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The Labour Party of NZ – great at moving houses, shit at building them


  1. Should be a wrecking ball as they are most interested in giving away land and millions of taxpayer money in infrastructure payments to private developers and demolishing houses than renovating and building more!

    NZ being held to ransom by large developers not building houses quickly and cheaply, focused on more profits from cheap land not fit for purpose that requires massive pollution to remediate it such as building up flood lands in the middle of nowhere, and shaking out the taxpayers and ratepayers for money for their white elephants. Putting the risks onto future ratepayers when it all goes wrong after being signed off.

  2. When business ordered 100,000 new ‘worker’ resident families to live in NZ, nobody remembered that neoliberalism had sold off all the steel and wood manufacturers needed to build the houses.

  3. Cindy & Clarke into flipp’n houses and making a killing, meanwhile … there’s a Housing Crisis, a Homelessness Crisis, Health Crisis, A Terrorism Crisis and a Poverty Crisis, especially in Mururpara!

    Not a good look. So hows is that new PR guru in the DPMC in charge of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment going?

    • Not everything is PM Jacinda’s fault plus hubbie. What have you ever done for NZ? Have you been like the rest of us, leaving the country in safe, well-paid hands?

      • It’s a sad day when a persons politics attacks the spouse of a politician, when all that spouse has done is being employed.
        It tells you a lot about the commentators character.


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