How can Jacinda reset from Woke poll slump?


The adults of the Left inside Jacinda’s Office have to punish the Political management of this and the bullshit woke social engineering crap.

Locking people up for 3 years in prison for hurting a millennials easily triggered feelings means we are going to have a million boomers in prison.

Locking parents up in prison for 5 years for stopping their kids from taking puberty blockers is political cyanide.

Everyone in a liberal progressive democracy deserves the same agency. Muslims, Queer or Trans people shouldn’t feel abused and threatened or frightened of simply being in public.  Graeme Edgler has written extensively upon this and makes excellent points on how we could balance freedom of speech with the right to not feel threatened.

The debate must be focused on anti-harassment, not free speech!

Adding gender identity and religion to the existing discrimination legislation is absolutely righteous, our fellow citizens and comrades deserve to live in a society that can’t discriminate against them!

Labour’s 9point plunge and ACT at never before highs however is a direct response to woke Hate Speech backlash – TDB have been warning about this since 2020 election – jailing people for 3 years by criminalizing free speech and 5 years for blocking puberty blockers will only win votes for ACT.

People want solutions to housing, inequality, climate change & covid recovery, what they are getting are blasphemy laws, criminalising the misuse of pronouns and an $800million bike bridge.

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Shitting on Mike King also isn’t helping.

Labour urgently needs big vision stuff.

Jacinda needs to announce a Cabinet reshuffle and announce a new agenda moving forward after listening to the people.

  • Hate Speech laws – The solutions here are beefing up and expanding our current systems to ensure people aren’t harassed or discriminated against, the solution is not handing the power to censor opinions to the State! We must also be focused on better public broadcasting and more regulations on social media (including taxes to fund that journalism) to stop the algorithms from weaponising debate.
  • Ute tax removed if owner lives in rural postcode.
  • More flexibility on planting seasonal crop.
  • Dump the gay conversation law – you can’t quantify it and it’s inadvertently including the minefield of Trans issues and it’s 5 years in prison for Christ’s sake! How can we on the progressive left criticize prisons yet as soon as it’s bashing homophobes we get all medieval and want 5 years hard time?
  • Announce satellite towns and mass house building and public transport hubs built by a Ministry of Works.
  • Step into the Supermarket duopoly with a State owned supermarket and lower food prices.
  • Healthy free lunches and breakfast in every school.
  • Free public transport.
  • Medicinal loose herb cannabis in a fully functioning market now to generate jobs.
  • Acknowledge the borders are closed for another 5 years and start our own domestic pharmaceutical industry.
  • Give Gumboot Day some bloody money! Mike King has committed the cardinal sin of embarrassing the Ministry and is being punished for doing phone counseling far more effectively than their ticket clipping.
  • Bike Bridge – dump it, give cyclists a ferry crossing and when the underground bridge is built give the Harbor Bridge to them.

Labour need to start delivering above keeping Covid out. It needs policy that directly impacts people’s pockets and gives them hope that there can be a better planned future.

Woke virtual signals and an online activist base who make piranhas look kind is poisoning the Labour brand.

If Government wants to make NZ more ‘socially cohesive’ they should build more houses, use a wider range of taxes against corporations and fully fund mental health, education and public health – they shouldn’t implement underthought woke nonsense.


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  1. I don’t think Labour have the talent or the ability to deliver anything other than amendments to bits of legislation and tinkering with others. It’s becoming quite clear.

    This morning the Herald run an article this morning spelling out the Justice reform report called for in 2017, delivered in 2019 with much fanfare that has had precisely nothing done with it. One example is people waiting over two years in Whanganui for a jury trial as a standard. That is a broken justice system. Andrew Little did sweet FA with this portfolio and now Faafoi refuses to front the media. That man is useless but he was put there in this important portfolio by Jacinda and continues to woefully underperform.

    I rather suspect our PM is struggling. Her go to is PR, but it’s the substance that is missing in action. Constantly.

    Forget the idiotic social engineering, they are 5 minutes and one more delivery failure away from being outed as frauds.

    • Well if they are frauds then well done for spotting that in 4 years, given it took 9 years of fraudulent behaviour by National for anyone to take notice.

  2. I have a brilliant idea!
    Let me put it in simple terms.
    Cyclists on the North Shore want exercise.
    They want to cycle across the harbour to Auckland and back.
    I am sure many people are familar with those little pedal powered boats used in sheltered waterways.
    In fact, passenger ships were at one time equipped with pedal powered lifeboats.
    I am sure you can see where I am going with this.
    Who will join me in doing some market research to find out how many cyclists would be willing to use such craft to pedal backwards and forwards across the harbour?
    When we find out the numbers we can use recycled plastic to construct the necessary pedal craft to carry these wank( sorry North Shore residents) across the harbour and back. They could hire them or buy them and make money for those willing to join me in forming a firm to construct such vessels.
    Certainly save the cost of a bridge and as added entertainment we could probably drown some of the bastards.
    This is a concept that global warming and rising sea levels can only make more appealing.

  3. Well we had nine years of uselessness so we should be use to it and this newly elected majority government has had how many years to make so many changes and fix how many years of fuck ups. I see many of the red necks who previously voted for National and de Act party are returning to the roost. But do we really want to go back there, nah! De Act and Nationals policies will only exacerbate further inequalities something we don’t need in a time of a global epidemic.

    • “National and Acts policies will only exacerbate futher inequalities” have you been a sleep for the past four years? This kind, caring, progressive, transformational government is doing the same! Labour isn’t some angelic party of saints, they’re further entrenching neoliberalism and division, whilst also allowing inequalities and poverty to explode. This is exactly what I was talking about the other day. Too many of us think Labour is the opposite to National. This iteration of Labour isn’t, it’s the bloody same! And we need to all wake up to that fact and demand that they change, we have a majority ffs. CGT, climate change legislation, rental standards and renters rights, infrastructure projects and fiscal policy for the betterment of all is in our grasp. But we are frankly fucking this up. Please, wake the hell up people, if we accept this and don’t voice our opposition, they will think tinkering around the edges and achieving little is great, it’s not and we shouldn’t tolerate it!

      • “Too many of us think Labour is the opposite to National. This iteration of Labour isn’t, it’s the bloody same!” Rubbish. Bomber and others have previously listed all the changes Labour have made that definitely wouldn’t happen with Natz or Act. In fact they would reverse the lot and go backwards. It would be good to see some more of these lists of changes on this site.

          • No. GreenBus is correct. Labour have made significant improvements, eg lunches in schools. However somewhere down the line they seemed to put the brakes on. They have not done and are not doing nearly enough.

    • While I would agree there were areas that National dropped the ball but for nearly 50 percent of the population they made the right decisions and the economy was sound . One big problem was some did not get their share of this success for a number of reasons.
      Compare that with the growing disaster that is showing itself after 4 years of Labour they need to take heed of those that are not on board with their cazy moves

      • October 2015:
        “The series has shown that numbers of people begging on our streets is increasing. ”

        July 2017:
        From that link:

        Kapiti Councillor Jackie Elliott left the plush confines of Sky Tower in Auckland this week to see at first-hand the other side of life in our largest city.

        She met and mixed with the beggars, homeless and hungry who suffer on the streets, while the ‘haves’ gorged themselves on food and drink in the warmth of the city’s gambling and conference centre.

        Cr Elliott was attending the Local Government conference. Here’s her report:

        This one was a chance to bring the latest in local Government ideas back to KCDC’s senior management team, but my most valuable lessons were learnt on the street outside SkyCity.

        Rotorua’s Cr Raj Kumar, hit the nail on the head when he rose from the 600 delegates to ask the speaker at the morning session: ‘What about the real problems?’

        ‘Are we going to talk about the real issues outside here, and in every city in NZ. Homelessness, meth drugs, families living in cars, and begging?’

        While the “H” word had been dropped a few times, no one, not even the Prime Minister and the other four political party leaders, really dwelt on the homeless long enough to expose their lack of a solution.

        Homelessness was on no-one’s agenda.” More at the link

  4. Yesterday was her first day away due to illness since the Covid lockdowns. (From a Herald article.) That is a phenomenal effort! But it can lead to burnout. I really hope she gives herself sufficient time away to fully recover.

    People in those incredibly demanding roles need time out, even if they seem 100% fit and healthy. …Just to be able to step back from it all, and re-gain perspective. Being PM while keeping Covid away from our shores must be a bit like being a war-time PM. Those cannot take time out either.

    • Let’s hope she does regain perspective and uses some of her political capital to enact policies we all need, even if we don’t think we do. CGT, climate legislation, it’s time to be bold. Let’s not waste this majority by being vanilla. It may be the only time we ever get the chance.

        • Who the hell cares what they would do. Labour is in a majority government, time for them to step up. Stop the whataboutism.

          • Yes. Covid took all the focus. The wokey pronoun etc crew used the time to try and slip crap under the radar. Now, time for govt to shake that lot down a bit and get real.

    • People all over the country experience the same. The only difference between them and dear Leader is that she gets paid while ill or on holiday, and the rest of us – unless in proper paid employment – don’t get paid. Neve mind the rising living costs, the unaffordability of houses to buy or to rent, food going through the roof etc. Yeah, nah, i think dear Leader will be fine as. But hey let’s give the back the government its 9.5 % it dropped for failure to deliver cause dear Leader has the ‘sniffles’. yeah, nah, nah.

  5. ‘Jacinda needs to announce a Cabinet reshuffle and announce a new agenda moving forward after listening to the people.’

    Reshuffle? Shuffling a deck of cards full of 2s,3s and 4s (and no aces, kings, queens, jacks -not even 10s), is not going to help.

    Besides, Jacinda is not in her current position to look after the welfare of the populace: her mandate is to facilitate the agendas of banks, corporations and opportunists -which she is doing quite well. And to lie to the masses- -which she did quite well a few years ago but is surely losing her touch now.

    Declare a ‘climate crisis’ and promote policies that make it worse faster.

    Declare that she will ‘tackle housing, health, education….’ and make them all worse.

    The globalists LOVE Jacinda for facilitating further looting and polluting of NZ, and for the enslavement and propagandsing of the masses.

    • Hidden agenda, not so hidden anymore but some will still not see the wood for the trees. Listen to Parliament question time and you will hear snippets of the truth as they unwittingly try to distract listeners from the reason behind their failures. They do not serve nz as a first priority but are proud to indicate where their political allegiance really lies.

  6. “But do we really want to go back there? Nah!” Agree!
    But it’ll take more than a few years to clean up the mess left by the Nats.
    Labour, please stop majoring in the minors, and get on with what really needs your attention and action.
    Time and political capital is running against you.
    Just do it!!! The return of a Nats/ACT government is the last thing A/NZ needs right now.
    Save us from such a disaster… please!

  7. I would like to see her stand up to Mr Robs and tell him, “No, Grant. You cannot do that. What you are doing is morally and ethically wrong. Not to mention deceptive. Grant, you promised that all beneficiaries were about to receive an across the board increase of $50.00 a week. …A sliver above $7.00 a day.

    “And then, Grant, you said, “Well yeah,… Nah!” and withheld more than half until sometime next year. Again, you cannot do that – You cannot make headlines with a promise, and then withhold delivery until the next year.”

    As well, she needs to ensure that this IS an actual increase, miserly as it is, – End the sick, pathetic claw-backs from the poorest of the poor.

  8. If they are serious about children’s health then they will immediately go to work on removing the GST off all fruit and veggies and other essential foods. Without that, their protestations about caring for kid’s health is meaningless – really just empty words.

    • Yes Kheala!, demand action and change, not the status quo. We all deserve better and we need to ensure our representatives know this. Don’t accept mediocrity from them, that’s not why we gave them our support.

      • Never forget that the easiest option is to do nothing. Politicians are expert at doing nothing. And they are expert at collecting huge salaries for doing nothing. They are also prone to breaking the very ‘rules’ they like to impose on others.

        The key to keeping the masses deluded and believing [the bullshit] is clever marketing -as per Obama’s “Hope and change you can believe in”, Adern’s “Let’s do this”, followed three years later by “Let’s keep moving” etcetera, etcetera. Repeated over and over again.

        ‘Team NZ’ is yet another hook to catch unwary fish.

        There is no ‘team’ (other than the team of looters and polluters that make up the global ‘elites’, otherwise known as scumbags).

        It’s quite clever how the manipulators of society persuade uninformed fools to think they are part of a team and that it all means something. That applies to corporatised sport and the current farce of the Olympics, of course.

        “It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for you.” -George Carlin

      • Exactly. We are paying them – We are paying all MPs generous salaries. Some of them are pulling their weight – Andrew Little eg works like a trojan. Some think they can do the job or multiples, but they’re not really managing it – Faafoi has too many portfolios for starters – He does not seem to be coping well. Some others.. just fluff around.

        Again, we are paying them. They are there to represent us. How’s it working out then?

        • I know from personal experience that Andrew Little is a nasty, lying scoundrel. And he was so displiked in his home city he couldn;t even get elected.

          As leader of LINO he was so incompetent he had to go.

          Please wake up to reality, Kheala. These people are not your friends; they are self-serving liars who are mismanaging EVERYTHIING, and the consequences of their mismanagement will accumulate and multiply.

          (That is not an endorsement of any of the others in parliament, who are all tarred with the same brush of serving corporations and banks and opportunists ahead of the people).

          We are now at the Wile E Coyote moment: off the cliff and treading air.

          The only positive is that matters are worse in most other parts of the world, not because of anything governments have done but simply because NZ had more resources per capita than most other nations. Had. Now mostly gone in a decades-long orgy of stupidity.

          The resources are gone, and the land and seas are polluted, but the stupidity persists.

    • NZ First Policy “To remove GST off fresh fruit and vegetables and essential food products.” I hope like HELL, Winston & NZ First get over 5% at the 2023 General Election.

    • I would suggest homelessness is worst now although it has changed from cars to motel .
      When in opposition Labour was a harsh critic of using motels. Begging has occurred in Chch since the 80’s under both regimes. These people are often effected by alcohol or drugs or have mental health . These people have been let down by those in power .

    • I agree with your opinion usually but if you know an accountant ask how much it would cost in extra administration to businesses if the simple GST model we have was changed to be like the Australian tax does . This would absorb much of the savings and then you get the arguement about what is fresh food . Prepared salads pies sandwiches fash juice?. would they be in or out ?

      • The govt can draw the line wherever.
        Other countries remove it across the board, off all food.
        If ours are too scared to do that, then start with the bare basics!

        Fruit and vegs, cheese and some dairy, bread, and honey because we produce it here – the best in the world, yet our own kids cannot afford it and instead buy toxic imported sugar because it is cheaper. BAD for the climate (air freight imports)! BAD for our children’s health! Bad for us all in NZ that we cannot afford our OWN HOMEGROWN foods, and instead buy CRAP from foreign places. A toxic policy for AO/ NZ!

  9. Shortly after the last election Jacinda was approached by a group of representatives of more than 50 organisations, including many of them run by volunteers, all asking her to please meet with them to discuss their concerns for the poor.

    My first shock moment since Jacinda became PM happened when she declined to meet with them. That has still not been made right and has left a scar of doubt in my mind and heart. HOW could she do that! How could she turn them away without meeting them, without listening to them, without any discussions.

    Unless or until that is made right, the gash of doubt will remain.

  10. The second major shock of disbelief irt actions of the present govt, was Grant’s virtual blank check grants to international mega-corporations, without any legal requirement to repay, including to McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Tesla – that one belonging to Musk, who blew the profits on a personalised rocket to the stratosphere.

    I still cannot find any way to process that action – of gifting huge amounts of govt money to those few who already have more than most of us could even imagine.

  11. Ironically . . . I live in a social housing complex with all sorts of people and the worst incidence of hate-like behavior I have witnessed was from my Transgender woman neighbour towards another resident with severe cerebral palsy. One day, when she saw him in the distance putting out his rubbish, she interrupted our amiable chat to, shockingly, horribly disparage him by imitating the sounds and actions of a foraging primate. It was a disgusting display from a highly educated trans women in her 60s.

  12. They need a new Minister for Housing – NOW!

    Megan has simply tossed it all into the too-hard basket, while delivering endless protestations as to stuff they say they are trying to do but cannot… blah… blah… blah…

    Any chance that Kiritapu Allan might take it on?
    She is one rare human being who could actually get things moving, get things done, – put some energy and effort into it and where necessary, think outside the box.

    Megan is sawdust.

    (Again, am I up for ‘hate speech’ now? – Anxiously looks over shoulder…)

    • Don’t think that Megan woman is really up with the play, they seem to be lost at sea on the housing issue, which Helen Comrade Clarke helped to create.

  13. …’The debate must be focused on anti-harassment, not free speech!’…
    You are 100% correct.

    I will admit I was less ‘Churchillian’ and more ‘Chamberlain- ian’ when I opposed Loren Sothern’s rotten viewpoints to be spread in our country. Looking back , she and her sidekick should have been ‘ debated’. However, I still resent the fact of a foreigner coming to our shores and spreading their odious racist opinions and stirring up stuff that we would have been left to pick the pieces up long after they left.

    What I didn’t acknowledge was the greater ramifications and that’s where my argument fell down. But, Mr Bradbury, you have expressed it well.

    …’The debate must be focused on anti-harassment, not free speech!’…

  14. If they have real intention to solve the housing crisis, and for many families it IS a crisis, then the least they can do is establish a working group/ think tank, (but NOT a “committee” of the usual sort that disappear never to be seen again) to specifically seek out solutions, to think outside the box, and to bring options back to parliament.

    EG: – A rep from each main party included in that working group.
    – A set time frame – eg about 6-8 weeks max.
    – Their efforts reported on each week, – back to parliament
    – They’re to look everywhere for solutions, regardless of how OTT those may seem initially. Look overseas – see what’s being done there, wherever they have had similar problems.
    – At the end of the 6-8 weeks, present potentially workable plans.
    There ARE options, for dealing with present problems and for finding solutions.

    • Kheala, it is pretty simple to solve the housing crisis, they just don’t want to.

      Housing is supply and demand led, just like health care.

      You need to lesson demand (aka new people, new people needing housing) while adding quick supply that people can afford (so adding huge mansions that take years to build, huge apartment blocks taking years to build, building expensive housing that the poor 40% of NZ can’t afford on minimum wages, high risk white elephant ventures (yep one of the governments ‘quick track’ ventures is being built on a flood plain and needing about millions of carbon emission of fill to mitigate a site that should not be built on in the first place in the middle of nowhere – cheap land – very profitable.) Government has focused on enormous complex builds for business profits that may be built in 5 – 10 years, instead of helping quicker, less intensive builds which is how traditional housing is built.

      People were prepared to wait 3 years and trust labour, but now 6 years and still not enough houses? Then if they start to need remedial work, the s**t will hit the fan if houses start failing. Also there is a supply chain issue with many building materials running short with Covid, so by consenting the most expensive and complex builds they run the risk of nothing being built for years.

      It is not helped by all the uncertainty with tax and rental laws. Making it harder to rent out a house and putting more requirements on it, will not help add housing. If landlords can’t get something compliant (due to lack of materials, labour, costs) then they will have to stop renting it by law.

      Even if you build the houses fast, if you keep adding in more people at the same time you will never be able to solve the housing crisis.

      • Government has focused on enormous complex builds for business profits that may be built in 5 – 10 years, instead of helping quicker, less intensive builds which is how traditional housing is built.

        Yes. Exactly.

  15. And rebuild our Navy reequipped with air launch capacity with an Air Force capable of supporting that Navy. Putting the Reserve Bank back under direct govt control to release funding for a nation wide housing / hospital / school build , re nationalizing out state forests and instead use that produce with value added produce, creating efficient rail transport systems both commercial and public, developing our awesome potential for fisheries- and that’s only a few periphery issues that the neo liberals destroyed and denied this country the ability to grow and prosper from !

    Its time we took our country back from these bloody neo liberal thieving pirates!

  16. He will most definitely get support from the many people frightened of where this Jacinda Ardern government is leading us.

  17. No I have my eyes and ears wide open and I still believe we are much better off under Labour than under National. I will see come election cause other wise I will be looking to the Maori party who have our best interest at heart.

    • We are, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for what they are giving us. Demand better and they will be better.

        • Neither, but for the now, the dinghy NZ is way better off than the shipwrecks we see overseas,… stay with Labour and command them to work for us, not pillage from us.

          Its gonna take a power of work to force them back towards pre 1984, but that is what this country needs happen to heal our ills.

  18. I think he will sue The Department that leaked the information to the media as Tolley and Bennett were found not guilty, so it was someone in the Internal Affairs Department that leaked the information to the vile NZ Press.

  19. National would do well to stop bedding ACT in Epsom, although the damage there is probably well set. The carnage left behind by the Key/Seymour coalition could be corrected if National ran in Epsom and at least give themselves an outside chance at the next election. If National let ACT stand alone at the last election, ACT would have gone the way of the previous Maori party. Dumping Collins may give themselves an even chance as she is tainted by dirty politics ,Oravida and Whailoil..

    • At over 5% of the vote (10-13% at the latest polls), under MMP the Epsom seat is largely irrelevant. Seymour plus his extra MPs get in and since his party is National’s only guaranteed ally (like the Greens are to Labour, because they have no where else to go), National are generally best served by not pissing him off. People vote ACT because they aren’t happy with Labour, NZ First or National (they likely never ever even considered voting for the Greens) & didn’t like some of the policies / felt their vote would be wasted on the New Conservatives.

      • You may well be right, my point is ACT has bastardized Nationals vote. This has come back to haunt them as it is clear to all, ACT’s rise has been Nationals fall. As the saying goes “if you dine with the devil, come with a long spoon” or “if you lay with the dogs you will get fleas”.

        • There is an advantage in having a coalition partner that “forces” you to do things you “really” didn’t want to do or stops you doing the things you “really” wanted to do. A sort of good cop / bad cop routine.

  20. Before adding in more taxes to workers, maybe the government has to start to get a spine and make people pay for things they owe, like health care and MIQ. It seems to be easier for Labeen to add new taxes than make people who owe money, to the state, pay up.

    Grandfather visiting from India faced with $64,000 medical debt after heart attack

    This is what happens when you ‘forget’ to pay your parents health insurance. They get sick and need expensive operations. In NZ we don’t leave people to die, we treat the most sick first which is good, but not so good when everyone else operations get cancelled and the Kiwi next in the queue die waiting for their operation can’t have it. That is why it does not seem very fair to keep bringing in large amounts of high risk visitors to NZ.

    Exclusive: 30,000 overdue for hospital treatment; Covid-19 recovery work off-track in some services

    The good news is that $64,000 is easily payable by the capital gains in this couples house. I’m sure they don’t want to burden the NZ health system, after all.

    Not the first time, ‘visiting parents’ need high level NZ health care.

    ACC approved for the “Not-Botulism” Kochumman Family

    Family ‘shocked’ after grandparents hospitalised for smoke inhalation

    Aged migrant parents health care is falling on NZ DHB’s and seems cruel that NZ can’t even give autistic men dental care anymore. (and the 30,000 still waiting for an operation).

  21. I agree with your opinion usually but if you know an accountant ask how much it would cost in extra administration to businesses if the simple GST model we have was changed to be like the Australian tax does . This would absorb much of the savings and then you get the arguement about what is fresh food . Prepared salads pies sandwiches fash juice?. would they be in or out ?

    • Trev, As I wrote above, the govt can draw the line at any point, thereafter it’s largely all computerised.

  22. A million boomers in prison wouldn’t be such a bad thing though. They really are the most awful people I have to deal with. Selfish, greedy, arrogant and just nasty most of them. Lock em up!

    • So long as I get me spirits, with ginger beer for my mixers, and one hearty meal a day of soup, buttered toast, or a few fried sausies an mashed spuds I’ll be happy. Oh, and a computer so that I can post on TDB to help defend the rights of you young uns. BTW,… whippersnapper, I live on the bones of my butt, – how bout you?

  23. In 2019 the NZSIS arranged with the Labour and National parties to purge ethnic Chinese from the New Zealand parliament. As I understand it there is now just one remaining ethnic Chinese member of parliament and that member has the stamp of “politically reliability” from the SIS.
    In 2021 the New Zealand government joined the Five Eyes in a policy of diplomatic, military and economic confrontation with China.
    Could these linked events have influenced the voting behavior of New Zealand’s Chinese community? Might they be part of the explanation for Labour’s decline in voter support?

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