MEDIAWATCH: Facebook scam & Stuff’s hysteria highlights Public Interest Journalism Fund failure

Weekly Editorial Meeting at Stuff

I think this is what passes as satire at Stuff…

Here’s how your tax dollars are being ‘hosed away’

I’m shocked, shocked to be the bearer of explosive revelations about the wasteful spending of your tax dollars.

How wasteful? Pointless hosing away of public money on a scale that puts John Key’s flags in the shade and gives Jacinda Ardern’s footbridge a run for its money, that’s how wasteful.

But first, have you heard the news about the news? The news that the Government is paying journalists millions of dollars for their silence, or preferably for their fawning obsequiousness. Oh, it’s all over the Internet, so it must be true. Piles of cash are being literally shovelled into the wheelbarrows of self-serving hacks in a direct quid pro quo for them only writing soft-soap puff pieces about the prime minister. It’s a story that no freedom-loving Kiwi can afford to miss.

Haven’t heard this yet? Don’t worry, you will. This story is coming your way and, like Delta or a reboot of Celebrity Treasure Island that nobody asked for, it will find you. It will pop up in your Facebook feed. You will hear it on the shop floor. By the watercooler. Over the teacups. “Journalists being bought off, the iron fist of the state crushing freedom of expression, it’s such a dreadful to-do don’t you think? More tea, Vicar?”

…the Right have attempted to paint this up as Labour Party stooges pretending to be journalists writing news to appease Comrade Jacinda which is disgraceful bullshit, but equally the corporate mainstream media alongside NZ on Air can’t pretend this is actual journalism either!

Paying media to cover local journalism is what the fucking media should be doing in the first place and the diversity requirements are just woke box ticking for public funding requirements.

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This is not journalism, it’s social engineering for agreed woke Wellington middle class virtue signals.

By playing to middle class virtue signals, the Government avoid the heavy lifting to rebuild the shattered free market monstrosity they have now!

What the Government should be doing is reforming the market by hitting Facebook and Google up for a Journalism tax which is funded to accredited media for them to decide the journalistic focus, not targeted niche woke knee jerks or local journalism which should be their existing obligation.

Instead of hard balling Facebook like France has done, we get this…

Facebook ‘support’ for NZ media won’t include paying for content

Meta, formerly Facebook, has said it won’t be paying New Zealand news publishers for their content and has instead offered to run training programmes to “support” the local media industry.

…they are getting away with this because the Broadcasting Minister is hopeless and thinks paying corporate media for diversity will miraculously solve Google & Facebook taking advertising revenue.

Re-create the market properly by taxing Facebook and Google for journalism that the big players use while obligating public service broadcasters to meet the needs of diversity.

Freed of actually having to reform the media market, NZ on Air isn’t funding journalism, it’s funding woke social engineering.

The echo chamber of elite opinion that has Newsroom sharing content with RNZ, sharing content with the Spin-off, sharing content with Stuff, sharing content with Newshub – the same echo chamber repeating the same values.

Spin-off is nothing more than a social engineering Government propaganda platform for middle class millennials masquerading as ‘journalism’.

The SpinOff is Wellington’s megaphone in Auckland and its ‘journalism’ consisted of framing a Labour Party Staffer for rape from someone who doctored evidence.

This grotesque wound of ‘journalism’ didn’t stop SpinOff drowning in taxpayer dollars because the way NZ on Air works means a select few elite opinion platforms get all the cash to ensure their elite opinion circle jerk shuts out all else.

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigor of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

$6million dollars so white people can feel guilty and virtue signaling their therapy learnings just seems so fucking Wellington, am I right?

Apparently Stuff could take $300k for a ‘cultural competency course’ which obviously didn’t cover goading Martin Devlin into a suicide.

The Right mistake all of this as funding Labour Party propaganda when in fact it’s socially engineered extreme identity politics that is winning so that Labour don’t have to actually reform the broken media market.

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  1. “The Right mistake all of this as funding Labour Party propaganda when in fact it’s socially engineered extreme identity politics that is winning so that Labour don’t have to actually reform the broken media market.”

    why would Labour fix something if they can just pay some tax dollars for gushing coverage?
    You should however be unhappy to see taxpayers dollars be wasted on some useless journalists, meanwhile thousands of people in Auckland hope for a food box so that they have a meal a day for the next weel.

    sorry bomber, but it appears that the right is right.

  2. Ten days ago, a New York judge revealed the full prosecution filings in a multi-state antitrust lawsuit against Google – one of many against the company, and of many more against the ad tech giants.


    “There’s too much to digest in a handful of days, and early headlines have concentrated on the claims that Google and Facebook colluded in a cabal to deflect legislation, bypass privacy technology, and share the spoils. There are lots of specific allegations about other misdeeds; this is just the hors d’oeuvre.

    There are other charges in the 173-page unredacted filing, which you can and should read here [PDF]. If the allegations are true, the breadth and depth and sheer focused intent of Google’s abuse of its position would be unique. The perversion of the ad market would be intense.

    If you’re a publisher, your content is like a portfolio of shares you give to a financial institution to handle by judicious trading on the Stock Exchange, with advertisers choosing to buy through their own banks. Only with Google, the financial institutions and the stock exchanges are either owned by the same cartel, or they’re shut out of the market. This is hugely illegal in finance, for obvious reasons.

    How much does this matter? “Online advertising promotes journalism,” except journalism is dying. The money’s gone. Where’s it gone? Does Google have all the money? It takes up to 42 per cent of the cut from ad money that goes through it, alleges the filing, 42 per cent that can’t be spent on content providers like journalists.

    Without journalism, you get guaranteed corruption – fine for big companies that are keen to keep their dealings away from the public, and politicians and criminals who can entrench themselves in power and wealth, no questions asked. The big tech platforms don’t care about journalism, they care about traffic, so fake news tastes just as good and if the funding comes from dark money, so much the better – they get to keep more of the ad revenue.”

  3. Pffft. First thoughts: Oh how the 4th Estate has fallen, as I wonder whether or not to respond to a recommendation on LinkedIn to invite Tracey Martin to my inner circle. Incidentally, I must remember to delete that LinkedIn thing sometime.

  4. “Labour Party stooges pretending to be journalists” ??
    What about all the National and Act stooges pretending to be journalists? They are by far more widespread over various media.

  5. “Labour Party stooges pretending to be journalists” ??
    What about all the National and Act stooges pretending to be journalists? They are by far more widespread over various media.

  6. Ooo…! I love it when the rats get restless.
    Jonky came scurrying back to insult us and our intelligence, plasti-judy and her frosty frown tries to stare us down from below her sabre-brows, seymour, The Flouncy Fascist tries to Twinkle Sparkle us with his witless wit while the brawling, jabbering, public monkey clique try out shriek the loudest shriekers in the pack while pointing accusingly as they fling their faeces at any moving target.
    I love it all.
    And while all that worthless, pointless, vacuous jabber’s echoing around the chambers I read this.
    RNZ ( Righteous National Zealots.)
    “Allbirds on Nasdaq: Shares hit high of $US27 on debut”
    “New Zealand-founded shoe maker Allbirds has had a strong debut on the US Nasdaq technology dominated stock exchange.”
    “Former US president Barack Obama, celebrities such as Leonardo diCaprio, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are among the fans of the woollen shoes”
    And yet? I have a sheep farmer neighbour who had to accept .70c A KILOGRAM for his clean, cross bred wool.
    It’s said that everything’s connected to everything else and so when I see the thieving natzo’s start to eat others, and each other, I know the shit’s about to hit the fan.
    AO/NZ public express their political opinions.

    • Excellence! Allbirds are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Just shows people will think anything is cool and spend hundreds if ads are all over faceplant whoops facebook whatever stupid name they have now for the dopey sheep. Faceplant is like a wolf …. “got my ugly shoes on my sheep feet because Facebook tells me they are cool.” Barrrhaha!

      I prefer real sheep to humans these days. Anything but a human!

  7. sorry martyn until our ‘media’ start being ‘journalists’ they will have to accept people loath them, ultimately that loathing makes them less effective as tools and of diminishing utility to their private and public paymasters.

    Before anyone gets dewey eyed about the ‘golden age of journalism’ there never was one, they’ve always been for sale it’s just that they don’t bother to even attempt to hide it today.


  8. OK Martyn so you say this isn’t LINO Party propaganda, it’s socially engineered extreme identity politics.

    So what’s the difference between the two? They sound like near-synonyms to me. That’s LINO shtick – social engineering and extreme identity politics.

  9. I don’t follow, Martyn , like I didn’t follow my lit cousin when he downed on Stuff. I find it so much better than the NZ Herald — Stuff’s dedication to a level of fairness and truth. Cousin recommended Scoop, I mentioned how I found Gordon Campbell from Listener days too tiresomely dense even then. He told me Gordon was a major contributor there.

    Following politics and history these many decades I can look after myself.

  10. Stuff is a big disappointment to me.
    It consists of a few click bait news stories, a lot of opinion pieces with headlines trying to sound witty, many old articles dredged up for a re-make, silly elitist rubbish stories that would make Woman’s Day proud – and most importantly screes of pop-up ads that interrupt the flow of the articles.
    And of course a big pop-up ad telling you how the rubbish you just read didn’t write itself, tells you how many times you have visited the site in the past few days (spying on you) and begging for alms.
    If something major happens in NZ I don’t waste my time going to Stuff, I go to BBC news who give you information rather than speculation.

  11. The control of public discussion by disabling comments on internet discussion by media outlets whose political “journalism” consists of simply repeating government press releases unquestioned, is truly disturbing.

    Watch the newsroom/stuff/RNZ propaganda cartel play the same game repeating each other’s opinion articles.

    There really is no leg to stand on when $55 million of their funding relies on media running government lines.
    It’s pathetic and simply mocked by laughing at them – one of the few reactions allowed to the people now.

    How can anyone be surprised that “journalists” are so widely despised? They are taking away the voice of the people, not enabling it to question government.
    Creating a less accountable government and less free society, the opposite of their supposed purpose.

    Heed the warnings of those who have lived in communist Eastern Europe or China.

    • people aren’t stupid they know when the media wonks are taking the piss, they don’t like it, so where do they go? fox etc…and then you get boris or trump or some other blowhard…if NZ goes down that hole it will be the LINOs fault, the process is well known, choosing not to avoid it is the same as embracing it…..

      no decision is a decision.


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