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  1. I was thinking about complicated heart and lung tests and what I’ve heard about tilt table use elsewhere. For other enquiring minds here is what seems useful information about the practice. It may serve a purpose at a very busy time if one such comes.

    Tilt Table Practice Improved Ventilation in a Patient with Prolonged Artificial Ventilation Support in Intensive Care Unit –
    Herein we describe a case of a seventy eight-year-old male patient who suffered Motor car accident, and was on ventilator support in intensive care unit for more than one month. He underwent treatment using a tilt table protocol with other routine treatment, which benefited him based on clinical as well as physiological variables. For practitioners in intensive care units, this report may offer perceptivity into the alternate practice of early mobilization using tilt table, and for investigators it may promote interest for further studies.

  2. I’m so unhappy that Kiwis are waiting and waiting to get back to NZ. It is sad that they can’t get on a preferred list but each time they apply are treated the same as others. They should get points and make a case for urgency when there is one. If NZ are importing the best bureaucrats from the world or providing the best training – ahem – then we deserve better systems for our people balanced by considerations about others..
    While thousands of stranded New Zealanders pin their hopes on an imminent MIQ announcement, the lobby system for bookings is already being gamed by a third party group.
    A company is using false passport numbers to secure vouchers for returnees who pay $270 – to the frustration of others who’ve missed out.
    Marine engineer Andrew Black became stuck in Perth after a work trip to Australia in December, and said it was “unbelievable” he had to compete against fake accounts.
    He hoped he would have a fair chance to return home and see his wife when MIQ scrapped its old first-come-first-served booking system – but has managed no closer than number 14,000 in the queue using the new randomised lobby system.


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