MEDIAWATCH: ODT attack a reminder of how damaged the Hate Speech fight will be


Otago Daily Times newspaper lambasted for publishing ‘despicable’ Speak Up For Women ad

The Otago Daily Times newspaper is being criticised for publishing an advertisement by the controversial feminist group Speak Up For Women.

A photo of the advert, published in the newspaper on Tuesday, was posted to Twitter by a Dunedin resident.

The advertisement shows a dictionary definition for the word ‘woman’ as “adult human female”.

ODT stood up to the woke lynch mob but complaints over the dictionary definition of woman as ‘hate speech’ is a painful reminder that what the woke consider hate speech and the vast vast vast vast majority of New Zealanders consider hate speech is insurmountable.

The looming hate speech debate is supposedly a response to the white supremacist terror attack in Christchurch, but the solutions of criminalising hate speech are all identity politic based intersectionist roulette virtue signals that will obscenely use the terror attack to justify gagging speech that the woke can’t tolerate while not protecting us from another white supremacist terror attack!

I read the terrorist’s manifesto and I don’t recall him referring to Trans Allies or gender identity, so why criminalising the misuse of pronouns is being mooted as a response to white supremacy terrorism is utterly beyond me!

It’s particularly galling because the problem wasn’t hate speech laws, the problem was that the entire Intelligence apparatus of NZ didn’t bother doing their job, which is to protect us from the next possible terror threat!

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This is the list of the NZ security apparatus, many acronyms you’ve never heard of, who are supposed to keep us safe with mass surveillance powers from this very type of terrorism, and I WILL CONTINUE PRINTING THIS LIST until you start appreciating how enormous a failure this was…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…the failure was with that list, that list who cost us over $100million each year to ensure this type of atrocity fuelled by extremism doesn’t rupture and cause mass loss of life!

To fucking pretend that Gender Identity Hate Speech is a response to this abomination of an intelligence failure is fucking infantile!

Why don’t we call this push for Gender Identity Hate Speech for what it really is? The criminalisation of Rachel Stewart & Ani O’Brien.

You have all seen how feral the trans debate between Gender Critical Feminists (TERFS by their enemies) and the Fourth Wave Feminist, Non Gender Binary Activist, Trans Ally Woke Stormtroopers has been online.

We’ve all seen the woke public shaming and cancel culture lynchings erupt in our social media feeds, like violent 1930s street fights as various factions attempt to mutilate the other for dominance.

The bewildering venom from this schism makes feuding Drug Cartels look tame.

I am putting money on the table that within a month of this law passing, it will be immediately seized upon by the woke to make criminal complaints against leading voices of the Gender Critical Feminist movement, people like Rachel Stewart and Ani O’Brien for old tweets they will have sent arguing their case.

Reasonable people would say I’m being hyperbolic in making that claim, to which I would reply, ‘Comrade, you’ve seen how this fight gets waged in your own social media feed, you know in your waters I am 100% right’.

This schism is so bitter, so cruel, so relentless in its defining the other as Nazis on meth, that a billion petty vendettas will immediately exploit this new hate speech law to wage final retribution on their enemies.

You’ve seen the Wellington Twitteratti in action, you know they can’t help themselves.

Thank god the Hate Speech laws stopped the latest terror attack, oh wait…

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  1. “You’ve seen the Wellington Twitteratti in action, you know they can’t help themselves.”

    Yep, you only have to spend 5 minutes at “The Standard”.

    • RobbieWgtn ‘ Yep, you only have to spend 5 minutes at “ The Standard”.’ Which is why the next thing they ban may be laughter.

  2. The irony is that because the terrorist ‘S’ was freely allowed to speak out, the authorities were able to gather evidence and surveil him, and were able to reduce the amount of terror he created in his knife attack by stopping him within a short time Frame. If he was underground like Tarrant was, he might have killed 51 people.

    I can’t see a labour led government getting back into power if this is pushed though. Not being able to freely say what you think and believe what you want, is a deal breaker for most people, especially when there are now people like ‘S” who are going around saying they are going to kill people, who somehow are deemed protected people under law and not deported due to some technicalities that were not addressed last time.

    Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Saying you are going to kill people like S and Tarrant is a crime under current law, saying you think a biological woman is a woman, is not a hate crime.

  3. Thanks for posting on this Martyn. The dictionary definition of women ie adult human female is what the trans gender allies/woke think is hate speech. It defies belief.

    This is in a world where transgender activists and their allies assert not only women have penises, but lesbians can have penises as well.

    The BDMRR Bill will allow any man, at any time in his life will be able to sign a declaration and change the sex on his birth certificate to woman.

    This means ant man will be entitled to access any women’s private spaces eg toilets and change rooms. Where is the safe guarding for women, girls and teenage girls. In California very recently a trans woman entered a women’s spa pool, naked with a semi erect penis. A woman filmed herself complaining to the receptionist who said it was the law to allow trans women access to these spaces.

    Not long after this trans activists declared the incident to be a hoax and cried trans phobia……

    But this week the police arrested the trans women who it turns out has previous sexual offences.

    Submissions for this law change close on 14th September

    • I don’t know whether the Green Party persons mean that self-identifying as a particular gender makes one that gender, or whether it simply means that one identifies as that gender. Nor do I know if the Green persons know very much at all.

      If old Auntie Louisa decides to identify as Uncle John she is still a woman as far as most of us are concerned.
      A load of hormones later, plus a plastic penis, still don’t change Huia Louisa’s grey matter or her physiology, any more than chopping John’s pieces off and helping him to grow breasts, will turn him into a girl.

      There’ll be times and places where inbetween persons may need to amend documents, but if the Greens think that amending a document constitutes changing gender, and requires society to acknowledge this with appropriate pronouns/ whatevers, they are being woke bullies and bonkers.

  4. With the conversion law, all the petitions going out I saw were not neutral, aka it is about show your ‘support’ for the law. Many would never disagree because it’s public and you could be harmed by one of the nutters, such as the level of death threats and harassment around the world for anybody who disagrees.

    Now there is the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill which according to Greens…

    “This is a significant opportunity to support takatāpui, trans, intersex, and non-binary people to be able to self-identify their gender through processes that are mana-enhancing, accessible, and affordable. We want to affirm the rights of anyone 16 and over to amend the gender marker on their birth certificate. We want pathways for New Zealand citizens who were born overseas, migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to obtain certificates or other documents of identity issued by Internal Affairs to be in their self-identified gender. And we want “gender expression” included in the legislation.”

    Ok the planet, flora and fauna is dying, people can’t get health care and housing in NZ, Covid and floods are ravaging NZ, a terrorist just tried to kill 7 people, but the Greens main priority seems to be to change your gender on government documents.

    • Savenz “ … planet dying…health care housing covid floods… and the Greens priority seems to be to change your gender on government documents. “ Yep, it requires mental gymnastics to reconcile the Greens’ priorities with what is happening out here in the real world. But any criticism is seized upon with cries of racism, transphobia, or something similar.

      I listened in disbelief to newbie Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere lamenting the curbing of apparently previously extensive Maori gender diversification as a negative impact of colonialism. I had hoped for calls for action to ameliorate the hunger and the cold impacting upon the children of the poor, but no, I heard more selfpitying aimed at Pakeha, because “divide and rule “ is the global agenda.

    • But I don’t understand the language
      Surely it’s sex that’s recorded on the birth certificate
      Sex is biological, and unchangeable, gender is a social construct
      There is no box for gender on the birth certificate

      • Exactly, they don’t know the difference between sex and gender. If it’s that important just add another box for gender. Imagine the identity fraud and claims with these going through and everyone being able to change their identity.

        The irony is that the woke love the “people of colour” and celebrate their culture, but many countries full of ‘people of colour’ don’t tolerate gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, and non-binary in their countries. Doesn’t really seem logical thinking, free pass on homophobia then. Don’t see the Greens protesting and organising sanctions against the world based on treatment of woman and gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, and non-binary.

        So I guess the clues are

        “We want pathways for New Zealand citizens who were born overseas, migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to obtain certificates or other documents of identity issued by Internal Affairs to be in their self-identified gender.”

        And it’s apparently going to be affordable too (probably free not health system) and available to anyone over 16 (aka children). aka ” trans, intersex, and non-binary people to be able to self-identify their gender through processes that are mana-enhancing, accessible, and affordable.

        Looks like free gender realignment in NZ and all the documentation you need, especially if you were born overseas, is the goal.

        Come on a student visa, claim persecution and

        • saveNZ. So where’s the money going to come from for the immigrants for whom the Greens want to provide gender pathways to New Zealand residency ?
          The health budget is stretched enough already, and it is likely that some of these persons could have complex psychological needs. There’ll be a back story here, and the Greens need to be more upfront about why they’re pushing for this when we the tax payers will have to foot the bills.

          • A good question. Maybe take from the budgets of people with Cancer or mental health, cos NZ’s health care spend per person is DECREASING, and NZ is not seeing massive amounts of taxes coming through from the immigration Ponzi of chefs and liquor shop attendants.

            Talking to a someone at a DHB who said that the amount of gender realignment mental assessments is starting to taking up a lot of the psychiatrists appointments so other mental health issues are delayed.

            There are people like Georgina Beyers who are to be commended who came out when it was very difficult and still made a career due to them, not their gender issues, but transgender has become a cult trend around the world and attracting people to the cause, who appear to have other issues, than gender.

            • SaveNZ. If gender realignment takes off as another medical industry the way that it is in Thailand, the psych assessments may be dispensed with in time. In the 1980’s, patients seeking gastric bypass surgery were assessed by a team of three medical specialists, including for their psychological adeptness. It would surprise me if that still happens.

    • Maya Forstater can attest, as can academics and other women, to being made unemployed or ‘cancelled’. Noted artist Jess de Wahls was deplatformed at The Royal Academy (later reinstated, but it’s everyfuckingwhere) for having woman-centered art and no penises – because men are not women.

      Forstater took her former employers to task, via the courts, and won. Forstater 2021 protects OUR right to hold gender critical views. Those hate speech laws want to make it illegal to discuss gender. Same as this crapulent conversion bs…. I will never stop talking about it. I’ll go to jail, I don’t gaf. here’s the hate.

    • Grey warbler – Agree 100 %. These concerns are also shared by ordinary normal everyday folk, aghast at
      what appears to be a collective madness lead by sex obsessed Greens trying to cloak themselves in respectability by using “ gender” terminology, and hell-bent on causing distressing social divisiveness – for whatever reason. They are messing up young and innocent minds.

  5. I’m new to this all this ‘woke” and ‘gender identity’ and ‘hate speech’ stuff. Busily trying to have a life.
    Now it occurs that I need to think about whether, when my place is done over, (because we all have to have an eye kept on us) like the Lynnmall attacker I can be in trouble for having offensive material. I have a book which boldly states
    Woman. /ˈwʊmən/
    noun: woman; plural noun: women
    an adult female human being.

    And if I lend that dictionary to someone I could be in trouble for distributing restricted material.

    The ODT advertisement itself? There’s something Billy Apple about it, in the week he died. Not just the visual elements but the cerebral and ethereal.

    • Peter. You’re fortunate being new to the gender issues. Our children are not fortunate, being now required to explore their own gender identity issues as part of the school curriculum.

      This, allegedly, is to stop them becoming confused. The Prime Minister has said that parents who do not agree to their pre-adolescent children being administered highly controversial puberty blocking meds, will be liable to terms of imprisonment. So the issue goes well beyond being a simple matter of changing gender ID on birth certificates, and the opportunities which this offers for the exploitation of sex and gender issues. On the one hand, children at a vulnerable age can have their well-being compromised and their parents imprisoned so as not to inhibit their freedom of gender choice, while at the same time, this government is proposing to inhibit freedom of speech by enacting so-called anti- hate laws. So “ freedom” seems to be being redefined, to mean thinking and speaking and acting the way that the government wants its subjects to. This is sinister.

      • I missed the Prime Minister’s speech where she said that parents who do not agree to their pre-adolescent children being administered highly controversial puberty blocking meds, will be liable to terms of imprisonment.

        I did not miss sometime in the last couple of years the head of an exclusive public (private in our terms) girls school in England deciding that the girls would not be addressed as ‘girls.’

        That was because of the possibility there might be some in the assembly who were struggling with gender identity. I did the maths at the time and at the expected levels, whatever the roll was, there were likely to be one or two in the mass with questions in that sense. To cater for those individuals she determined that hundreds would be sitting in the hall not being girls anymore, not being accepted in the normal sense of being girls, put in the position of
        questioning their gender.

        Funny they were going to keep the historic name for St Trinian’s (or whatever it was) School for Girls.

        • Peter – I think it was in answer to a specific question that the PM said that parents refusing to consent to their pre- adolescent children taking hormone blockers would be liable to be popped into prison; the reasoning seems to be that this is obstructing children making gender choices in the same way that pastors indulging in gay conversion therapy do so. Presumably Oranga Tamariki will provide care for children with parents in prison, so good luck with that.

          Anecdotal examples were provided of gay persons being prayed over to make them heterosexual, and there will have been some, but this looks like another overreaction to friends of pollies having untoward experiences.

          Part 11 of The New Zealand Bill of Rights ( 1990) sections 9, 10, and 11, already
          clearly protects persons from all of these things, and should have been invoked.

          Govt usurping parents’ rights with under-age children wanting questionable medical practices has huge potential for mischief – and future liability on government’s part along the track.

  6. This hate speech law, if come to pass, I suspect will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It will create real hate with some seriously hateful consequences for the proponents. Because reasonable people will only tolerate so much and that’s it. So those unreasonably woke proponents better be damn sure of their positions. NZ could become an ugly place to be.

  7. What I’ve found absolutely horrifying through all this is that men feel so empowered by this issue, they can now threaten women with physical harm – because women what to stand up for women’s rights.

    How many death threats have Rachel Stewart & Ani O’Brien had – from so called leftists? From people who say they stand for the rights of everyone?

    How can you think for one minute violence is a solution to anything. Let alone by somthing you’re offended by, get over yourself and be offended. It won’t hurt you or cause scars. Just be offended, it will pass – like all things.

    Speaking of hate crimes: How is that Death Cult Cupidity keeps getting a free pass? How does the right never get held to account for the terrorists they spawn? Why is the left so busy fighting over the scraps from masters table?

  8. The ‘t’s need to stop hijacking the alphabet peoples voice and claim they are speaking for all of them, because they don’t. The t’s are a very small group of confused people who trying to find a home in someone else’s shell.
    Let’s see how this trivial middle class affliction slowly dissappear as it is around the world. The pushback by female women is starting to pick up steam and the rest of the alphabet people have had enough of the t’s.
    Another Woke twaterrati production.

  9. Thank you Martyn for injecting reality into a situation that often seems completely unreal.
    I often despair that common sense will prevail and that just speaking the truth will not be criminalised under this hate speech law.

  10. Yes, I agree Martyn. I’ve been saying for a few years now that this issue of the T’s de platforming old school feminists is what will ultimately bring about a balancing of forces in this culture war. For those paying attention it’ll be obvious but it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

  11. Good one Martyn. It continues to frustrate me that the woketards deliberately conflate gender and sex. You are born with a sex, gender is socially constructed. Your birth certificate should show your birth sex which is not gender.

  12. As an ACT voting, white, classical liberal I’m watching this bonfire with great amusement.

    These twitter fascists have no idea what the average person outside of their pseudo-intellectual bubble is saying about them. There’s a revolution coming for sure, but not the one they’re hoping for.

    • Hi Andrew hope you and others on this site can make a submission against the gender I’d legislation. If in doubt go to the SUFW website for details on how to do this

  13. Well do their best. Fifty year campaigners in some cases, you won’t shut the women’s rights activists down in New Zealand. We will always defend women and girls.

  14. Just read a column by Ani O’Brien and thank god we have women like her involved in this ever increasing madness (and by women I mean people with a real non-imagined vagina).

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