Watching the Left drag on Mike King because he has the temerity to embarrass Jacinda is ugly


Watching the Left drag on Mike King because he has the temerity to embarrass Jacinda over the lack of progress in mental health is a reminder of how tribally toxic the Left have become.

His Gumboot day produced 15000 hours of counseling, the broken Wellington bureaucracy generated 20000.

He is upstaging the broken Wellington bureaucracy and doing it at a fraction of the cost and they fucking despise him.

Most of the Woke Wellington Twitteratti work for the Wellington bureaucracy and see King’s criticism as a personal slight so the dragging of him on Twitter and Social media has been intense and cruel.

This man has taken up the challenge of the broken Wellington bureaucracy, upstaged them and has been punished by their bureaucratic hoops put in front of him intentionally.

I take the vitriol the toxic tribal Left are spitting at him and compare it to him going to suicide funeral after suicidal funeral. He has done more for mental health than the entire Wellington woke put together and seeing them so gleefully shit on him is just another disappointment of where the Left are moving to these days.

It’s ugly, so fucking ugly.

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  1. It’s not hard to imagine how maddening it must be dealing with the vacant politicians in this government aggravated by their twisting turning lying. It must have been so infuriating to have Jacinda lie to him and say, “Mike, I can’t interfere in fund allocation” all nice and genuine like, only for her to then sign off and hand over $2.8 million to the Mungys, to fund their next meth venture.

    From the PM down, none of them have any belief, real life experience or skills to change anything unless some unresponsive broken culture bureaucracy does it for them. Hence the clusterfuck that is housing, that is mental health, health in general, and that is light rail. Hence her government sits becalmed well into its 4th year.

    Good on Mike King.

    • plus 1000 XRAY. King is able to reach working men in their places of employment. He does it personally. He’s a legend. No one else has bothered to reach out to working men like that. His work has benefited members of my family.

    • It’s the idea that you can create an economic orthodoxy centred around people so you don’t have to include money in that hypothesis. It’s nieve and narrsasistic. Just look at news headlines and tell me money doesn’t exist in this retarded fucken economy.

  2. Totally agree the Left have become venomous.
    I believe Jacinda Ardern and her team have divided New Zealand to a degree never seen before.
    Rational debate has been cancelled replaced by hysterical shouting and screaming.Dare I say in extreme cases hate.
    This is not a New Zealand of the Left.
    Once again the Left has been hijacked.

        • He frequently promotes Judith and the NACTs as his preferred govt. Has never given alternative to that. He is feigning concern for the poor – Look at Seymour’s plans for beneficiaries etc – seriously.

          He is a committed right-winger, here to subtly sabotage discussions over time – to sway perceptions. It is BS!! — His appearance of concern for the poor. His alternative, Judith et al, have plans to make it much much harder for those same beneficiaries, and to INCREASE the wealth gap.

          He is troll – fol’ de roll troll.

        • It is this post/ comment in the context of all his others.

          This is not about a difference of viewpoint. There are quite a few people who post here who have radically different views from mine, including of their preferred political party. But it is possible to debate and discuss topics with them – they are not trolls – they are reasonable.

        • That said, he is always polite and courteous, so it is difficult to be cranky with him for long 🙂

          And, lately he has shown a sense of humour – a winning ace.

          • Too late Kheala, don’t try and get out of if now with some quick niceties. John, watching today’s Farmer protest, there is your division right there. And Jacinda says there is no divide??? Don’t make me laugh. The left hate farmers!

            • Am I “left” or “right”??
              Does it mean anything?

              I live on a farm.
              My ancestors have been farmers, pretty much forever. My great grandparents farmhouse is just down the hill. They helped start the first butter factory couple of miles away – yeah, miles. The crumbling remains of that building is still there. My grandparents began our town cheese factory – our local cheese won international awards!!!

              Then the Krauts moved in – YES! – Your bloody name.
              And divided up the small cheese factory – put it into for-profit shares and SOLD IT OFF – That cheese no longer exists, yet it could have been one of world standing.

              F-off mate!!!
              You Know Nothing!!!!

  3. MIke king is a hero and the woke wellington twitter morons howling about hate speech don’t realise what’s coming.

  4. You forget that Mike is also being a damn cheeky native and needs to be put in his place!
    For god’s sake sir in these very pages people have pointed out the advantages Maori have gained by being colonised by a magnanimous and compassionate British people, well prepared to forgive them for their resistance to having the burden of their land, resources, language, culture and sovereignty stripped from them by we of the double-barrelled names and clipped accents.
    The guv’mnt have gone to immense trouble to set up bureaucracies and staffing them with gently bred time wasters with university degrees to guide and control the turbulent natives.
    To have some stroppy comedian to upstage these people and their noble mission is annoying. To show that he can do their job at a fraction of the cost is intolerable!
    This man must be silenced lest his example spread to other disaffected! This is not only my opinion but that of my respectable n’bours Rupert Rogering-Rosalee, Simon Fitzwellen-Felictity and Robin Ophelia-Harwon.

    • Well said, Sir. This is precisely what National’s Paula Bennett did to Hurimoana Dennis, when he showed her how homelessness and its accompanying problems could be addressed at Te Puea Marae. He got shafted – not necessarily because he was Maori, but because he showed a politician how to do the job they were meant to be doing. Thing is, he was living at grass roots level, they don’t. He had brains. They ‘re Yellow Brick Road.

  5. We need Louisa Wall to head a Ministry for Mental Health.
    She would sort this out pronto.

    Why there is no Ministry dedicated to Mental/ Emotional Health, and so no Minister in charge, I don’t understand.

    • To have a minister of mental health and well being at the table they might have to get rid of an important minister like the minister of racing or the minister of tje americas cup.

    • This is why Louisa Wall:
      Last week’s govt Mental Health debate “centred on the Zero Suicide Aotearoa report commissioned by the cross-party Mental Health and Addiction Wellbeing Group, of which Wall was a founding member.
      From this link.

      Also from that link, “Labour’s Louisa Wall has been an MP for 13 years but has never held a ministerial portfolio, and (Jacinda) says it’s because there’s no room for her in Cabinet. “

  6. Kheala and X-ray, great, both. The sobering thing is that Mike King commands greater respect among the New Zealand public than any current politician does, or ever will.

    The politicians are doing what they think they can get away with. Mike is doing what is crying out to be done.

  7. Was not aware I’m a little right wing troll does that mean I’m of the dwarfish variety given you’ve used the word little?

  8. Whatever King’s intentions, he has let himself be used by right-leaning commentators and thus come under attack from the left. Appearing on shows like the AM Show and ZB’s Drive with Heather du Plessis-Allan, his invite is because he doesn’t use diplomatic language and he is directing it at the government. For show producers it places him on a list with people like Michael Barnett, Sharon Cullwick, Ashley Church, Des Gorman, and Marisa Bidois who can be guaranteed to appear on the show and have a little anti-government whinge.

    Garner wound King up and let him go, but instead of going after Ardern, King went off script about Bloomfield. Made headlines, though.

    Maybe if King got his funding, the roles would be reversed. The left would be championing him, and the right would be questioning if the government funding was all part of He Puapua.

    • How dare he go on radio stations and such and talk with people who ask him to come on their show.
      How fucking dare he.
      Does he not know his limits and place?

      • Yep, How dare he, a mere human being, try to speak out when NZ has a 25 yr contract with this mega-corp – …and we pay them million-dollar-plus bonuses (which they may need to pay off their multi million pound fines to their motherland for fraud).

        Seriously, just reading the first parts of that Wiki page with all its references gives me the chills – skin-crawling and a bit terrifying that such as they are in charge of anything at all here in Aotearoa.

      • King is welcome to do as he pleases. But some of his new “fanbase” are less interested in his cause, more in his vitriol and who it is directed at. It’s a case of “the enemy of my enemy…”.

        The National Party felt confident enough to create social media messaging positioning the funding of the Mongrel Mob meth rehab programme as sick, whereas “poor Mike” misses out. National are amplifying the voice of a government critic, but do they really care about his cause?

        King obviously thinks they don’t. He called on National to stop the messaging and to stop pretending to care about him or his charity. Seems like King himself is now aware of how it is playing out amongst the politically partisan.

  9. Labour government have by their legislation brought about the highest ever level of mental health issues in the farming sector. Suicide rates high which is brought about by an uncaring government which is disgusting.
    How can Ardern and her comrades sleep knowing they are killing people.
    God this is not New Zealand.

  10. We do still seem to be forgetting that King did not lodge his application on time, meaning he missed out on funding. Notice how Ardern has not mentioned that? She easily could have.
    He has also come out and denounced National for pretending to give a shit.
    He probably needs to take a break. Yes, mental health is a huge, pressing issue, so are many others, we are in strange times.
    Perhaps the media would do themselves and us a favour by first seeking out the truth, instead of highlighting Collins and National’s politicizing everything not nailed down.

  11. Dx5 you seem to have ignored that Mike King may be correct instead you have taken a political stance.

    • John, I wasn’t challenging the veracity of Mike King’s statements. My point is more that if King was praising the government, I am not sure that he would be getting the same level of coverage that he is getting as a critic of the government and the ministry.

      King’s comments have been seized on and promoted by those who are on the right to attack and embarrass the government, and the left have responded in kind. It feels it is less about King and his cause, more about the left and right fighting as usual on a given topic.

  12. Mike King is a national icon, nothing will change that, and could you people all stop arguing about who is left or right wing that’s not the issue. To me the issue is I see police coming at me with guns because I inadvertently used the wrong pronoun after consuming too much legal liquor.
    Whilst Carl Sagan used boosted weed when in charge of a rocket to the netherverse (Voyager 1 & 11) nobody blinked an eye (Stanford again)
    This from a lawyer on twittta:
    “People don’t understand the corruption connected to civil forfeiture. I once had a client arrested for marijuana. The cops used civil forfeiture laws to take his car. The officers would then drive around my client’s neighborhood mocking him from his own car.”
    It’s Hollywood all over, folks, I don’t have a solution though.

    • arguing about who is left or right wing that’s not the issue.

      Agree that if and where we need to see change, actual systemic change come about, then the more we focus on that thing itself, its real-world effects, then the more likely we are to see that change happen.

      What we mean by ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ is a whole ‘nother topic really. It means different things to different people. And then there are the “wokies”, who are outside ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ – Again, another topic.

  13. I guess if ones comments are not completely in step then you are condemned.
    I read comments completely contrary to mine but very often have respect for them.
    Show me a man that’s never changed his views and I’ll show you a fool.

  14. “Show me a man that’s never changed his views and I’ll show you a fool.”

    Look in the mirror for your answer.

  15. Gosh Bert I’ve changed mine as I got older I no longer hold the same views as I did when I was a naive teenager. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

  16. Once again, I’m treated to a log list of self absorbed nothing in the comments.. Firstly, if one is a self centered snowflake that can be triggered by a single word, or a member of the “Wellington twitterrati” , then one isn’t within a bulls roar of being left wing… Left politics, or socialism, as we knew it to be not that long ago, is about collectivism, and there was no place for the ultra individualism that is making such a clusterfuck of modern society.. To call those pampered fools in Wellington “left” is an insult to the men and women that inspired me with their true social conscience, and clear vision as to how a healthy society evolves… The “woke” as we witness daily are the polar opposite of what “left” actually means… How is it that this is so hard to grasp? It seems that the definitions of political leanings can be simplified down to, right wing is elitist, and exploitative … Left wing is the politics of egocentricity… So who’s leading us all around by the nose?

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