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  1. Wellington City Councillors’ decision to split a retired colleague’s stipend among themselves must be the epitome of small town greed and venality.

    What cringingly awful knaves they are.

    What a difference they could have made diverting the money to where it could have impacted positively, but no, as usual they put themselves first and spat on the ratepayers. I daresay they’ll sprout another Rainbow Crossing now just to show the loud mouths how tolerant and inclusive they are when it comes to accommodating their own narrow stultifying selves – nice (democratic) Christmas bonus for the girls.

  2. I gather that what the WCC councillors have done is legit, that they’re divvying the retiree’s duties among themselves, and hence his pay. Having said that, there are workplaces throughout New Zealand where workers often have to take on extra duties for no extra pay, and among salaried professional people it used to be unheard of to ask for, or expect, compensation for doing so – but they times are achanging. Not good optics.

  3. fairness from government. That’s what this particular locality wants after gummint has plopped their Taihape community gift into return Crown land to Maori.
    In Nelson gifters have felt a similar blow as a mean trick. As $1m house gifted to the Girls College for alternative education purposes being sold on. A Maori gift of land for educational purposes being sold off aroused opposition and a live-in protest until right was done. Government has to be held to accountability and be honourable. We want true ‘gentlemens agreements’ with righteous outcomes not just the use of bloody consultations to show ‘the authorities’ care about the public.

  4. Friday
    Christchurch – One of the original cases went there on Wednesday night, while awaiting their test result.
    Lion Brewery’s Hornby warehouse is in a similar situation after one of the cases, a truck driver, delivered bulk goods there.
    A spokesperson said the warehouse, which was managed by MOVE Logistics & Warehousing, would reopen next Monday.
    “The truck driver is not a MOVE or Lion employee. He has not been delivering to Lion customers, stores or venues.

    But one must notice the disparity in thinking when looking at the trucking industry announcement. Everything has bene in their lap before, now they have to take some bad with the good. They just can’t keep trucking on regardless.
    Anyone leaving Auckland for essential reasons must return a negative Covid-19 test in the seven days before they cross the border.
    But the testing regime did not catch an unvaccinated person who later returned a positive result for the virus in Christchurch following a visit to Auckland – and now there are calls for vaccination to be a requirement for anyone leaving the region.
    Leggett said drivers did not pose a great risk of transferring Covid-19 to other people.

    (Their wages and allowances will have to go up so they can attract more drivers.)


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