Bishop Brian Tamaki’s lockdown protest gives all Christians a bad name


Auckland Mayor Phil Goff slams Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki over lockdown protest plans

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has slammed Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki as an “idiot”, following revelations he is planning a public, anti-lockdown protest in Auckland this weekend.

“If I recall rightly, Brian and Hannah Tamaki were telling their congregation not to get vaccinated,” Goff told Newstalk ZB’s Heather du Plessis-Allan.

“So first of all, they give people the opposite advice to what’s good for individuals, their families in the community. And then they want to go out while every one of us is making a sacrifice and trying to follow the rules. To break the rules by congregating together in a way that you might spread the virus. It doesn’t make sense to me.

“So many Aucklanders have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to try to get rid of this virus. These people seem to be working in the opposite direction. That’s not good enough.”

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This bloody clown is doing a Billy TK by politicizing the public health requirements of a lockdown and injecting his usual brand of crazy into it.

If you believe that Jesus is your vaccine and that the Earth is literally 7000 years old it’s not that much of a hop skip and a jump to believing the vaccine is satanic, makes you magnetic and that Jacinda is implementing a secret Socialist Police State where the little baby Jesus will be banned.

TDB proudly presents the Gospel of Bishop Brian…

I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange face masks before me.

Thou shalt not take vaccines with microchips in them.

Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day and spend it shit posting on MPs Facebook pages.

Honour thy father and mother (unless they have 5G).

Thou shalt not kill Covid.

Thou shalt commit adultery to spread natural resistance.

Thou must steal other people’s vaccinations and tip them out.

Thou shalt always bear false witness against they vaccinated neighbours.

Thou shalt covet thy neighbours vaccine passport.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours face mask.

…In the name of the swindle, the scam and the unholy boast.

Bishop Brian Tamaki’s lockdown protest gives all Christians a bad name.

Fundamentalist Christians are hazardous for your health.

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  1. It could be worse. Andrew Coster and the govt could allow this to happen. Oh wait…they will. I wish NZ had a police commissioner. I wish NZ had a Police Minister. I wish NZ had a PM with a backbone. I wish a poll was taken a few days after this event happens.

  2. Tell Brian that its likely that many of his congregation will die if they get COVID and then remind him that if they die they won’t be able to put money in his tip jar.

    • Dunno Jonesy, Maybe to them (Destiny Church)and others of a similar makeup think this Covid gig is a sign from god and are expecting the rapture to save them.

      • Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian was funny. Idiot Tamaki’s ‘Life of Brian’ is not amusing.
        American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate, Steven Weinberg once famously said, “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.”

    • Tamaki will be hoping the church is mentioned in the will so he can get an early claim .
      God works in mysterious ways I would suggest the vaccine buses join the march .

    • We have 1185 Delta cases and one death in the 90s. Death rates for Delta have been around 0.5 to 1.5% elsewhere.

      Do tell how a protest, outdoors in fresh air, will lead to most of his congregation dying, even if they get Covid?

      Oh and remember all the BLM protests last year across the world, in the midst of a pandemic with no vaccine – presumably that was fine because it was Left wing.

      I immensely dislike Brian Tamaki, but this country has literally lost any power of rational thought.

      • Given we only have one Delta death I presume our strategy is working, on the other hand Tamaki has the potential to change that Stat. Surely that’s rational?

      • That the notion of the country has lost any power of rational thought is not new. There isn’t one significant moment it happened, but in terms of the coronavirus?

        From February last year we had people rubbishing what scientists said. They’d never heard of epidemiologists (let alone be able to spell it) yet purported to know better than those experts.

        They wanted no lockdowns, no travel restrictions in or out.

        Any people thinking a mass of people at protests, outdoors in fresh air, possibly yelling, screaming and chanting will lead to problems with Covid, at least have a background to base their thoughts on.

        They’ve observed countries all over the world for 18 months banning sports and cultural events, occasions with a mass of people where there’d be yelling and screaming.

        On the surface the simple rationale for caution about the Destiny protests is there. It has been planted in complainants. They should calm down, apply powers of deeper rational thought?

        They’re as entitled to a lack of brainpower or insanity as anyone. Put it another perspective though, the Destiny PR stunt won’t see people getting covid from 5G towers because participants will have avoided them and none of them will have had the micro-chipped vaccine pumped into them.

      • Last week there were no ICU beds available in Idaho, Alaska, vast swathes of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and elsewhere. All hospital services in three states of USA are being rationed.

        Mass graves in Brazil and elsewhere. Ice rinks being turned into temporary morgues (Spain) early in outbreak. Etc, etc.

        Oxford University have just released study saying that life expectancy in US dropped two years in 2020.

        Your attempts to ignore the havoc caused to health systems and consequences to citizen well-being clearly marks you, Gordon, as a moron.

        • A moron?

          So what would you call someone who refers to the country’s with the first and third biggest deaths and a vastly different profile to NZ as your counterfactual?

          That’s not moronic, that’s disingenuous fear-mongering, hopeless non-reasoning. It’s like saying if we don’t have three strikes law, we’ll turn into the El Salvador of crime.

          Shall we chat about the explosion of child suicide ideation that happened after lockdown? Or the massive transfer of wealth via lockdown policies? Or may even Sweden which had some of the lowest excess deaths in Europe, far below others that had strict lockdowns?

          Let’s talk about the experts too. Professor Baker said the UK’s freedom day would be carnage – it wasn’t. Hendy said we’d get 40-45 Delta cases; yet here we are 1200 cases later. Or should we be honest and say in a democracy, its not “experts” who determine massive state policy and infringement of right, but elected politicians considering the range of considerations we have – mental health, social dislocation, economic growth, democracy. I’ve always been willing to listen to scientists on the science, but instead, we’ve had a narrow 2/3 “experts” literally cheerleading to the public, day in day out, on the policy we should follow, even to to point of arguing with opposition politicians.

          You hate Brian Tamaki. You also want to believe lockdowns are the only truth and anyone who doesn’t subscribe is a mass murderer. Ad hominen attacks, fallacious counter-factuals, false equations, and emotional-ladden arguments.

          Yup, that adds up to a loss of rationality to me.

          • “Experts” literally cheerleading?”

            They use their knowledge and experience of modelling to come up with numbers. On the continuum there are best case and worst case scenarios. What are they supposed to say?
            (Accepting that they are the at the whim of the media and the ignorance in the public.)
            Putting out only the best case scenarios is playing things down.
            Putting out the worst case is scare mongering. Not saying anything is hiding stuff the public should know.

            Maybe experts should be banned and we should only hear from the mass on online forums.

  3. Frank the Tank
    Yes it is bloody newsworthy in the same way the Wanaka couple was newsworthy. If Tamaki gets to have his protest and worse, if the police and the govt allow this to happen, it goes against everything we stand for. The police and the govt would effectively giving us the middle finger “Thanks y’all for vaccinating, thanks for locking down, thanks for not coming home to NZ, but fuck you all dear citizens, we have decided to let Brian Tamaki do whatever the fuck he wants. Because he is more special than you.” I think that’s what MB wanted to say, but he is more polite than I am.

    • He is more special than us. Jacinda ranks our importance by the number of properties we own.

      No house = Invisible scum to be ignored
      One house = Potential voter to be smiled at
      Two houses = Relatively important person to be helped any way possible
      Three houses = Genuinely important person to be given some free tax payers money
      Ten houses = Kiwi Royalty to be given every available tax benefit and to be protected at all cost
      Twenty houses = God like entity equal to 1’000’000 ‘No house’ people to be worshiped at all times.

      Be Kind….. (spew)

  4. Why isn’t this toxic money grubbing moron being arrested and thrown in the cells just like Billy TK?Surely this breaks level 3 restrictions? Crikey Kiwis aren’t really up to this lockdown stuff eh? Look at how long Melburnians have been in lockdown. That’s a city with a population the same size as our entire population.Took more than a year before they lost it, what an arsewipe Tamaki is!

  5. The Bish’…one cool guy in that well filled leather jacket…and perhaps he is doing us all a service by essentially raising free speech in the context of COVID. Hopefully the cops do not stop the planned rally and his comments are widely reported.

    Yes, he is an idiot as Phil Goff says, yes he is an opportunist to the maximum–milking his herd mightily, yes he is potentially endangering public health unless he really thinks there is a Rapture coming, in which case he does not give a shit about non believers anyway.

    But hopefully he will encourage some wavering New Zealanders to get vaccinated when they evaluate the real world effect of what he is saying. Already the vaccinated can suffer because the health system catering for COVID has limited resources for other health conditions and the likes of specialist and diagnostic services.
    NZ nurses have confirmed what is apparent overseas–COVID hospital admissions now overwhelmingly comprise of unvaccinated people.

  6. At the Heavenly Headquarters of GOD INC.
    The Almighty is in his office, speaking on the telephone;
    ” Yes Bishop Brian take your flock to Muriwai and march into the sea. Fear not the waves and undertow – as I did for my son I shall allow you to walk upon the ocean water . It shall be sign unto all nations.”
    Jesus comes through from outer office.
    ”Dad – are you taking the piss again? ‘You should not do that to Brian. You know what he is like. ”
    Almighty shrugs and says
    “I could just smite all the non-vaccinators dead – but you know I have to move in mysterious ways. Now let me get on with the world peace thing.”

  7. Amazing reading all your negative comments, may God forgive you all,
    Arohanui kia koutou katoa, Te Matua ki Te Rangi, Ake tonu Ake.

  8. “If you believe that Jesus is your vaccine and that the Earth is literally 7000 years old..”

    Actually Martin I believe what the Bible says:
    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.”

    No time is given as to how long the Earth or the Heavens (space) was in this state.

    Thank you.

  9. As the saying goes “every picture is worth a thousand words”.. So what does the above picture tell us? That his name is more likely to be Bwian, not brian”? That his “outfit” doesn’t bring out his good side? That his whole demeanor is a calculated pose rather than anything that has credibility? That this whole exercise in self serving idiocy is actually a ploy to make himself politically relevant heading into the next election? So people will die as a result of this selfish stupidity.. Plenty more where that came from.. No doubt, the families of those that will die will turn to “uncle Brian” for direction since the “smart ones” were cut down by the “lefties disease”.. My only answer is that you can’t fix stupid, but you can ring fence it…

  10. Destiny Church is a money making cult that drags Jesus into it when it suits them. It may be called a church but it’s not. Brian makes up the doctrine as he goes along.

    The self appointed Bish particularly doesnt buy into the old “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God” . The lockdown is stopping him from making money, no crowds of followers flocking into the church with their 10% of earnings tithe and special $1K+ gifts’ for the Bishop.

  11. In light of today 45 cases I hope this renegade minister is stopped and arrested as soon he steps out of line and any of his followers as well.

    • The renegade government covid minister that dropped Auckland to level 3 with cases not under control?
      I agree.

  12. How about you pack up your dumb website and leave Martyn.
    You are an ignorant prat. A useful idiot .
    My bro spoke to friend of his who lost 5 members of his extended whanau.
    They all went in together at THE SAME TIME to get their jab. All in their 50s to 60’s.
    They are ALL dead now.
    Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO.

      • True. I have had both jabs, and I don’t think I am dead because my head still hurts when I bang it against the wall.

    • @Cassie – You comment is completely false. Someone is lying. Is it you? Is it your ‘bro’? Is it his friend? The reported deaths from COVID in this country do not include 5 from one family and there have been no deaths since vaccinations started. Oh, I might be wrong – there was one death but she actually died from myocarditis, not the vaccination.

      You label MB an ignorant prat. I don’t think so. I think the ignorance emanates from you, your bro and from his friend. Do you belong to the New Zealand Outdoors Party run by someone calling herself Sue Grey because what you say is the sort of utter nonsense that comes out of that group?

  13. Tamaki is now thee apostate.

    A perfect example of a hoodwink Christian.

    A shining light of all that is bankrupt with fundamentalist theology.

    If he wants what he says he wants, no one is stopping the man getting on a plane, and going to the USA. As his type of heretical thought is the norm over there. He and his ilk will fit right in.

  14. Chomsky calls the Republican party the most dangerous organisation in history and at their heart are those solid deniers of reality, the fundamentalists. They put their self-comfort before … their children’s and grandchildren’s future. I say this from my 4 living siblings. Disgusts me, being not a particularly social chap. My bright elder brother (degree at 18) fell over a yacht with an electrical tool in his hand.

    Yep, I have 4 Nazis as my sibs. We maintain we have some solidity against these people by way of not being based on carbon exports like Oz. Since the beginning of the age of entertainment stories come first. Which is to say, social democrats must speak the best stories like they did in the 30s. Yes, I’m laughing too.

    How can we confront climate change?! Those rather fumbly Keynesian welfare states that ruled in the 40 years after WW2 all over the anglosphere would have done it by placing the idea in the in-tray and then in the out-tray.

    Here in NZ that gap period was 6 years, between the 84 coup for the rich and the 90 revelation our time was limited.

    Something must be done different.

      • You’re over-rating yourself. The Republicans are anti-democratic now and anti-reality — I may have this wrong but not a one of their parliamentarians believes in climate change. They decide a lot in the world at this 1930s decade of crisis times a hundred.

  15. It certainly doesn’t give all christians a bad name, they already have it for their denial of scientific reality.

    Think of it like this, ordinary christians at their worst (ie most don’t take its ‘science’ seriously) are on the wrong side of reality, literal bible believers are the engines of anti-reality. America is on the verge of falling to these idiots.

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