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Three families living in a 3 bedroom house is a recipe for infection and having to spend half your wages on your rent is a formula for widening the gap between the rich and the poor.
I watched the report below this morning regarding the rent and housing issues in Porirua on TVNZ .

It was excellent and I recommend it to you.

Shamubeel Eaqub’s analysis that in 30 years’ time social housing in the suburb will cost the Government $1.5 billion was ( if you excuse the pun) on the money.

“We should be using this $1.5 billion today to house people better,” he told Breakfast today.

“And that includes everything, from building more state houses. But we’re not going to build enough.”

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“Our plan to build state houses in the next four to five years is half of the current wait list. We’re planning to fail.”

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. “Our plan to build state houses in the next four to five years is half of the current wait list. We’re planning to fail.”


    Aaaaaaand he’s correct!

    Of course it is planning to fail !!!,- in simple terms, what better way to keep the tired old neo liberal machine going than to plan to fail housing to invite the PRIVATE SECTOR to pick up the tab , – and make colossal profits from.

    Privatization ! Deregulation ! Downsizing ! Out sourcing ! Trickle Down ! Restructuring ! Govt Waste ! Efficiency ! Small Govt ! De unionization !

    I don’t have a bridge to sell you but I do have many buckets I can sell you to puke up in after reading those crap arsed dinosaur neo liberal bullshit terms!

    Whenever I think of neo liberals I usually think of this song and the sort of wankers who ACTUALLY believe in that shit:

    Denis Leary – Asshole

  2. ‘Shamubeel Eaqub’s analysis that in 30 years’ time social housing in the suburb will cost the Government $1.5 billion was ( if you excuse the pun) on the money.’

    Actually not at all, Bryan.

    If the present system were to keep going for another 30 years the rampant devaluation of money that has already commenced would mean the cost in fiat money terms)would be about ten times higher., i.e. 15 billion.

    But we wont have to worry about that because the globalised neoliberal system will have rendered the Earth largely uninhabitable by then (2036) via unrestrained CO2 emissions.

  3. Shamubeel Eaqub and people like him are a big part of the problem… their analysis is often deeply flawed and his CV shows Goldman Sacs, ANZ bank and Asian leaders… these groups seem his priority. Housing is getting worse the more these types of people advise both the government, media and lefties which seem to prioritise rich business interests and not the local poor.

    Eaqub puts himself as a government advisor on housing 2009 – 2015…. when the Natz were full throttle. (He and his ilk told renters not to buy a property but to keep renting as it was a better investment…)

  4. Yes Shamubeel did tell people not to buy a house but he is not the only one, some so called housing experts and NZ economist said the prices of houses would dropped and they didn’t and still haven’t. Now we are being told that interest rates will go up next year some time, its difficult to know who to believe. As our so called experts are not always right its best to shop around. As long as there is a shortage of houses the costs will remain high. But when all those who have come home to seek refuge leave and I believe they will leave its just a matter of time there may be a gluten of houses worth way less than they paid for them.

  5. In a country/world governed by the economics of scarcity, with systems skewed heavily in favour of entrenched wealth and business models predicated on continual growth, the math will never add up, at a certain point systems can no longer become more productive by ingenuity alone, they can only screw over those lower in the food chain, therefore there will ALWAYS be an increasing number of people requiring state assistance.

    Couple this with a refusal to reassess need of existing state house tenants and you end up requiring the middle class to endlessly, increasingly and unequally subsidize the poor, thereby increasing the gap between the wealthy and middle and decreasing the gap between the middle and poor.

    We need to implement measures to curb the accrual of excessive wealth – perhaps a cap of CEO pay relative to the lowest paid employee. Regularly reassess state housing entitlement and implement UBI – none of which will ever happen.

  6. Why have house prices risen so disastrously?
    1. Immigration Year 1980 NZ population 3.1 million Year 2000 NZ population 3.9 million Year 2021 population 4.9 million.
    2. Refusal to levy a hefty Capital Gains tax say 80%. This has encouraged private landlordism to become a get rich scheme.
    2a. What would happen to all the empty houses if property speculators didn’t buy them and rent them out? Most would be bought by first home buyers with assistance from the government from the CGT tax revenue.
    2b. Where would room renters live? Some would board with first home buyers and others as groups could buy houses to manage as a rental enterprise.
    3. Stop further immigration.
    4. Build more State Houses for families and also allow flatters to rent them out.
    4. The housing market is a casino not a controlled social wellbeing good.


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