. Nek minute, a poll result comes out and the whole farce gets binned exactly where it belonged in the first place.

        This type of thing is becoming a trademark of this Government. “that seems like a good idea, lets fly with it”…then they learn via reaction and feedback that what seemed like a good idea is actually ridiculous. That highlights at least a percentage of Government career MP’s are out of their depth with far too much power. Not a good dynamic at the best of times but a genuine liability at this time. The fact Megan Woods for example is considered a heavy hitter in the Government is very telling.

      • Has Hosking been paid off? Has Tova? Has Fran? Has Jessica Muck in My Eye? This is deluded thinking. We’ve seen nothing but obstruction and criticism all the way against this Labour government from the press. It’s an historical mission of outlets like the NZ Herald. If you want to see a paid off press go and look at what that real thug Putin is doing in Russia. Take a reality check.

  5. I’m not sure the sleepy old people at the SIS and our other security organisations have the nous to know a threat when they see one. I think they must all be over 65 and think it’s still the 1970s in New Zealand.

    • You’d be surprised, they have very progressive recruitment policies these days.

      As to threat identification, that often depends on exactly what it is you are actually protecting, as to how you determine what is a real threat.

      Some things are threats, others are opportunities.

  6. The woke has stoked identity and individualism and personal choice as more important than qualifications, facts, the truth, education, real work, while disguising the real causes and effects of neoliberalism and having the wealthy organise and pay media and social groups radicalised in various ways.

    Instead of leading by example, world politicians have taken money and prioritised donations instead of their citizens and countries and world/planet interests while pretending to do the opposite or being hypocrites. So it is no wonder that people have many issues with who to trust and. how countries are being run and assets given away for predatory capitalist interests, like water, power, housing, and subsidising climate and sea polluters.

    The rails are coming off, with capitol riots in USA, Russian donating to the Conservative party in the UK and their exit from the EU, and so forth. Covid, Climate change, etc

    • SaveNZ – Yes, that’s right, it’s all the “woke” – nothing to do with the libertarian right seeding lies, conspiracy theories and chaos, deliberately trying to break down democracy. Nothing to do with neoliberalism.

      Your comment is complete fiction.

  7. The simple answer is a 20 foot wall from coast to coast. Most people south of the bombays have been secretly praying for one since the 80’s

  8. How American Life Became Unlivable
    Why the Young Want to Leave, the Middle-Aged are Broke, and the Old are Giving Up

    In NZ the larger companies have benefited from Covid disproportionately to others while often receiving government help and consumers are tired of being ripped off for food, power, housing, and so forth.

    Putting renters into hotels for emergency housing at triple the price that the taxpayers pay for, with a whole lot of high needs people has worked. The new houses are being bought up by new money entering NZ, not people who live here being ripped off by predatory capitalism, that the government seems to be sponsoring to get more a hold here.

    Government is enabling the growing amount of contact labour working on NZ projects for cash that are also illegal workers, which has become an acceptable way for many to profit off, by bringing in these workers on mass and angering and displacing workers and companies doing things by the book, who increasingly don’t feel they need to pay real wages anymore to compete against the growing underground markets.

    Then under these conditions as fast as they build them, NZ construction need remedial work, or get flooded or plagued by natural disasters when that side of things were ‘glossed over’ in the constant demand to consent poor and difficult consents, paid for engineering and planning, that should not be considered in the first place.

    In NZ you can put in a faulty report to get a consent approved, then once found faulty, seems to fall on everyone else to fix it, while the developer runs off with the profits.

  9. The Thinking Man and I would likely disagree in many things but there is a kernel of truth here. Coercion and control are often failures of education and support and ultimately not only immoral but ineffective

    But I have little sympathy for Forbes. The NZ Herald has a well-published corporate goal of getting 90% of NZers double vaxxed! How can a newspaper say it provides objective assessment and reportable of Government Covid-19 when it’s senior management has literally already self-signed up to promoting one!

    Stuff got thousands upon thousands of dollars to counter misinformation – which it took to mean anything vaguely critical/diverse views on anything related to vaccination – not just anti-vax conspiracy.

    Sioux Wiles in Spin Off classified “information that emphasises individual responsibility” as “misinformarion”. That’s simply classical Liberalism or Conservatism. Think about it – our supposed independent expert thinks information simply with a classical Liberal or Conservative viewpoint is misinformation. No reasoning or assessment or recognition of different values – its just “misinformation”. That’s Trump level ‘fake news’ manipulation in action.

    Every day Stuff produce a verbiage of ‘this person thought X, but now they learned to love the vax’. It’s not news, it’s literally paid-for soft marketing.

    Looking abroad, no major media acted on such as a blind promotion of Government goals. I get more diverse and critical views on vaccination, mandates, etc from the very Left leaning UK Guardian than any NZ mainstream media. Stuff yesterday had its first ever article arguing against vaccine passports – which was quickly demoted from view and had to be written as ‘they’re all completely wrong but they have the right to be’.

    Let me be clear, media and no one, should be targeted for violence. But for the media to act like they are so innocent of criticism, and independent of Government, in the overbearing lack of mainstream media debate on Covid-19 is beyond disingenuous. It is pure gaslighting. It is a lie told by, and to, themselves.

    We should all be re-reading our copies of Manufacturing Consent to see this displayed wonderfully by our mainstream media on Covid-19.

  10. Every day we see a snide comments from Colins , Seymour, Bishop, Hoskins etc, often based on speculation and contrary to scientific evidence. Suggesting time slots to leave Akld may have been foolish and unpractical but allowing unvaccinated people to travel to anywhere in NZ is also not a solution to our wellbeing. (That’s unless you think death is a solution)Nz the laughing stock of world. Well latest news from Europe is they are into their 4th surge in cases and are now taking drastic measures. In NZ we have had ZERO surges in cases. On the advise of Colins , Seymour, Bishop, Hoskins we are about to have our first surge and it won’t be pretty, especially since their is no immunity from prior infection in the unvaxxed who also don’t believe in masks or social distancing and even make there point in gathering in super spreader protest groups. How dumb can you be? What’s the point of having freedom or a strong economy if you are dead?

  11. So using the basis of your comment, Off Whites above comment is both uneducated and needs addressing(educating). Yep, I’d go along with that.

  12. Interesting that the same folk who cried “punch nazi’s!” are now saying political violence is bad….

  13. Why does Jacinda want to be in Auckland? Why does she need to be in Auckland? What can she possibly achieve here? Nothing!

  14. I know what it is? I know what the problem is.
    The problem is us. It’s we awful, awful human beings.
    I bet there’s not a plant nor animal that doesn’t wake up and preys to their Gods that today, is the day humans become extinct.
    Rabbles gathering after being roused by egomaniacal manipulators is what brought our species to this day, to this here and now. And what do we do with that? We grunt and squeak and fling our dung at each other. We’ve learned nothing. We’ve evolved nowhere. We’ve gained Facebook.
    What creative, intelligent and compassionate people must urgently come to grips with is that there are people out there who are literally as dumb as they look.

    • “I bet there’s not a plant nor animal that doesn’t wake up and preys to their Gods that today, is the day humans become extinct.”

      Just about every plant in my garden would die without me. Also I’m pretty sure the life of my cat and dog would also be immeasurably worse without me to take care of them..

      • You’ve completely missed the point of Countryboy’s comment. We’re well into the 6th Great Extinction Event so try to see the wood beyond the trees please.

  15. What are Mihi’s security qualifications? Has she had army experience? Mall cop? Anything?

    If not, I suggest the most likely reason for her uneasiness is that the anger is suddenly being directed at her by multiple people which would be unnerving for someone who didn’t expect to be seen as opposition.

    Sorry, still can’t see the PM being harmed.
    Stop insulting the SIS or whoever is watching over her. Jeez they aren’t clowns.

  16. The problem with early treatment is that the virus has spread to others before the person seeks treatment in most cases and with exponential growth we can never win that race.

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