Why prosecuting Bishop Brian Tamaki is stupid & dangerous


You all know me, I have little time for religion or snake oil merchants. The Bish is both.

I believe he exploits his flock and I have zero time for him. His bullshit freedom protests during a pandemic are intellectually bankrupt and manipulative.

B-u-t I think prosecuting a case against him for his stupid stunt is a really, really, really dumb thing to do.

Firstly, this is fucking NZ, we don’t sign petitions to force the Police into arresting people! The Police make decisions on these things independently for a fucking reason guys.

This is still a progressive liberal democracy, it’s not mob rule yet.

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Secondly, giving Tamaki the platform for his self crucifixion and martyrdom is really dangerous.

Take him to Court and punishing him means those 2000 protestors swell to 10000 next time.

You have a lot of frightened and manipulated people looking for a lightening rod and Tamaki could easily become that.

You know he’ll call God as a witness!

Ffs peeps, this is a really stupid move to push for a prosecution because it feeds him.

We should deal with him by totally ignoring him. We should say, ‘Crazy Bishop Brian being a dick’, we should slap him in the wrist with some fine and quickly move along.

Let’s not pretend we didn’t look the other way during last years Black Lives Matter protests, we’ve done it before, we should do it again.

Don’t let him become the martyr he wants because there are lots of frightened people desperately looking for a messiah right now.

I warned the Woke Left not to give ACT hate speech ammunition, how’s that going?


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  1. For heaven’s sake don’t over estimate this manipulative creep’s influence. Yes, it is tragic if he is able to influence his followers to act against their own best interests and well being. I’d call that downright bad. But I suggest that most people out and about see him as less than a gnat. If media want to try and inflate him into something big, then they’re no better than scum themselves.

    • You mean just like Jacindas sheep??? Sounds like everyone is a sheep. We all have the right to choose who our Shepherd is. So many fucking hypocrits.

  2. The cops should have given him a strong warning this time, and left no doubt he would be prosecuted next time (he has already advised of further COVID regulation breaking events organised by Destiny).

    Maybe the Police and politicians looked at the numbers–barely a thousand at the museum vs 130,000 plus with an online petition.

    Tamaki seems a right ponce, hanging out with alienated youth (who rampaged around Auckland streets on trail bikes with no number plates) and barely ex gang members. Stuff him. The only reason Destiny should be treated with due care is that NZ National and ACT are using him as an undercover proxy. Chris ‘Bishflap’, Judith Collins and Mr Seymour would love to have done what Tamaki did on the weekend to rark up the disaffected in their ranks.

    There are other Churches too donkey deep in opposing lockdown measures and vaccination while drawing Govt. wage subsidies–very Christian.

  3. The irony is that Tamaki is portrayed as a buffon yet all the hard evidence points to the exact opposite. Yes Bomber you are 100% correct – slap him with an idiot tax and move on. Don’t give him oxygen.


    One of the unintended consequences of the Smug hermit Kingdom’s covid cult is the pitchfolk mob-mentality by the devoted ‘Karens’ of anyone that dares question the Queen, St Ash and the rest of the high priests of the Smug Hermit Kingdom.

    This attempted shaming will commence at the same time the public (sheeple) is learning little-by-little that we lost control of this outbreak due to gangs that have been given what effectively looks like carte blanche to move drugs between alert level boundaries while law-abiding citizens and small business owners are being rejected for legit business reasons.

    The genie is out of the bottle.

    • What hard evidence Frwankie? The Harley Riding Pretend Prince Bishop Godbotherer, Efttpos tithing, tax doging, gays cause earthquakes,Man Upper, has you well and truly brainwashed.

      • Dear Bertie,

        The Bishop is wealthier than both and you me combined. The majority of his income is tax free and despite his Church appearing a poor man’s Scientology head fuck he still gets air time in the MSM. He is as popular, if not more since he crawled out from under his rock a couple of decades ago.

        He is not a dummy despite those who wish he is. Bomber is spot on – he wants to be made into a martyr. You would have to be a complete imbecile and pillock to allow this to happen. Ergo Wokecoaster and Bullshit castle step in.

  4. Rubbish Martyn! This fuck needs locking up!

    Remember he wanted access to prisoners but Corrections denied him that.

    This way, by been convicted and sentenced, everybody wins!

  5. PS.

    “Take him to Court and punishing him means those 2000 protestors swell to 10000 next time.”

    And if that happens. Jab’em all at the event! The Jab becomes a condition of attendance.

    • Really didn’t think that one through did you…. try to understand that reality is much greater than simply what twirls around in your head…

  6. Like you Martyn, I leave the prejudices at the door and look at the big picture.
    It will be a media feeding frenzy. Every bit of his agreements with police allowing his rally.
    The reference to Black lives Matter rally during last lockdown.
    With every right or left wing nut penning opinion pieces for the media.
    All will show the ineptitude of the Police and Government in handling lockdowns.

    He has been charged, let the games begin

  7. He would be hurt more if they took the charity status . He only has mana with a few and he needs to be kept down.

  8. While I am not a fan of Mr Tamakis its seems our Police and judiciary are and can be influenced by petitions.
    There seems to be a double standard in our country it depends on who and how many sign a petition as to when or if any action will be taken, yet this does not appear to happen when it comes to Maori issues regarding land, water and our one sided wobbly TOW partnership.

    • Covid is pa. How about evidence of the police charging Tamaki just because of some petition ? That’s not how the law works – and they get petitions all the time – as do politicians etc.

    • You need to stop making everything a race issue and blaming colonization for all the ills that effect Maori.
      I do not believe for one minute that the petition effected how the police acted in regard to Tamaki. It is far better to pick up people after the event rather than cause trouble with a crowd of 1000 hyped up people including children and the old .

      • Trevor S. Agree 100%. I also thought the police played it quite cool – kept it non-confrontational – which also stopped anything more untoward from occurring that day. It’s what works best with kiddies, as you probably know.

      • The Genie is out of the bottle – and Tamaki helped give legitimacy to a certain sector to do what they did when he exhorted them to do so. I partially agree with the thrust of the opinion piece, but most people in NZ have done as they have been asked to do for the greater good even though it has been very tough for many, particularly in AK. There’s a nice bit of schadenfreude for a lot of us who hope he does get his comeuppance. He may well invoke God, but God, so to speak, has enabled people who are well versed in the law and I think it’s going to be a pretty good contest. I hope that other grifter from City Impact also has his day in court. He needs to be held to account as well.

    • amen to that… where is the backing for the many petitions put forward for Maori.. its not a race thing it’s FACTS… so better to stand with someone highlighting the governments BS.. push back against the oppressor, the only one willing to put his head on the chopping block.. where are our Maori & Pacific MP and what are they doing to stand up for us!! too scared of being called out from the nation and lose the PayCheck!!

  9. He should appear in court but imprisoning him would be unfair to the poor bastards already in there. They have to put up with enough shit already.
    An appropriate sentence is: Write out 300 times “I must not be a useless bastard who accepts taxpayer money and preys on ignorant and credulous people.” ( In neat handwriting with no cheating carbon paper).
    Alternatively he could stay on the naughty seat until teatime.

  10. A few days ago, Breakfast’s weather guy Matty McLean tweeted “Brian Tamaki – get (and I cannot stress this enough) f*cked.”
    Last year, four leaders of the (illegal) BLM protests were welcomed onto TVNZ’s Breakfast to be praised for their actions after crowds of thousands broke lockdown rules in cities through out NZ.
    The double standards shown by the media over charging Brian Tamaki are pretty outrageous.

  11. We ain’t poor bastards matey, we are normal tax paying kiwis who work hard for our pinga’s, and we are not a cult, we are strong kiwi people of NZ we follow a man with enough balls to take on this power hungry govt that wants to take away your Rights as a NZ citizen, who have had enough of these lockdown’s, we want this govt to stop locking down this country and trying to force people against their will to take the vaccine that’s got to be close to a dictatorship from your pm Jacinda, all we want is for her to freeup this country from lockdowns, we are STANDING for you and all the people of NZ. Surely we as kiwis can live with this disease its not hard to work out a plan that will take us into the future where we can be free to do want normal kiwis can do I’m pretty sure deep down you want to see the end of lockdowns aye matey stevie

    • Paul Shepherd. You are most certainly not standing for me.

      The strong people here are those with the self-discipline, and the strength of character, and the intellectual capacity to understand what is at stake here, and it is not simple, and it is more than a matter of money.

      As far as I know, nobody has been forced to vaccinate, and nor do I think they should be, but unfortunately learning to live with coronavirus isn’t even a practical option. You may have missed out on seeing the big picture here, and it might help to have someone explain it all, but if you have whanau and others important to you, you could do worse than erring on the side of caution – and taking care of yourself.

      • Well said Snow White. I totally agree with you. Paul Shepherd and the cult he belongs to does not stand for me or for my friends or for my wonderful father either. His comment confirms my belief of the power of brain washing caused by the conspiracy theorists he listens and conforms to.

        Unfortunately, it is Paul Shepherd and his ilk who are holding the majority almost to ransom by refusing to be vaccinated. He and his associates would be the first people to demand hospital treatment, ahead of others, if the contracted the virus yet they adopt this very aggressive attitude in-your-face attitude when they respond to the more reasonable decent people who have or are getting vaccinated and who, importantly are very much in the majority.

        • young suffragette. I happen to think that if this lot got the virus, then they shouldn’t be entitled to hospital treatment at the expense of other patients; the moral responsibility for their care should lie with Brian and whoever else influenced them. That mightn’t be a popular opinion, but if the health system has to prioritise, then I don’t think it unreasonable.

          Many been heroic one way or another, but by golly, those carers with children
          jammed into small and often awful spaces, have my undying respect. Being a parent isn’t easy, and being people agreeing to lock the up under enormously trying conditions, is being noble. They are entitled to respect, and to as much support as we can muster up for them. Hope they come out of it all okay.

        • Yes youngsuffrajet!

          I read his post and thought “brainwashed ” immediately.
          He may possibly snap out of it should he get covid without a jab, akin to walking off a cliff.

          • Thanks Bert and Snow White. Despite the cult’s disciples getting all angry and aggressive and attacking the sensible people by saying that the government is trying to force people against their will to get the vaccine, more and more people are getting vaccinated including 10,000 Maori on Thursday.

            Peter Shepherd would not be able to provide any evidence at all that all these people and those intending to get vaccinated have been forced by the government to get vaccinated and the reason for that is that none of these people were or will be forced by the government to get vaccinated.

        • Yes and…how many of these people have been vaxed for measles, mumps, rubella polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio etc. and take the protection these bring about for granted? I’ve seen someone with lockjaw because they hadn’t had a tetanus booster for so long. Not pretty and just the beginning of a horrible way to go. I also had friends at school afflicted with polio. This was a very challenging and cruel start to their lives.
          1, 2, 3, 4…what are you really fighting for?!!?

    • You guys are morons. No lockdowns, no masks, no vaccination …what do you want? Are hundreds, thousands of deaths God’s Will? Fake Bishop is a charlatan conman getting rich of the backs of the gullible/desperate unemployed/working poor of the ghettos. Did Jesus own a mansion, fancy chariots and carriages? No! “Living with covid” means death for many! Eff that! BTW power hungry? They’ve already got power so no need to hunger for what they already have. If Labour wanted they could declare state of emergency and call out army. Haven’t come close to exercising hard power yet. On the other hand power hungry sums up well arsehats like BIilly “Father’s Shame” Te Kahika and the fake Bishop.

      • CrimsonGhost. “ Did Jesus own a mansion, fancy chariots and carriages ? “ No. Jesus said, “ Give all you have to the poor, and come follow me.” On foot.

        Interestingly, when Jesus and the disciples were travelling around, he told them not to stock up on provisions – they depended upon the good will of the people they met along the way – traditional and some contemporary Buddhism have a similar path – with a healthy disregard for materialism – he certainly wasn’t a flashy or ostentatious bloke like Brian.

  12. If there are no consequences do we end up with hoardes of antivaxers and other nutters turning out for another demo. I signed the petition because I am sick of these people who disregard my health putting the rest of us at risk. They have every right not to get vaccinated they dont have a right to threaten the health of others
    In reality what you are saying is let’s ignore all lawbreakers and live in a state of total anarchy.

  13. Have police charged the Wanaka Wankers yet? I’ve not noticed anything more on that since popo were “considering”

    • Sinic “ Have please charged the Wanaka Wankers yet ?” Yep. Looks like the police tread carefully here with everyone involved, including the holiday home owners, being lawyers – except for the naughty boy whose mother happens to be a judge. Looks to me like not just one simple straightforward border infringement, but a tiki tour here and there to reach that snow, so there’ll likely be at least two separate charges – and a bunch of folk in Wanaka living in fear of talking to outliers – colour my neck red.

  14. The next episodes in the obscene soap of the life of bishop Brian will reveal – will he swear to tell the truth on The Bible; will he tell the truth or his fairy tale version of reality; will he give unto Caesar what be Caesar’s; will he take his punishment like a man; will he apologise to all those people whose efforts and pain for the common good his selfish actions have put at enormous risk?
    To be continued………

    • Peter Kelly. “ like a man.” It would be helpful if you could define that word, “ man “ I’m not sure what it means any more. Thanks, Peter. ( Hint : Your local Greenie might help you out here, they’re into all the gender-bender stuff)

  15. Maybe the police have taken the right approach (in this case). By not arresting BT on the spot but taking a timely and considered approach they are processing him with minimal drama. Hit him hard in a clever way is the right approach. Just not sure how that pans out.

  16. If they are going to go after Tamaki then they are going to have to go back and charge the BLM organisors as well otherwise what is the point of having laws if they are not applied equally?

  17. I feel history has proven when those that are placed in positions of control and power over others they(the so-called leaders)often take advantage of their positions and abuse those who are the followers through manipulation and even fear/bullying tactics.
    When it comes to a group of people and the need to control those within the group the bullies(as I will call the Tamaki’s) will do their damndest to intimidate those they consider lesser beings i.e those who follow the ‘teachings’ of say a cult – and yes the Destiny Church is a cult – to the letter of the rules.
    I probably will be told by the Destiny Church followers that I do not have a clue as to what a cult or belief system like the Destiny Church is like. But I too like so many others were brought up in a cult that is American in origin. It has ruined so many lives over the past so many years of its existence. And to this day I have complete dislike, mis-trust and hatred of it.
    I get the feeling that because he(Brian Tamaki)is such a controlling freak and bully he may well get his goons in the Black Shirts to do some sense of retaliation on eg attempt a mass breaking out of the borders or engorge en-masse at the relevant district court that Tamaki is to appear in in attempt to show to NZ, NZers and the world as to what bullies he and his ilk truly are.
    Anything to do a photo opportunity seeking chance of being in the news because the egotistical twat that is Brian Tamaki will do anything for even his 5 minutes of fame.
    But then will Judith Collins ‘suddenly’ find a need to return back to Auckland in ‘support’ of her best friend and Black-hearted Brian Tamaki? Or will as bullies tend to trend towards each other Collins and Tamaki will suddenly become BFF yet again???!!!!

  18. The thing that pissed people off was the police didnt do any thing to stop the protest because they were too chicken.

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