MEDIAWATCH: Is this Judith’s weirdest interview ever & why Kiwis don’t care about MIQ


Coronavirus: Judith Collins urges Govt to adopt National’s COVID plan, admits it could result in deaths

Judith Collins says the National Party plan to let Kiwis into the country for Christmas has been “expert-reviewed”, but it apparently doesn’t put a number on how many could die as a result.

But like driving, Collins says it will include some risk.

“When we drive cars, we understand that there are going to be some people who are injured and occasionally people will lose their lives,” she told The AM Show on Wednesday. “It doesn’t stop us driving cars.”

The Government’s experts last week revealed modelling which suggested thousands of Kiwis could die in an outbreak if vaccination rates don’t get above 90 percent of those currently eligible (12-plus). 

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National’s plan will be publicly revealed at 10am, Collins promising it will make Kiwis stuck overseas “extremely happy”. 

This morning on The AM Show, Ryan gave Judith a very fair run by not focusing on the appalling polls and instead giving her a clear path to discuss her border strategy she is releasing at 10am.

Bewilderingly Judith had nothing to give Ryan other than that it’s been peer reviewed (having Cameron Slater and or Hamish Price look over it is not a peer review btw) but she won’t tell us who the peer review is by and simply admitted that her policy of opening up the border will kill people.

When you have fronted up to media and admit your policy will kill people, it’s kinda over rover isn’t it?

She hijacked Key’s smug hermit kingdom line but neither of them understand the true power of that phrase.

Yes, the vast majority of Kiwi’s are feeling smug in our ‘hermit kingdom’.

No hyper tourism, low unemployment rate, no exploitation of migrant workers or International students and the lowest death rates and hospitalizations in the Western world.

Locals have little sympathy for those who are traveling during a pandemic, we have collectively sacrificed our liberty to keep Covid out and if we want to stay out of lockdowns it demands a more stringent MIQ process.

Many news rooms are staffed by millennials who see global travel as a birthright and they will continue to promote sob story after sob story of those stuck at the border but those of us who didn’t choose to travel will be incandescent with rage if the virus gets back in again because Bruschetta and Apple want to go backpacking in Thailand this Summer.

Judith admitting her policy will kill underestimates the vast silent majority who want a hard close on the border.

That Judith doesn’t comprehend this is just another nail in her ever expanding coffin.

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  1. The wisdom of capitalist lackeys.
    ”When we drive cars, we understand that there are going to be some people who are injured and occasionally people will lose their lives,” she told The AM Show on Wednesday. “It doesn’t stop us driving cars.”
    When we drive cars :
    We must first pass a driving test to prove we can drive safely.
    We must wear seat belts.
    Must stay within safe speed limits.
    Observe rules to keep ourselves and other people safe.
    Have cars regularly inspected to ensure they are safe and roadworthy.
    Must not drive when impaired by drink or drugs.
    Can be fined, penalised, imprisoned and prohibited from driving for breaches of law.
    Have the vehicles we drive registered for easy identification.

    It is strange that ”Crusher” ( who incidentially failed to do anything meaningful about boy racers), chose driving motor vehicles as a metaphor for libertarian action when it is possibly the most heavily regulated and policed aspect of New Zealand life.

    Incidentially anyone who has time to leaf through the New Zealand Yearbooks will see that now is the most heavily regulated period ever for New Zealand drivers.
    They will also observe that it is the safest time ever to drive a vehicle or be a passenger in one.
    QED Government regulation and intervention – SOCIALISM – creates a safe society.
    Let us now have a moment of prayer where we ask the invisible, unspeaking, perhaps real, perhaps mythical almighty to smite capitalism and all its works and bring forth the glorious new dawn of pure compassionate socialism. Amen

    • So John we can assume you are happy for you and your family to be amongst the ‘people will die’ statistics.

      • Being fully vaccinated I’m not worried about becoming seriously ill from Covid. However I am worried that if I have an accident or became seriously ill and required hospitalisation that the hospitals may be full.

        As for Nationals plan. Looks like what’s already happening except for the purpose build quarantine facilities. I guess National think they may be useful as prisons in the future.

        • Guess who called for purpose-built MIQ way before Nats? …Winnie, that’s who? Who called for vaxxed Gov employees/soldiers at MIQ instead of untrained/ unvaxxed private security contractors? :..Winnie again. Winnie was right about hodgepodge hotel multiple miq’s being a disaster in waiting. He criticised Labour but offered reasonable alternatives/policies. Nats criticise but offer barely any useful policies/alternatives that Labour aren’t already doing/working on or that haven’t already been put forward by other parties. For a party supposedly pro IP/copyright they sure do like to infringe on it and plagiarise LOL

  2. Where’s Judith on the Aussie travel bubble they so badly wanted? Deafening silence!

    It’s ironic but Nat tag team Paul Henry’s comments of outrage at NZ’s treatment of ex pats also missed the mark.

    Paul did what they all do. We smart wee things gift ourselves to a world that deserve our talents, like lucky Palm Beach, Alabama or wherever the fuck he is, because NZ is shit. And then when royalty like Henry want to return to slum it for 5 minutes they can’t pick and choose when that moment is. So NZ is even more shit.

    This is precisely why we, who remain here, could not give a solitary flying shit what our globetrotting former New Zealanders think anymore.

    Fuck off, stay in your Covid ridden living with it paradises, cos’ we really don’t care!

  3. Gosh Peter all due respect but I think you’re being melodramatic.
    Doesn’t mean I don’t respect your entitlement to an opinion.

  4. These recent analogies of comparing a pandemic with vehicles really show how out of touch they are.

    Must stem from some deep obsession with travel bordering on unhealthy.

    Got to give credit to Collins for being more down to earth compared to the other one going around the moon, lunatic comes to mind.

    Given these frightening bizarre spectacles, they certainly are making the government look more rational in its approach.

    • The thing is Judith Collins et al can say and plan what she/ they like . Its not going to matter one bit, her plan is pie in the sky. Anyone with half a brain knows New Zealanders won’t be home for Christmas without MIQ. As we speak ( even though the opposition and don’t forget silly David Seymour and the MSM choose to focus on the negative ) , the pandemic is raging all over the world and the sooner these people admit this fact the better off we will be. The other fact is when the great unvaccinated whoever they may be realize that when they want to party or travel the world for business or pleasure this ain’t gonna happen they will forever be trapped in our good old hermit nation .So I predict after Christmas the rush will be on and their fake reasons for not being vaccinated will go out the window and they will want to be vaccinated quick smart . So i say no rush we will get to 90% plus sooner rather than later and we will all be enjoying an Indian summer

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