Winston’s epic fail using Gang friction to stir up hate is Winnie & the media at its worst


Mongrel Mob hit back at Winston Peters over Northland claims

A Mongrel Mob leader accused of helping a Covid-positive sex worker obtain documentation to travel to Northland has lashed out at the allegations and threatened legal action.

In an interview with Te Ao Māori News this afternoon, Hawke’s Bay Mongrel Mob leader Harry Tam says the claims levelled by former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters are not true.

“If Winston said it, he needs to prove it… If he’s not going to apologise, we will need to look at legal action,” Tam said.

Peters appeared on TV3’s Newshub on Saturday morning levelling the allegations which had been circulating on social media and encrypted messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ on Friday night.

“This person came here with a gang member assigned essential worker status, falsified the reason she was coming,” Peters said.

“[She] engaged with people at a hotel in Whangārei… and went to a marae up North which hid her from the public and, dare I say it, the police. The police got a warrant to arrest her.”

Peters claimed the Government found out about the situation “days and days ago”.

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“How he got up North, that is very difficult to understand in terms of the permit system, but he brought in, under false premises, this woman with him. The rest, sadly, is catastrophic,” Peters said.

Tam told Te Ao Māori News that Peters was off the mark, while he had travelled to Tāmaki under a government exemption to support efforts to get gang members vaccinated, he travelled alone and had never been to Northland since arriving in Auckland.

It was all go there for 30seconds wasn’t it folks?

Right wing trolls on social media started bombarding anyone connected to the media on Friday that Gang Leader Harry Tam had toured the North Island with a Covid infected sex worker.

I was being privately messaged this crap and we even had some trying to post this garbage on the site.

Then yesterday Winston comes out and makes the allegation on The Nation.

The right wing talking points are that this is Labour pandering to gangs. That Labour are soft on crime while harsh on the rest of us. Jacinda was probably getting a cut from a local meth house.

So what actually happened?

The whole thing is bullshit! Harry Tam never went to any of these places! He’s been invited to Auckland in an attempt to get the entire regions gangs pushing and promoting vaccinations!

We have seen elsewhere that Covid can spread through the criminal underworld, if we are able to vaccinate this transmission point then the sprint to 90% vaccinations we are currently on is possible.

Instead of a smart public health campaign, what is Winston and the media doing?

Spreading lies and misinformation to anger and frighten people.

The Government have seen the CCTV footage of this woman on her tiki tour and Harry is not in anyone of them! How can Harry Tam and this woman have toured around the North Island and Harry isn’t in any single CCTV photo???

This is Winston at his divisive worst and our media at its most fake news.

For the love of Christ you fucks! This is a national health emergency and we are teetering on the precipice of a full blown pandemic erupting through our community over summer! Delta is too transmittable to keep out and it will become endemic, thanks to Labour’s leadership we have the space and time to sprint to 90% vaccination.

What the Government are trying to do by working with the gangs who are spreading Covid is vaccinate so this source of transmission stops!

You don’t deny a gang member a condom to prevent AIDS just because they are a gang member!!!

This is the Government doing the best they can to prevent a public health emergency and all Winston, the right and the media can do is lie, spread misinformation and attempt to turn you all against one another!

Some of our own citizens are more malicious than the bloody virus!

Grow the fuck up! No one likes organised crime, but this is a public health emergency you clowns, you need these people to cooperate if we are going to be safe!!!

Are you seriously telling me your hate of gangs is bigger than public welfare during a pandemic?


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    • Why the ‘nation’ saw retired Winston as relevant at all is a mystery. Why was he allowed to repeat lies that had been circulated by the right?
      Desperate measures by Newshub and Winston.

      • It’s not a lie that Labour/Gov has been cosying up to gangs with the $200 “Koha” and the 2million grant to the mob or giving exemptions to gang leaders so they can keep their empires rolling along under the guise of suddenly being caring “essential workers”. it’s not a lie that gang numbers have nearly doubled and gun and knife crime has increased since hasty gun law and Labour softly softly no prison/short sentences/home detentions increase. Gangs have been breaking lockdown to keep drugs and money flowing from the franchises up to hq pad. Someone’s got to stand up to them. Long live Winnie.

        Lot’s of misplaced hostility to Winnie and misrepresentations of him as racist. It’s not racist to despise gangs and criminals. Some of the vitriol from so called lefties making as if he’s some kind of Nazi lol. For an antiwokeist MB sure makes himself their bedfellow in his hatred of Winnie. Labor lefties accused NZF of holding Labour back, but what have they substantially done this term without him to blame?. Winnie’s just the favoured whipping boy scapegoat of sellout pseudolefties …never mind the fact that he’s been the one to stand up against Nat’s turn to neoliberalism, against corporate corruption and neoliberal globalism as well as being responsible for the helping hand to the aged poor that is the Super Goldcard.

        • We are in a pandemic , we need compromise every step of the way to encourage every member of society to get vaccinated. We don’t need irresponsible ex politicians who have become irrelevant and who feel left out to spin untruths at a critical time in this pandemic. He should be out there setting an example and encouraging everyone to get vaccinated .

    • Opposition parties have always “struggled for relevance” for obvious reasons. That aside, I’ve no idea why you think a highly partisan “news” outfit on the other side of the world has any great insight into our politics or that they’re worth sharing here.

  1. It is a serious situation re the border breach but I am delighted Winston has stumbled yet again, and this time with no parliamentary privilege. His use by date was when Muldoon died.

  2. Excellent Post @ MB. That, is why I’m proud of The Daily Blog.
    winston peters is a Machiavellian confederate who works in the deep state where ACT the Natzo’s and the old neoliberal labourites lurk.
    It’s also where our most dangerous organised criminals plot their skulduggery’s.
    ( Isn’t skulduggery a fabulous word? )
    All ponced up in their designer suits, all driving the BMW’s over the crooked mile while creating societal havoc as a bi-product of their deviant greed.
    Wine Box Winnie. The dirty little shit. Stirring up the gruesome stew that’s a virus circling overhead as those most at risk from his treasons and lies become even more at risk.

    • ‘All ponced up in their designer suits, all driving the BMW’s over the crooked mile while creating societal havoc as a bi-product of their deviant greed.’
      Ugly picture you painted there CB. And sadly all too accurate
      Like a bookie’s clerk touting for bets seeing how many punters will swallow his tips.

      • Great descriptions of Winston, very colourful. Just when he has a use he goes and blows his mana. He was doing something about the oldies trapped in Oz and likely to be picked out by ‘all-go-rhythms’ retaliatory measures against their ancient pension. Which was bad. It is a pity that Winston couldn’t purse his lips and button up otherwise. He is good at skating on thin ice, but the planet is getting warmer. Time to retire, you tired old hack Winston.

    • I like a lot of what you write here but you’re dead wrong here. Winnie has been a constant thorn in the side of the elite/establishment. Lefties see the media bias when it comes re attacks on Labour but ignore that same bias is in media against Winnie and then regurgitate the same shit. Where’s the effing gratitude? Winnie saved NZ from the shitty Nats and thanks to that we don’t have thousands of deaths here which we would have had with “economy first” Nats.

  3. Yes, the Gang members who are getting permission to go into Auckland is weird…Sonny (Waikato – Mongrel Mob) is feuding with the Auckland Chapter of the mob over territory for the last decade…Michael Tam (Dunedin Mongrel Mob) is widely not trusted within the mob due to his money losing ventures…he escaped to the Hawkes Bay.
    I do not believe those two are in Auckland to help with the vaccine roll out within the Auckland underworld. I reckon they are using it as cover.

    • Its the first time i have agreed with every word Bomber. This is what i have been saying that we are in the fight of our lives and all the media and irrelevant and irresponsible ex right politician and shock jocks is fight the government. They should be promoting the health response not alienating a group of people we need to befriend for the time being . Maybe in the process we may learn why they are in gangs and maybe we will learn that behind their leather jackets and tattoos they are human and not all bad and maybe they will realize that there is a different place for them in society.

      • Not all bad? They’re in a criminal organization to make money parasitise on their own people and poor whites pushing destructive drugs & pimping prostitutes while living on benefits in third & fourth generations using violence and intimidation against customers in debt collection and territorial conflicts with other gangs. Bleeding heart liberals good at handwringing talking the talk but not walking the walk is Labour to the core these days. A different place in society?…Yeah, prison or a grave.

        • Hopefully you are just as passionate against white collar criminals and the destruction they cause to families. They not living on benefits but on high wages and still have to rip others off.

  4. This is typical Winston Peters.
    There’s a lot of anger here in Northland over the actions of this individual, the involvement of gangs or who (where seems a much bigger problem) her associates are is a bit of a side issue. Hopefully the truth will out. David Seymour has some questions lined up:

    “ACT will be submitting Parliamentary Questions to get to the truth about this Northland outbreak. Here are some initial questions that the Minister will have to answer within five working days from Monday:

    *Has Cabinet or the Minister for COVID-19 Response ever been briefed on the name, occupation, or criminal history of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 before?

    *Has Harry Tam ever had an exemption that would allow him to visit Northland from Auckland, in spite of an Alert Level boundary?

    *When did Govt learn the Northland case’s travel document was false?

    *What information led the Govt to believe case’s travel document was false?

    *Who provided the information that led the Govt to believe case’s travel document was false?

    *What new information was Minister referring to in 630pm press conference, that led to Cabinet convening?

    *What was the purpose of the travel pass issued to the Northland case?

    *What information was Cabinet given about the Northland case on and in the week leading up to Friday 8 October?

    *Did any officials attend Cabinet when it convened on Friday October 8, and if so who were they?

    • It’s a pretty rotten sort of irony for people getting unceremoniously dumped into lvl 3 lockdown to see the government being so attentive to the privacy of the antisocial criminal and her associate that got them there, all thanks to the government’s error in giving her an exemption.

      Under these extraordinary circumstances it’s absurd to suppose that we, the locked-down, don’t deserve to know things that might help to preserve our health and communities. Winnie got one thing right: they know who the associate is. So why don’t we know? They could be anywhere, and likely infectious. The public needs to know. They stuffed it up, and it’s hard not to get the impression that the opacity surrounding the issue is more about saving face than public health or civil rights – a ‘nuh-uh’ to Winnie’s circus sideshow grandstanding just isn’t good enough. We heard about an ‘essential worker’ testing positive for days, when it was apparent that they knew the person was not, and there’s a credibility gap being created there where rumour and misinformation can fester.

      Are they trying to make David Seymour look good? This is a gift …

      • Sorry but are you saying it was labour ministers that signed the exemption and not some official that looked at the paper work, which looked legit and said OK. Would like to know what the real process is.

  5. It seems like koro Peters has finally lost his marbles.

    He’s better than this usually. But, he’s sounding tired, too relaxed maybe and his sparkle and yoofulness has left him.

    This rampant dogma emanating from the Pakuranga Kid from Manurewa, Simone Brown mp is kinda wank when you get into it. He’s got no balls. He’s been invited to kanohi ti kanohi with these people He’s bagging but is too gutless to front up!
    Which is no surprise as he climbed over the standing female National party candidate in Pakuranga. He came all the way from Manurewa as the carpet bagger.
    So him and his merry men sit around fiddling with each other on their smartphones and make stories up all day to pretend that he’s relevant. What a cunt M Davidson would say.

  6. Winnie playing to his audience again. It’s time for the Police to release CCTV footage so as the accomplice can be located and arrested.

  7. Seymour grandstanding. As usual.

    I’ve been to the movie so can answer his questions easily.
    “I reject the premise of the member’s question.”

    Here is the news: As at Sunday 11.47 there is no “Northland outbreak.”

  8. ” Some of our own citizens are more malicious than the bloody virus ”

    Yes Bomber and in any war the truth is always the first casualty.

    Winston is desperately trying to stay relevant as the right wing splinters and he will say anything in order to pick up anti Adern sentiment to run again in 2023.

    Winston knows what makes his constituency tick but sadly he is all puff and no wind when it comes to taking action and people should remember that when Peter’s is doing his best to pour petrol on the fire.

    The corporate media don’t care about truth or character assassination and should be held accountable under stricter broadcasting law.

    Recent political history has shown that the truth like that rest of our state owned assets was sold down the river and today’s environment is a reflection of the worst aspects of free market culture.

    • He’s not rightwing …2/3 of NZF members ex Labour members/Supporters, 2/3 of his voters last term were defectors from Nats. All these fake lefties bagging on Muldoon as somevrightist when he ecomically Keynesian and to the left of the Neo-Labor rogergjomes and the Ruthenasia/Ruthenics that followed. NZF is Old Labour and Old Nats coming together. NZF is closest thing we’ve got to a Left Nationalist Party we’ve got So I’m switching from Labour/Greens to NZF/Maori Party. NZF will very likely be back and Labour just might need them again. But why should he support Lab again when all they ever do is spot in his eye.

  9. Back in the day, when there was a proper media, no professional news provider would have dared publishing the sort of bullshit gossip Peters regularly regurgitates in his endless quest for relevance. Harry Tam should sue Peters and every alleged news source that recycled the old has-been’s drivel. Peters seems to have forgotten that he no longer has the parliamentary protection against defamation which has served him so well in the past.

    • TD and all other folks
      I am not his fan, promise, but I can assure you that Winston is much much cleverererer than aaaany Labour politician, or any other politician in NZfor that matter. He knows exactly what he can and can’t say and when. He will have something that he knows for him to come out so bold. This story is not over.

      • I don’t agree with Winnie/NZF on everything but in where you stand political compass they got 70% while Labour got 76%. TOP got 84% but they killed themselves in my eyes with GM anti-cat crusade. Greens got 83% but I can’t stand their identitarianist wokeism. I’m a conservative on couple of social issues so even NCP has 28% support though I’ll never ever vote for them. I support ACT 42% coz as a moderate-centrist Left Libertarian I agree with them re Liberty and individual freedom of choice but I’ll never give them my vote coz I am an Anti-Capitalist Socialist.I supported Nats (pre-Collins/Religious Right rump Nats) 53% coz I support moderation/compromise/balance though they too would/will never get my vote.

  10. I could be wrong, But surely not even a professional could have that much sex?

    And aren’t there any sex workers in Northland?

    I suspect a completely different business model. Something beginning with P.

    But so what? We have bigger fish to fry. We are in a major public health emergency. Lives are at stake. And $billions in economic harm.

    These two women and all their contacts, should all be offered full immunity from prosecution and full gaurantee of privacy, in return for revealing themselves and their movements to the authorities.

    We are told that our covid scanning Ap is fully walled off to protect our privacy, it doesn’t care if we were doing something ilicity like going out to buy a tinny. The same with these two women’s travel data. In return for full disclosure of all their movements and contacts, full imunity from prosecution and full gauranteed privacy, the same for all their clients.

    How else are we going to cut off this possible underground chain of transmission?

    To get the informatin we need, What’s the alternative? Sleep deprivation, 24 hr interrogation until they crack, withholding food as well as sleep, water boarding or some other torture technique.

    Chris Trotter may be all in favour of using the stick. But we are better than that.

  11. Who are they going to drag out next week? Roger Douglas> Jenny Shipley? Richard Prebble?
    Getting John Key to opine about the economy and Winston Peters to give advice about racism, is like getting David Capill and Colin Craig to educate us about avoiding child sexual abuse.

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