MEDIAWATCH: Andrea Vance & Spin-off begging their woke supporters to not be arseholes is the best thing to happen this week

Weekly Editorial Meeting at Stuff

Andrea Vance & Spin-off begging their woke supporters to not be arseholes is the best thing to happen this week.

It’s funny that two of the largest recipients of tax payer funded NZ on Air social engineering are having to beg their woke audience from Trumping the news media.






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I always thought everyone knew Spin off was nothing more than a social engineering Government propaganda platform for middle class millennials masquerading as ‘journalism’, but the amount of Government money poured into the SpinOff has surprised us all.

The SpinOff is Wellington’s megaphone in Auckland and its ‘journalism’ consisted of framing a Labour Party Staffer for rape from someone who doctored evidence.

This grotesque wound of ‘journalism’ didn’t stop SpinOff drowning in taxpayer dollars because the way NZ on Air works means a select few elite opinion platforms get all the cash to ensure their elite opinion circle jerk shuts out all else.

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigor of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

$6million dollars so white people can feel guilty and virtue signaling their therapy learnings just seems so fucking Wellington, am I right?

The huge amount of cash shoveled down the throat of The Spin-off to regurgitate woke mantra is only par with what Stuff has been getting.

I laughed so hard at the following list because you can’t actually write satire this funny.

I swear to Christ this is real money handed out to by NZ on Air to Stuff for real content…

  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $301,000
    Project: A “cultural competency course” for Stuff journalists “to fundamentally shift representation in NZ media”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $143,000
    Project: A documentary on the production of an opera about the “unruly British tourists”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $97,000
    Project: A podcast series named “Crying At Work” that shows “what the real-life consequences are for the women who find themselves in the brutal news cycle”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $120,000
    Project: Four podcast episodes about “the anarchic radical feminists who put their feet on the accelerator of social change”

Apparently Stuff could take $300k for a ‘cultural competency course’ which didn’t cover goading Martin Devlin into a suicide.

When you consider the threats the Australian owned Fairfax was making to the Government at the time, promising to slash the public interest journalism if regulators didn’t allow them to create a media monopoly, it’s hilarious how Stuff NZ has taken just a year to morph into the woke virtue signal of choice for grim middle class identity politics devotees.

The symbiotic relationship between Stuff’s journalists & woke lynch mobs creates an unholy conclave of word crime denouncements and cancellations while denying cancel culture is even a thing.

The woke middle class identity politics dogma Editorial position and the cacophony of intersectionist grievances fighting for hierarchy is as much fun as dental surgery using keyhole entry through your anus.

We get it, every man is awful, all white people are racist, ‘To kill a Mockingbird‘ is hate fiction, I promise to burn all my Harry Potter books, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, etc etc etc.

Sure the earth is melting and a handful of oligarchs own more than the rest of the planet, but let’s focus on why middle class women deserve more.

Alison Mau’s 10 billionth column on why men are shit should be celebrated with a live streamed castration.

It’s good that Stuff is now NZ owned and its journalism matters but it’s simply become another seat at the dinner party echo chamber of NZ on Air funded elite opinion that stretches from the Spin-off to RNZ. The same content, same voices, same questions, same agreed social narrative.

Same. Same. Same.

Nice to see RNZ take a whipping in the latest ratings…

MediaRoom: Tide goes out on RNZ

The latest radio industry ratings would have caused grimaces at RNZ – which has watched its National programme slip to fourth most listened-to station in the land after sitting at number one just a year ago.

…Stuff NZ adds to the growing political polarization, it doesn’t diminish it.


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  1. “Nice to see RNZ take a whipping in the latest ratings…”

    Haha….getting their just desserts, I see! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Martyn. I hadn’t seen it.

    RNZ National lost me as a listener, to a large extent at the beginning of 2019, and completely by the beginning of 2020. They’re no loss: I get my news online nowadays, and I listen to Concert. Which would be even better if it took no news bulletins at all from RNZ National.

  2. Totally agree D’Esterre.
    I stopped listening to RNZ National some years ago.
    The previous in depth source of news and interviews turned into a bland nothing.
    As for The Spin-off it’s a joke.

  3. Good summary, the only thing missing is the inclusion of Newsroom in the circle jerk of woke propaganda.

    RNZ (shouldn’t they be Radio Aotearoa?) is disappearing up its own backside with their insufferable woke dogma. Love the righteous management sticking to their virtuous guns even as they sink beneath the air waves.
    The fact their former listeners are all going to Hosking and co tells us plainly what listeners think of their brand of progressive horseshit.

    Once I was all for a government tv/radio/online merger to allow actual journalism but RNZ (and stuff and spin-off and newsroom) is so far warped, with no charter to ensure any hint of balance, it is something to avoid at all costs.
    We do not want Pravda across all media channels in this country.
    Defund RNZ and every other public funded edifice actively destroying the cohesiveness our society.
    Labour will not be in power forever, let the troughers learn why you don’t attack swathes of taxpayers funding their wages when the other team is in.

    • Keepcalmcarryon: “We do not want Pravda across all media channels in this country.”

      Pravda means “truth”. It seems to me that we surely could do with more of that in all of our media outlets!

      I’ve just finished reading David Talbot’s book “The Devil’s Chessboard”, about Allen Dulles, who made the CIA what it is today. I’m reminded of it because of your reference to pravda: it’s largely down to Dulles and his obsessive anti-Communism that there was a Cold War at all, along with the pervasive and persistent Russophobia which still infests international affairs.

      I recommend Talbot’s book. It’s an eye-opener. Among other things, you’ll see the origins of the propaganda which has been broadcast by news media both here and overseas for all of my longish life.

      • Cheers I will look it up when I’m not being snowed under at work!
        the Pravda I refer to of course with the capital P is the single source of government “truth”.

        Of course the media message has always had its bias either way.
        What we haven’t ever had here until now is government money buying the message in the team of $55 million.
        Do we want further skewing of reality across tv Internet and radio? When their message is division and bigotry?
        No thanks. Defund them.

  4. I’m pleased to see the pushback too in the ratings drop. What’s happening at TVNZ? I love Maori culture and have done Te Reo courses but I’m over feeling obliged to it. I don’t think we all need to pretend we are Maori to respect the culture. Such as primary school pupils only singing Maori songs and no others as I was recently told by a teacher. I really hope the anti-woke movement can become more visible but unfortunately it will be divisive and feeds into the agenda. Is there a wise leader waiting in the wings who can perhaps channel Ghandi?

  5. Like I have been saying for some time. The middle class are the scum of the earth.
    Most of the scribblers on spinoff are recovering mental health service users who’ve had a traumatic middle class upbringing and blame the GFC for their inheritance been cut or reduced. Meaning they had to find a fucking job!

    Fuck the middle class!

    • Denny Papa: “Most of the scribblers on spinoff are recovering mental health service users who’ve had a traumatic middle class upbringing and blame the GFC for their inheritance been cut or reduced.”

      What? This sounds like a Sam rant. You aren’t related to him (or her) are you?

      Be thankful for the middle classes. They pay most of the tax, and that keeps the economy afloat. Including the benefit system.

      • I should explain that last comment . . anyone who says ‘fuck the middle class’ is just instantly appealing . .

  6. The problem is that in this “media ecosystem” that’s been created for us, is that good journalists (i.e. those that are familiar with that quaint old idea of the 4th Estate and the public square/s[here) now have to find whatever platform they can.
    Often they just fuck off to places like Al or Bob Jazeera.
    There’s good and bad – and even pathetic on every platform – whether it’s RNZ, the Shub, TVNZ, the Spinoff, Newsroom, TS and elsewhere.
    Don’t expect it to change anytime soon. It’ll need to play out because sure as shit there isn’t a politician or a public agency that gets it. Most of them seem to have imagination bypass surgery or they’re committed to their own egotistical agendas that fit very nicely with the current cistern.
    RNZ for example seems to be trying to ape NPR – although for me it still has some bloody good people pushing against the tide..
    There are diminishing elements of good on each of the platforms in that “media ecosystem” – in “that space, going forward”

    • OnceWasTim: “…it still has some bloody good people pushing against the tide..”

      In the days when I used to listen to RNZ National, Phil Pennington was one of the best. I have no idea if he’s still there. When I abandoned RNZ National, I was a bit sad not to be hearing him. But that wasn’t enough to keep me as a listener.

  7. Excellent piece! The govt’s $55 million is a Faustian bargain for the media. For a while, every begging letter The Spinoff put out on social media asking for donations had a welter of comments pointing out that they were already paid handsomely by the govt and they had a cheek crying poor and asking for more from punters (who have already paid through their taxes).
    Now those kinds of comments disappear very quickly.

  8. I think the drums of “all men are rapists”, “be suspicious of all fathers as potential child sex offenders” etc beat much louder back in mid 1980s through to mid 1990s.
    It led to some egregious miscarriages of justice.
    We have signs that things are heading back that way again.

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