Williams + Slater + Judith = the old Dirty Politics Team back together again


What the hell is happening?

Fresh from Collins using creepy stalker footage from Slater’s hate blog to smear public health advocate Dr Wiles, Dirty Politics high roller Jordan Williams is back in the game…

…it’s like the Dirty Politics class of 2014 is back and smearing public health advocates again.


Judith is now so desperate she is turning to her old super villains to do the truly ugly knife work up close?

By calling for a better quality opposition, most commentators seem to be misreading the situation.

Judith isn’t fighting against Labour, this isn’t about winning the center, Judith has called in the 2 horsemen of the dirty politics apocalypse because this is about killing ACT and draining Seymour of his more reactionary right wing vote.

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David’s public health vandalism earlier in the week by tweeting out the booking number for Maori vaccinations was as cross burning as ACT gets, Judith and those advising her, are going lower to win the Right and harness the repressed right wing fury to generate a momentum against not just Jacinda, but the entire liberal progressive system.

This is who Judith is. A politician who loves power the way great white sharks love blood.

We all saw how casual she was when she blew Iain Lees-Galloway’s brains all over the AM Show studio walls live on TV just to divert attention from her handling of Falloon.

Once you have seen her sociopathic glee up close you can’t unsee that.

Her rallying the old dirty politics team to act as her Praetorian Guard should alarm everyone in the National Party.

When pressed as to why they never gave Judith the leadership prior to the Muller self mutilation and implosion, National Party Mandarins privately say they never knew how far Judith would go in abusing Executive Power, that her threshold for declaring martial law would be terrifyingly low.

There are forces of moderation building inside National to save the Party from Judith. That she is resurrecting the dirty politics Suicide Squad to act in her interests is surely the last bit of evidence they need to act.

People this collectively radioactive and toxic really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

This type of political malice shouldn’t be celebrated or rewarded.


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  1. Indeed, and while she may invoke the ghost of Sir Rob Muldoon and his particular brand of arrogance, she isn’t even a shadow of him. She is a post 1984 Douglas neo liberal follower. Muldoon, at least , – was a firm Keynesianist.

    Chalk and cheese.

    And she has no right to try and ape him or lay claim to that heritage. She is a free market neo liberal, not a follower of Keynes. Despite Muldoons failings, he was the last of the Keynesian political/ ideological/ economic PM’s.

    Collins has no claim whatsoever to Muldoons true conservative legacy. None whatsoever.

  2. Who is worse?
    Collins and her cadre of sociopathic Dirty Politics scum, or the remaining Natz putting up with this foulness because “the timing isn’t quite right to roll her”?
    What a detestable gathering of ‘people’, loosely bound by their mutual lust for power.

  3. Not Jordan Williams again. If I recall correctly, then I remember him as a wee slime ball in ‘Dirty Politics.’

    If I recall correctly, Jordan was slithering around the Wellington CBD during bedtime hours at the request of Slater hoping to find Winston Peters looking tipsy. They must have been the only two New Zealanders not to know that Winston Peters never ever looks tipsy or disarrayed. But what a touching scene, eager beaver student creeping around throughout the night looking for Winston – straight out of. “Politics for Dummies.”

    If I recall correctly Jordan sent someone an email about a girl he shagged, saying that he had taken one for the time. Decent honourable men don’t do that sort of thing I thought, and I still think him an odious little bastard.

    Siouxsie Wiles has done and is doing more for the people of New Zealand than Collins, Slater, or Small Penis Man have or will, and she doesn’t need this, and nor do we. Shame if Judith is unravelling, but if so it needs to be addressed pronto, for the sake of the common good.

    • Well, Snow White, I fell asleep in a chair this early morning from 9pm to 4.30 am,… a casualty of dark Jamaican rum,…and toddled off upstairs whereby I resumed the pirates grog after that time,.. it is now 1.18pm and I may have to retire in lockdown to my warm and snug cot. There is joy in being older,…and I like to think of it in these terms:…

      Ten Bears – Dances With Wolves

      There is something powerfully comforting in this simple scene. It is of belonging, of acceptance, of family. It is what life is all about.

  4. Correction. Williams taking one for the team, not for the time. “Dirty Politics” contains a number of unsavoury sex conversations between National Party males, but I’d advise against reading any of it – unless one has a fairly strong stomach and needs a reminder about why this lot belong in the gutter – IMO.

  5. Both leaders of the opposition parties ie National and ACT now leave alot to be desired. Why leaders of a political party MUST have in such a juvenile way just beggars belief??!!!!

    Collins is prepared to demean National for her OWN personal vendettas and jealousies. Collins is doing an excellent job at destroying National because of her vindictiveness. To put it mildly about Collins but she is positively vile.

    Lets just say Collins and Seymour are not doing their respective political parties any favours except to ensure by election 2023 no-one will want to vote for such a bunch of immature waste of NZ taxpayers money as National and ACT.

    I have said this elsewhere but back to in regards to Judith Collins. The ONLY person Judith Collins cares about is Judith Collins. She doesn’t care whose lives she ruins because she hates everyone who is NOT Judith Collins.

    Imagine if either Collins or Seymour were in a government of NZ. What a combined mess they would make and probably destroy this beautiful country. Collins showed as little caring for Swamp Kauri as she did towards Siouxsie Wilies just recently. Imagine if she was prime minister of this country no NZer would be safe from the prying eyes of herself and her mate Cameron Slater. But then that could well become a human rights’ matter not that Collins would care whose privacy she would have breached.

    After her actions of late perhaps she will find she now has more enemies within National than she realised. Even though she may have well bullied alot of the MPs into meek obedience she cannot behave in such a manner for too much longer without her actions catching up with her.

    Good luck National and ACT. You have got what you voted for in leaders who have displayed child-like behaviour in volumes.

  6. “This is who Judith is. A politician who loves power the way great white sharks love blood.” Well Said Martyn.
    I am reminded of Platos’ words “Access to power must be confined to those who are not in love with it.”
    What is on open display from Collins, and the National party as they are not distancing themselves from her, is an unbridled lust for power and a total ruthlessness to achieve it. I can only hope that electors keep Plato’s words in mind at the next election; but until then how much more of Collins/Slater/Williams’ obscene behaviour will the so far complicit National caucus accept.

      • Funny about that Bert, I was thinking earlier about Collins’ ‘short detour’ in China, whilst on ministerial business, for her husband’s business.
        I would have thought at least one of the National’s caucus would have put their hand up by now to distance themselves from her unjustified attack – seems they are all cowards or they also all lack a moral compass.
        If she is National’s cream ….

            • Peter Kelly – The cream can’t show themselves, because they don’t exist. There used to be the odd good Nat, but there doesn’t seem to be now. If, as some think, they’re all intimidated by Judith Collins, then they’re not fit for public office. If, as others think, she’s publicly unravelling, they may not know what to do, which also makes them unfit for public office. Chances are, the Nats are imploding – that this is a dying party- they’ve been grubby for some time and are likely quite dysfunctional.

  7. Slater , Williams and Collins with her colleagues are the real enemy within. Still in the background waiting to pounce and destroy peoples lives.

  8. “People this collectively radioactive and toxic really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.”
    But dear Martyn Bradbury, they ARE the levers of power.
    The National Party are falling and failing because, like all organisms, they have a use-by date. The National Old Boys are done because they’re spent and have succeeded in their agendas anyway. Their fortunes are secure and they’re old too so who cares about a political party that was once a great Mafia House but is now out of its time and place?
    The natzo mandate was to make as much money as possible in the shortest time period then run for it with the loot. The national party scammed farmers then bled them out and now there are those who are on to them, and can I proudly say? I am one of them. They’re making a run for it and they’re scape-goating collins. Collins can be read like a book. A dull, greedy little book but a book none the less. (I think she was set up by jonky. He’d a known her personality type so he can now sit back in Hawaii and watch her burn for being blamed by stalwart natzo’s but in reality she’s as much a victim as all the other lower ranks hoping to get their flat lazy feet plonked into the cheap farmer money trough.)
    The National Party are an amalgam of bankers and money lenders who ‘formed’ to become the National Party waaaaaay back in the early days and the feasted on free and easy farmer money.
    That. Is all the national party is, and are.
    They’re merely a gang of crooks.
    A word on labour. You do realise that labour is also National, right? Labour hasn’t been Labour since Kirk then Lange. roger douglas conned Lange into holding the door open to let in the little bankster lap dog in and from then on in it was simply a matter of back stabbing Lange who quit when he suddenly realised the friends he thought he was surrounded by were in fact devout enemies.
    I heard Lange speak about that on the then National Radio. He said that if caucus allowed douglas ‘back in’ he, Lange, would resign as Prime Minister which he did. And from that very moment on we were all fucked and now we have billionaires and homelessness while the banksters finger our economy.
    Farmers? Only you can sort this cluster fuck out. No one else can. This, all of this, is now on you.
    What are you going to do? Go and look the sheep? I don’t blame you.
    But don’t be mean to city people. I mean that. City people are just as big a victims to bankster crimes as you guys. City people are, in fact, your allies. They are NOT the enemy.
    You want to know who the enemy really is? They’re you’re own kind. How many farmers can you name who are, or were, knee deep in National Party politics?
    See? There you go.


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