MEDIAWATCH: Method to Judith’s media madness


Covid-19: Judith Collins in heated clash during TVNZ interview over travel to Wellington during lockdown

National Party leader Judith Collins has doubled down on her decision to travel from Auckland to Wellington during lockdown and without being tested to attend Parliament in a clash with Breakfast presenter Indira Stewart.

Stewart questioned Collins on her decision to attend Parliament in person despite the nationwide lockdown and whether she was tested before she flew.

But Collins, who did not take a test, said she had been in isolation for two weeks, was fully vaccinated and used the contact tracer app. Stewart pressed her further on the decision, and Collins began raising her voice.

“Why is this all about me today?” she said. “This is ridiculous.”

Judith tried this exact same trick a couple of weeks ago with John Campbell.

It’s the outrage Olympics game, the Woke use it all the time.

She takes offense at some tiny slight and then strikes with that tone of self indulgent anger that arouses frightened people to notice her while trapped in our collective self impatience.

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No one knows what’s going on but they do understand the tone, it resonates with their own fears and it calls to us.

It’s the punch rather than the reflection.

Judith does it to get noticed, draw attention and manipulate people’s fears and she’s very good at it.

The National Party have no philosophical values, they are cowards whose venal self interest corrodes all who come into contact with it.

As the Right see people flee towards the State, their small Government mantra and free market dogma can’t survive Covid.

With no intellectual beliefs worth arguing, National have imploded from having the capacity to articulate what they believe and have instead become a guttural snarl of Judith Collins.

Not one word of a debate, just a nails on blackboard sound of seething resentment and small town bigotry. A banjo twanging over open wounds.

It shows Judith is prepared to manufacture dissent to be politically relevant.

Judith won’t just play to our lesser angels, she’ll give them a formal dinner and a waltz.

That’s pretty grim

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  1. Seems Judith Collins has an anger management problem, judging by her sniping comments to Indira Stewart on this morning’s Breakfast show. Something frightening is brewing underneath that vicious persona. The interview exposed that point!

    Indira did a great job given the circumstances, while Collins sunk back into the odious swamp from which she emerged!

    • Mary, I thought what the interview exposed is what you and I and most of N.Z. new anyway, Collins is not professional and the furthermost away from Prime ministerial one could possibly be.

      • Her and Key are examples of how pyschopathy can present in different ways.
        Key kept his ‘dead lizard eye’ calm in any situation. Jude lacks that degree of control.
        A great lesson in pyschology for casual observers.

    • Collins at it again in the NZ Herald accusing the host of having a political agenda. Last time I checked Collins was a politician?

  2. Thought Judith Collins did quite well in the discussion with the Labour Party advocate dressed up as a morning show host.

    • John, if you think that display was doing ‘quite well’ you have a very low bar; it was certainly not a performance I would expect to see from a senior leader.
      Ironical that you call the host a Labour Party advocate – I wonder how you would describe Mike Hosking.

    • Yes John you should be well pleased with that performance. It’s just the tonic that blue blockheads desperately drool over. I’d like Judith to stay 100% leader of the nations greedy/selfish/mean mob until at least the next election. Go Judith!

    • Have you not seen how the PM is treated with absolutely no respect from bully boy women haters who call themselves journalists with an opinion and some of the women journalists are just as bad

  3. That interview was a real doozy. Indira and the Banshee. I almost felt embarrassed for the woman although in this neo-liberal space that is lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight, I don’t think I could find the emotional capital to feel anything for her other than pity. (She’s apparently in touch with Pasifika because hubby is a brown fella doncha know).
    Seriously gNatz! And if Luxon is going to be your answer, I’d better stock up on popcorn.
    What a really ghastly specimen

  4. These no method, just Judith being hideous and attention seeking.

    How many Nat MP’s are considering giving it away knowing getting rid of her is like ridding a condemned building of cockroaches!

  5. Judeath looks and is acting like she has lost the plot. Given Jude came from Auckland where the virus is rampant why wouldn’t you ask her if she had a tests before she jumped on the plane. And consulting with her Samoan husband is not the same as consulting with PI whom she claims to care about so much especially when there is an opportunity to promote herself. As for her attitude we don’t need such a person with such negative shite constantly coming out of her mouth. We need to be positive and upbeat and we need to believe as a collective of 5 million we can do this. I myself have managed to convince many of my reluctant whanau to have the vaccine. And we need to encourage others its not all about them it’s about all of us, as we are all in this together.

  6. Lots of descriptive loathing for Judith from the left here. Just a couple of thoughts. Firstly imagine the Government rolls reversed here considering the Nats policy is for a very strong border regardless of when they may resume tran Tasman flights and also that National have advocated for an intensive vaccination program. If they were the Government would Jacinda and labour limp back to their electorates and have their public critique of the National Government castrated to the form of a zoom meeting. Not sure they would. If Judith was a visious bitch in that interview Indira was a pedantic cow. Just saying.

    • The hypocrisy by Collins was astounding. Indira holding Collins to account and Collins complaining, apparently the opposition can just go about saying whatever they like unfettered. (think Woodhouse). Collins complaining it’s not about her, pretty sure it was Collins on the T.V. not anyone else. I can see a return to her other profession of tax lawyer shortly because her Muldoon lookalike performance was not a winner. She’s a terrible politician but as many have said as long as she-s in charge the left bloc are a shoe in.

    • If Judith or her Party had of been in Govt & in charge when the Pandemic struck, you’d be either Dead or hooked up to a Ventilator & that’s the reality of it as Martyn explained? National is a venal, deathcult Party led by a heinous jackal of a woman called Judith Collins who would have sacrificed NZers Health & lives to preserve it’s vacuous & empty Neoliberal Ideology, Cowards with no Philosophical values except their own venal self interest? You summed it up perfectly Martyn!

      • Wow, you have such great foresight. Perhaps you can tell us the lotto numbers this weekend if you can predict the future so succinctly?

  7. John, Green bus et al.
    Forget about Judith. Park it. Waste of typing time. She gone. She history. Timing not quite right yet – too much general focus on “Will I die?”. When general focus goes back on ” Will I be poor?” or “Will I ever buy a house?” or…then! TALK ABOUT TIMING!!! Yesterday’s TDB monster headline: 49 Cases – Jacinda (single-handedly Chuck Norris style) crushed the virus! (Bolly, Moet, Veuve, pop the corks). Today’s spoiler: 75 cases. So Martyn, can you give us today’s lotto number before 7pm please. You’re good at this!

  8. Once our farmers realise they’ve been fucked by national for generations, and not in that good way, the natzo’s will be done for.
    The gruesome cadre of banker and money lender swine who coagulated together in the pubs of 1930’s Auckland to form the brain-numbing blood clot that is the natzo’s are losing their purchase on the hearts and minds of the exhausted and exploited farming communities and when the penny finally drops, as it certainly will in rural, primary industry AO/NZ I’d hate to be a natzo, a banker or a rorting, parasitic, money-lender mercantile firm.

    • :Once our farmers realise they’ve been fucked by national for generations, and not in that good way, the natzo’s will be done for.”
      True @CB. But WHEN do you think that might be?
      And why do you think its taking such a long time?

  9. Collins’s behaivour/reaction from start to finish was a train-wreck of an interview on her part.

    She just doesn’t Do It for National and her interview and the National Party Damage Control afterwards has become a joke both of Collins and of course National.

    National again and as per usual resorted to blame games. An excuse that has now way passed its Used By Date. Blaming others for the reaction of Collins is unacceptable. What she did today was abhorrent and disgusting. But for National to blame others is equally as ridiculous as Collins came across.

    What National has become is something I am sure no political party would ever want to be. In say 10 years time they will be celebrating 100 years in existence. But it has taken ONE woman with a NPD to destroy that very party within ONE year.

    So what National have on their hands is an insane and mentally unstable and obviously personal jealousy ridden person called Judith Collins who has done more damage to National than one person could achieve in 100 years. She is their leader and she is a poor reflection upon that now minor political party.

    Here we have it!!! If Collins is incapable of answering a question without resorting to sniping and jealousy ridden temper tantrums how can we expect her to be a leader of New Zealand and NZ if by some misfortune she becomes prime minister of this country????!!!!

    We are in the middle of a pandemic and all Collins seems to be obsessed with is sniping and having school yard bully boy/girl tactics whilst throwing her toys like say Zoom out of her crib in attempt of saying “Look at ME(Collins). Aren’t I fantastic?????!!!!!”

    She isn’t leader material and I am sure National could do better than a bitter old woman who has allowed personal jealousy of a much younger woman over-ride any sense of caring about NZ and NZers.

    But then I doubt Collins cares about anyone else but Judith Collins. She is very much ego-ridden and self-obsessed.

  10. MP Judith Collins can always try promising further house-price-increases.

    But really Labour have beat her to the punch. How can she compete with Labour’s historic house-price-increases and direct cash injections to businesses?

    All she has left to promise is a crack-down on the growing anti-social behavior of the poor, the rolling back of healthy-home-standards and reversing the foreign-buyers-ban.

    Labour have already reversed the money truck up and dumped billions into the living-rooms of property speculators and the business community. The asset price inflation under Labour has not just pushed-the-boat-out – it’s set it sailing!

    MP Judith Collins could promise austerity along with her crack-down on the poor – after all they’re mostly Labour voters whom have seemingly dug themselves this hole?

    • John Key borrowed $NZ50bn and relied on housing speculation to feed his so called rock star economy. House/land prices increased 120% between 2010 and 2017 and we are still paying it back. If Natz get into Govt they will introduce tax cuts for the rich and remove tax interest restrictions so property speculators can feed their GDP. In addition they will open the borders to delta and infect Maori and Pacifica and their demographics – old grumpy men and women.

  11. Peter I obviously know who Mike Hoskings is mainly because he is frequently referred to on this blog site.I don’t listen to his radio programme and don’t subscribe to the NZ Herald.
    However I do concede that his style of interviewing would most likely be right of the display by this this morning’s interviewer who I thought displayed incredible bias.
    It’s seems many people out there are consumed by hate for anything to do with the National Party.
    Anyway I guess that’s what politics does to people they lose any sense of objectivity or indeed fairness.They obviously don’t subscribe to the be kind mantra.

    • John – the National Party, and Act to the right, are made up of climate deniers. They would have had the country open and our health system would have collapsed by now. Big business rules both parties, along with the gun lobby as part of Act. Judith Collins is an out and out racist. They’ve spent the last 12 years specialising in character assassination and then turned it on themselves. They are utterly toxic, and not in the least bit progressive.

      Born to rule attitude, power for power’s sake.

    • Yes John, but the problem I have is the way Judith Collins reacted; she is obviously incapable of doing a short interview without losing the plot and saying some pretty dumb things. For their own survival National need to get rid of her before the situation becomes irretrievable and Act become the major opposition party.

    • “It’s seems many people out there are consumed by hate for anything to do with the National Party.”
      National wrecked this country. Shat on the people with super smugness ala John Key. People hate them for that. Personally I despise National supporters more than the party itself. This is where the rotting corpse of National is feeding, gets money and ideas. The greedy selfish conservative supporters are feeding the beast which is National, not the other way around. Judith is just like them which probably explains why so many defend her and her horrid party. Act are worse.

    • Where was the bias, is it not allowed to ask if she was tested before she came across from Auckland in level four in a pandemic . Is she not at risk of catching or infecting people with the virus , can you imagine if the PM did this the bully boys and girls would be salivating.

  12. It’s seems many people out there are consumed by hate for anything to do with the Labour Party.
    Anyway I guess that’s what politics do to people, they lose any sense of objectivity or indeed fairness.

  13. Flattered Bert that you used my narrative to make your point.
    Anyway we should always attempt to accept other points of view and I accept you don’t accept mine and that’s fine.

  14. I watch the evening news with a sad heart . Months of no covid and time to prepare for the time when the inevitable happened and it struck again. Immediately we did the easy move of lockdown a necessary move but two weeks in and we are told nurses are in short supply for the ICU beds people are going without food for 5 days as food banks run out. Still no spit test to speed up testing. MIQ closes down all,together for overseas people as we need the space for home grown cases. The call by experts to build purpose built accomadationignored.Maori and Pacifica leaders have been ignored and now the cost to the nation is adding up.
    This government has wasted an opportunity to get ahead of the play and instead spent time on banning gay conversion and hate speech making life harder for businesses and farmers to operate while doing nothing about providing housing either to buy or rent .
    While all this is going on the opposition is trying to score aimless political points .

    • Trevor, again I agree. What we require is a massive investment in infrastructure, the likes our country has not seen before. This will require massive borrowing to meet the need of our bulging population. Sadly this won’t happen as the attack by opposition of crippling our country with debt is just to much for any Government to bare.
      Thus we are left with a different type of debt, with increased poverty, wage stagnation and a massive gap between the haves and the have nots.

      • Thanks Bert. Like me you would remember the M.O.W. that did all the massive work likes dams tunnels etc. I arrived in 1973 and meet many ex workers . who got their start in life working for this organisation. I imagine if these works were proposed today there would be years of protests from different areas and the finished job would be underpare like Transmission Gully
        . How do we get this message to those in power to stop their silly games and face the future with a will to work towards the common good.

        • My grandfather( would be 121 years of age if alive today) worked for the M.O.W. and they built the Tapu / Coroglen road by hand/ shovel. It is still loose metal chip to this day. You would think with all the modern technology, these projects would be completed on time. One can only assume, it’s all about the politics and all about the money. One thing about the M.O.W, they got things done.
          Sadly we have, as you say Trevor, silly games at play.

    • Trevor S – Are they banning gay conversion ? It looked like the PM wants to imprison parents who deny their children puberty blockers – and that government hate speech proposals are to stop people criticising them. It’s Simon Bridges who doesn’t want to punish parents for exercising the same cautious stance as a rather large consensus of overseas medical experts do.

      Children being hungry angers me as much as politicians waffling about it does, but the bigger picture of children receiving a message that they don’t matter, and governments designating the poor a sub-species, is as bad as it gets.

    • Say it like it is, Denny. And sending in a significantly younger curvy female, making Collins look that much older, was sort of slimey – it’s the sort of thing that some men think funny – and a creeping workplace dynamic in government depts and academia, younger female heads being used against older.

      When Stewart asked Collins whether she’d had something done which she wasn’t required to, I thought her impudent, and just trying to rile Collins – the personal probing about the Samoan community wasn’t exactly relevant either – it was a straight out hit job on Collins and a colossal waste of time – nothing useful at all.

  15. Bert I don’t feel any hate for Labour Party people and never will.
    Hate is not an emotion I feel for people.
    Tolerance and acceptance of other people’s views much more productive.
    Anyway as always good fortune to you Bert.

  16. Lux(ury)on is even worse than Collins but Ardern is no different. They are all elites trying to enrich themselves and not caring about the country as a whole. Jacinda does not believe that ghost homes are a problem and cancelled a CGT. All while her and her families wealth are exploding due to her policies. How can she front us without being completely ashamed with so many poor and young totally destroyed by HER polices?

    • We had 9 years of John Key & his nasty Natz Party who magnified the wealth & income gap & created many of the problems NZ is facing now regarding the rundown Health system, a Housing crisis they denied existed & many other inequalities but somehow you claim that’s all Jacinda’s & Labour’s fault? Labour has to fix the fuckups, incompetence, Debt & the mess left behind by the hopeless Natz, as is always the case when the inherit the Nation after these Natz morons get booted out of power! And you claim that Jacinda is enriching herself, how pathetic, I don’t see Jacinda living in a multi million dollar mansion in Parnell like John Key did, then score himself a lucrative job, post Political career, with the ANZ, no doubt from the Financial connections he made while he was PM!

      • And when he was asked what his legacy would be, he replied ” not getting the flag changed”. For that he was knighted!

  17. Collins claims she talks to her husband every day. My question is does her husband really LISTEN to her or has he too been bullied into submission like she has probably done to the National MPs and especially those she quickly promoted in a Zoom cabinet re-shuffle????!!!!

    • Just me. Whether Collins talks with her husband every day, and whether she does so constructively or not, is not your business or mine. Transposing her political goings-on into her personal spaces achieves zilch.

  18. The TVNZ hit job on crush was pretty shite sending in a coffee coloured news influencer to interview Judith. What was the point? Oh, I know. Attack her for being a racist! What a fuckn joke. The influencer should be taking an employment Grievance against her employer for hurt and humiliation for been used as a ‘token’ by a racist state propaganda media organisation.

  19. I personally don’t think Judith will ever be prime minister, but if I was her or the National party one of my policies would be to cut all govt funding to any media organisations. Many would think that political suicide as they would then on purpose paint you in a bad light to keep their snout in the tax payer trough.

    So what would change then? Nothing.

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