45 cases – Covid has exposed the bleeding gums of our inequality – fighting Covid means beating poverty


So 45 cases today.

It’s in the gangs and the homeless now, spreading with ease through over crowded homes and a shadow community of overstayers.

Drug dealers refuse to help track and trace because they will inadvertently highlight their crime.

Average house price is now $1million and no one bats an eyelid.

Industries that have relied on cheap migrant workers have the audacity to complain in public and demand Government support!

The Death Cult Capitalists still try to soften us up to ‘live’ with the deaths and sickness as mere collateral damage sacrificed on the alter of the economy.

Covid will be spread by the traveling rich but paid for by the overcrowded poor.

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Food banks are seeing a 200% increase in demand, beaten partners flee bubbles of domestic violence, the collective psyche of the country want to lynch the Wanaka couple while Auckland fantasizes over what fast food they will first buy.

Covid has exposed the bleeding gums of our inequality in a way bandaids and half measure social policy simply won’t cauterise.

Turns out fighting Covid means beating poverty. How did we forget that?

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  1. At twenty something in the poles, it’s an advantage for Judith to make things chaotic by claiming to defund the government and shift those resources into private hands. You can maybe pick up a few votes but it’s largely. So The National Party of New Zealand don’t like being prepared for a crises and there’s lots of people amongst there voting base that would rather see people they don’t like, die, specifically poor people. Nationals track record on hating the poor is all over countless election signs.

    Of course this has consequences. I want services for the poor but National just hate it so can’t. Everytime National get in they defund the poor to win.

    As severe as corona is, it’s not our worst problem and we require a full range of well funded government services.

    There will be recovery from corona at severe cost. There will not be any recovery from the melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels and the other Deleterious effects of the climate crises.

    Recovery as in unable to support a population of 8 billion. That, is how the National Party treats its own family members. Aroha nui.

  2. The last election was less than a year ago.. Labour stated then and continues to state they want house prices to increase.

    The MSM seem well and truly brought off. Like I say; “NZ news = 99.75% Covid and 0.25% interest rates”. Thankfully I don’t own a TV.

    I’ve voted TOP the last 2 elections and if the election was held today I’d vote ACT.

  3. I don’t understand why we don’t just get everybody over 60 who wants to be vaccinated and then open up.
    Covid isn’t killing younger people andvaccination is readily available for everyone in NZ
    The flu is 20x more deadly than Covid at present in NZ

    • Look. Governments could compel people to get vaccinated against the flu because it was virulent and not just communicable.

      But what ever the response to a novel virus it has to be a blanket approach. The human rights Act allows the government to close everything but it can’t for instance shut down all churches because the human rights Act says you can’t discriminate and vaccinating just old people could be discrimination against everyone else so it has to be a blanket approach.

      • Geoff Lye: “….the Delta Variant is killing young people.”

        That’s not what the MoH stats are saying. Could you provide evidence of this, please?

              • How come when someone posts the facts but you don’t like them, then it’s sarcasm. Fact…we were No1 now we are No38. Ask yourself why? I know it hurts, but Jacinda and her govt are not perfect. You’ll get over it. Most of us are already over it.

                • Tell me why, you have all the answers,know it all?
                  I know you’re infatuated with me but many on here are tired of your rants and ravings and where over it.

                  ““Will you vote for Labour?” you make a quick mental calculation before you answer:…Covid, yes…economy, nope…housing, nope…poverty, nope…health, nope…immigration, nope…etc etc etc. More and more people will be answering “No!”.

                  So give me your facts on Health, the Economy,Housing,Poverty, Immigration.

                  What have you measured your numbers against, what are your numbers, do you even have any? All I see is sad person listening to Hosking daily bulletin and we know how he gets thing very wrong.

  4. One million dollars for an aging dog kennel of a house,(that probably needs a power of work), in some crappy street, is criminal and could have been prevented from going stratospheric 10 -15 years.
    Instead the unchecked greed of the banks lasciviously licking their lips at the thought of tying people up with massive mortgages for 30 years of more was too hard to resist. Easy money….. and the real estate agent pariahs with their ridiculous unregulated fees and advertising charges are there to get fat off the bones …more easy money.
    Apart from covid, the housing market , currently overvalued by 60% or more, is the single biggest and most crippling factor in N.Z and will have catastrophic consequences right across all stratas and aspects of society for decades to come. In fact unless some big bold decisions are made and acted upon very soon we are heading into a very dark place.
    Trying to artificially stop the market from falling is a fools game. It’s a casino type market now. Markets go up and markets go down . Softly softly catchy monkey is simply not going to work.
    You just have to do the math…

    • 100% right. The parasitic FIRE sector ( finance, real estate, Insurance ) along with the landlord class plus a useless government that won’t impose a 80% CGT except the family home and commits financial arson lending reserve bank money to the commercial banks.

  5. It was medicinal cannabis that got Labour across the line, them and the Greens but Winnie was the fly in the ointment and all that went sour pretty quick. Here we are 6 years later and no NZ products on the shelf, a referendum that got scuttled by right wing religious nutters.
    Reviews done on both the benefit system and the disability sector, the unemployed got an extra $25 which then got taken away from one of the other supplements they were getting nullifying any gain, looked good in the papers though right?
    The disability review has ended up well, none existent, they didnt seem to have finished it and left it to gather dust. The Disability Strategy was a sham, just words, Nationals attempt was worse and now Labour sitting on their hands.
    They made it easier for investors to rake it in with near zero interest and screwed the housing market more, changed laws around what investors can get back from their rentals and thats just going to be another tax on renters.
    They created a gold plated benefit worth twice the unemployment benefit for employees stuck in lockdown because of covid but still keeps the unemployed at extremely low rates. the kicker here is the disabiled are also lumped in with the unemployed and treated the same, its not like I did anything wrong but just to be born like this, Im sorry ok, fuck, so why do I have to get treated like the unemployed rather than helped? They seem great at helping rich people make squillions off us poor people but never lift a finger to actually help someone who needs fuckin help.
    Im done thinking we can ever get solutions from politicians, they just dont fucking care.
    What exactly as this supposed left wing govt done for the people?

  6. 45. No ones listening to the explanations anymore. It’s here, here to stay.

    And no one, especially our government can underestimate the tensions in Auckland at this time because of the never ending restrictions.

    They tried, the vast majority of Auckland but not all, tried. But in part because our leaders didn’t plan ahead, we all, that is New Zealand, now have to suck it up.

    Get vaccinated! Its all we got.

  7. Folks, here’s what we are up against – political arrogance and hubris!
    Rod Jackson the disease guy from AKL Uni made a brilliant suggestion! He challenged Jacinda to put the politics aside for a short while and call a joint statement by all party leaders to rally the nation to ‘vaccinate our way out of this’. Vax-a-Nation he called it. It’s the only game in town he says and Hendry totally agreed. Brilliant idea and great symbolism.!!! Ryan Bridge put the idea to Hipkins. His response: “I’m not sure it will reach the (young) people we need to reach”. Ryan says put it on TikTok and SM platforms. Hipkins batted it away, no thanks. Not, that might work. Or, it could work. Or, it could be a good idea we’ll look at it. Basically he took a great idea and said right there and then: “No thanks, we know what we are doing, we don’t want to share the problem, or the solution, we don’t need anyone to help us.” What an arrogant prick! Sorry folks, I think that Labour deserve everything that is coming to them – and there is a lot of shit coming down. They don’t care for the Nation!!!!

    • I just wish J.K. had rallied for this instead of promoting us as a hermit country. Now that would have been non political.
      Perhaps if the other political parties put the politics aside and supported the Government’s vaccine program( yes the whole of NZ knows about it) we’d get to 90% by end of October but ah no, not interested, Collins typically arrogance in trying to save her hide and Seymour in rare glorified air loving himself to.bits with his high ratings. Fuck those parties, they are the parties responsible for the slow.roll out, putting fear into the country and dividing it!! National are obsolete and ACT will lose votes when Winnie comes back and they bloody deserve what’s coming to them.
      Come on one and all, the truth will set you free.

  8. Yawn!
    Just as I said would happen – the virus has gotten away from us. Now it’s a running battle between vaccination and infection.

    And guess where the failure to lockdown occurred – yes that’s right among people who treat the law as optional, because they’re so smart LOL.

  9. But we have a leader who is the champion of all virtue and signalling competitions throughout the land! And really doesn’t give a fuck!

    Homelessness. Nah!

    Well yeah for those who’ve already got one or two and as for the rich let them have access to cheap cash!

    Arrrh well kinda maybe we could maybe do something in the future about it, maybe?

    Staving Poor Kids Living in Motels driven into Poverty? Fuck’em!

    Poverty? As above. Fuck’em!

    Terrorists? Shut The Fuck Up!

    Helen Clarks Social Engineering programming of the Mellinials is almost complete. Gen Y&Z’s futures are completely fuck’d and they won’t notice that we have loaded them up with a couple of hundred billion dollars of debt that they will never be able to pay off and are to live enslaved in the ‘matrix’ forever the gullible muthafuckers!

    What else? Oh yeah right te ho. Climate Change. That’s just Gween Wash’n Capitalism. Don’t expect anything to change other than Billionaires getting richer. The Oligarchs have won!

  10. “Covid will be spread by the traveling rich but paid for by the overcrowded poor.”?
    Don’t think so. COVID will soon be mostly spread by the fully vaxxed:
    No, you are not hallucinating – Harvard Business School is now literally protecting the fully vaccinated from the fully vaccinated! This is what shifting goalposts looks like. “Get vaxxed so we can get back to normal”…. 95% fully vaxxed; but still wearing masks, still getting tested (regardless of vax status), still getting shutdowns. There is no “getting back to normal”.

    • “COVID will soon be mostly spread by the fully vaxxed:”

      Oh noes!!!… or maybe

      that’s to be expected. Breakthrough cases exist and vaccination numbers are increasing.
      The higher the percentage of vaccinated people the higher the proportion of cases will be breakthrough. Ultimately, if we reach 100% vaccination we’ll see 100% of cases spread by vaccinated. On top of that we are still learning the vaccine efficacy for long term immunity and the probable need for booster shots.

      You really ought to consider the really important figures, such as hospitalisation and death rates of vaxxed vs unvaxxed. As a scare tactic your comment was a generally a fail, it might just work alarming young children and the scientifically bewildered.

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