Jacinda tries to serve two masters and fails both


It’s less a ‘roadmap’ and more a goat track though Mordor.

The plan is very clear, during the 7th phase of the moon you can dance and hop in public for 3 hours but only with pets and 2 bubbles present.

Jacinda is trying to serve two masters and failing both.

The death cult capitalists, ZB talkback hosts and Political Right all scream Jacinda has dropped the elimination strategy when in fact it was the Delta virus who dumped it.

Delta will become endemic and nothing short of perpetual lockdown will end that. You can’t tell double vaccinated people they must curtail their freedom forever, you require everyone’s agreement for these unique events that suspend our collective liberty. With better medicines on the way alongside a comprehensive vaccination program with high end vaccination goals, the Government can guide us through this.

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The Right refuse to hear that because the only way they win is if NZ fails and Covid runs away on us.

The Woke of course are screaming this decision of wonky new freedoms for an increasingly pissed off Auckland is proof positive Jacinda wants to commit genocide against Maori for Treasury. The Wellington Twitterati are certain they know where the altar to Milton Friedman is in the basement of Treasury and that Jacinda will ritualistically sacrifice a trans baby in return for more Economy.

We have to live with the Covid we have and instead of excuses as to why people aren’t getting vaccinated, how about actually just pushing those people to get vaccinated?

Our concern first and foremost is the people, the people, the people not Capitalism, Capitalism, Capitalism!

Smearing Jacinda for all that she’s done to keep us safe seems hysterical from the Death Cult Capitalist Right and the forever outraged Woke.

The only certainty of Delta is that there is no certainty.


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  1. Idiot Savant puts it well…

    One can only imagine the personal pressure on the Govt. Ministers and the PM–she was brilliant for the longest time on COVID, largely putting Public Health first, but has now signalled the end of that–exhaustion? threats from business? focus groups?

    I would say primarily because the NZ Labour Caucus has remained loyal to the Parliamentary neo liberal consensus that has plagued this country for almost 40 years. A “for instance”:–every citizen could have been paid a basic income via IRD for the duration of COVID to help tide them over–but because of ideological commitment to monetarism the Govt chose complicated schemes via employers (who did not always pass it on to workers!) and payments for waiting time on tests etc. were not widely publicised to working class people.

    None of NZ’s problems went away during COVID–they just got worse. This once in a generation majority MMP Govt. has squandered its chance to make radical change.

    p.s. to our new found tory shit layer of commenters here: don’t get too much of a buzz from my comments–Nashnull would have entered the “everyone for themselves” COVID response in 2020!

    • you don’t need a ‘tory shit layer to get stuck into this govt. There’s plenty negative commentary coming down from your own ‘lefty shit layer’.

    • He does, as is usual
      Sad in a way to realise the stubborn, control freak media star (that served us well on one or two issues, and which now seems to be a prerequisite for a career in polotiks) has now blown it.
      And as for Saint Ash. He was always going to be undermined by various over-ambitious folk of his choosing.
      It’s what they get paid the big bucks for. Cudda Shudda Wuddas are permissible when you lack the capability to see the bleeding bloody obvious.
      Ah well. Pffft!. Next!

    • This was all inevitable when they moved to Level 3 and gave up elimination.

      It was a Churchill (we shall never surrender to this virus) or Vichy France moment (surrendering to occupation) – it was the time to quote Thatcher … not for turning.

      • “This was all inevitable when they moved to Level 3 and gave up elimination” I agree with you there, but the rest of what you say not so much.
        It was clear from the numbers Delta could have been eliminated, barring massive public rebellion in Auckland. But Jacinda’s strategy of dropping Auckland in it and saying “hurry up and get your shots might turn out to be the kindest in the end. Delta is bloody hard to get rid of and however much I am enjoying going tramping without the tracks being packed full of tourists, covid is coming, and in a few years it won’t be any different from any other cold.
        Either people are going to get their shots or they are not. No point in making all the Jaffas stay locked up waiting for people who don’t see the point in taking their medicine because they think Jacinda is going to eliminate covid. I feel very sorry for those who can’t take the vaccine for health reasons and will need to lock themselves away from the world, but everybody else who doesn’t want to die, the time is now – go get the jab.

  2. She held Back COVID just long enough to make the rich scumlords and herself much richer. Mission accomplished. Now she can let it rip knowing her peers are forever ‘GETTING AHEAD’.

  3. I guess yesterday was tacit hurried surrender to reality. I finally think Jacinda is getting an idea how pissed off Aucklanders are getting, and disengaged.

    I am aware there is an undercurrent of people who just don’t give a shit, who live life in the moment and who when identified by health workers, lie twist and turn, much the way the live their ordinary lives. Hence all the unlinked cases and hence Covid spreading. Elimination could never work. And Australia found out exactly this same reality too.

    But at some point in the next week reality will keep knocking, this sub strata of individuals won’t get vaccinated and will not give any more of a shit that they do today. Then what?

    Will the government keep Auckland frozen leading up to Christmas? Will a large amount of businesses and by virtue, their employees survive that? Will NZ’s economy? I doubt it. Then the cure becomes worse than the sickness.

    Then 90% becomes 80 and a bit and we will all take our chances but with a whole other backstory when that announcement is made.

    And did any journalist ask Jacinda precisely why we have only half the ICU beds Australia does, or 9 times less than Germany per 100000 citizens? Is the fact so little investment has gone into the health sector the reason we all remain in limbo? Because it was too damned hard to think ahead!

    • And did any journalist ask Jacinda precisely why we have only half the ICU beds Australia does, or 9 times less than Germany per 100000 citizens? Is the fact so little investment has gone into the health sector the reason we all remain in limbo? Because it was too damned hard to think ahead!

      Don’t blame the labour govt for the above.
      Our health system has been semi privatised for decades and Govt under investment has been as well.
      Mainly from National party led Govts refusing to adequately and expand our health system to keep up with population growth and you cant build new hospitals in a few months.
      Only have to look at the new CHCH hospital wing rebuild one took 5 years to complete and 2 years overdue and the other wing has only just started and will only have two of its 5 floors occupied due to underfunding for it in the hospital board funding.
      We have increased ICU beds by 220 the maximum space our current hospitals can fit in the spaces they have available.

      That is the reason why we have only half the number of icu beds which is enough for normal use on a day to day use basis.

      • Sorry Geoff, that’s rubbish. They’ve had 18 months to prepare. The UK set up a massive hospital in London in the O2 arena (which they didn’t end up needing). Labour have blown billions and done nothing. Forget the nine years of National claptrap – what have labour actually done aside from locking us all up at home so we can watch our livelihoods circle the drain and our employers go to the wall?

        Labour failed to deliver PPE on time, they still haven’t sorted an alternative testing process whereas these are everywhere overseas, they haven’t ordered boosters, they didn’t invest in hospitals.

        It is a complete disaster and the blame lies entirely at their door.

        • So you want to start your history at election 2017, fine.

          That Jacinda had to win that one in order for Teina Pora achieve even the minimum of justice is enough for anyone who holds justice close to there heart.

    • Not even a goat track in many cases, just millions spend on ‘consultation’ and nothing to show for it, aka harbour bridge… know someone bought in to work on it, they were astonished at the cartel behaviour operating in NZ, where the two providers apparently ring each other up in the competitive tenders and then decide to ‘join forces’ into one bid! Doesn’t happen overseas. As they say, we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us! Operating all over NZ.

  4. Labour are muddling through, I don’t think their Covid response is the biggest issue they face as they seem to be obsessing about pushing other unpopular ‘grabs’ for power, 3 waters, hate speech, property ideology. I’d say the holy grail of middle class is being curtailed permanently,(while NZ society burns, aka more gang and criminal activity, now there are mall attacks and axe attacks on members of the public, illegal and cash full time labour that is undermining other businesses and workers paying tax).

    • Another issue buried is the Pandora papers where it seems no appetite for stopping NZ’s ability to house the 0.01% income earners offshore tax havens activities that are allowed to be hidden from view. I believe the EU labeled NZ a tax haven and put it on a watch list after the Panama papers. Not sure, but sounds like little to nothing done to remedy this from Labour.

      Meanwhile all over the news in UK where it seems Russian interests are key donors to the Conservatives, but it’s all fine because they got UK citizenship and thus now legal (sound familiar) and The Blairs managed to save 300,000 pounds in UK stamp duty with the vendor using trusts!

  5. More and more it looks as if “vaccination” was always the main act and the virus was a necessary prop.
    The elimination was working while everyone was co operating; but a small but active section of society has stopped co operating and no amount of policing can get between this group and the virus.
    Furthermore vaccination has advanced as far as it can without the added incentive of the virus active in the community, so it’s time to add the stimulus to the vaccination pressure. Too bad that it hardly changes the course of the virus. If it get’s into everyone’s arm; once, twice, three times, every 6 months, avery 2 months whatever… success has been achieved .
    D J S

    • There isn’t one political party that has a plan to deal with covid. Why?
      Its because they’re all servants of the Neoliberal dogma. All are only a few degrees right of one another.
      It’s staring them right in the face and they’re too frightened to concede or admit it. The Grim Reaper, Grandad Capitalism is fucking them all!
      Covid has brought this convergence closer faster and harder too all governments globally and not one has shown any interest in dealing with it. Instead, they preach getting back to normal as soon as they can by conceding defeat and throwing the poor impoverished and the ignorant into the path of the covid bus.

      How much more of bullshit weak government & governance will people take?

      The talk of the Great Reset has disappeared and now it’s a return to normal…throwing their arms up in defeat to Capitalism! What a bunch of gutless wankas when the answer is clear. Denounce Capitalism and lance that Globalisation boil and then restructure the entire economy asap! Its the only solution to stop the spiralling decline.
      We need a Final Solution.

    • “More and more it looks as if “vaccination” was always the main act and the virus was a necessary prop.”

      Oh yeah, that will be for the graphene-based tracker technology it carries. The reptilians are already in control.

      • lol – what goofball – the plan was always to eliminate until vaccinated – that it turned out to be a new-ish delivery system vaccine used was never even contemplated – as for graphene – wrong! although it may turn up in future products – what’s the problem – too much fluorine in your water? You can drown by drinking too much water – nothing is 100% safe.

  6. The feeling in suburbia is utter confusion. This is a schizophrenic approach and a clear sign that the Prime Minister, cabinet and St Ash have little idea how to proceed. After speaking relentlessly about the deaths that National/Act’s policies will create yesterday was a begrudging acceptance that they have to go down this route.

    The political optics are terrible.

  7. Losing one battle does not mean immediate surrender.
    What exactly is meant by ”elimination” anyway?
    The examples from the past prove this: Isolating people from infectious disease( scarlet fever, polio, hepatitis) is the emergency measure taken to prevent the spread of the disease.
    That box ticked – isolating the disease has limited the spread.
    Vaccination increases people’s immunity to the disease( please notice I said INCREASES immunity – to those screaming fuckwits who say it does not guarantee you will get covid)
    That box ticked – most Covid cases presenting now are unvaccinated people.
    Over time better and more effective vaccines are produced meaning there are fewer and fewer potential victims for Covid and it goes the way of scarlet fever, polio, diptheria, whooping cough et al. These diseases were not eliminated overnight, or even in a few years, but they were eliminated.
    That box ticked – Research scientists are working on it now.

    In these times I reflect on how our parents and grandparents endured war, pestilence and economic hardships the like of which is unknown to most of us here in Aotearoa today and I reflect on what a bunch of sad, gutless, selfish, trivia obssessed, selfie taking, media dependent, served coffee and takeway food dependent whingers the descendants of the ANZACs are now.
    For fuck’s sake harden up – we are still winning.
    Incidentally under the new rules it would be possible to organise a lynching for Brian Tamaki if we only have twenty of us and we wear masks( a lynch mob given). We sanitise the rope as well.
    Good chance the police will look the other way again.
    Any starters?

    • stevie “ In these times I reflect on… our parents and grandparents, “ as do I. And we who have listened to our elders, and who have a knowledge of history, are entitled to at least feel angry at the politicians who not only know nothing, but batter us with their ignorance and do a great disservice to decent people who lived far more selfless and extraordinary lives than they could or would.

      • Best not to get knickers twisted though. Politicians do what politicians do, as does the entire state apparatus. They arrive with good intentions, surf the cistern and some just get captured by it – especially those with malfunctioning bullshit detectors.
        JA has done her best, although I’m not so sure about one or two of her colleagues.
        Even though she’s just royally fucked up, like you and me, she’s a product of her background and thankfully IMHO it’s been better than the alternatives.
        When I get up every day, I untangle me knickers that’ve got themselves in a tangle overnight. They’re tangled because of the missed opportunities to do things given her mandate to govern. She’s not superwoman (even though she’s got a real stubborn streak and appears to micromanage).
        I prefer to delude myself in the belief that there are a few of her colleagues that have let her down, and a shitload of senior public servants also – some of whom surreptitiously undermine her. (More fool her – and Grant and one or two others for that matter)
        Let it play out. We still have a semi-functioning democracy – albeit continually under threat. Put your efforts into preserving that – remembering the the promises made (like transparency, kindness and compassion), and what’s been delivered. ’23 is looming. They’ll get what they deserve and the natives are getting restless

    • Stevie, the ANZACs fought against the kind of totalitarian tryanny you are suggesting. How can you justify violence and death threats towards another human being? The left seems to be sliding very rapidly towards totalitarianism, I think we need to take a good look at our own morality, and apply it in a utilitarian and humane way.

    • ” In these times I reflect on how our parents and grandparents endured war, pestilence and economic hardships the like of which is unknown to most of us here in Aotearoa today and I reflect on what a bunch of sad, gutless, selfish, trivia obsessed, selfie taking, media dependent, served coffee and takeaway food dependent whingers the descendants of the ANZACs are now.
      For fuck’s sake harden up – we are still winning ”

      Finally someone hit the nail on the head. Well said.

  8. I think there is case for arguing there are 2 out of control groups.
    1) The spoilt, hedonistic ,me me me liberals that neoliberalism has fostered.
    2) The down and out antisocial groups that neoliberalism has fostered.
    That leaves the majority of us stuck in the middle of this debacle.

    • You forget the woke bureaucracy that tried to politicise this pandemic with cute terms such as “team of 5 million”.

      The summer is discontent is here.

    • Well put, the “special needs” high maintenance sector (I shop and travel therefore…) and the discarded and alienated.

      An old tory line is that to criticise employers and SME/owner operators is the politics of “envy”!–but who put their hands out first for COVID state assistance? You can easily check the MSD site and find out exactly who, and how much they received.

  9. Let’s be clear?
    ‘Capitalism’ is fascism and every other -ism you can point a stick at when it comes to exploiting the ordinary person to sate personal greed.
    Capitalism is an evil, criminal genius. Capitalism convinces people they’re ‘free’ while being incarcerated in un payable debts. Sure, some of capitalisms higher performing inmates can buy fancy shit like swanky cars but they must drive them past the wretched many living in dire and hellish poverty while surrounded by wealth and beauty. ( In AO/NZ you will notice that a large majority of those poor bastards are Maori. I was just in the Napier Museum and saw a photograph of Maori men in chains, in the dirt surrounded by armed soldiers with bayonets fitted to their rifles…! Is that image speaking to us down through the ages? )
    I love to open my computer and see greedy scum running while on fire.
    Just check out today’s The Guardian? The Pandora Papers. Fabulous stuff.
    AO/NZ’s an incredibly rich country but beyond that it’s beautiful, safe, and miles/K’s away from swarming, well armed wasp people.
    Adern simply must do one thing only.
    Come clean. Tell us the truth Jacinda? Every larger town and city in AO/NZ has massive wool stores and freezing works and those towns and cities are surrounded by market gardens and orchards.
    And in those towns and cities there are now foreign banks positioned strategically on every street corner in the centres of those towns.
    I know. I’ve intimately (film) scouted every one of those towns and cities and I’ve seen them for myself.
    Jacinda? I asked Lianne Dalziel once after one of my infamous ranty monologues…She was opposition labour minister of finance at the time and now mayor of Christchurch. ” Where’s our money then? ”
    She looked down at her flat feet and said ” I dunno…”
    What’s your answer Jacinda?
    Do you know where our money is? Because [it’s] been disappearing since about the 1900’s and there’s quite a lot of it missing…? Any ideas?
    C’mon Jacinda. You can do it. Change the course of AO/NZ history?
    Or? We become a plaything being fucked by dirty americans because that’s what gets them hard. Ask the Cambodians?

  10. “The only certainty of Delta is that there is no certainty.” Which is real bugger in a country where some screamed from day one that there needed to be a plan, they needed to know what was happening, what was going to happen. Exactly.

    They wanted specifics, delineated and clear, like a recipe. A recipe most certainly with no “dash of this here, a little slurp of this there, if you prefer it” or “about 180° for about 35 minutes.”
    Only 3I.37777 grams, 165.3° and 33 minutes 42 seconds would suffice.

    Then when things were degrees off because ‘things happen,’ as things do, they could go berserk about failure, about not meeting the targets, and about deviating from the plan. Flexibility and needing to adapt crimes of the highest order.

    It’s a real bastard when the world isn’t as you would wish and things happen that you don’t want. It’s good in those times that reason is resorted to. Helped by the knowledge that dire straits won’t be reached because hospital and other health resources would have been husbanded and invested in to give comfort.

    • Jonesy No. The failures are the media and other losers behaving like spoiled brats when faced with curtailing their lives a bit. The successes are the carers with kids jammed in awful accommodation but trying to do the right thing by everybody.

  11. It is possible to eliminate the virus.

    We proved that, in 2020 with a level four lockdown.

    It is possible to lessen the pain of economic crisis and war.

    We proved that, in 1914 and again in 1931 with rent and mortgage moratoriums.

    Unfortunately we have had 40 years of neo-liberal blinkers on governments of both stripes, that prevent our decision makers seeing solutions not allowed in the neoliberal cannon.

    • The Jacinda is the worst crowd has the most twisted monologue I’ve ever seen. Like Xi or who ever who is using corona as a tool, so to are the Jacinda Terrible Crowd. It seems in there anger, Maori will die.

      I can only grown in protest, grab my phone and scream at them. And while Maori scream, the right smile.

  12. China has biggest mines for rare minerals
    Rare metals are being used now to run your hybrid electric car…
    Where there are humans no matter what we do…there is always pollution..

    Quite like no fatcebook..

    We are own enemy

  13. As I see the two Masters are the two distinct groups that make up the “team of Five Million” which are no longer a single team but two distinctly different teams.
    Team One are those whose income has not been under threat through the lock down “keeping them safe” is their prime concern they will have been the first in que for the vaccine. They are loyal to Jacinda, but the loosening of the lock down will make them nervous. If Covid comes near them Jacinda will have let them down.

    Team Two are those whose income has been battered by the lock down, both employers (the death cult capitalists) and their employees with out cash flow( in the first instance into the business and the second paid out as wages) their lives and overall well being are at risk, not from a bug but from no cash to pay the weekly bills. These people have had enough of lock downs and are weeks if not days away from open revolt, cf Melbourne

    Now at the Cabinet meeting yesterday Revenue Minister Parker no doubt will have presented the Governments cash position. Given that most of the Governments cash flow comes from PAYE, paid on the 20th, and GST paid on the 28th from businesses each month the current cash position of the Government must dior. With effectively two months now of lock down and non trading of Auckland with flow on to go slow effects for the balance of the country. These two taxes will be way behind budget, in fact GST may well be a net outflow rather than an inflow as business claim on payments made without income to offset them.

    For the first time many in Cabinet will actually actually understand the basis on commerce, if you don’t trade you don’t earn, and you don’t earn you cant pay the bills.

    Jacinda had to act to get the wheels of commerce turning again,

  14. This piece from RadioNZ about international fishing vessels in our ports, appears to relate all the difficulties that can occur with Delta Covid19 version. It indicates the value of having trained and dedicated public officials and how much we owe such people for sticking to their jobs and fronting the problems.

    This is an example of handling one problem with two ships very likely run on a shoestring. Our national image these days with all the prevailing strains of all sorts, should be Ethelred the Unready. The seamen must be very work-hardened, they need to be treated sympathetically but with awareness of their background.

    If they tested positive, Roper [Port Taranaki then-chief executive Guy Roper] wanted the ship to follow the Viking Bay example and sail to Wellington.
    Jarman [Taranaki Medical Officer of Health Dr Jonathan Jarman] had already raised the same issue with Customs.
    “We do not have MIQ facilities in Taranaki. We have been looking at Community MIQ in Taranaki for New Zealand cases, but I feel this would be inappropriate for overseas mariners for a variety of reasons. I suspect that public opinion will be strongly against this … the off-signing and transportation of infectious people to a MIQF carries too much public health risk for us. I also doubt Port Taranaki will give consent. ”

    After waiting offshore for its test results, [from about 11 July] 16 out of the 18 mariners aboard the Playa Zahara were positive for Covid-19. It departed for MIQ in Lyttelton on 15 July.
    Meanwhile in Wellington, 15 mariners from the Viking Bay also tested positive.
    In the last emails, Jarman was clearly unhappy the DHB and Port were left to go it alone.

    “I think it would be good to have a debrief when the dust has settle on this one. It is a tricky one. In reality, we organised the ‘ship liable to quarantine’ process in partnership with Port Taranaki with minimal involvement from Customs and carried out the testing,” Jarman wrote.
    “I kept Customs in the loop, but they either didn’t answer emails or were slow in answering. Initially we were not invited to the all of government meetings about the Playa Zahara and then, when we were, it became clear our input was not required.
    “I’m not sure some of these [problems] are solvable.”

    He was also looking to get some housework done.
    “Our nurse testers mentioned to me that many of the crew on the Playa Zahara did some active hoicks (spits) onto the wharf during the testing process.
    “I spoke to Guy Roper on the day of the testing and asked if the Port could wash down the area once the ship had departed. He’s going to check that this happened.

  15. The governments primary concern is the health system – even a small number of Covid related hospitalizations would quickly overwhelm our ICU capacity and create ugly scenes outside hospitals – as per the UK and India. NZ has historically under invested in public health because voters don’t want to pay the taxes needed to develop and support it. We also have a 2 tiered health system that delivers profit based medical services through private health insurance for middle class employees. This system overall is not well positioned to handle a large scale health crisis in any way.

  16. Dear William Thonpson
    My dad did not serve in the 24th battalion to give you right to NOT vaccinate and endanger other people through your perverted beliefs. Totalarinism my arse!
    ‘How can you justify violence and death threats against another human being?”
    WHAT HUMAN BEING? I have a personal relationship with God and she told me that Brian Tamaki is an evil spirit and you are one of his supporting demons.

  17. The Government had 2 jobs during the pandemic:
    1. Vaccines roll out
    2. MIQ management

    Failed on both jobs (how did Covid get in, and take hold)

    At least they could have given us Cannabis reform during the lockdowns

    • This attitude, once again, has to be addressed.

      Let me say it like this, it doesn’t matter if there is 5 million kind Jacinda’s, if even one of them is an arsehole, you just be kind and that plays right into Judith’s plan to make things chaotic just to hold on to her little bit of power.

      • A petulant and tribal response to some valid points.

        The fallout is only beginning. Auckland in 2 months time is going to be a very angry and feral place.

        • “The fallout is only beginning. Auckland in 2 months time is going to be a very angry and feral place.”

          Oh Frwankie, you wish!

    • And … the other Crisis, which are Poverty, Homelessness, Housing, Terrorism, Health and Education. And they’ve solved, none, but they’ve spent $79b of QE!
      But the middle class are laughing all the way to the bank! In the past 12 months, their wealth has increased by more than $400b.

    • The Government had only 2 jobs during the pandemic?

      Ordinary people had 2 jobs:
      1. Be sensible
      2. Be reasonable

      I am not convinced you didn’t fail both. (I mean how did Covid get in, and take hold? The only way they could have stopped it coming in was by stopping everyone coming in.
      And taking hold? If they were to let people into the country the only way to control the inevitable breakout was people locked in rooms with armed guards with permission to shoot. OR for every single person to have acted perfectly.)

  18. What attitude Sam?
    Holding the Government to account, or Cannabis reform for the 1.1 million Kiwis who voted yes?

    • We’ve run out of quick fixes. It’d be easier to write a new constitution and start again. What ever this system is, it’s just not fit enough to fight a pandemic. UBI and Bitcoin replacing the government is inevitable.

      Yes, I support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill 1,406,973
      No, I do not support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill 1,474,635

      • I guess it is Jacinda’s fault but then again every prime minister except for maybe Norman Kirk just wait for there orders to come up via official advice or hold there hand while they run a country via referendum.

  19. Brian Tamaki got charged over Covid breaches — what about Dr Wiles being charged…listen to her interview on ZB — she clearly states she broke the lockdown rules, and just laughed

    • What about letting the cops do their job. They have dealt with dozens, maybe hundreds of cases to do with breaches.

    • what are you talking about? Wiles didn’t incite others to breach. Conservatives are all lost in the supermarket – get your ACT together.

  20. Or the Police apply the law evenly and charge both Dr Wiles and Brian Tamaki — they (the Police) decided not to…
    Peter, the Government has the power via the laws, institutions, resources — they stuffed up. It is not on to pass the buck to ordinary people…that’s why they Govern…they failed.

  21. One day we’ll look back on all this and say it’s not the disease itself but the stupid ignorant greedy selfish cavalier attitude of some of the people the people the people. We all know how easy it is to catch the common cold or the the flu and how miserable they make us feel. For some Covid is that x10. These diseases have been around forever and yet people irresponsibly spread them by going to work and other venues soldiering on like some sort of hero or martyr. Delta is yet another manifestation of this stupidity. Don’t blame the disease. It can be managed or mismanaged just like all the others. And don’t lay all the blame at the door of our leaders. They are not only having to manage a pandemic but also the irresponsibility of some of the people the people the people.

  22. nearly made it. only a cpl of months shy. summer is nearly here. lets not waste it. allow the virus to work it’s way through the community before next winter. New Zealand has done it correctly in my opinion. eliminate until vaccinated. simple really.

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