MEDIAWATCH: CIA plotted to assassinate Assange – NZ should give him refugee status


CIA Reportedly Considered Kidnapping, Assassinating Julian Assange

Mike Pompeo was apparently motivated to get even with Wikileaks following its publication of sensitive CIA hacking tools

The CIA reportedly plotted to kidnap Julian Assange, and some senior officials in the agency and the Trump administration allegedly went so far as to consider options for how to assassinate the WikiLeaks founder, Yahoo! News reported Sunday.

According to the report, then-director Mike Pompeo was apparently motivated to get even with Wikileaks following its publication of sensitive CIA hacking tools, which the agency found to be “the largest data loss in CIA history.”

Pompeo and others “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7,” according to a former Trump national security official, referring to the document dump. “They were seeing blood.”

Additional CIA plans allegedly included “extensive spying on WikiLeaks associates, sowing discord among the group’s members, and stealing their electronic devices.”

And what was Assange’s crime? Journalism!

This extraordinary revelation of the CIA attempting at assassinate Asssnge comes as no surprise to those of us who worked with him, when MANA-Internet Party had him beamed into the Moment of Truth, it was clear the US intelligence community were doing everything to stop the livestream.

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What is most extraordinary is how the NZ media have ignored this incredible news about the CIA targeting him for assassination.

Incredibly Nicky Hager’s astounding witness evidence given in the show trail against Assange was also ignored by the NZ media…

Extradition hearing witness questions media portrayal of Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is not the “difficult, awful person” portrayed in the media and “has devoted himself to trying to make the world a better place”, his extradition hearing has been told.

Investigative journalist Nicky Hager said logs from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, along with embassy cables, published by the organisation in 2010 and 2011 were “exactly the type” of leaked information needed by the public at the time.

Giving evidence at the Old Bailey by video-link on Friday, the New Zealander said he spent a lot of time working with Assange, 49, who is wanted in the US to face 18 charges alleging a plot to hack computers and conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

Mr Hager said: “The person I got to know was completely different from the picture my friends and others were getting through the news media.

“I found him to be thoughtful, humorous and energetic.

“I saw nothing of the difficult, awful person he is often portrayed as through the media.

“As a New Zealander, I see him as an Aussie guy who is very principled and trying to find a way to make a difference in the world.

“He has devoted himself to trying to make the world a better place in an era when there is declining freedom of information in most of the world.”

US prosecutors claim Assange and WikiLeaks put the lives of informants around the world in danger by publishing unredacted documents online.

Mr Hager said it was his understanding that the organisation had made efforts to keep the names secret and only published the information in September 2011 once it had already been made public following the publication of a password in a Guardian book.

James Lewis QC, for the US government, suggested 154,000 diplomatic cables containing some names marked “simply protect” had already been published by WikiLeaks a week earlier.

Mr Hager said the evidence is disputed and argued the nine months between initial publication and the unredacted material being made public allowed the US authorities to act to protect sources.

“The precautions taken by Julian Assange at the beginning help to explain why there was not wholesale damage from those unredacted documents finding their way out,” he said.

…New Zealand’s most famous Investigative Journalist gives witness evidence in the journalism trial of the century and all you hear are crickets in NZ?

Most NZ Media rooms are now slavish cowards to the woke social media lynch mob, and the Woke’s denigration of Assange as a rapist means any coverage in NZ must be deplatformed and never spoken of.

This type of cowardly journalism’s irony is poignant because of course Assange is one of the most important voices in real journalism.

Without his work the war crimes, the murders, the abuses of power that damage all the people those Woke claim to care about would never have seen the light of day.

What glorious progress. All hail the mighty altar of woke cancellation!

NZ should offer him refugee status.

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  1. Yes well the most convincing witness at the rape trial, has years later admitted he lied as a plea bargain or for a similar reason. So the rape trial was a set up and he has been vilified as a spy when he is a journalist to be admired. A pity we can’t save him from the evil monsters and offer refuge. If Jacinda did this one thing I could almost forgive her. But could I really? Yeah, nah.
    Changing it up, I wonder if Jeffrey Epstein is under CIA protection somewhere? Did anyone do DNA on the “body”? Even the guards (asleep on the job!) don’t know what happened. Ha ha so funny. The evil look after their own. But maybe the risks were just too high and he was murdered; “You know too much”. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. Julian Assange will go down in History as one of the greats of Journalism? He’ll be remembered as a Humanitarian Giant, who singlehandedly tore off the ugly mask of the declining US Empire & other War Criminal Western Nations but with the Chief instigator & Head of the Snake, being America & exposed their murderous, genocidal behaviour & War crimes in direct violations of International Laws & the Geneva Convention? They say Sunlight is the best disinfectant & that’s exactly what Assange did by bringing American War crimes out of the darkness & exposing them to this Sunlight! For his so called crime of journalism, Julian has been subjected to cruel & vindictive torture & now assassination plots & thrown in jail on trumped up & bogus charges by a depraved & humiliated US Govt who wanted its immoral War Crimes kept a secret! The difference between the Nazi’s & the Americans is that the Nazi’s where trialled in the Hague & their Leaders paid for their War Crimes & received the Death Penalty, while the American Leaders get off scot free & in fact, go after anyone, such as the ICC, who attempts to bring these US Criminals to justice! Unlike Meng Wanzhou who got the full support of her Chinese Govt who ensured her freedom when she was illegally kidnapped by the US Govt on bogus, trumped up charges like Assange & used as a bargaining chip to try & further American Corporate interests, the spineless sycophantic lapdog Nation of the US called Australia, has washed its hands of Assange, a Australian Citizen, in a disgraceful show of cowardice & appeasement to America! NZ should offer Assange asylum but it will never happen because NZ is part of the Five eyes Alliance & won’t go up against American interests, Assange is to hot a political potato to rock that boat, so Assange will be “Epsteined” out of existence once the Americans in collusion with the disgusting, depraved British Govt, find a way to export him to the new Nazi Empire called America!

    • Spot on.
      And like RSA with Mandela and the UK with Ghandi in India & RSA, the locals have NO IDEA ‘they ARE the bad guys’.
      Agreed totally re: every USA president and probably MOST of his side kicks (after Eisenhower) should be trialled at a Nurenburg equivalent and they’d ALL hang with a neutral jury.
      But to the empire goes the rules…………. until the change.

    • Most Governments are extremely frightening by the truth and will do their utmost to suppress it. Even our current “most transparent” & kind Government (and especially Key’s smug little kingdom before it, and Clark’s before that, and …).

  3. ” What is most extraordinary is how the NZ media have ignored this incredible news about the CIA targeting him for assassination ”
    That’s why Bomber i read TDB and i share stories like this on social media in the hope that this story is given the coverage and scrutiny it deserves.
    I said some time ago i no longer watch or listen to the news in New Zealand apart from covid related information.

    The news media is an empty vessel and is negligent in providing unbiased coverage and the truth and facts of stories like Julian Assange.

    Mr Assange was right to fear the forces against him and Nicky has been once again outstanding in providing the truth and facts behind this and we are extremely lucky to have his fearless journalism and the fact that the corporate mouthpieces pick and choose what people will listen to or watch just shows that this country is just as repressive as the dictatorships like North Korea.

  4. Agreed Martyn, I recall making that same point to you after you had spoken opposite Aotearoa square about Assange, Snowden etc, at the ‘ moment of truth gathering’.

  5. Assange should absolutely be given refuge in NZ. But he won’t be because of the geopolitical balancing act the NZ government is managing right now that just got a whole lot more serious. There is no benefit for the country to help Assange just a whole lot of trouble coming this way by what would be seen as a direct nose thumb to the US. They would not stand for it.


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