The planet is burning & James Shaw is fiddling


I have zero confidence in James Shaw at COP26.

My derision is driven not by the technical processes of He Waka Eke Noa or the negotiating with corporate farming to pretend methane isn’t dangerous or the never ending jaw fest over carbon pricing and bullshit markets that allow polluters to pay penance for their polluting sins while continuing to pollute.

The nonsense that we have told ourselves to pretend we are doing something is eclipsing the truth.

This is the truth…

…and this is the truth…

…the truth is that fighting global warming means fighting rapacious free market capitalism.

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The truth is the woke middle class Greens can fight for trans mommy blogger 4th wave feminism intersectionist free the nipple vegan cycling indigenous protests and anti fat shaming crusades, not so good at challenging the economic hegemonic structures of free market capitalism to stop the planet melting. Less ‘Marx’ and more ‘Meh’.

The truth is the poorest will suffer first.

The truth is that we need to look at a post growth economy and society. We need 4 day weeks, we need 40 hour weeks period. We need more artists. We need a State with capacity. We need to be sustainable for the basics. We need to be 100% renewable power.

The truth is we need to be far kinder to individuals while being far crueller to Corporations.

The truth is we can’t stop global warming and catastrophic climate change and that our only hope is radical adaptation.

The truth is the current political spectrum can not adapt fast enough to make legislation to deal with radical adaptation.

The truth is a Revolution at the ballot box is required.

The truth is that the climate crisis is now and if you thought voters were frightened by Covid, they ain’t seen nothin yet.

The truth will quickly be that being a smug hermit kingdom has its advantages.

In a climate crisis world, New Zealand will be one of those rare places that will be relatively unharmed.

Radical adaptation here means we can survive.

The truth is survival may well be the only goal.

The Government’s Climate Emergency was an empty virtue signal. COP26 is an empty virtue signal.

The rapidly changing climate will dictate the reality now. If you think swapping carbon credits is a solution, you are part of the problem.


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    • Survival???? for whom??? The Greens in 2011 and 2014 were on double figures. They are losing voters!

      Act on 1% are now on 16%.

      I hope Mana come back and offer a left party that supports existing NZ communities and is not race and identity based party that the Greens have become, and stops the Maori Party gaining more support.

      • To clarify

        The Maori Party support is static, they did not pick up many Mana or any other party votes. There is more party support for non raced based parties and that is why the Maori Party has stayed static in party votes. Race based thinking is not popular, even among Maori voters.

        Labour is picking up a lot of votes.

        2020 results of party votes.

        Labour 1,443,546
        National party 738,275
        Green Party 226,754
        ACT 219,030
        Māori Party 33,632
        NZ First 75,021
        TOP 43,449

        (2018 Tapes show that the Natz are pushing the list MP seats based on donations and race, “Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians, I have to say.”

        What they spend their money on “.like I say we want to do some more attack ads…say we want to do another regional fuel one, say we want to do an industrial relations one. We just want to keep doing those things, right?”.

        Election party votes 2017
        National Party 1,152,075
        Labour Party 956,184
        New Zealand First Party 186,706
        Green Party 162,443
        ACT New Zealand 13,075
        TOP 63,261
        Māori Party 30,580

        2014 party votes
        National Party 1,131,501
        Labour Party 604,534
        Green Party 257,356
        New Zealand First Party 208,300
        Māori Party 31,850
        ACT 16,689
        Conservative 95,598
        Internet MANA 34,095

      • And bear in mind it looked like the Greens might go below 5% last election and potentially let Natz back in, so people voted strategically and gave them a party vote to keep the left in, thus the rise in party votes last election could well be strategic not due to satisfaction of the Greens poor environmental and/or other performance.

        • The gweens are dog tucker in the next election!

          Their toxic identity over-gendered bs culture has caught up with them and killed them off. Cancelled them! And they achieved all this by themselves!!

          The Lycra mob and their failed bridge capital capture has disheartened the burbs crusty gweenies and latte labourista mob too.

          As for the MP, these UMR polls have overscored them by 1%-2%. Have a look at their ackshull polling numbers on election day for the past 4 or 5 elections. Less and 2%. And they’re heading toward the wharepaku too because they’re campaign to the 12-year-olds on twitter, insta and tic tok!

          So the left is wide-open. Nobody home!

          Labour is centre right, then the Nats and then ACT.
          As I said, the Maori party and the gweens are heading toward the wharepaku to be flushed.

    • In our oil/coal reliant consumer driven economy this means a colossal change is more imminent than is being predicted by most. It has been accelerated by pandemic covid 19 complications. The warnings Afewknowthetruth has been giving us for a few years now are right on our back doorstep. We have no adequate Leaders nor any decent policy plans to tackle what is upon us .

  1. Sadly NZ’s environmental record has become a joke and marketing how great NZ is, has been exposed with our appalling statistics, which other countries collect, so we can’t ‘hide’ it with MSM which has become the NZ way. Pretence!

    NZ is listed as one of the world’s worst performers on emission increases. Its emissions rose by 57% between 1990 and 2018 – the second greatest increase of all industrialised countries. Earlier this year, data showed that New Zealand’s emissions had increased by 2% in 2018-19.

    Climate – more people more emissions, more government pandering to utilities and transport industries who have failed to sort out their increasing emissions.

    Greenhouse gas emissions (industry and household): March 2021 quarter

    Electricity, gas, water, and waste service emissions rose 28 percent (552 kilotonnes).
    Household emissions fell 7.6 percent (203 kilotonnes).
    Agriculture, forestry, and fishing emissions fell 0.6 percent (64 kilotonnes).
    Services excluding transport, postal, and warehousing emissions rose 2.5 percent (22 kilotonnes).
    Transport, postal, and warehousing emissions rose 1.6 percent (13 kilotonnes). Emissions for this industry are still well below pre-COVID-19 levels due to ongoing border closures, impacting international travel.
    Mining emissions rose 3.2 percent (12 kilotonnes).
    Construction emissions were little changed, up 1.4 percent (4 kilotonnes).
    Manufacturing emissions were little changed, up 0.1 percent (3 kilotonnes).

    We are a fast becoming a country obsessed by concrete and coal!

    Note concrete is a huge emitter! The carbon dioxide emissions from the production of concrete are so high that if concrete were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of CO2 behind China and the United States.

    Climate change: NZ imported more than a million tonnes of ‘dirty’ coal last year

    NZ supported industry to avoid transitioning to solar power so they can keep electricity prices higher.

    • And there is the small matter of increasing our population by one and a half million people -world record per capita immigration- with all their carbon emissions, requiring cuts to the quality of life of everyone else to play the carbon neutral game.
      While, yes, importing record amounts of dirty coal to burn to keep the lights on for them.

      And we get lectured how naughty our lifestyles we are and “sacrifices must be made”. Always by the other tribe.
      Those utes eh.

      • All the takeaways and construction ponzi’s need to keep their lights on. The NZ electricity centre is the centre of dinosaur thinking.

  2. Greens need to take a look at themselves.

    On the CCR – from

    “Last month, in the wake of the September carbon auction, I talked about how the government’s policy of flooding the market with a “cost containment reserve” of an extra 7 million tons of pollution in an effort to keep carbon costs low was a huge waste of money. Ministry for the Environment has now released their auction monitoring report, so we can see exactly how big a waste of money it was. The “interim clearing price” – pre-CCR – was $57 / ton. The final clearing price – post-CCR – was $53.85. So the government’s flooding of the market saved polluters all of $3.15 a ton, or (when multiplied by the original auction volume of 4.75 million tons) just under $15 million.

    The government values carbon internally at $150 / ton. So the social cost of that extra 7 million tons of pollution they have allowed is $1.05 billion. Or about 70 times more than the amount of money they saved, a benefit-cost ratio of 0.014. Which is even worse than the proverbial Auckland motorway, previously the rule-of-thumb for “waste of money”.

    While carbon prices have now settled at $64.50, that’s just short of the 2022 CCR trigger price of $70/ton. So there’s every chance that this tremendous polluting waste will be repeated next year. And possibly the year after that. The policy conclusion is simple: the CCR must be repealed.”

  3. Chances of Price Waterhouse Coopers/ Coca Cola plastic pollution Jimmy solving the climate crisis with more virtue signals = zero.

    If we are one of the least affected places who can still produce food, we should not be planting food producing land in F$&king pine trees, we should be helping/subsidizing farmers away from over intensive farm practices – bust up the corporate farms and in to more sustainable agriculture.
    Pine trees planted here on sheep and beef farms which are almost (90%) carbon neutral on average, mean that same food must be produced overseas less cleanly, does no one get this?

    Oh and spending massively on our defense capabilities, because if the planet burns, people want in on the lifeboat.
    Climate change won’t kill you in this neck of the woods by warmth but by the wars for scarce resources – food and water being ours.

  4. The Greens are not a serious political party…Only a party of silly buggers would take MIQ spots from desperate Kiwis, many of them needing medical treatment, and missing their families, to go to a Climate Change Conference…

  5. Shaw is a dipstick.

    Cherrypicking data and not even using his own from the NZS he’s the Minister of!

    NZ is doing OK and could do better, but when you slice and dice the numbers and reduce it to a per capita bs figures. We’re the worst in the whole world other than Turkey!
    Oh fuck ruck right off!
    Worse than China, America, the whole of Asia and the entire EU. Get fucked!

    The gweens must be put to the sword in the next election!!

    • Unfortunately Denny the green party only promote and champion environmental issues 6mths before an election and always get over the line to remain in parliament as a party. The other 2 and a half years is virtue signalling and race based ideology.
      Its worked for last 3 or 4 elections and wont change for the next few either.
      Green party stopped being a ‘green’ party when Janette fitzimmons left, it was taken over by the feminist SJW soon after. (Remember the insistance of a 50/50 male/female split in its MPs as anything other than that would be wrong..seems its not such a problem now that the ratio is 75/25 in favour of women)

  6. Remember that global warming is a symptom of overpopulation and overconsumption. (Per-capital consumption x population). Failure to address this means we will be swallowed up by the next problem in no time. Eg plastic pollution, soil erosion, etc. We have to scale back pronto and stop economic growth.

    We could collectively cripple many of the large corporations supplying meat and petrol tomorrow if we wanted to by massively reducing our consumption but most people are idiots and simply won’t stop even when they know it condemns their children and grandchildren to hell.

    I think we are seriously fucked via our collective indifference.

    • NZ has started intensive farming practices here. Around Waikato many barns where animals like cows do not eat grass but kept in barns being fed among other things, palm kernel. Canterbury is also a big problem. It is not so much eating meat but how the animals are farmed (aka too intensively in the last 10 years in NZ from mega farms). But putting all farmers into the same category is wrong. In NZ we need food and we export food. It is how to get better at farming sustainably that needs looking at and the obsession of filling NZ up with more people, increasing our low productivity and creating poverty and social problems for the sake of rampant consumerism and profiteering.

      • Amen.
        Unfortunately your garden variety urban “progressive” knows stuff all about farming but is programmed to have strong opinions on such, along the lines of current accepted mantra – vegan good, animals bad, farmers bad.

  7. Greenwashing corporates or making conference declarations is not going to deal with Climate Disaster. How we live has to change significantly as Martyn says. James Shaw is not anti capitalist–by a long shot–and that is his essential problem. He does not talk with urgency about already passed tipping points, he is a managerialist not an activist.

    But there is no harm in doing what many of us do anyway–recycle, eat less or no meats, buy less consumer crap, use solar power even just for water heating or charging your gadgets, grow a garden, walk more, get involved politically instead of exclusively moaning online–next time there is a climate strike–bloody join in!

  8. So, why could James, and friends NOT use Zoom/Google Meet for this conference, instead of taking MIQ spots from desperate Kiwis???

  9. Electricity companies have been allowed to rort profits in NZ!

    Power bills start to climb as wholesale prices surge – Mar 25 2021

    This is from 2013, but never happened!

    “As a specific example of a New Zealand electricity company’s exposure, it may be worth looking at the numbers for Mighty River Power.
    Mighty River’s fixed assets had a so-called “fair value” of $5.1 billion at June last year, but the historic cost of those assets was only $2.2 billion. A regulator using historic cost could potentially require a write-down of nearly $3 billion, and a corresponding cut in revenues (achieved by price reductions) of between $300 and $400 million.
    The shareholders’ equity was just over $3 billion at June 2012; most of this would evaporate as regulation came into effect.
    Alternatively, a regulator could allow the company to set its prices to secure a fair return on indexed historic cost, in which case I estimate that the allowable asset base would be $3.1 billion, requiring a write-down of only $1.9 billion (about two-thirds of equity). Allowed revenue would be reduced by roughly $250 million a year.

    In my submission to the select committee last year I proposed a regulatory regime based around historic cost and progressive pricing, and I commented that such a regulatory change “would be financially devastating for the balance sheets of the SOEs, in precisely the same way as their conduct has been devastating for the household budgets of millions of people”.

    But the world would not end; the electricity market could continue to operate, and the existing companies would be able to trade forward once recapitalised. All that would have happened would be that their massive expropriation of wealth – a sum equivalent to around 5% of New Zealand’s GDP – from ordinary consumers would have been reversed.”

  10. “The truth is the current political spectrum can not adapt fast enough to make legislation to deal with radical adaptation.”

    That was the only sentence you needed to write Martyn. Nothing else is going to happen, no matter how much we hope it will.

  11. The ballot box will not save us as long as there is not a single political party that is up to the challenge domestically or internationally.
    Recycling lets corporate polluters off the hook and their endorsement of it proves it.
    Corporations and corrupt governments and states will resist till the end.
    What is required is a one world ultra green military government to enforce change of corporations and states by force.
    Chance of this happening is nil.

  12. Wee Jimmy’s a Machiavellian confederate planted into The Greens to derail and confuse.
    That, is my opinion.
    Why do I think that, I hope someone asks?
    Well, for starters Jimmy’s corporate credentials speak for themselves. I mean? You’d ask yourself, wouldn’t you? What the fuck’s a little corporate spoke doing in our wheel man?
    I think I can explain.
    Bear with…
    AO/NZ’s economy is agrarian. Just ask Jacinda and Boris?
    What’s more, AO/NZ’s agrarian economy’s created by a few muddy old buggers beetling around the paddocks in those awful quad-bike things.
    Darlings? No class. And a word on ‘corporate farming’.
    Corporate farming is a relatively new scam. Factory-ising farm lands here started with the cowsploitation industry because all the cowsploiter had to do was build a big, freaky, stainless steel factory then pop up ugly little houses in muddy windswept paddocks for the cow pusher and his/her cows then artificially inseminate them thus keeping the poor old animals permanently pregnant while tits deep in mud. Kachingo! The money making machine was off! There has been rumours going around about building ‘feed lots’. That’s where meat cattle, like Angus, are crowded into small areas then force fed junk cow food and antibiotics.
    See? That’s not farming. I’m a traditional fucking farmer and I know what farming is and it’s not that.
    ‘Farming’, is about sustainability. What can your farmland support sustainably?
    The moment a farmer’s conned/forced by bankster pressure into turbo charging their land by using artificial fertilisers etc, that land will head into a nose dive. And it will burn out and when that happens… we’re all fucked. But hey!? Good coin for the corporate’s aye boys? A real money spinner. The banks, the mercantile firms who supply farmers with fertilisers, dreaded and deadly agri-chemicals ( The ones you eat when you don’t buy organic or grow your own ) and hardware, the corrupt, dirty old producer boards populated by common crooks well versed in swindling, lying and misleading and certainly would not be resistant to planning to head off any fuckin’ greenie threatening to derail their cons and swindles. The wool board? Does anyone have an opinion on the wool board?
    “Before returning to Wellington in 2010, Shaw worked in the consulting division at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Between 2011 and 2014, Shaw worked as both a consultant for HSBC bank on “environmental awareness programmes for future leaders” and also at Wellington social enterprise the Akina Foundation.[6]”
    “…environmental awareness programmes for future leaders…”
    What the fuck does that mean?
    “He attended Wellington High School (1985–1990) and Victoria University of Wellington. Shaw first tried his hand at politics in 1992 standing for the Wellington City Council on a Green ticket. He contested the Western Ward and came seventh out of ten candidates.[4] He later moved to London, living there for 12 years, before returning to New Zealand in 2010.[5] Shaw completed an MSc in sustainability and business leadership at the University of Bath School of Management in 2005.”
    Again…! What the fuck does that mean?
    I’m inviting a counter narrative here? Anyone?
    The best thing, without a doubt, to happen to agriculture and to the enduring supply of foods and export revenue which would create a new, prosperous and secure world for all of us AO/NZ’ers would be if Chloe Swarbrick was the sole leader of The Green Party and sweep up farmers in her clear, direct and honest wee arms then weld our farmers to their urban Brothers and Sisters and in so doing, crush the dirty bankster down into the cow shit.
    Did you know? Dry cow pats are fabulous for the garden? Ruminant poo is a fantastic natural fertiliser.
    Scrunch it up to a mulch, put on top of the soil of established plants like ornamental’s then stand back or your beans will grow up your trouser leg. A bucket of dry cow shit and a dusting of lime will make your recreational plants deliver melodies in music you’ve never heard before. Just sayin’.
    A sack of cow shit dangled into a 200 L drum of water for about four months will make a fabulous tea for your indoor plants. Cow shit tea bolsters a plants natural defences against Mites, Thrips black spot, white mould and those little shits, the Green Fly.
    There is a conundrum… A quite a big one.
    I was told by the Dept of Stat’s that 52 thousand people earn their sole income from agrarian enterprises. Once the product from those 52 K people enters the digestive tract of our economy it becomes digested and regurgitated into our economy. Less, most of the money because crooks have to make a grotesquely over indulgent living like almost no one else.
    So, what to do with the other 4,948,000 AO/NZ’ers ? That’s quite the conundrum isn’t it?
    How about taxing the fuck out of the billionaire sects ? The foreign money fetishists? Who come and go here in their Gulf Stream jets as they like.
    We must renationalise our assets and amenities and pay people an enduring basic living wage. We’d have taxes paid for passenger rail, ferry crossings, basic housing, education, health and dental. Free internet too and a four day working week.
    What we have, in reality, is the diametrically opposite and it’s fucking killing us all.

  13. Well maybe all James Shaw is doing over there is to get instructions from the Green Party in Scotland on how to make sure that all women submit to the age old wisdom that women are nothing that can be defined but any bloke and his dog can identify to be one, tell the other women on how to be one, and be given access to any and all spaces that used to be single sex. Because clearly the environment is not gonna be helped by the woowoo’s that are the Green Party of NZ.

  14. Understandably, the Green elite may have become somewhat disillusioned with the absolute credulousness of the kiwi voter after the recent referendum, but now is not the time to remain lukewarm.
    They would do well to regain that activism that initiated the fire in their bellies.

  15. Poor James is a lost soul. His message is just not saleable to the populous.
    Boiled down his message is;

    Kill all the cows and sheep

    Plant all the land in trees to sink carbon so Airnz and the like can continue to burn oil to fly around the world.

    You cant drive your petrol car anymore or light your fire to keep warm or cook with gas you must use electricity.

    Electricity is limited so it will be more expensive. So freezing and starving in the dark is what you have to look forward to if you are poor.

    That , like it or not is the current green message!!

    ALL NEGATIVE, we must stop this, shut down that, make life tougher, absolutely nothing about a better future. Its just not saleable!!

    James needs to bite the bullet start talking about the 3 mothballed hydro schemes in the Sth Island for a start.

    And address the shut down of Huntley once a nuclear plant is on stream close to Auckland.

    Will he do that? No he won’t
    so he and his message are dead in the water

  16. They (the Greens) would gain more creditability if did NOT go to that conference, and handed over their MIQ spots to those Kiwis waiting…they will not do that, because they simply do not get it.
    It is madness, the Greens gain up to 50,000 votes from Kiwis overseas each election, their actions over the conference is going to cost them votes from Kiwis living overseas.

    • Special votes cast totalled 504,625, or 17% of total votes cast, including 62,787 overseas votes.
      Not all the ‘Special’ votes are from overseas.
      The Greens got 48,000 Special votes.
      There isn’t a breakdown of where these votes come from.
      A Special vote can be cast by someone who is not voting in their local district so it’s deemed as a ‘Special Vote’. A Prisoner is classed as an SV.
      So most of their 48,000 votes are more than likely of NZ origin. It wont happen in 2023. They’re dog tucker!

  17. Imagine if Tv programmes were about families of four building small simple passive solar state style homes with wide eves, built to last. Or even earth homes where the whole whanau pitches in for a month and viola; a healthy super low cost breathable home with zero mold issues ever. Outside toilets, showers, and kitchens so no steam or food fumes settles in the rest of the house. Everyone riding bikes and gardening. Decentralisation of cities which are akin to factory farming, hamlets of around 30-150 people everywhere linked by electric monorail. etc etc

    But it’ll never happen as this is a spiritual disease that will ruin earth for a hundred years even after JAH returns from outer space to crush the satanists and all the droogies.

    Evil wants to be evil.
    You can never get enough of what you dont need.

    The ultimate great reset.

  18. Have the greenies actually come out with anything on the vaccine? A mate mentioned it the other day and they seem rather quiet on the subject.

  19. That CCR shit really angers me.

    WTF – spending all that money to slightly reduce the carbon price (supposedly for ‘trade exposed’ companies) then shortly afterwards, the price jumps another $10 odd per tonne. Why fucking bother? This is ridiculous and will obviously keep happening! The CCR is clearly not doing its job and is now irrelevant and a waste of taxpayer money, so get rid of it now.

    But James won’t because he’s part of the idiot intellectual class of do-nothing impractical wankers who have never lifted a fucking finger in pursuit of an actual practical outcome. All talky no doey (like all the waffling lawyers in parliament).

    And while I’m swearing in frustration at this CCR shit, what the fuck id up with that stupid puppet shit? Burn the hideous damn thing.

  20. You can compare covid to the climate problem. Despite people dying in droves an easy antidote (the vaccine) is rejected by many who do not believe the facts . With climate despite the sea turning acid the floods the fires the melting ice caps there are many who chose not to believe the message and change their life style .

  21. The entire globalised economic-financial system is moving ever closer to complete collapse because the economic system destroys the very things it needs to persist.

    Lake Mead is a good indicator of how bad things are in America: unable to grow food as they once did or generate hydro-electricity as they once did because water levels are the lowest ever, and falling, America is fucked.

    Meanwhile, Europe is fucked because of dreadful energy decisions made in the past. Quadrupling of gas prices has got to hurt.

    China is fucked because it cannot relinquish addiction to coal which is rapidly destroying the habitability of many regions. With the global energy shortage and environmental destruction brought about by overuse of fossil fuels, China has nowhere to run; hence the unravelling of its financial system via Evergrande etc.

    Meanwhile in Godzone, 2/3 of the rivers are too polluted to support insect life let alone swim in.

    The killer blow comes via unaffordable energy prices, that trigger raging devaluation of money, cripple almost everything rather quickly.

    There is no way out within the framework of orthodox economics, which is why ridiculous games are being played by politicians and bureaucrats as the ‘Titanic’ sinks.

    If you have ANY confidence in ANY politician you are a fool.

    Fraudulent money-printing is all that is holding the system together now.

  22. Until you take the ‘donations’ these corporates are paying politicians out of the equation will you have politicians making the correct decisions. The recent cannabis fiasco our politicians just put us through should be a good indicator just how corrupt they are.

  23. This is why this phoney Climate Change movement is bs!

    The CC movement is pro Carbon Offsetting and this Article 6, Carbon Credits. Funded by the fossil fuel trillionaire entities otherwise known as the oil industry.

    Carbon offsetting

    “Carbon dioxide has the same impact on the climate no matter where it is emitted and what the source, so if a tonne of carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the atmosphere in one part of the world it should cancel out a tonne of the gas emitted in another. So, in theory, companies, governments and individuals can cancel out the impact of some of their emissions by investing in projects that reduce or store carbon – forest preservation and tree planting are among them, but carbon credits are also awarded for projects that reduce fossil fuels in other ways, such as windfarms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods. The practice has been controversial.

    Article 6

    One of the key areas still to be resolved at Cop26 is article 6 of the Paris agreement, which provides for the use of carbon markets. Countries are divided over the plans: there are concerns that some carbon credits are just “hot air” because they do not result in genuine emissions reductions; and concerns that under some proposals carbon credits could be counted twice. Some campaigners have called for article 6 and the carbon markets to be scrapped altogether. Brazil and other heavily forested nations have most interest in article 6 but disagreements over the issue overshadowed the last Cop, in Madrid in 2019, and the UK will be anxious to avoid a repeat.”

  24. NZ will be ‘relatively unharmed’! Compared to the extinction of humans elsewhere! I feel like I’m among fools. And I think of myself as a fool.

    The only position is war government, which is socialism. It’s just the same seizure of an election victory as 1984, except for the people’s cause. We’ve seen this socialism done for covid, despite only a 1 % death rate.

    The potentiality of politics — long Trotters point of view to the detriment of people’s movements. It turned romantic socialists like neoliberal focus-groupers Jace and Grant into actual socialists (for the political moment). Just a short step for the people and the species.


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