After 4 years Labour are the Party of delivering bugger all – here’s why & how they are trying to change that


Labour didn’t think it would win 2017 and didn’t think think it would win a majority in 2020 so it had no plans whatsoever to reform the Neoliberal Public Service.

As the great Unionist Robert Reid points out…

…he’s right.

The Wellington Elite Bureaucrats run the Government, the politicians are merely the masquerade of Democracy so that you the voter are conned into participating.

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The Wellington Elite Bureaucrats don’t give 2 shits about transformative change and will do all they can to implement neoliberal mantra over social policy.

Over the last 4 years, Labour have seen example after example of Bureaucrats misleading  them to cover up their own incompetance.

From Corrections who lied about the prison riot, various assurances of border controls that weren’t implemented and purposeful stymieing of policy implementation.

The problem is the Wellington Elite Bureaucrats dent want to actually have to do anything and prefer to subcontract out all their obligations.

Labour are trying to overcome this with new delivery oversight, a vast upgrade of worker rights in the private sector to sideline the useless MBIE (while watering down PSA influence),  a vast upgrade of the public health system so there are no more excuses and a vast as yet announced upgrade in state housing and welfare payments.

The 100k pay freeze is to help some of those Wellington Elite Bureaucrats understand they are no longer required thanks.

These are all great stop gap measures but Labour have to build the state sector up while amputating the neoliberal Wellington Elite Bureaucrats.

The next step must be a Ministry of Works who actually builds the state houses and infrastructure themselves rather than subcontracting it all out.

We want a state sector that does rather than manages.


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  1. And yet Labour dump all over core government front line workers with their miserable 60k pay freeze, the very people trying to impliment policy, will lose their votes and lose the battle all the same. The same month as housing hit a new record high.

    They couldn’t write a worse strategy if they tried.

  2. Oh you are going to be bitterly disappointed when still nothing changes. Those same Wellington Elite are cheerleaders for this government and are drinking (craft beer) buddies and hang out at barbeques in summer.

  3. …”The next step must be a Ministry of Works who actually builds the state houses and infrastructure themselves rather than subcontracting it all out.

    We want a state sector that does rather than manages”…


    BINGO !!!

  4. I studied public service and also have a science degree. I am unemployed. The only thing my CV is lacking is references, a catch-22 to employment as you need work history to establish networks. Jacinda please go into bat for me like you do your bureaucratic community for hope and change, back me as a public servant trainee (I’ll work as a volunteer to start with) and support me into employment to grow this great nation. I want to be one of the heroes. I can pick rubbish up off the street if that is all that is available, an honorable job, I just need you to create a street clean company with your billions (the local council in my area uses impregnable tender contracts to dole out work, which they hold close to their chest).

  5. The amount of civil servants was reduced under John Key of National in his first time, I believe. Has this number increased under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership? At any rate, we are in need of some of these beaurecrats for administrative purposes such as our continued response to the coronavirus pandemic, the increase in benefits to the unemployed and to negotiate some of these people into suitable employment, and to administer the slow but steady increase in social housing.

    • Most state servants are not bureaucrats, they are teachers, doctors, nurses, police and the like ,who are all capable of earning better incomes from overseas. A reduction in state servants or freezing salaries is far from constructive and will have a noticeable impact on the general public.
      Unfortunately National’s nine years in government was disappointing, teachers effectively suffered nine years of an unofficial salary freeze. Where to from here, I have no idea, more of the same I guess.

  6. Maybe labour should refuse to take the PSA’s election campaign donations and remove them from the CTU as an affiliate?

    Then watch their membership tank! Hehehe!

  7. The Lahour Party introduced the neoliberal counter-revolution in 1984. Douglas, Prebble and Co were ready for it. Why, because Labour has always been the party of the national bourgeoise, of national capitalism, and global capitalism demanded that NZ deregulate the economy and open up to world economy.

    So it is not that Ardern was unprepared, or that Winston was a handicap, or that the bureaucracy has sabotaged Labour’s plans. After one term in office, and with a large majority, Labour can no longer use these as an excuse not to blast ahead with it plan if it has one.

    No, these are threadbare excuses, Labour has no clothes. It has no plan to transform the economy. The most it will do is tinker with the trappings of the state, badger the Reserve Bank, push for a bigger role for Maori self-rule, fiddle with income policy, housing, education and health, in a disjointed, fragmented way. But none of this will stop the working class paying for the terminal crisis we are in.

    Labour is all about appearance, not substance. Its all about performance. No more evident than its alignment with the Greens as the authoritarian liberal left enacting hate speech that offends peoples feelings, and sex self-ID, where sex becomes buying and selling the performance of identity politics.

    Labour is now a Liberal party, and liberals have to reduce policy to compromises that end up serving those who have the economic power – the bourgeoisie and the petty bourgeoisie. Nowhere is this as clear as Climate Change where policy posturing will not challenge the profits of the corporates or of the petty bourgeois landlords and small businesses.

    The way forward for the working majority is not through the Labour Party or the CTU labour bureaucracy. The union bosses will push for the new labour law because it empowers them, not workers. That law will still express the original philosophy of the IC&A of 1894. That the state will pretend to stand above labour and capital and conciliate and arbitrate an outcome to ensure that wages will never threaten that profits bosses expropriate from wage labour.

    Just as the Red Fed broke with the Arbitration Court in 1908 when it refused a wage increase, workers have to break with Labourism and statism once again. Many are already organised in direct action against coal and mining and the heavy hand of the state over our lives. We need more grass roots unionism like UTU which is not scared to confront the bosses where they live. We need to find a way to stop the road lobby and industrial agriculture from putting more Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

    Capitalism is breaking down, and our lives are in jeopardy, the time to build workers councils in every town and city to debate and organise the way ahead has come.

  8. “Labour didn’t think it would win 2017”

    …..and had no concrete plans as a result. Their ‘policies’ were just a students union level wish list, none of which could be implemented in a practical sense.

    Hence the ‘working groups’ and the abysmal failure to deliver anything of substance.

    • I remember Trotter arguing against Labour taking power then. I don’t know what he knew. But it was a clear ‘Left’ path to power , so I begged to disagree. Grant and Jace were terrible, but our Left harassment seems to be hitting beneath their CVs. Biden remembers, above the crap of the years, LBJ and FDR. The way for a real democratist.

  9. “The 100k pay freeze is to help some of those Wellington Elite Bureaucrats understand they are no longer required thanks.”
    Fucking brilliant.
    My dear sweet Jesus I do hope you’re right @ MB.
    Is this the beginning of the end of the natzo parasite which was imbedded within Labour all those years ago? ‘They’ used the stumpy syringe douglas to inject his lies and toxins. That wasn’t Labour. It was the natzos. I hope the little prick lives long enough to die in prison. ( If by some remote chance you’re reading this little man? My mother’s waiting for you. You’ll like my mum. You’ll get along just fine. )
    And you’re correct, and not correct re MBIE. They’re used as a buffer between shameless profiteering from farmer-made-then-exported-goods funds and the scum who swindle the money off before it hits the streets and country roads. And that makes MBIE far from useless. They’re in there, making sure the scurrilous wheels keep turning while farmers suicide because their expenses far exceed their income year in, year out.
    To illustrate; A .70 cent a kg return for cross bred wool when a Chinese made jersey using AO/NZ wool costs upwards of $200 for about 600 grams of the raw material. That’s a little over .35 cents of wool per $200 jersey. Ka Ching ! Aye Boys? And that’s just wool. I won’t bother rhyming off all the other agrarian raw materials the scum are sequestering through corrupt banking practises, money lenders, producer boards and sundry mercantile firms who’re in every town and city who reach out to the farmer with mystery eyed insincerity as they dig deep into farmers pockets all the while stitching them up then fucking them over.
    ( Go into the likes of Wrightsons or RD1 and smell the chemicals? The last thing they’d want is if farmers went regenerative to produce clean, organic foods for you and me and their animals. And let’s not forget the soon-to-be global heating caused starvation that’s about to hit?)
    Following in @ Frank’s footsteps:
    Regenerative farming.
    “Regenerative agriculture: How a dairy farmer learned to trust his instincts”
    “Farmers dig deep at Regenerative Agriculture workshops”
    ‘Kiss The Ground’ Documentary A Must-Watch’
    Kiss The Ground
    The bankster.
    UK centric but you’ll get the drift.
    “The revolving door between City banks and Westminster is distorting our economy”
    Simon Jenkins
    The Guardian
    The Guardian.
    What did Greensill Capital actually do
    Behind David Cameron’s lobbying lies a surreal web of ‘supply chain financing’ and ‘factoring’
    Closer to home;
    Jonky’s anz says
    “Many companies are increasing their focus on managing their supply chain and achieving supply chain efficiencies.”
    I don’t know about the anz but re greensill in the UK supply chain financing means private profits/ public liability.
    Rabo Bank. Awe… Bless… The farmers bestie.
    Caution. May induce nausea.

  10. You’re a bit too theatrically surly, Martyn. Truit, with a little more verve than some of our elderly socialists, is better than good.

    Deeply distrustful of Labour repeating your/our priorities — housing, poverty and climate change. They talk the shit in lieu of doing it. Reminds me of govt landbuyer Don Mclean who set proper ideals for buying from Maori and kept to them in his first decade. Thereafter the principles remained but his practices ‘differed’.

    Managing people… gets in the way of very short-term realities. I think a Bainimarama popular dictatorship would be best for our very immediate most important ever challenge. However, ‘c’est impossible’.

    It’s so ridiculous, the tiny in comparison disaster of WW 2 , which was everything for those 6 years. The 500 times disaster of climate change is a side, ‘minor’ issue. Cos we are muffled in the cotton wool of immense (industrial revolution) comfort.

    • I didn’t mention how small, along with WW2, covid is in comparison to the climate change crisis. But no social democracy has resisted the immediate infinitisimal crisis for … reality. We decide the desert of our 10 year future by the tropical feast of the present. Amusing — the first and second generation of my family after 50-something me aside.

      (The first generation is loony in their non-knowing of their likely early deaths)


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