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  1. Listening to Ms. Sepuloni wearing Her Kulcha Hat on The Arts on Sunday/Standing Room Only says a lot to my mind. I’ve always thought there’s a bit of mean streak in there, just as JA has a bit of control freakery streak – understandable when you’re well versed in ‘marketing the message’.
    IMHO, what it says to me is that the Labour Party’s road to progress is paved with good intentions, scrooges and Chardonnay and Latte-sipping ticket clippers. And that’s even before beginning a rant on the corporately employed PR and spin-meisters.
    Meanwhile, the natives are getting restless. A branch of my rellies rely on the Arts, but I’d have to ask how relevant they are when under another of Sepuloni’s Hats there are people living under motorway bridges, the Town Belt, and in shitty old un-registered and un-warranted dungers parked anywhere they’re not likely to get hassled.
    Life is truly gorgeous for quite a few. Not so great for a growing number of others – the ones resorting to any form of escapism they’re able to beg, borrow or steal for.

  2. Anybody else happen to watch this week’s TVNZ Sunday?

    The not guilty verdict was utterly unsurprising and I’d have had difficulty as a juror. (Although if I’d been a copper dealing with the situation, I’d have picked the bleeding bloody obvious).

    But what was clearly evident was the media marketing that’s now pervasive.

    “OUR PEOPLE”, “OUR PEOPLE”, “OUR PEOPLE” !!!! FFS! Really? Surely they’re YOUR [ Da NuZull’s Public’s ] PEOPLE.

    Awe soz peeps ….. NEXT


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