Why replacing Judith still can’t save National


People want a cuddle and to be told how good they are by staying at home as if lockdown in a first world country was the greatest act of self sacrifice since the storming of the beaches at Gallipoli.

Jacinda and Grant provide that cuddle with a ‘stay kind and carry on’ mantra where as Judith leans in threateningly and warns that if you don’t buck the fuck up right now your pet will go missing.

The more voters see of Judith Collins, the more terrified they are of her. She makes Covid seem friendly.

Judith is so focused on stopping David Seymour from becoming the Leader of the Opposition that she can’t be the Leader of the Opposition.

Replacing Judith however still leaves National hollow

National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity.

Replacing Judith doesn’t save National.

In the middle of a crisis what did National MPs do as the polls tanked? They turned on their leader, appointed a nobody who couldn’t handle the jandle, and saw MP after MP self mutilate themselves.

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National showed us who they were. A pack of cowards who would turn on their own leader just to save their jobs.

Who the fuck is going to vote due that?

Their small government mantra is not wanted during a national crisis when everyone is looking to the government for security.

The only way National win is if NZ loses by the virus getting back into the country.

National are now a bakery you have gotten multiple food poisoning from, you might vote for them but you’ll end up vomiting.

National has 99 problems and while Judith is at least 50 of them, that still leaves 49 problems.

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  1. Looks like Delta has escaped into the Waikato, and persistent case numbers suggest lack of compliance will all but guarantee we can’t eliminate it.
    Still doesn’t help Nazional though. There’s only so many sociopaths and Neanderthals that can cast a vote.

  2. “National showed us who they were. A pack of cowards who would turn on their own leader just to save their jobs.” As I said before, Labour MPs of course would never ever be such cowards. They would rather go down in flames and lose their lucrative freeloading incomes, just to stand by their ‘oh so virtuous’ principles. I’m thinking here of the Shearer, Cunliffe and Little days….hmmmm…anyone recall those?

  3. Neoliberalism even hollows our political parties, by allowing the worst followers to the top. It is a completely cannibal ideology for an organisation. They have to keep changing leaders and blaming them, because otherwise what is left, their ideology to blame?

  4. Can’t help but agree and like many on the right are on the edge of joining Act. There was a (I know it sounds too surreal to be real) interview ol’ Toxic did with Seymour and Chris Bishop. Anyone that thinks Bishop is the answer should watch it – literally couldn’t think in his feet whereas Seymour was measured, concise and raised good salient points. He also drives the Blairite mad like no other opposition member.

    Judith is actually the best national have. We can’t go back to someone that can’t speak English properly and otherwise is despised by most women he isn’t related to by birth or marriage. Hanging out with Yaks and drinking craft beer doesn’t endear you to National’s rump either. Right wing men by-and-large don’t drink craft beer.

    The rest are either too dry, too wet or too inexperienced. Outside to an SOS to Joyce or Key or Richie McCaw there is no answer apparent. National’s decent has been exacerbated by an collective inability to get behind 3 leaders due to the majority of caucus believing they are better than their peers. They have also missed the boat – as sister parties in the US, UK and Australia haven’t missed the swing in dynamics between white collar and blue collar voting habits and views, New Zimbabwe’s right leaning party still thinks big corporate are their friends – they are not and have been assimilated into Wokeborg.

    For the first time in their history – National do need to fear political extinction. This is all on Bridges and co with their silly little caucus games they play.

    • As a fellow believer of the right I agree with much that you say except for your pointing the finger at Bridges. Personnally I found him likable and it reflects on voters that when you asked people why he was unpopular his speach was the first think that came up . His downfall was people’s fear of covid and the perception Jacinda could keep us safe. She has done that but now people are saying where now and there are no real answers from Labour but there is little coming from National either. I have no idea if Collins is for mandatory vaccine how or when the boarders are to be open. At the moment we have no credible opposition at a time it is certainly needed.

        • I don’t think the Jamie Lee Ross tape shone Bridges in good light either. However, Collins has Narcissistic personality disorder traits, Bridges not so much. What they do have in common is they are both lawyers.

      • As a National supporter, I too found Bridges more likeable than any of the current and previous crop of National leaders and ex-leaders.

        Simon was thoroughly shafted during the first of the Covid Lockdowns and never really recovered. But, National seemed so intent on getting Luxon ready to be the next cab-off-the-rank post- Todd Muller, who had a quick and unexpected MAGA fall from grace.

        It seems from the Luxon interview that he’s seen what an utter shit show he has walked into in the current post John Key National Party, slapped his forehead and let out a “FFS” under. Don’t be surprised if Luxon rings for his old job back at Air New Zealand.

        Judith has said she will “never resign”. So, whoever rolls her, will have to fight the Punch (Slater) and Judy paranoia and “Dirty Politics” side show.

        As a National voter for the past 5 elections, ACT is looking a better prospect by the minute, the longer Judy Collins and Punch Cam Slater hang on to power by their collective fingernails, the further National will fall behind David Seymour.

  5. The ‘greatest act of self sacrifice since the storming of the beaches at Gallipoli.’ Quite probably but from what I hear Gallipoli was a cakewalk compared to this. I mean, when I go to the supermarket today I’ve got to wear a bloody mask and I’ll probably have to line up outside for about 3 minutes before getting in the door.


  6. Anyone else even mildly impressed with JK-anointee, Luxon, on Q&A yesterday?

    He was well-prepared for all areas of questioning;
    he spoke well ‘on his feet’ with few ums and ahs (unlike Bishop);
    had a good grasp of most issues of the day, especially as the Nat local government spokesperson;
    addressed the questions, speaking over Tame at times to make his point;
    he’s got the business background they reckon a Nat PM-in-waiting needs;
    sounded suitably ‘humble’ (claiming being ‘the new boy on the block and still a a lot to learn’);
    made the right noises about current leader and his own leadership ambitions (‘ just happy to be the member for Botany’ sort of stuff);
    he even looked and sounded scarily like JK at times;
    his facial expressions were inscrutable;
    he gave the impression that he’s ‘above’ all the silly game-playing the Nats are currently wallowing in;;
    he looked casually tidy and unruffled and, unlike Judith, not crude or too adversarial….

    Have a look if you missed it.
    Yes, it’s only a oncer so far, but I wouldn’t rule him out of a leadership challenge in the next 12-18 months.
    His performance in coming months may prove that (or not); he’s about all they’ve got.
    Watch his space.

  7. yeah well if they reinstate Bridges they are even more truly fucked!
    Narrow minded, old fashioned and at times downright stupid he has all the appeal of a freshly laid dog turd!
    I have to pinch myself at timesto remember he is young enough to be my son.He is so fucking out of touch.
    It is great to see the electorate repelled by these morons! Gives me hope.

    • Totally agree Shona. It would be a disaster. Bridges is AG at best, or something with law and order. NZ needs a CEO in charge…Luxon is the best CEO material there is for now. He’s also a smart diplomat, as witnessed when interviewed by Jack Tame. He could have bagged and tagged Collins and we would have all clapped, but he didn’t. I really don’t care that he’s only been a politician for a short while. That means fuck all. Being a career politician for 20 years does not automatically make you good at anything, as proven by people like Todd Muller and Poto Williams or Phil Twyford or Lees Galloway, the list is long. Even Jacinda is no good at anything outside of PR and delivering messages. She won’t make gutsy and unpopular decisions. It’s not in her nature. She’s a lightweight manager at best. Good enough for now, but down the line, when that long list on non-achievements needs to be addressed (Martyn has the long list on hand) she is so the wrong person to get that all done. Luxon however, having been a CEO of a major (semi Govt) entity is well qualified to manage a big tricky entity, with tricky situations. He’s be reasonably smart with money that’s not his (it’s ours) and he’s probably not bad at managing people. NZ needs a real captain in charge, not some waterboy or watergirl.

      • Corporate CEOs are renowned for their sociopathic traits,
        Pump and dump
        Asset stripping
        Golden parachutes
        Cultivating cronies
        Embezzlement, fraud
        Pretending to be philanthropists

        It’s a disgusting way to run any organisation, let alone a civilised nation

        • the inconvenient truth is that all the funding for “civilised society” is originally generated from capitalism’s successful efforts & private profits one way or another; wages, salaries, corporate & income/payroll taxes etc; all the central Govt social services, welfare benefits, defence, health, education…the list is comprehensive. All because someone somewhere sometime decided to try a bit harder to create a bigger pie rather than argue for a bigger slice than their neighbours.

    • And what’s with the greasy long haired look of Simon Bridges? Who does he think he is, Justin Trudeau? Every time I hear his whiny, constipated, nasally voice with that mangled twang of a accent, I cringe! Winton Peters really nailed him over this with his CHOI-NAH derogatory comments about Bridges mispronunciations on China? Walking with Yaks, Simple Simon, is just pathetic!

  8. Politically NZ is a desert.

    National is talentless and it’s leader is repellent. It is obviously toxic within the caucus and by electing the same failing president, they’re stuck in limbo with the greater party apparatus too.

    ACT are too right to even consider.

    The Greens are beyond woke.

    Labour are simply useless on so many issues to the point I do not think they are capable of thinking ahead and making decisions for themselves. Yep, they put on a superb PR show, watching Jacinda spinning around the head of a pin yesterday when we all know level 4 to is now at best, containment. It was a performance to behold but it’s not hard to see that’s all they have, fast talking. And it’s none too hard to work when she is making it up as she goes nowadays which is almost always.

    Still, we’re not alone. Australia looks equally as politically destitute!

    • The PR shit is a worldwide phenomenon, but thankfully one people are beginning to see through even though its a necessity for both the totalitarian and the neoliberal.
      I used to wonder at times whether some in our public service were intentionally trying to undermine Labour until it became evident they were, and are quite happy with it
      We know Labour didn’t really have a plan in ’17, probably not expecting to win, but you’d have thought that during the first three years they’d have worked on one for ’20, especially because of all the studies and “pieces of work” they were doing in various portfolios. Apparently not. As Martyn often says, Labour should face Mecca and thank god for the seriousness of Covid because there’s fuck all of any other achievements.
      And even then there are some really shambolic management issues (such as with MIQ).

      So what’s left to consider come ’23. For me it’ll be policies rather than personalities.
      It can’t be the “centre right” or the extreme right because they put us in the position we’re in today with everything from a crumbling health system, tik-a-box education and underinvestment, CYFS/OT, Krekshuns, rail-v-road and Transmission Gullies to the absolute fukup that is our immigration policies and the people who manage it.
      It might just have to be the MP or even Greens despite the wokism, Squandering the mandate Labour were given is not that easy to forgive and there are no signs yet that they intend easing up on the PR and spin and actually doing stuff – MUCH of which would be quite easy.

  9. I wonder if Judith had sent a remand prisoner from a L4 region into a L2 region??? How fucking dumb was that! It’s clear that Jacinda, at the coal face, commands no respect whatsoever. At 1pm on the pulpit she looks in charge, but on the ground I doubt it. Everyone just does what they want and run all oevr her under the guise of …wait for it…kindness. It was kinder to have that remander with his family outside of AKL. Whoever made that decision, even if it was a judge, needs to be fired by her. Just to send a message. I know Judith would be firing someone over this.
    Fucking joke.

  10. Massive respect for Ardern at ground level. THE WDHB has now gone to alert level orange. This is an internal alert level system. Green, Yellow Orange and Red.
    The move to alert level Orange is to protect the Waikato area with the latest outbreak. No visitors to inpatient or face to face visits with clients in the community unless absolutely essential. A reminder that our P.M. is in charge regardless of the fearmongering.

  11. “Massive respect for Ardern at ground level”
    Yep @ Bert. She’s thoroughly gorgeous isn’t she! And if she had the capability to fly solo, I’m sure we’d have had at least minor progress on other ‘burning’ issues in this space, going forward.
    But spectacular as she is, she isn’t super Woman, and if there were infinite hours in the day, she might have time to micromanage some of her Ministers a little more and work on improving her bullshit detector so she could work out where the roadblocks were in actually implementing kind, transformational, and progressive policies in various spaces going forward.
    When she can do that, I’ll shout her a Rhubarb and Custard pudding (sugar free, guaranteed) that I’m sure she’d just lerv. .
    It’s a low bar when – as is usual – we have to rely on the least worst option when such a mandate was given by the electricate at tha last electricon to do things, Like improving poviddy and “closing the gaps”, exploitation, and all those other things a Labour party is supposed to stand for – or is that now Sooooooooooo passe darling?

    • “Massive respect for Ardern at ground level”

      OnceWasTim, it was a gee up for the Kraut’s “It’s clear that Jacinda, at the coal face, commands no respect whatsoever.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

      Yes she still has masses to get done and yes she will need to get rid of dead wood but let’s be clear about one thing, if she manages to correct all the issues N.Z. has, there will be a lot of backlash for any success she may achieve, why?, tall poppy syndrome and plenty complaining about the absurd amounts of money to achieve such success..e.g winter energy payments are indeed implementation of kind policy, yet where are the positive comments? National and ACT would do away with such payments as they see it as wasted spending. Progressive policies include apprenticeship schemes, yet once again, not one positive comment on this policy. I’s too easy to spout negativity, and with a little effort to research and see success.
      Progressive policy on children…


      Remember though this column is about Judith.

      • “Remember though this column is about Judith”
        Indeed it is so I’ll endeavour to remind myself that both Judith and Jacinda must be seem as individuals, not in the context of their leading political agendas where various alternatives exist.
        Thank God Jacinda remains one of the ;east worst options, and is likely to for some time yet. Hopefully she’s grateful for your being one of her best cheerleaders in this space, going forward
        And yes, she’s got a shitload to be done and undone. It’s a shame a number of her colleagues aren’t up to giving her more support – at least one in particular.
        It might be why she sees the need to micromanage, although I despair she hasn’t yet worked out who some of her enemas are despite their being in plain sight.
        And yes, even with an overwhelming mandate, Rome wasn’t built in a day and as the Mainland Cheese people tell me – “Good things take time”. Even an Eternity.

        I’ll retreat to the naughty corner, and write my lines:
        I must not critique Jacinda in any context that places her alongside other political alternatives
        I must not critique Jacinda in any context that places her alongside other political alternatives
        I must not critique Jacinda in any context that places her alongside other political alternatives
        I must not critique Jacinda in any context that places her alongside other political alternatives

        Consider me chastised and admonished. I’ll stand down now and slink back into my comfy little corner. There’s a storm brewing

  12. Judith and young Davy boy with there team of knuckle dragging elves would have shat themselves running a govt through a pandemic. The costs of support, empathy and the shear logistics of it all would have fucked them both. Let’s hope this present govt makes it through.

  13. Judith has no future leading National and National has no future while she leads it.
    She has become a liability, and once you are a liability there is only one way to go – out the door.
    It doesn’t really matter whether you are a nice person or not, in politics when you lose often and/or so badly you can’t really come back.
    It is time for National to be bold and go for a rookie like Chris Luxon.
    But National have never been bold.
    They will continue on in their present vein, disintegrating before our eyes assuming that Labour doesn’t screw up big time.
    This will lead to two possible outcomes.
    1. There will be a sudden violent coup in the leadership and a lot of dirty laundry being aired in public.
    2. The party will separate out into three groups who will compete for party control: The rural rump, the Christian conservatives, and the young progressive neo-liberals (who will soon defect to ACT).
    Do I feel sorry for them?
    National has never had an original idea in its life.
    They have throughout their history stood for doing nothing, with a few notable exceptions like electrifying the main trunk line.
    When you stand for doing nothing, you get remembered for doing nothing.

  14. I think most of you are missing the point. Judith is doing the job of an ‘impact player’ in rugby: Doing the hard stuff and taking a lot of knocks as a result. There’s a lot of sorting out got to be done within the National Party and I believe she’s doing just that. It’s mid term – popularity doesn’t matter at this point.

    Don’t forget: In NZ new governments are not voted in but old ones are voted out.


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