The Daily Blog Open Mic – Tuesday – 3rd August 2021


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  1. I know you’re a one man operation, Martyn, as per William Cobbett, but you could do with a computer expert tuning up this site. One of the few good points of The Standard. It would increase interest and participation, particularly in this section. 37 years of the main Left interactive organ being run by an 84ist is disgusting. When I can tell you we all knew it was the devil a year on from 1984.

    Speaking of these fucking awfuls still around, still in influence, the regular fucken talker for the ‘Left’ on Nat Rad’s Monday morning politics segment. Makes my blood boil. Trotter, despite his odd paths, would be so, so , much better. I feel with Steven rich man who talks for us now as so someone has cut my, and so, in my belief, NZ’s throat. 1935 is our heart.

  2. yea booooi

    guess who just got their first motha effin vaccinaaatiiiiiion

    the clinic told me to spread the word ( so i’d assume that would go for any age – im ahead of time )

    all i did was walk in off the sreet and enquire not at all expecting to be vaccinated – however there were some immediately available – so who was i to say no !


    have finally got my vaccination and am relieved – all those bad stories of covid i see on TV can now get effed .

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