Smearing Dr Siouxsie Wiles: Dirty Politics Judith Collins edition   


DAVID SEYMOUR – no one can top my public health vandalism this week!

JUDITH COLLINS – hold my beer and these beating hearts from virgins.

Let’s be clear – the footage is off Cameron Slater’s new hate blog – this is Dirty Politics Judith Edition…

Ashley Bloomfield defends Siouxsie Wiles’ maskless beach visit as Judith Collins labels her ‘hypocrite’

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has defended high-profile microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles after she was filmed 5km from her home on a beach with a friend without a mask during lockdown. 

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Dr Bloomfield told the 1pm press conference on Friday that he doesn’t believe Dr Wiles broke the COVID-19 rules, but National leader Judith Collins has labelled the Auckland University infectious diseases expert a “hypocrite”. 

…Let me get this straight.

Judith uses creepy stalker footage off Slater’s new hate blog to smear Dr Siouxsie Wiles, an academic who has been crucial in the public health messaging to keep us safe during a fucking pandemic!!!

Firstly Dr Wiles WAS NOT breaking lockdown rules, she is allowed to cycle to the beach and walk around maskless! This attempt to smear her as a hypocrite for not complying with rules is a Fox News tactic to undermine trust in social distancing mandates.

Secondly, why the fuck is the mainstream media giving life oxygen to a hate merchant like Cameron Slater, the most radioactive toxic dirty politics mercenary in the country!

Thirdly why aren’t the media attacking Judith for promoting such hateful smears from Slater?

Fourthly, where the Christ does Judith get off smearing a public health advocate like Dr Wiles who is a hero and someone to respect in the middle of a pandemic!

This is such disgraceful and hateful politics, to needlessly smear a public health advocate using creepy stalker footage from the most hateful political operative in NZ!

I’m not sure who to be more disgusted at, Slater for his creepy stalker footage, Judith for promoting this kind of hateful politics or the mainstream media for failing to criticise Judith for using Slater again!

It’s all so needlessly cruel, spiteful and malicious, for those right wing Trolls who try and paint Jacinda as a threat to democracy, one of the reasons that comparison fails any credibility is not just the lack of truth in such a claim, but because the woman who would replace Jacinda continues to attack others with a type of sociopathic glee.

Jacinda is no dictator, but sweet Jesus, Judith Collins sure as hell would be!

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  1. Martyn
    The way I look at it it’s almost a good thing that has happened. Anything to get rid of Collins quicker!!!! Siouxsie will be fine, Collins will get chopped…the knives are out.

    • No, no, no, keep JC in charge of the Natz! Please!
      The longer she stays – and at least to the next election – that will assure us that we’ll get a government and PM that has some earned credibility and decency.
      Even HDPA (aka Mrs BS) said on radio this week words to the effect that “we may not like Labour at all but consider the alternative – the main Opposition is in an absolute mess!” Very true!

      • Dear Veirty
        Labour have proven that you can go from zero to hero within a few weeks. I mean, they got into Govt without one policy! National can do it too. But not with that stupid leader they have now. All the Nat voters in waiting just want a sensible, credible person….heavens, even Luxon would do. Just don’t re-hash Bridges as Leader.

        • “I mean, they got into Govt without one policy!”

          Winter energy payments.

          Passed the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill so families and all renters can live in warm, dry homes.
          To name just two..

          More untruths @TheKraut.

          • Solving child pover(d)y, kiwibuild, lightrail to the airport…..lots of policy just no ability to deliver on them…..

        • They had policies. It’s just they were poorly thought out, more like whims really. And then when they failed they pretend they’ve moved on.

          • A policy to decriminalize abortion, was that poorly thought out.
            You fall into the same trap of making generalised statements ” It’s just they were poorly thought out, more like whims really.” However what we can agree is that they had policies, as you say.

            I agree that some of their policies have failed but no more so than say “we will build 10 bridges in Northland” or “we will close the wage gap with Australia”. When those policies failed Xray that goverment pretended they moved on. That my friend, is just called politics.

            • It all comes back to some very big policies Labour actually campaigned on, the biggest being the housing crisis. It’s got substantially worse under this lot too. That is an unmitigated policy failure/broken promise, call it what you like and the bottom line is as more and more people struggle to make ends meet because Labour have so woefully failed this do anything meaningful. They deserve to be booted out on this alone.

              I mean what do you think that is doing for society, for child poverty?

              They can piss about throwing around taxpayer money on power bills but not address the elephant in the room which is power company greed, but mostly any money saved is clawed back thanks to our ruinous housing situation. And Jacinda absolutely avoids the subject nowadays which tells me she’s bored with it.

              There are plenty of other big failures to Bert but we’ll run out of space.

            • Bert, why are you making comparisons. I am not the slightest bit interested in what National promised and didn’t deliver on, frankly they support business and the rich before anything else, and of course they slag solo parents and other benificaries although they didn’t manage to find the unemployed any jobs. I doubt anyone who is writing on this wants the other mob, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold the present lot to accoiunt.

              Yes they had policies, but frankly the big ones they have not delivered on and the big ones were the most important ones.


              Transformational government – piffle.

              Our real problem is that there is only a cigarette paper between the two dominant parties.

              • “Bert, why are you making comparisons. I am not the slightest bit interested in what National promised and didn’t deliver on”

                Then why reply?

                My initial response was to a statement , “I mean, they got into Govt without one policy!”

                Do you agree with that statement Michal?
                Because that statement is demonstrably false.

        • “heavens, even Luxon would do.”.. Are you sure about that? You do know that he’s just a fundamentalist god bothering replica of John Key, don’t you? So the nats would have a competent nation wrecker in charge instead of just a hatchet lady… And one with the same backers that Key found so useful… So the massive damage that the Key years of insanity and exploitative abuse didn’t make any imprint on your mind? Having his protege replace him is a good thing?
          At this point, I can’t identify a single member of the colonial privilege party that is fit to be a hall monitor, let alone prime minister.. Leave Collins there, as at least she makes no pretense at being anything but an exploiter leading a corporate raiding party… She really does symbolise the party, and it’s “principles”…

      • Verity Verdant: “Even HDPA (aka Mrs BS)…”

        Ahhh, BS is not for “Barry Soper”, but for something else. Very good.

      • yes but that is only because we need a new left party. Labour have not delivered on their main promises. Child poverty and housing.

        Transformational government yeah right!

        I would never vote for Labour, they are still on the neo liberal path that they (in the 80s) made the disspossed and poor even poorer.

    • Yes. The “elephant in the room” is that Judy and that other blogger don’t understand the rules around lockdown.

  2. A dictator might be okay. They’d have to dictate the right things, though – and consider the egalitarian welfare of all society..

  3. Is Judith really this bad ? At first I thought her unacceptable comment was merely a spoilt brat reaction to thinking she had a gotcha moment to drag down a high achieving professional woman. Girls can be bitches that way.

    Than I thought she’d caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and exclaimed, “ Big fat hypocrite. “ Her own girth is certainly advancing towards grandma’s dressing gown proportions.

    Then I thought that for the leader of any political party, she is disgraceful. She is. This is a losing fourth form hockey team comment, and I doubt that she even realises – which is worse. Shame on the Nats.

    • Yes Snow White, I agree.
      Sadly, along with destroying her leadership credibilty she is destroying the remnants of the National party. David Seymour must be rubbing his hands in glee!
      For Dr Reti (whom I previously had a lot of time for) to have continued to remain as Collins’ loyal deputy has totally destroyed any respect I had for him.

      • Peter K, I didn’t realise at first, that David S posted the Covid vax information just to get attention. If Collins is doing the same sort of thing, then the pair of them are too immature to be anywhere near political leadership. Collin’s Wiles comment stunned me – I think her yet another indictment of our education system – or a nutter.

    • It isn’t very kind of you to fat shame Judith Collins even if she is a big fat bully. She might be experiencing a sudden growth spurt, or all her clothes may have shrunk at the laundrette. Hug her – distanced, and masked.

  4. Is this Judith Collins’ attempt to get the limelight back after it was stolen by David Seymour’s attention seeking actions?
    This malacious unjustifiable tirade from the person who demanded parliament physically reopen with all the increased risks that entails is truely disgusting.

  5. Labour can carry on being utterly useless
    Houses in Otara can hit $5 million for a 3 bedder on a half site
    Families reduced to living in caves and under bridges and their children sick from poverty.
    Auckland can be routinely locked down from Covid outbreaks because Chippy thinks hotels in Auckland make fantastic quarantine facilities and tye economy tanks.

    But whilst that nasty, bitchy, hateful leader of the National Party remains as leader…

    Labour are safe!

  6. Pot Calls Kettle Black?.
    The Herald headline: National leader Judith Collins calls Dr Siouxsie Wiles ‘a big, fat hypocrite’”
    must have sent a shudder down the spine of most National Party loyalists.
    In my view; to attack someone because of their physical appearance, exposes in the perpetrator, a number of weaknesses:
    • A penchant for bar room wisdom.
    • A lack of control over one’s emotions resulting in spontaneous outbursts which not only lack decorum but risks being premature i.e., not checking the integrity of allegations being made.
    As it happens, when I was a member of the executive of Hon Collins Electorate Board (like her, I do not live in her electorate of Papakura), I convened a “house meeting” for Hon Collins to address a group of “professional occupation” Russian born holders of NZ passports. AKA Voters.
    On that occasion Mz Collins exposed that she was no fan of President Putin. Her prerogative.
    However, when her tirade against Mr Putin was confined to her opinion of physical characteristics of the Head of State of another country, she not only stunned her audience, she lost ten potential votes.
    In my view, when the Leader of a political party who presumably aspires to be Prime Minster, resorts to personal denigration, its time for “The Party” to seriously reassess that Leader’s potential to represent New Zealand.

    • Ross, in her younger days, Collins did look quite a blonde cutie – even less reason to physically disparage others. These are the mean girls at school, who can make life a misery for the plainer or quieter of their class mates. I’d forgotten how horrid they could be – I’ve not encountered a female like her since I was an undergrad – in spite of having an interesting life- thank God.

      In a normal workplace her Siouxsie Wiles comments would be a code of conduct offence. It’s a shame that the Herald plastered them over the place because she is a poor example of how decent women should conduct themselves and there are persons thick enough to think this behaviour ok – she’d have been better ignored, the way that we do with attention-seeking kiddies. She may be unravelling, but that’s her problem.She’s dragging us down.

      • Snow White, that “Collins did look quite a blonde cutie” is a sobering example of what time and personality can do, also a warning about appearances being deceptive – who would have thought such a sweet looking young woman would become…And her husband is not very photogenic!

        The three in the photos above shouldn’t just be masked, but they should go completely postal and wear burkas.

  7. Has Judith Collins turned National into her OWN little dictatorship? Because her actions of late is deplorable and puzzling at the same time.
    She obviously has bullied the National MPs into meek obedience. I am sure she orders them to clap when she claps, cheer when she cheers, not argue with her and not to question anything she says and does. If no National MP stands up and says what Collins did with the help of Cameron Slater is unacceptable and unbecoming of a leader then on their heads be it at the next election.
    She is a vindictive nasty person who comes across more and more regularly as mentally unstable and prepared to lash out at anyone and everyone she doesn’t like or is jealous of.
    Maybe she knows the end is close of her term as leader and perhaps Simon Bridges will take over as leader until the election.
    Lets be assured that when National finally wake to the reality they have a nutter who is not good enough to be their leader they will show her the door. But Collins being the vile creature that she is will always blame everyone else but the face staring back at her in the mirror. She will never ever take responsibility for her actions. She will probably blame Cameron Slater for the photo.
    Mind you perhaps she should remain leader of National because that vile creature is reason why National will never get into government.

    • National entrenched their vsaues at their last conference – Goodfellow & Collins. Dirty gutter level politcs is all they have on offer.

      • The real players at National are just sitting back with a smirk. They will get rid of her soon…they are letting her play, knowing she will totally self-destruct. Both her and Goodfellow are history.

  8. I’m no fan of Ms Wiles, but what a big fat faux pas by Collins. This latest lapse of judgement (mean-spirited adjectives and all) suggest she’s feeling the strain. It’s tantamount to a political suicide note.

    So who’s it gonna be then? Christopher Luxation? Or back to Bridges?

    • Having supported Collin’s as leader for so long they are all now tarred with the same brush. Not a skerrick of courage to stsnd up to a bully amongst them.

        • You sound like columnists for CNN – the lot of you. Fact – elections are lost not won in New Zealand. If in 12 months time we are languishing from lockdown to lockdown and the economic carnage great then National could put up an old gumboot as leader and still win.

    • What has quote “Miss Wiles “ done to you all she has done as a leading microbiologist is make Covid easier to understand for the lay person.

      • Exactly Gillian. Dr Siouxsie Wiles has been a welcome and very engaging source of easy to understand expert explanations. We have been so lucky to have her in NZ; I can only hope Siouxsie understands how much her continued work, guidance, and explanations are appreciated by most of us. Hopefully Collins and Slater only represent a very small section of our society.

  9. As some will have noticed I sometimes stick my head up to defend JC simply because a lot which is said about her is opinion with a bit of the nasty that some accuse Judith of using. In this case I’m not defending JC. Not because of her attack on Dr SW but because she didn’t get her facts right. If the good doctor had seriously breached the rules Judith had every right to score political points from the episode. SW isn’t a politician but she’s part of the team that promotes the Covid policy and she’s a popular public figure. A dig at SW is a dig at the Government. I’m still not clear about the friend in the bubble because if the friend lives at Judges Bay or 5 km from SW. The bubble would be near bursting. But apart from that it was just plain dumb of JC to take on such a popular public figure without knowing the facts. As the other comments here suggest it’s most likely another nail in the coffin.

    • Apparently people who live alone can be added to bubbles – in this case a work colleague she goes bike riding with – they went on a ride to the beach.

      • Cool thanks for that. My cynical mind thinks, what say the friend adds another friend to her bubble that lives on their own. Shucks that couldn’t happen

    • Collins is representative of the ZB audience. That kind of spiteful personal repulsive comment will have their listeners in raptures. A moment to brighten their cold black little hearts.

    • Agree with you New View she has set a new low and I have written to the National party and told them I am disappointed with the comments and am concidering cannceling my membership.

  10. The damage is done. I personally think those preaching to us need to be held to a higher standard but the hit job is unfair. She will lose credibility with a lot and that’s exactly what Slater was hoping to achieve.

    • Someone will lose credibility but it won’t be Dr. Wiles.
      Is stalking women and hanging around beaches waiting to take photos considered a permitted activity to be engaged in, during Level 4?
      Makes one wonder how many other spies JC has stationed around the country looking for something she can use to embarrass the people who front the 1p.m. covid updates and other aspects of the govt’s. response.

      • Sabine. Collins did not point out that Dr Wiles thinks that Covid rules do not not apply to her. Stop telling lies.

        Siouxsie Wiles didn’t break any Covid rules . If you think that she’s going to in future, then wait until she does and then you tell everyone all about it then.

        • That fact she calls the leader, Judith by her first name and Siouxsie by “the pink fearmonger” is all you need to know about how a troll works Applewood. The fact that Sabine is factually incorrect makes a mockery of Sabine’s post.

          • Bert – “ the pink fearmonger” was just small town girl talk. Geoffrey Palmer disapproved of women dying their hair at all and he was a small town boy. Cancel all small towns. Yep. ( Look what came out of Dipton, grim stuff. )

    • I think you are backing the wrong horse on this occasion. I am against this government and usually back National but in this case JC is well out line . Wiles is head and shoulders over her in the good she can do for NZ fighting the covid enemy

    • John, the trouble for Collins is that this will likely turn into a popularity contest. I’m guessing that it is not a battle Collins will win.

  11. @ MB, you ask
    “Secondly, why the fuck is the mainstream media giving life oxygen to a hate merchant like Cameron Slater, the most radioactive toxic dirty politics mercenary in the country!”
    I think your question’s is also your answer.
    The MSM are equally radioactive, toxic, dirty-politics mercenaries.
    I’ve come to the understanding that if a country can call itself democratic, as can ours, then there’s only two choices of politics. An unholy amalgam of capitalism, communism, mainstream religions like Catholicism, Presbyterianism the anglicans, christian fundamentalism and of course, good ol fascism which once all mixed together we get an exploitative monster which we can demonstrably identify as being Capitalism + ! It’s to be found hidden within the frame work I identify as being ‘Commercialised Democracy’. Yes. You read here it first.
    When all the above exploitative, manipulative, brutal and greedy elements of the darkest traits of human kind are mashed together you get a concoction when, once consumed by the heart and mind, unleashes a terrible force upon the lands and its people.
    A Commercialised Democracy powered by Capitalism +.
    A socialist Democracy, where those most at risk draw the greatest attention from those others who have the most in terms of resources and finances can gleefully manage our country’s resources by redefining taxes as being not a monster who lurks in the bank account to being a benefactor who’s mantra is trickle-up economics.
    Our primary industry feeds 40 million. So why then did I just get off the phone to my fourth generation farmer neighbour farming 670 acres of sheep sound so exhausted and distressed I though he was about to have a heart attack? He’d been up at day break, had worked non stop all day and he was still out there after dark?
    He does that 7 days a week during lambing season and yes. Mint sauce goes well with lamb chops City Boy.
    The financial engine room of our commercialised democracy who’s frame work is capitalism + is cheap farmer money earned by exhausted farmers who must work every daylight hour to feed you 40 million people so that you , in turn can be head fucked by blubbery zombies like collins and the circus freak Slater.
    We must all come to realise ! A democracy ISN’T a politic. A Democracy is the house of the politic. And because we’ve become ‘conditioned’ by the main stream media, including our own ‘state owned’ media like rnz for example, we’ve become brainwashed into believing that our democracy is also capitalist. No! Our democracy is a place where we can house our preferred politic. Unfortunately for us, and the many others who suffer the indignities of shitting in public gardens and shuffling around in dirty clothes while being exhausted and hungry, we’ve been quite simply conned into believing that the fascism of capitalism is the ticket. Well, it is too, if you’re a Kiwi-As asset-stripper billionaire non tax payer. And now, we can watch as their billionaire yank mates fly in from all over in their Gulf Streams like vultures onto the dead Buffalo carcass that’s our society.
    Capitalism + is the very embodiment of every single loathsome thing about humanity. Capitalism ( + ) will bring an end to our lives, life generally and our planet and the Mephistopheles * freak shows like collins and slater will be at the helm of the terrible sinking ship.
    * The name Mephistopheles is associated with the Faust legend of an ambitious scholar, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust. In the legend, Faust makes a deal with the Devil at the price of his soul, Mephistopheles acting as the Devil’s agent.
    Sound familiar?

  12. Can I ask a favour? Please, please… no more photographs of slater and collins. Not on the weekend. Not together on the same page. Please…?

  13. When I think about it(Collins’s actions)I have come to the conclusion the woman possesses absolutely no moral compass. She is instead Hell bent on destroying others reputation or anything just for the purpose of gaining attention of herself. This, what she has done, wasn’t intended to be of any goodness but instead it shows how prepared Collins is to be vindictive, jealous and of course vile. She just doesn’t care about anyone else but herself. Is that the sort of person one would want as a leader of a country? What National have as their leader is a loose cannon. Someone who will demean even the political party she is a member of just to ‘prove a point’.
    Maybe we should take photos of Collins in not so enhancing poses and see how she feels. She didn’t mind allowing a well respected NZer to be photographed and surely that is a breach of Siouxsie Wiles right to privacy?

    • She is a lawyer, albeit a tax lawyer but the principles are the same, win at all costs( demeaning and destroy others) even when you know you’re in the wrong.

  14. I find both of them to be deeply annoying and divisive.

    This ain’t the issue people think it is…

    Those who aren’t interested in politics much , the majority, found it all to be quite amusing.

    Let’s be real if she was a right winger the left would be crucifying her for not wearing a mask.

    Just another distraction. These distractions are in play to keep Judith in the leadership.

    These actions have people talking about national and act and despite what the media and progressives , Nzs not the kind caring polite nation people think it is… We’re a nation of rowdy drunks who take the piss out of everything.

  15. So Slater (and Collins) have embarked on recruiting their next batch of herald, radio, TV and MSM columnists/commentators for the next Dirty Politics offensive. Fancy going to the beach to photograph and video people on the beach – creepy operative. Can I warn some of those young (and not so young) reporters not to get caught in this creepy web like a few others (still around) did the last round. I smelt a rat as soon as I heard about it yesterday. We haven’t seen the worst of Collins yet – she isnt calling anyone a pervert yet.

  16. Seriously though …
    It is best for the country if there is a strong opposition.
    National is having all sorts of problems. Multi-faceted, in depth, on-going. Let’s be honest, they’re a bloody shambles. After their conference there was the usual talk of focus and unity. Again. There was the caucus reshuffle.
    Now we have this.

    But wait! Eureka! All will be well! The Knight on the White Charger is here to save them!
    Cameron fucken Slater!
    If he is the saviour, the deliverer, you know you’re well and truly stuffed.

    • Any bets on National Polling -20% at the Next Poll, Seymour and ACT could actually overtake National in the near future.

  17. Anyway, on the subject of lockdown breaches, with cases more than doubling overnight, does Labour still think hotel quarantine facilities in Auckland a good idea. Do they think, at all?

    I mean we are at level 4 indefinitely at this time and I know some of the team a fading fast!

    I strongly suspect these “mystery” cases are people who have ceased lockdown sometime ago and are not been overly truthful.

    I suggest modelling would have picked lockdown Mk5 in Auckland would see tolerance for another lengthy home detention low in some quarters.

    • Hotel quarantine facilities in Auckland a good idea? I see 170,000 have been through MIQ.

      Where could that have happened if not Auckland? Or should there have been no MIQ, 170,00 come into the country and go home or just go about their business?

      • And when the inevitable happens Peter, look what happens next. Auckland is shut indefinitely. Why not elsewhere because it could’ve been done. If they really cared and thought ahead. But they didn’t.

        This is bad on many levels. The risk of an uncontrolled outbreak in a city this large because it’s the front line was entirely predictable.

        How long do you reckon Auckland stays united on lockdowns?

  18. My Theory – by Anne Elk
    My theory, that I have, is that Collins will be forced to resign within a month. Or she’ll simply be turfed out. That’s my theory.

    • She ain’t going nowhere.

      The member for Papakura will sit patiently, plotting away at her fellow caucus members being the destructive troll she is.

      She is too National to let go

  19. I thought we had seen the end of Cameron Slater, he has reared his head again alongside his old buddy Judith from the Dirty Politics days under the Key National Party.

  20. ” Thirdly why aren’t the media attacking Judith for promoting such hateful smears from Slater ”

    Bomber you well know that we don’t have a media that functions as it is meant to and nothing has changed since the election of the last gang of mobsters were in government and were complicit is supporting – unofficially this type of character assassination and Dr Wiles has joined a long list of victims in being singled out for preferential treatment , Nicky Hagar being one of the more infamous.

    Collins has shown how utterly inept and desperate she is attacking this lady by demeaning her about her shape and had one tenth of the intelligence of Dr Wiles she might actually serve a useful purpose during this dangerous pandemic.

    Of course the corporate propaganda machine sees an opportunity to maximise this attack without providing the facts to the hobbits.

    So much for LINO and its reform of the broadcasting landscape.

    • Please explain why. I despise those not following the rules as much as anyone else but she did nothing wrong.

    • John You seem confused. Siouxsie Wiles is an esteemed scientist and a great asset who went for a bicycle ride. Judith Collins should be getting on her bike, but the National Party is busy pretending that it doesn’t have a leadership crisis just like they pretended that there was no homeless crisis – but consider her gone.Finis.

    • John that was silly. Collins should resign – now!
      Wiles is totally following the rules. Read them! Problem is that those rules are so damn confusing and so fucked up, they could have only been written be this Govt! Here goes: You have to wear a mask everywhere except when you don’t and then you have to wear it when you don’t after which you can wear it if you want to before you wear it after you don’t unless you have to wear it when you can’t wear it because you don’t have to or you should wear it because you don’t have to.
      Are we all clear? Good!

  21. TheKraut, That’s brilliant, brightened my day up no end. One of the great problems we face is that the likes of John lack any rational thoughts of their own preferring to jump into the hole with Collins and help her to keep digging.
    It speaks volumes that not one National MP has distanced themselves from Collins’ remarks.

    • PK
      Yes new rules (Bill Maher). As for MP distancing themselves…trust me they have. They don’t want her as PM, nor do we, or anyone else except Bert. They are just not coming out in public with it. I wouldn’t, would you?! It’s strategically much better to keep quiet now because the only thing that is commanding the news…yes, correct, it’s Level 4.0, Level 3.78, Level 2.7654 ….Yes we are all going to die (well our businesses are anyway)! So nobody will listen to an MP dissing Collins. But they are quietly smithing plans, Bishop, Luxon, Stanford, Willis, Bridges et al to axe her. Just wait…I’d say the next poll. It will give Collins a last chance for a ‘dignified exit’. OMG she is such a runaway train!!! She gotta go!!! Peter, just remember…Jacinda was anointed by Winston even without any concrete plan or policy or even a clue how to run a country – so watch this space!

  22. Peter I seem to be out of step with the majority of people who comment on this site which suggests I have my own rationale.

    • Sorry John but I don’t see just repeating incorrect claims as ‘rational thought’. Reviewing your comments on many topics I can only conclude your intention is not to add value to the debate but merely stir-the-pot with repeating unsubstantiated claims.

  23. Peter.
    I’m not opposed to contrary views and actually welcome them,an expansion of views being a good sign of maturity.
    So if some people think I’m wrong then that’s fine.
    Views are formed in my opinion by your upbringing.


  24. You capture my opinion with Cam Slater’s face. The ad hominem Hager-ji, with his knee-cracking, freed us from. Ad hominem is universal in plutocratic America. Covid has strengthened our feeling for one another.

    Pretty damn ridiculous it’s not polite to ‘mention the’ next ‘war. WW ll times our end.

    My great grandfather was 70 when his life-long cause, Labour, came to power. We put momentary discomfort before species extinction.

    Angry at all the nut-wits for the immediate challenges and the foot-noters for nice details and past parallels.

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