MEDIAWATCH: Andrea Vance is right – climate crisis will drown out Farmers


A storm is coming — and it’s one that will drown out Groundswell’s howl

Mother nature has a delightful sense of irony.

Not hours after the last Groundswell tractor chugged home, in a cloud of diesel fumes, the rains began to fall.

MetService issued a red warning – only the third in its history. A month’s average rainfall came down in two days in parts of the West Coast.

More than 2000 people were forced from their homes, major roads were closed, paddocks submerged, and Buller and Marlborough to declare local states of emergency.

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The flooding came hot on the heels of storms that have prompted states of emergency in Canterbury (when the last red warning was issued) and Wellington in the past two months.

At the same time, people in China, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands are reeling from recent flooding. And the US and Canada were struck by intense heat waves.

Single flooding events are not directly attributed to climate change. But scientists have warned that it makes weather events more extreme, and more common.

Farmers are among those most affected by the heat, fires and floods ramped up by anthropogenic climate change.

Andrea Vance is right – climate crisis will drown out Farmers.

This is the fundamental problem for the Right, extreme weather events are now occurring at a rate which can’t be ignored.

The latest global warming events suggest we have lost control of the situation and that extreme weather events are now the norm.

Farmers and the Right can try and tell the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind that global warming is a socialist hoax, but the hobbits are drowning under rising sea levels.

There’s a point when National Party propaganda, KiwiBlog propaganda, Taxpayer Union propaganda, ZB propaganda, ACT Party propaganda and Farmer propaganda against global warming is simply no longer listened to.

This isn’t just a challenge for the Right, it’s a challenge for the left as well.

I appreciate all white people are racist, all men are evil and anyone in support of free speech is a Nazi – but the planet is melting…

Human-induced global heating ‘causes over a third of heat deaths’

Between 1991 and 2018, human activity contributed to 37% of all heat-related deaths in locations studied

Canada heatwave: Hundreds of sudden deaths recorded

Hundreds of sudden deaths, many of them suspected of being heat-related, have been reported during Canada’s record-breaking heatwave, officials say.

Historic heatwave, extreme drought and wildfires plague North American west

US Pacific north-west and Canada see soaring temperatures and drought fuels flames as crisis illustrates climate breakdown

The largest student climate change protest group in NZ last month cancelled itself in a ritualistic  wokeocide because of historic racism and in recognition of woke dogma that that all white people are irredeemable racists.

While the identity politics clique continue to find ways to undermine solidarity in their ever grim critical race theory roulette of wounds and grievance, the planet melts.

The only winners by self mutilating broad church climate crisis protest movements for identity politics dogma are the polluters causing climate change.

The ferocity of the climate and constant science updates showing the worst case scenarios are becoming the only scenario is going to force a reckoning.

We either accept the future will be vastly more hostile with devastating climate events cascading constantly causing mass climate refugee movements and failed states or we pretend technology and recycling is going to save us.

I believe the former is going to happen and it will demand a radical reshape of our economy and military positioning.

The speed of tipping points makes this a 10 year transition.

Endlessly fighting over identity politic hierarchy when the fate of our planet is at stake seems remarkably egotistical.

Radical change is coming whether we are ready or not.

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  1. Of course the danger for the groundswell protest was always that it is easily misrepresented as farmers not wanting to change/denying climate change.

    Sure enough the establishment does just that.

  2. Bro the planet just wants to restore the natural order of things. Humans are a pest and nature always has a way to rid itself of pests that are out of control

    People are so human-centric that they think the world is there for humans only and revolves around human needs only. All solutions to global warming are flawed because they are all human-centric. These people are in for a rude awakening.

    nature always has the last laugh

  3. I note with interest that 600 new coal fired power stations are planned or in development in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan. According to Carbon Tracker these are threatening climate goal efforts worldwide.

  4. Every farmer I know is extremely conscious of climate issues they have it rammed down their throats every day by urban dwellers who in the main do nothing to assist the climate.
    To scapegoat farmers is in my view dreadful.
    Every farmer I know is making changes to his method of farming in the interest of the climate more than any other group in our society.
    Bureaucrats on large salaries with nothing at risk which includes members of parliament the most vociferous.
    People like David Parker who used to work for Howard Patterson one of New Zealand’s largest corporate dairy and poultry farmers.
    Change is required of that there is no denying but we all have to contribute.

  5. Keepcalmcarryon.
    I agree.
    It seems most New Zealanders think farmers have no regard for environmental issues and this belief has been driven by people seeking political advantage.

  6. Most dramatic moves to protect the world from itself have down sides that are not apparent until you try to put them into action . Biofuel for example means mono agriculture and fuel instead of food . The same can be said for the much promoted pretend meat which is manufactured in factories which take power and cause it’s own pollution. E V cars still need roads and use resurces to be built and powered. If the answers are to come from government like ours that are short term office holders looking to protect their pitch and get reelected then to put it bluntly I am sorry to say we are all F–ked .

  7. I hope Andrea Vance is right; we need to show our support for the changes that will restore the damage we have/are doing to the environment. Government’s are dependent on popular support to enact policy.
    For far too many years, and against countless warnings and evidence, we have measured success by financial profit; wilfully destroying the planet to make a quick buck.
    The sight of numerous utes and tractors in the cities driven by rebelling farmers, being egged on by the Oppostion leader’s “I’m proud of them” comment, shows the planet remains under enormous threat from the ‘profit comes first’ brigade.

    • Let’s be quite honest, on climate change we humans are going along for the ride on this one.

      NOTHING this government does, which is next to nothing, will make a difference. For once Jacinda’s lack of delivery is the correct answer. Honestly, who thinks a tax on high emission vehicles will do anything? And even if we were exemplary, NZ is not going to change a thing.

      Nor is any other country going to make the blindest bit of difference. In fact when you look at the timidity of politicians the world over, we just need to adapt.

      But on improv8ng water quality, this subject is easily within our control and is non negotiable!

      • I totally agree, we can not continue to pollute the water, but also we can not continue polluting the atmosphere, for as well as the warming effects of the emissions it is causing acidification of the oceans. Not being a climate scientist I can only believe what I am being told from ‘reliable’ sources about the sources of climate change, but seems to me if we deal with pollution in all its guises we will be on the way to limiting the environmental damage we continue to do.

  8. I think the bigger problem in NZ is the huge amount of hypocrisy on the environment.

    When it comes to taxing ordinary folks the government seems all for changing law/taxes to stop pollution.

    On the other hand, they are helping much bigger polluters to pollute NZ and say they can’t do anything, when they are signing off the permits and are setting the precedents for more big polluters in NZ!

    For example the case of the dome valley which needed government and council and independent commissioner approval for all stages of this process which includes removing 14km of streams for a landfill in a flood prone area and giving Overseas approval for the Chinese company to buy the land to develop as Landfill in the first place. In addition it sounds like they have approval to also take foreign toxic rubbish to the site. There are hundreds of truck movements per day into this area with the emissions and this seems to be a continual issue, of council approval these types of polluting truck movements constantly especially around Auckland which is already congested.

    Government loves to help huge multinational pollution into NZ while then going deciding all the environmental degradation needs to be from taxes and changes of ordinary people who for the most part don’t have a choice aka many farm machinery does not use electric power.

    Repost from Fight the Tip opposing the Dome valley rubbish tip consent. Apparently last days to have your say!

    “Auckland Council has signed off on removing 14 kilometres of streams in Dome Valley with a landfill. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. If our government isn’t hearing the voices of communities regarding the protection of precious waterways, how can we protect anything in our country?
    Have your voice heard. Tomorrow marks the final day to join as a section 274 party to the #fightthetip appeals.
    For more info on how to become a S274 party click the link below:

  9. Meanwhile, every rental property is to be fitted with a heat pump. Doesn’t seem very green to me. Landlords without heat pumps and underfloor insulation just put on an extra hoody and blanket when it gets cold.

    The nutters are attacking those that feed us. Supposedly lab produced food is the answer, and bugs that taste like bacon, so to hell with farmers.

    The left can’t figure out if they’re pro death or pro life. Won’t be happy until we’re all living in mud huts and eating ants.

    These clowns shutdown local fossil fuel just to import more. Hamstring small business to support off shore slave trade.

    • Generally agree, however Nicholai Tessler discovered ‘ free energy’ in the 19th century,… makes one wonder who holds the wealth, the power and the political clout from then up to 2021….

      Oh, and big pharma and inorganic farming loves the petroleum industry’s by products, making drugs that will never cure your cancer or phosphates that will deplete and destroy your food producing humous rich topsoil’s. Does the word ‘scam’ come to mind?

      • Yes, we are being scammed. We’re being told to trust big pharma, for one. We should be laser focused in rooting out corruption. But that focus is being diverted everyday.

  10. Ok. Here goes.
    I’ve already upset @john minto with a barrage of fuck words because minto, like others in relation to farming ,certainly and unsurprisingly, have no real idea about what they’re writing about. And I find that hugely frustrating in general terms and given what went on with regard to my farming experiences I’m entirely justified in feeling so. And I certainly feel entirely justified and well within my basic human rights to express my frustrations and exasperations in any way I feel’s necessary while only falling short of literal and actual physical violence and even then I have, on occasion, crossed even that line.
    People who read my comments, which are merely my personal opinions, must realise that I’m no hanky wringing, home spun, hand knitted pantie wearer. If you don’t like my narrative? Don’t fucking read on. Go and check up on your train set? Go and water your Guinea Pig. Go and hug your grannie, all good and sound things to do but when my froth’s up no good’s going to come out of the Parish Church Cake bake off Son!
    ( I also realise that @ MB as TDB’s editor, can, if he so choses, ban me from commenting here if he, or his colleagues at TDB see fit to do so. That clearly applies to other, guest bloggers like john minto, who can chose not to carry my words on their blogs. OK diddums. I get it. I’ll do my best to sanitise my words for the little wokesters. But this will be the last time I do so here. )
    Traditional AO/NZ farmers, Aye? Ya can’t kill em and ya can’t do without ‘em.
    Farming in AO/NZ is a fucking nightmare of a business and here’s why.
    Buy or inherit an area of land and begin to ‘farm’ it? But what does that mean?
    To ‘farm’ land?
    Land per se can be defined as being an area of non ocean surface of our planet and it’s what we humans did with it that defined the lands roll as being a ‘farm’.
    ‘Farming’ was a method of managing crops and animals which allowed us as a species to stop roaming about as smelly, unruly hunter/gatherers ( Think Glaswegians after a win in the football finals?) and instead of having to prey on migratory animals to hunt or to keep ahead of seasonal changes in order to harvest what was available. As a consequence of our enforced migratory ways, we humans had to be constantly on the move at the whim of game animals and seasonal weather.
    ‘Farming’ enabled evolutionary changes in human behaviour which gave rise to communities, societies, cities, countries and cafe’s and gave rise, equally, to multilingualism which would have lead to multiculturalism.
    One could argue, and indeed I do, that farming enabled all the glorious colour and complexities that we see as human, global, multiculturalism.
    So then why are our farmers so belittled and openly despised? Is it because a few cows shit and piss where the poor things must stand?
    I read somewhere recently ( If it was conveniently erroneous to deviously mislead the uncomfortable truth it was likely RNZ’s website ) that it was discovered that cows were the highest producers of CO2 in a certain region. Of course they were! They were the ONLY thing in that region that produced CO2.
    And that is what we must be careful of.
    There’s bullshit here and there’s bullshit in the msm. There’s bullshit on the internet and there’re literally mountains of bullshit land-sliding out of once were farmers who figured out, once unfettered by their conscience, that the easiest way to make millions was to exploit ones neighbours if they should find themselves in ‘unfortunate circumstances’ with the bank.
    AO/NZ farming today is a tangle of lies and logical fallacies. The farmers who recently held protests against their perceived exploiters got it right and they got it wrong.
    They were right to protest and their reasons for protesting were righteous too but they failed to grasp, yet, the deep infections that render them unable to effectively react in a manner that solves all their problems while staying on-side with their urban fellow humans.
    Farmers? You’re ALL being manipulated and exploited. Those of you whom believe the National Party are ‘for you’ and ‘on your side’ are the most vulnerable because you’re still under the spell of national’s bullshit. National will come along to your meetings and gatherings and talk to you in a manner that’s convincing yet hollow and meaningless, as they’ve done for generations.
    Labour, which is the stage two cancer of national’s infectious Machiavellian confederacies Post neoliberalism, is equally to blame for your terminal miseries.
    Farmers? Everybody wants a piece of your action for nothing. They must have you be poor, be quiet, to keep working harder, and to produce ever more and never mind the environment because we’d rather have a parasitic Auckland property developer cupping the balls of one or more of the foreign owned bankers than to see a filthy old fama farm regeneratively and holistically and be in control of their product from the soil to the plate as you once did.
    Instead you must pack on the animals, soak your farmlands in herbicides, pesticides and sundry animal health chemicals because the rich don’t care. So long as you take the blame for the greed of the urban riche she’ll be right mates.
    Farmers? This is far from over. You must take this to ever higher levels of revolt. We’re all relying on you to do that. If you fail, we all fail.
    My suggestion would be to put literally everything on hold and strike.
    Never mind petty grievances, political preferences and general difficulties. We all have those.
    What you must do is strike. And mean it. Don’t let some cunning confederate undermine your resolve as I’ve seen be done. Strike.
    Strike until there’s a public and professional enquiry being planned. Engage the Crown? Ask the Crown to intervene?
    AO/NZ’s agricultural infrastructure’s entirely infected by a cadre of old boys bleeding out our primary industry. That must stop.
    Farmers? Strike. Don’t fuck about? Strike!

    • Poor diddum farmers who were so unlucky to have inherited that multimillion dollar farm. Whatever can they do! (Vomit)

      • What’s your problem ex labour. In most cases farmer’s inherit debt and a chance to make that land freehold. The larger farms do better because of their size. It gives them a better chance to pay that debt off. No farmer gets given anything except a chance. You seem to have a problem with that. Not sure whether it’s some sort of jealousy or just ignorance. The bonus of such a deal is the ability to borrow against that asset and most people don’t have that opportunity but it’s still debt and if you don’t balance the books you’re out. The only time you hear farmers whine is when they have to listen to the likes of you spread miss information because you’re too lazy to find out the facts.

        • The selfish scumlords think we are just envious also. They cannot see how greedy they are being and how much the whole system has been set up in their favour to the detriment of everyone else. Its seems like a common boomer entitlement trait and its rampant in NZ. Their parents who sacrificed so much would be ashamed of how this generation turned out?

          • Ex Labour Who’s we. Is there someone else out there like you. Have you been disenfranchised by a boomer, farmer or landlord. Counselling could be beneficial.

      • @ ex labour? I’m sorry to learn of your unfortunate health issues. It must be highly distressing for you to vomit without warning and perceivable cause? Your social life must be limited?
        You might like to ask yourself why farms are indeed’ worth’ millions? ( While you’re at it, you might like to also ask why this ramshackle shitter in Ponsonby’s worth as much as a farm? “House with no toilet sells for $2m as New Zealand property market soars “ . AO/NZ farms make foods etc and earn foreign exchange but what does this ugly little logical fallacy pretending to be a house in Auckland do? Laundering sequestered, then lent back out money perhaps Hmmmm…? Aye boys? )
        Farm-land values are logical fallacies. When a farm becomes ‘worth millions’ it’s entirely irrelevant to the farmer UNLESS ! A sudden rise in farm ‘values’ is an indication of deeper machinations. The bankster spider weaves evil little webs dear @ ex labour. ( Vomit?)
        When a money making venture is stalling yet the price of the factory mystically increases ? What does that say? Take your time @ ex labour?
        When a farm increases in land value, irrespective of the actual productive value it represents it says to me that annual revenue is irrelevant to the investor. It’s the ownership that’s at stake. These days, when the world is diseased and on fire? Who cares who many millions a farm’s worth? If one can exchange that most beguiling logical fallacy of all, money, for a patch of AO/NZ? What a bargain!?
        I really do think that the best way to explain just how important farming and farmers are to the snarky likes of you and others similarly inclined is for farmers to take an extended holiday for,say, a year. If, after that year you still fee hostile towards the people who work unimaginably hard to feed, clothe and finance you in your desires and distempers then farmers can simply roll back, put their feet up and enjoy living the dream on a multi million dollar lifestyle block and fatten themselves on the product they produce instead of literally giving it away to people like you so that you may stuff food into your maw with one hand while giving our farmers the middle finger with the other?
        How about that @ ex labour? Still vomiting? Farmers can help you with that? An empty guts has no vomit? We’re only thinking about your health and safety?
        Farmers? Right thinking? Left Thinking? Clear thinking? Kind, caring, intelligent, humanist, animal loving, regenerative farming farmers?
        STRIKE !
        Mark a day on the calendar ? How about Beltane? On or around 1 November?
        1St November? Strike!
        “Then what?” Some of you might rightfully ask?
        I think a public, independent and perhaps even Royal inquiry into where OUR fucking money has been secreted off to and just who is it that keeps their boot on our necks!
        STRIKE !
        Bealtaine (/ˈbɛlteɪn/ Byal-tana)[5][6] is the Gaelic May Day festival. Most commonly it is held on 1 May, or about halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. In Irish the name for the festival day is Lá Bealtaine ([l̪ˠaː ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲə]), in Scottish Gaelic Latha Bealltainn ([l̪ˠaː ˈpjaul̪ˠt̪ɪɲ]) and in Manx Gaelic Laa Boaltinn/Boaldyn. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals—along with Samhain, Imbolc and Lughnasadh—and is similar to the Welsh Calan Mai.
        Bealtaine is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and is associated with important events in Irish mythology. Also known as Cétshamhain (“first of summer”), it marked the beginning of summer and it was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle walked around or between bonfires, and sometimes leaped over the flames or embers. All household fires were doused and then re-lit from the Bealtaine bonfire. These gatherings were accompanied by a feast, and some of the food and drink was offered to the aos sí. Doors, windows, byres and livestock were decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire. In parts of Ireland, people made a May Bush: typically a thorn bush or branch decorated with flowers, ribbons, bright shells and rushlights. Holy wells were also visited, while Bealtaine dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness. Many of these customs were part of May Day or Midsummer festivals in other parts of Great Britain and Europe.

    • Yes, CB,… I wonder what the native Americans who lived on the plains and hunted bison thought about climate change whereby there were so many bison before European expansion that they darkened the plains and the entire herd took literally days to pass just one spot,- a herd that would make any NZ high country station owner blush with envy with the sheer numbers, – and all the while farting into the atmosphere, and shitting and pissing into the water from the rivers and streams they drank from.

      An unmanaged, totally natural herd. Thank goodness the Native Americans arrived just in time to help cull the numbers to save us from climate change, eh? And thank goodness for the Winchester rapid repeating rifle to speed the process up later on. They almost succeeded in wiping out all of those climate changing bovine bastards ! Damn those pesky environmentalists who brought ’em all back from near extinction, say what?

      Fart taxes my arse !

      No,… if anything what we may have because of constantly keeping cattle in one location is localized pollution which was always a problem, esp now with Australian bank driven dairy intensification, – but it sure aint no contributor to climate change. So lets stop blaming the animals.

      Lets look at us. As we speak, and after century’s of stripping our forests , destroying our wetlands, we are now paying the price. Just look at the Amazon rain forest for a modern example. Several football field sized areas cleared every second, forest fires pock marked all over and seen from outer space satellites. The price of rampant forest clearances is the inability for our planet to breath, to cleanse and convert dangerous excesses of the toxic waste we produce and neutralize and then filter them adequately.

      You have destroyed your lungs for your lumber industry’s and your palm oils, so now you cant breath. You have denuded your forests and wonder why all your productive lands erode and slip into the sea,- along with all your synthetic fertilizers creating your algal blooms and destroying your coral reefs and habitats that sustain life, – the very life you overfish and refuse to manage properly because that means stewardship , and,- horrors!, – giving back and that costs you your MONEY !

      Even your city’s stink to high heaven as you pump your trash into waterways while you try to create your unnatural synthetic lifestyles to avoid the blunt reality of what lies beyond its limits, – such as forests and farms and natural habitats, – habitats that before the industrial revolution we had to work with , not ‘conquer’.

      We were supposed to have been good stewards of nature and the planet, instead we have raped it.

      Martyn , I know you believe in democracy as do I. I have supported about 95% of your views because I believe they are not just ideological but compassion driven. I respect that. Now I ask you to respect my opinions. Earlier on, I created a post from the Christian perspective, – at least some of them. One website I posted was comprised of nothing but PHD’s giving some clarity regards climate change, which tied in Darwinism/evolution/ geological time and showed it just doesn’t add up. None of them were climate change deniers.

      But they did have a take on things that we don’t often get to hear about. They were PHD’s , – not 1ZB right wing ranters. Now,… I might not sway any die hard humanists , – but I may help to edify those Christians who are ALSO quite a big chunk of the voting electorate.

      I would thank you kindly to consider posting that for what its worth. Give people the options to see a different perspective based on the views of Christian PHD’s.

      Top scientists who are experts in their field. Scientists, – not lay people commenting on 1ZB for simple political tribal patronage.

    • Countryboy if we strike who really wins? Most of us farmers have moderate to huge mortgages, if we strike the banks win and we lose. The country turns against us even more than our mate Ex-Labour here already has. And then the banks take the land and some carbon forester turns it all into their personal short-term gain at the expense of the countrys future. And what does a farmers strike even mean? We can’t just stop looking after the animals, even if we stopped selling anything we still need the inputs to keep going, even if it’s as asimple as elctricity to keep the electric fences on for rotational grazing.

      I like the concpet but don’t see how it wll work in practice.

      Getting so many farmers on to the streets for the howl was itself a small miracle, most of us had lots of other things to do just to survive.

        • Aircooled, that is the most ignorant thing I have ever read on the internet! Congratulations!

          Purely out of interest, can you direct me to a single example of the taxpayer bailing out any farmer that went out of business because they had a big (unaffordable) mortgage?

      • @ Ben Waitimata.
        But AO/NZ farmers are mightier than the banks. AO/NZ farmers are the $-mightiest of them all in AO/NZ. We’re AO/NZ’s wealth! Why the fuck are there four foreign banksters here anyway? ( They’re here because there’s easy pickings. Thanks for the sell-out @Natzo’s. )
        We’re AO/NZ’s primary industry ffs. ( That’s ‘For Fucks Sake’ @ ex labour FYI. And ( Sigh! ) that means ‘For Your Information’ you poor lamb and what with all your vomiting? You must find it difficult to focus? )
        We FARMERS earn our AO/NZ’s money. We are those who feed all of us. Why would ‘we’ be afraid of ‘those’ little flies? The banks are merely little flies. Sure, they have their dicks-up in down-town Auckland but anyone can buy an illuminated advertising hoarding on a fucking ugly concrete building .
        It’s all bullshit @ Ben. It’s all about thrust and parry. It’s all about “I’ll take what I can get until I’m busted, then I’ll run for it until the next opportunity”. That’s banking. Banking doesn’t rhyme with wanking for nothing.
        AO/NZ farmers ARE the real deal*. Banks? They’re the manipulative minions to the dark and dreaded Kiwi-As Middle People. So not much at all, if anything, and if they disappeared? Lets be stark with our honesty? Who would starve to death? But if farmers were to not farm…? Think about that…? There’s a saying…” “After a full belly, all is poetry”” Frank McCourt.
        Ok. In all fairness to the banksters I’m drinking whiskey. I admit it, I have them at a disadvantage.
        Farmers? Strike! Work out the details, gather about you kindred spirits AND STRIKE! BUT BEWARE OF THE NATIONAL PARTYS MACHIAVELLIAN CONFEDERATES.
        Or? Or not. Limp along like this until you die in your tracks after you’ve handed the reigns of your farm onto the arms of you sons and daughters, to be further exploited, ad infinitum.

        • There’s one other thing that I’d like to point out about our economy and our politic as I see it.
          Because our primary economy is agrarian then that makes city people subsidiary to that primary industry which makes urban people part of the fabric of the same cloth.
          Some farmers have asked the same question that @ Ben Waimata asks ( Apologies for getting your name wrong earlier. ) “Countryboy if we strike who really wins?”
          By striking, farmers expose that machinations of the dreaded middle people who, like ticks, have been sucking $-sustenance out of our economy. AO/NZ’s a small country population wise and we all know by now how expensive it is to have billionaires who are NOT a part of the primary industry.
          Farmers must strike to flush out the creepy, riche ‘middle people’ and town people must be invited to participate in that action because to have a heathy agrarian economy means the towns and cities will also prosper. Ask any bankster about that? That’s where our money’s going at the moment. WOuldn’t it be nicer if it was instead being returned back into our communities and societies? Instead of off-shore as net bankster profit? Was it 2020 that saw a 6 billion dollar NET profit made by off shore owned banks? We can’t afford that! We have homelessness and child poverty for fucks sake! So lets say no to it!? Westpac? ASB? ANZ? BNZ? NO ! Fuck! Off! You’re done.
          Freezing workers, shearers, truck drivers, warfies, shipping agencies, mercantile firm staff, agricultural machinery sales staff, granaries, rail agencies, coastal shipping etc etc can coalesce into one pressure group to flush out the monsters. And trust me, there are monsters in there. They’ve been in there for generations.
          How to go about that some might ask?
          Advertise for Christ’s sake! Promote the idea! Make a date to work towards and market that day. Engage a professional advertising agency to promote and advertise a day where we all join forces to purge our beautiful AO/NZ of the rats in the $-woodpile.
          I don’t mean to boast but I could ask Woody Harrelson? He said “ I think my best skill in this whole deal is as a conduit to try to bring people together, because I think it’s in our unity that we’ll have the greatest strength.”
          I could ask Margot Robbie? She’s a stroppy Aussie fighter with a farming back ground. I could ask Craig Zobel? The director of Z for Zachariah and Mare of Easttown. They might politely decline but they might also say “sure.” I can only ask…
          Farmers must come to realise that they are being manipulated and exploited and the bitter and ignorant gap that currently exists between farmers and city people is a mechanism used by our exploiters and manipulators to maintain a very, very profitable status quo.
          That has to stop. Farmers? Stop it with the “ We’ll never strike! How can we…? “
          To “Yes! We can strike, lets plan to do that? “

  11. climate change will also drown out the idiots that are spending up to 80.000 on a EV cause they get a tax rebate. lol

    • @ Sabine. But they also get a vehicle that produces zero green house gasses once manufactured. Lucky bastards.
      We, who are the government it should not be forgotten, should stump up for an 80% subsidy on fancy EV’s and make the bloody ugly Nissan Leaf free to beneficiaries and the aged, like myself?
      Then free electric rail transport too and give Auckland a Nuclear power plant for their needs and wants?

    • Said like you don’t know any farmers or don’t know the first thing about farming.
      Going to law school and lawering would be a much easier.

      • Farmers, like landlords (many are both) think we owe them for their sacrifices? Some sacrifice, possessing huge wealth of prime land, taking huge profits and grants from the tax payer and then exploiting everyone in their path. Cry me a river, perhaps one thats not polluted by a selfish farmer.

        • Enjoy being vegan, the rest of us live in reality. Seems you don’t grasp the issues of neo liberalism and the Australian banks effects on the NZ farming industry or the hooks they have in our speculative housing crisis.

          Your ‘ cancelled’.

    • @ ex labour?
      You’re a bloody National Party confederate! You’re here to skew the game in favour of the middle-person!
      You sound exactly like the odd one of two I’ve encountered years before. The best thing to do with the likes of you is to ignore you. Of course, I’d also like to kick you up the arse.
      Farmers who may be national party aligned and others who are not? @ ex labour is precisely who you should be most vigilant for.
      They will twist any narrative like rope but they can’t argue with the fact that farmers earn our foreign exchange and they grow our food. The banks who have you literally enslaved and the people in the cities who believe what they’re told and behave towards you as they do by the likes of @ ex labour don’t.

      • You’re here to skew the game

        Sadly, true. There’s a small infestation of right wing trolls on site, of which he is one, all with an agenda – NOT of free and open debate, not of an exchange of ideas, not with any wish to get to objective truth, but to “skew the game”. They’re what crawled out from the rubble after the implosion and decay of what was once the the ‘National Party’.

  12. Quite right. I like the rhyme. Chat among the living is the utmost of us.

    We’re a short term species, more notable for rationalisation than reasoning really.

  13. You follow identity politics, Martyn. It’s a ring-road thing. Most don’t.

    When our democracy confronts climate change it will be too late, it’s the nature of modern democracy. ‘We follow’, the other definition of democracy.

    The Left must command or it (and the species) is crushed.

  14. If anyone can please provide a link showing that farmers are in fact the biggest carbon emitters in AO/ NZ, that would be helpful for discussions.

    The closest piece that I could find, NOT a real ‘Study’ as such, carried the caveat that the figures were not complete as the emissions info from other industries was more difficult to track down, – data was missing, etc. Other industries either do not keep records, or those records are being hidden or removed.

    Large scale corporate-owned intensive dairying IS harmful to the environment. Small scale local mixed farming, including some organic growers, is something else again. Throwing them all into one box is not helpful in seeing the true picture.

    If we want a safe and healthy future for Aotearoa, then there needs to be healthier and more honest approach to understanding what is actually going on.

    • That said, we absolutely need to go organic.
      If all of AO/ NZ were organic, we could command whatever prices we liked for many of our products.
      Ban Round up!!! And ban 1080!! Ban imported phosphates. Ban imported palm feed.

    • @Khelea – concrete is considered the third largest emitter in the world.

      Cement is the source of about 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to think tank Chatham House.
      If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world – behind China and the US. It contributes more CO2 than aviation fuel (2.5%) and is not far behind the global agriculture business (12%).

      However there seems to be more government subsidies for concrete and construction and roads in NZ – let alone any new taxes!!

      Concrete NZ pollution profit gold –

      Apartments and housing prices (many with significant landfill and emissions implications), will keep going up, because the apartment owners and overseas developers are prioritied in NZ, aka allowed to both sell 60% of new build apartments to overseas people as investment properties and foreign owners can sell them within 5 years and pay zero capital gains tax. In addition there is an escalation of OIO asset transfers. For existing houses with low emissions, they are taxed higher.

      Residents of OZ and Singapore are exempt from being considered overseas people under the OIO rules and can buy any NZ property without any restrictions as though they are NZ citizens. So those living in NZ still compete with another 10 million+ people for housing supply here and those people earn a lot higher wages, so it is inevitable what will happen to NZer’s working on NZ incomes… aka they will get poorer and poorer if they stay to work here.

      There are more taxes on existing properties in NZ than new builds that create significant emissions.

      Current policy is to encourage more landfill by demolishing existing housing, while creating new housing, much of it made with concrete like apartments.

      There are now more homeless and in emergency housing than before they created rules like the above.

      So it is a double policy disaster.

    • While households were being encouraged to recycle, construction and demolition waste had only increased. This now makes up half to three-quarters of all the district’s waste.

      Only in NZ stupidity is legally acceptable and nobody does anything, because councils subcontract everything so they can claim less responsibly for pollution of their city!

      “Mayor K Gurunathan said the Resource Management Act put it on the contractor to use a consented landfill.

      “So when they take it from our transfer station, it is then their business to put it where they choose,” he told RNZ.

      Councillor Jackie Elliott said, legally, that’s correct, but it’s not right.

      “Residents have lost their voice completely on how they want to treat their sustainable rubbish and how responsible they want to be,” Elliott said.

      “Do they want to still continue sending their problems, throwing them over the fence to Hōkio, or do they want to do things better?”

    • In NZ they manage to eventually construct expensive transport stations like Britomart and Puhinui.

      The problem is NZ focus is always on polluting construction, they forget about useable trains that are the main point to lesson transport emissions.

  15. Flooding is only going to get worse – much worse.
    Pointing the finger at farmers and saying or implying that “NZ farmers dunnit!!!” …is lazy, stupid group-think, headed by Jimmy Shaw and others. It is a very “Wokey” thing to do.

    Start looking around at who and what is is really harming AO/ NZ.

    Again, corporate, industrialised, intensified dairying IS harmful to the environment. But it does NOT represent “farming” as such in NZ. Farmers and growers, and orchardists and apiarists, – these are our food suppliers, if we are to retain any self-sufficiency as a nation. To replace these lands with the agenda of the far more harmful logging industry is incredibly stupid.

  16. Back in the ’90s I tried to talk to people about the harm caused by the Oil drillers, by our reliance as a society on oil. Back then, such talk was met with derision and simply overlooked. People who began protesting about it were arrested. The arrests continued until very recently – Lucy Lawless was arrested for such a protest, under the Key Govt.

    Now, for AO/ NZ in particular (though actually for the planet) – the logging industry is like the new Oil, with most people in denial about this. …Even when they can see the firenadoes happening in California and Oregon – Though our news is very limited – a brief few minutes of coverage of the planet going up in flames.

    ….Even after our own glaciers turned murky yellowish brown from similar fires in another country.

    • Not the logging industry, they at least utilise the timber produced. It’s the carbon-only forests that are the real issue. Massive future fire risk and inevitable huge carbon emissions, plus hiding places for feral deer, goats, pigs that hide during the day and come out and destroy our native bush at night. And we’ve got rid of modern pest control rifles so controlling these pests is a lot more difficult. Firestorms and no native forest is our future under current policies.

      • Imo it’s both, Ben. But I get what you’re saying and strongly agree – the alien pine plantations themselves are creating a nightmare situation for AO/ NZ. Some effects are already here, as you’ve described, and even worse is ahead.

  17. Now,… I have asked you a few times to post my post. You are a champion of free speech it seems. Therefore, honour these sites I post as an alternative to the origins of climate change. Even though it may seem ‘icky’ to you and others of the secular persuasion. Because this is what truth and the scientific method is all about. Not mere tribal political expediency.

    Is Genesis History?

    Danny Vendramini Hour 1 Them & Us Neanderthal Predation Theory

    I expect to see these posted and out there for all to make an informed decision from BOTH sides. And if the Bible is just a laughable collection of fairy tales, so be it. You have nothing to fear. If its not,…then you might give pause to considering the validity, accuracy and truth of the Biblical narrative. And how that impacts on modern solutions.

  18. Oh, the Danny Vendramini ‘them and us’ is here in a condensed and very interesting short visual form… enjoy !

    Neanderthal: Profile of a super predator

    This is the original. Also I would like to include Lloyd Pye and his findings…

    Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong -The Hidden/Suppressed History of the Human Race

    Now, if Andrea Vance, Hosking or any other can refute any of these, so be it. Until then, … lets buckle in and listen up. THEN ,… make our decisions.

  19. The irony of course is the same woke that carp on about their green credit duals will be the loudest if their lifestyle was affected. Imagine for a second if we:
    ‘leaf’ 1 day out of 2)
    2). Require additional taxes (corporate and residential) to pay up for the open sewer that is the inner Hauraki Gulf
    3). Charge RUCs and battery disposal charges for electrical vehicles

    The outcry would be stratospheric. It’s easier when you can blame another mob (i.e. farmers) for your own failings

  20. ‘The speed of tipping points makes this a 10 year transition’

    Sorry Martyn, you are a bit out on your timing.

    The crisis commenced 20 years ago -when the BUA mob were full of mocking and derision, and were promulgating misinformation ‘by the tonne’…..”CO2 is a nutrient, there is no link between excessive emissions and overheating, there is no hockey stick,” and other such nonsense. And now it’s FAR TOO LATE.

    Even with the manifestations of Planetary Meltdown increasing by the day, the truly despicable Andern LINO mob promote so-called solutions that make matters worse faster: electric car subsidy…what a fucking joke when NZ is burning imported extra-dirty Indonesian coal to generate electricity! And the whole ‘Carbon Trading’ system is nothing more than a monstrous scam, designed to allow exploiters to continue exploiting whilst doing zilch to reduce the fundamental cause of the predicament -CO2 emissions that result from burning fossil fuels.

    So, with the entire globalised economic system now on the brink of collapse due to energy depletion and the effects of overheating, we certainly don’t have ’10 years’ to transition. Unless you are talking about a 10 year transition to a largely uninhabitable planet.

    I am personally focused on preparations for the economic meltdown that will occur later this year.

    As for the Planetary Meltdown, there’s no stopping it at this late stage; the time for doing that was in the 1970s and 80s, before the CO2 level had been pushed [by industrial activity, tourism, consumerism, industrial agriculture and overpopulation] beyond the critical level of 350 ppm. (It’s now not far off 420 ppm.)

    ‘Burn baby, burn.’ (Just as is happening in America and Siberia right now at an unprecedented level.)

    Just to add to humanities woes (and the rest of the fauna and flora), the damage inflicted on the natural worlds by greedy, stupid upright-walking apes has caused this:

    ‘Insects have declined by 75% in the past 50 years – and the consequences may soon be catastrophic. Biologist Dave Goulson reveals the vital services they perform’

    Of course, the big advantage LINO and the other political parties have in this final battle to retain some prospect of a future over the meltdown period is that the general populace has been carefully trained to both act against their own futures and vote for politicians who act against their own futures.

  21. Apparently the two most dinosaur industries in NZ are construction and electricity. Both huge carbon emitters who get government help to continue their polluting ways while consumers and farmers are scape goated.

    AKA coal use in NZ is growing not declining. Companies like Fonterra and Electricity companies have been poorly led and government policy has not expected them to cut emissions or plan for climate changes like drought and switch to solar energy.

    Coal accounted for more than 10 percent of the country’s electricity in the first three months of this year.

    Five years ago it was 2 percent; the proportion has steadily increased since. Coal is the most carbon intensive fossil fuel in the world, around twice as much as natural gas.

    Note, aviation emissions are also huge.

    Not sure this is helping carbon emissions – Air NZ is part owned by government and encouraging wasteful journeys!

    Flight wars: Air NZ unveils 300,000 domestic flights under $100

    • I’m enjoying Lambs Navy rum atm,…with ginger ale,…makes me wax Naval,… so here’s a song…in honour of our young men and women of the Naval forces of NZ. Here ya go,… found one.

      Sailor’s Prayer by Johnny Collins

      ‘Oh Lord above, send down a dove, with beak as sharp as razors, to slit the throats , of them there blokes, that sells bad beer to sailors!’

      There ya go ! 🙂

  22. Hmmmm,… a Johnny Collins sea shanty is in order to cool things down somewhat, not as a detractor to the good points made on all sides, but as a salve between both sides that we are all,… human beings.

    Johnny Collins – Blow the Man Down

    Lets treat it like a remembrance of former times and how far we have travelled since then….and build on it.

  23. Rio Tinto has been getting a huge power subsidy for years and takes up 13% of NZ generation, this has contributed to keeping NZ consumers/business bills high for years. Coal is 20% of our generation so the removal of Rio Tinto will help reduce our carbon emissions immediately.

    With electricity NZ has an insane system where by the spot price is set by the highest generator cost not lowest. So the incentives are to create expensive electricity here in times of demand as you make more money.

    Way to be cleared for big electricity players to prey on low-income households

    NZ Power Companies are not even Compliant under EU and US Laws!


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