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    This may be an example of attitudes that are rife in the caring and welfare side of our society and embedded in government, It is a wonder that our Prime Minister can find regressive feelings of respect for the vulnerable and also the dumbclucks who get caught up in whatever hegemony goes in our society. We have never been as good as some liked to play, but also not many really bad. If we can appreciate each other, and government try to lead, we would have a better society. But when Roger and his mates were ready to pass the baton to the moneyed people, it then tended to be passed on for the purpose of keeping down not helping up.
    The group of more than a dozen employees working at ACC’s contact centre in Hamilton took photos of clients’ injury descriptions displayed on their work screens and posted the images to a private Snapchat group called “ACC Whores”.
    What a dishonest, cheap and nasty way of gaining standing amongst your group in society. And what a pathetic lack of standards for behaviour by those in management in ACC in Waikato.

  2. Carl Hiaassen writes great politics full of hyperbole and probably not seen as truth, say just 90%.
    But he is retiring as a Florida journalist :
    In his final column for the Herald, Hiaasen also addressed the impact of the long-running crisis in local journalism, at a time when American newspapers are closing in their droves and journalists are being laid off with depressing regularity.
    “Retail corruption is now a breeze, since newspapers and other media can no longer afford enough reporters to cover all the key government meetings,” Hiaasen wrote.
    “You wake up one day, and they’re bulldozing 20 acres of pines at the end of your block to put up a [supermarket]. Your kids ask what’s going on, and you can’t tell them because you don’t have a clue.”

    He did a great story on retaliation against telemarketing – Nature Girl.
    I thought about it when I saw this on Radionz.

    His latest book – Carl’s new book of advice for young people – Assume the Worst: The Graduation Speech You’ll Never Hear. He has his ways to get you thinking.


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