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  1. The Herald trots out Des Gorman, Mike Hosking and Barry Soper for their ‘expert’ analysis in their lead story today while also proclaiming that 90% is the vaccination rate, elimination has failed, all the while warning against ‘misinformation’. Another journalism award coming their way? Fun fact from the story: The national party still backs the elimination strategy which is a huge difference from the ACT party position of ‘learn to live with it’. Bishop on RNZ this morning saying that his MIQ ‘point system’ would be open to abuse, a larger bureaucracy and (i presume) can’t guarantee that more people will be able to get home. Meanwhile ACT demands a ‘3 day’ self isolation for the double jabbed from countries of low risk. What could go wrong? Opposition business as usual.

  2. People who want to come home to NZ and are trying to get into MIQ need to realise we do not have the medical personnel needed for more rooms. And we come first we live here as every Nurse taken from our already stretched health system means we have to go without. We are already seeing delays in treatments and postponements. And the new MIQ system appears to be unfair a bit like a lucky dip.

    • Fuck’em I say. Why/ Because they’ve had 18 months to come home. As for those who want to come home for a holiday and buy a few houses, fuck off.
      The only exceptions should be for medical and the terminally ill. There is no return to normal.

      They’ll just have to wait until the covid emergency is over.


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