How Maori vaccine hesitancy will allow the AntiVaxxers to avoid their moment of Darwinism and hand ACT more momentum


There is a point is there not that after all the attempts to get people vaccinated and all the messaging and promotion – after that, if you still don’t get vaccinated and then you catch it and die, that’s not really on us anymore.

If you are too stupid or pig headed to get the vaccination, your death is on you and we shouldn’t have to waste ICU space on you.

I will defend your right not to get the vaccine while protecting my right to laugh at you when you die.

The problem of course is that the real collateral damage here even at 90% vaccination will be Maori, Pacifica, Old & Poor who will pay the true cost of opening up the borders and moving back to ‘normal’…

COVID-19 Delta modelling shows 7000 deaths per year in New Zealand with 80 percent vaccination rate

Modelling shows even if New Zealand reaches a COVID-19 vaccination rate of 80 percent, there would still be 60,000 hospitalisations and 7000 deaths per year, without restrictions.

…It is because of this that the AntiVaxxers can escape their moment of Darwinism because there is no way Labour can politically allow for large swathes of Maori & Pacifica to die.

This becomes immensely exploitable by ACT.

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Thanks to social media, white people in NZ now know how much Maori & Pacifica hate them in the same way men now know post MeToo that women hate them. This means the majority who are now well aware of the minority’s contempt for them will be asked to continue lockdowns because the minority haven’t vaccinated.

If you can’t see the manner in which ACT could exploit that fault line, you probably shouldn’t be commenting on NZ politics.

It is urgent that Labour lift Maori & Pacifica vaccination rates because the exploitation of that by the Right will be merciless.


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  1. All the people in Wellington that are non vaxxed as of now – on of the lowest rates i read, are all Maori, Pacifica and other non white upper middle class people? And the same counts for the rest of the country?

    Well luckily for the Labour Party the next reasons for their own failure of a decent early and fast vaccine rollout are being given.
    It is not the government fucking up, it is those people who don’t trust politics and politicians as far as they can throw an apple and who had enough and then some time to read misinformation thanks to the ladida attitude of Ministry of “Managing the demand”, by dear Jacinda and her handmaidens.
    This lot is worse then John Key, and he was atrocious. Mind at least dear Jacinda is not pulling ponytails. There is always that.

    Disclaimer, fully vaxxed thanks to the vaxxination rollout by Te Arawa.

  2. Bomber 100% spot. As a lifetime National supporter Seymour’s measured response WITH A FUCKING PLAN shows up Chris Bishop’s “we’ll do the same as Jacinda, just a little less shit with some extra MIQ and ICU beds” barking at cars response.

    The next poll will probably have Act and National neck-and-neck.

    Seymour is a beacon as the Blairite sounds more and more like an Eastern European dictator in the late 1980s

  3. ……’I will defend your right not to get the vaccine while protecting my right to laugh at you when you die’…….let’s re-visit this point in a year or so.

    • What’s happening in a year or so Kevin. You’ll be alive because you didn’t catch Covid. Bomber will be dead because he was poisoned by the vaccine. The world will be back to normal and Covid was found to be a sham. You’re alive because you decided to get vaccinated. You’re alive because 95% got vaccinated and you survived because of overall immunity. You’re dead because you didn’t get vaccinated and caught Covid. Have I missed something Kevin.

      • Take your fact free bullshit elsewhere. We have science and medicine for a reason, not internet driven far right fantasies.

        You’ve missed everything.

  4. I’ll comment on this matter anyway …

    If the ACT Party attacks Maori for having a lower rate of immunisation (and thus delaying a desired opening up for middle class travel, foreign student intake, tourism and business activity sans a manged isolation regime), while the rest of the right wing world is making the case for there not having vaccine mandates, will its singularity be seen as anything other than racism?

    Particularly when the reason why government hesitancy to move before higher rates of vaccination among Maori is its poor health demographic and weak health system – the underlying problem is lack of health system capacity and a inter-generational legacy of Maori poverty (poor housing in childhood leads to both poor educational and health outcomes in middle age).

    Problems which ACT party has no policy to address, so it should be dismissed as irrelevant to the future of our government.

  5. Its not hard to get a vaccination. Just walk into a vaccination center and ask for one. Its on Maori and Pacifica to explain why they are letting down “the team of 5 million”. The government shouldnt even need to have special vaccination and advertising programs for Maori when just from watching the news or observing the death rates for vaccinated v unvaccinated tells you its in your own interest and your Maori community interest to get a jab. This is one issue that cant be slated back to colonialism. Where is the Maori caucus leadership on this?

  6. “it is those people who dont trust politicians”. Why would you let that stop you from using the knowlege gained in your school science class and heeding the advice of your own doctor and the real scientists in the media. Because its Pakeha western medical science not traditional maori healing? Why do chinese have high vaccination rates and not rely on traditional chinese medicine? I find this all inexplicable when the jab is in your interest, your Kuia and Koros interest, your other household memmbers interest, your communities interest.

    • Who says they are ‘real scientists’ in the media?
      I agree there are MANY cranks out there to be weiry of.
      But REAL scientists would highlight the differences other scientists have and try and work out the answer. THAT’S HOW SCIENCE works. NOT, ‘he who controls the media and narrative’. That wont make nature act the way THEY demand.
      Thinks Catholic church and Galileo.

      • Kevin it’s possible that when you see your own shadow you’re suspicious it’s not yours. No they’re not real scientists. They’re plants.

  7. Maori don’t hate European or as it says here ‘ white people

    act , et al , can only play the race card so many times before people stop listening

  8. If the government would let doctors prescribe ivermectin to those that want it, the ICU wouldn’t need to fill up with covid patients.

    • I used to use it 30 yrs ago to kill worms in cattle. It was used then also to fight pneumonia in cattle. Today’s livestock have a resistance to it. I’ve most likely got some old expired stuff in the shed. Might have to dust the cobwebs off but you’re welcome to it. Ffs.

        • LS That is true and it could be beneficial in the fight against Covid but trials haven’t proved it at this stage. We don’t like untested stuff just like Kevin would say. Who knows our Pfizer vaccine might be a good cattle drench.

          • Wrong again, doctors routinely use safe drugs “off label”. They are being prevented or outlawed or discouraged from prescribing it, depending on the country. This is not because clinical trials not yet done. It is because to get the emergency use approval for vaccines there had to be no effective treatments. So they had to prevent their use.

      • New view ivermectin only helps pneumonia if there was lungworm present – it’s great at killing lungworm but in animals is used for exactly zero other “causes” of pneumonia.
        More specifically, pnuemonitis is the term usually used to refer to lung inflammation rather than infection.(eg: parasites technically cause primary inflammation not infection)
        Yes it’s possible for animals to have both.

      • Ivermectin, 2015 Noble prize winner for use with humans (river blindness, a river born parassite). Billions of dosages given, basically no sde effects.

        • Bullshit Kevin.
          As a veterinarian I’ve used ivermectin quite widely over many years on a bunch of different animal species as an anti parasite drug.
          There are species differences to susceptibility, and known genetic susceptibility to toxicity at normal doses is well recognized especially in collie breeds of dog, it is also suspected to occur (uncommonly) in humans.
          Coma and death are the uncommon but actual side effects of being genetically susceptible to ivermectin.

  9. I’m with Frank an Joe

    Many Maori have no one blame but themselves for the position they find themselves in – from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    Not booking a vaccine is the fault of the defaulter

  10. Basil you’re a patronizing ol’ racist. But I guess you would be ok with that. Totally old school kiwi put down of Maori people. Yuk.

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