Wow, Lesbians just got erased


Johns Hopkins Sparks Backlash by Defining Lesbians As ‘Non-Man’

Outrage has been expressed online at Johns Hopkins University over its non-binary-inclusive definition of “lesbian” in its glossary of LGBTQ+ terms.

The Baltimore-based university, a major hub of medical research in the U.S., maintains an extensive glossary of definitions for terms relevant to the broad LGBTQ+ community, which is updated as the subject of gender and sexual identity changes.

On Monday, the glossary’s new definition of “lesbian” came under attack as the university defined the term as “a non-man attracted to non-men.” The update is meant to be inclusive of non-binary individuals who might still identify as lesbians.

I thought initially that this was a very funny hoax, but apparently it’s real.

The new woke word conclave just erased lesbians.

They are now ‘non-men’.

Welcome to our Brave New World.

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Has it occurred to anyone that lesbians liked being women and not non-men?

Isn’t the ability of men to demand we accept them as women the very definition of male privilege?

This is inclusion by exclusion, and Lesbians are the ones being excluded???

This entire Trans debate is officially unhinged.

Pure Trans Joy indeed.

If the DIAs new Ministry of Truth is built, it will create the bureaucratic infrastructure that will allow the woke to complain about any criticism of this type of culture war, so there’s that to look forward to.

Remember, if you have ANY issue with Lesbians being erased, the Disinformation Project will come after you!

How Shaneel and Spinoff saw protest vs reality


Which brings me to NZ Pride Week in Schools this year.

I’m the most liberal human in the world, I fought for equality legislation and marriage in NZ for the Gay Community, I don’t care who you love as long as it is consensual and all power to you living your truth!

I do have deep misgivings about the way the Trans community and their woke fourth wave feminists and non-binary activists have advanced their cause with such cancel culture militancy because I think it provides ammunition to the far right and I have deep misgivings about the erasure of women to accomodate the Trans community, but I support their right to exist and have the same agency we all do in a democracy,  but how the christ is this anything other than overt sexualisation…

I thought Pride Week at schools was celebrating diversity, I had no idea it had mutated into this???? Drag zoom panels???

Look, I’m fine with Drag Story Time, hell my own daughter has gone to those, but Drag panels over zoom with really over the top sexuality is bewildering to me.

This is state sponsored and in the schools via InsideOUT – I had no idea that was how extreme it was.

I’m not sure what the fuck is happening any longer.

I think the Education Minister has some explaining to do.


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  1. Yep. It exposes the basic misogyny and homophobia (or is that lesbophobia?0 underlying the gender ID ideology and activism.

    It’s not surprising that many of us who are gender critical feminists are lesbian.

    • Broadly speaking there are two types of woke. The Martyn Luther type and The Black Panther type. The aesthetic left reject entirely broad based political movements lifting up the poor. If you want to know about the woke just read Martyn’s Blogs which basically reads as the woke being the intellectuals Kiwis deserve.

      The thing about politics by that I mean everyone that isn’t ACT has gone so far to the right that everyone to the left looks like the woke. Voting Allsorts of nonsense in. You got economically left basically running up the polls and everyone else into ideological nationalism and socialism.

      Infact politics, education and institution are dominated by the right. Does that mean we stop voting for Labour, Green and Maori Party’s ? No! That’s crazy of course we give Labour unlimited power to progress taxation.

      This is an opportunity for people to work and be free and to collaborate with others that we just don’t have anywhere else. I know it’s shit right now there’s nothing much we can do about John Hopkins University Hospital and trannies.

      But what we have to understand about University and the corporate media is that they’re not leftwing at all. They are as privatised, as deregulated and financialised as humanly possible.

      There’s a lot missing from university like your friends. A lot of the time students learn more from watching there friends than from a professor. Those interactions are gone when you have to speak as though you’re apart of a religious cult. And everyone bare ACT have been voting for gendered speech because fundamentally they are losing the economics war to the economic left. Pitty that huh.

      It’s one thing to be lectured at about some suicide rate or domestic violence stat but it’s another thing to try and take over the states direct day to day interactions, not just when you’re monitoring things from Twitter but also when you’re sitting with friends having McDonald’s and talking.

  2. The patriarchy rolls on it seems…as sweaty, gross males everywhere always wanted.

    To paraphrase comedian Ricky Gervais…“are you into old school women with uteruses or the trendy new ones with cocks and balls?…”

    Politicised Lesbian women are some of the staunchest allies in class struggles I have ever met in a lengthy political activist career. This is blatant misogyny and misuse of language and meaning.

    I support all exploited and oppressed people in our capitalist society on a class left basis. I defend the rights of trans people to live their lives unharrassed, and I also support the 50% of the population–women–having their own spaces and hard fought rights defended.

    Trans activists are playing a classic divisive card here. Trans women are trans women as far as I am concerned, and are so regarded by medical science.

    • Isnt it interesting then that the political parties pushing gender woo (Labour, Green) are mainly supported by women and “sorry to be men” cuck males?
      Who empowered the woke?
      The left.

      Conservatives don’t buy the alphabet soup, and mainly support Posie Parker in defending women’s rights.

      How insane have the left submales become where their insipid fear of their own masculinity has become the misogyny they literally beat in to women.

      • Kind of a weird comment. I supported the Greens, and still may, because if subsea methane clathrate deposits and the methane in Siberian / Canadian permafrost all methane burp at the same time, it’s game over. That’s a second Permian-Triassic extinction event, in our lifetimes. And the Greens were the only ones to even know what the fuck I was talking about. What does any of this matter on a dead planet? And every party in Parliament supports this misogynist homophobic bullshit. But sure. Cucks. Cool story bro.

        • It’s a shock to the left to realize this misogyny is them: urban, well groomed eunuchs like Shaw, with the best of intentions of course , and Tiger Mountains sweaty gross male working class bloke is nowhere to be seen or more likely to be backing the women.
          The stats don’t lie on who backs Labour and the greens and hence their gender psycho babble : well off women, a small and diminishing number of frightened men and the young eg: not working class blokes.

          • No. Shaw gets the problem, as do plenty of others in the Greens. It’s just that he isn’t prepared to throw away everything he’s worked for for decades to respond to a stupid social trend that will be over in a few years and which has nothing to do with him. And he also understands that none of this matters on a dead planet. Basically he has priorities. You’re not required to agree with those priorities.

            I don’t know why you’d refer to him as a “Eunuch”… you seem to have a weird fixation about that. I mean, he’s got a wife and kids.
            It’s really not news that the Greens don’t attract working class people. It’s a problem.

            • Yes yes Shaw gets it so much he’s co leader of the party pushing identity politics as a white cis male who according to his co leader must be responsible for all violence.

            • Give it to him. Good man.
              Tom Nelson interviewed Roger Pielke. Really good conversation and Pielke put Tom in his place in a very caring but it hurt poor Tom.

              Anyone concerned about saving the world should spend the time and listen to this interview.

        • Well we all chose our own priorities.

          I have no control over the Siberian/Canadian methane in the permafrost and I am sure James doesn’t either.

          I don’t trust politicians who have fallen for an insane ideology, that harms women and children and is authoritarian to boot.

          Frankly I wouldn’t trust the Greens or Labour to run a bath.

          I think it is reasonably well known James Shaw isn’t a eunuch btw.

        • The greens have been slightly resurrected.

          Tom Nelson interview with Roger Pielke junior may interest you.

          “Bad news for those who want to live in a world with 800ppm atmospheric CO2 it is just not going to happen!” Roger says to Tom. “The world has been decarbonising for more than a century now and this will only accelerate.”

          Natural events like the one you mention excluded of course.

  3. I think all this woke female stuff victimises women of all kinds once more. They are always having to agitate for rights and now this divisive mood has them fighting each other as well as bland, sexist society. Somehow there are no winners here as there is a sort of compulsory gay-trans-colour puritanism.

    • Nah, the dude has not got enough education for that. IT was a trans identified male who identifies as a lesbian. In short a heterosexual man in a frock.

  4. I still maintain that there is only one way for genuine Progressives to deal with the bizarre Poststructuralist ideas of the centrist Liberal Particularists — and that is to refuse to be sucked into such absurd debates, which are ultimately just a grand distraction from the major issues (i.e. class issues).

    Simply stating that your organisation believes in modern hard science — and outright rejects their attempts to abandon the scientific method, which they substitute for subjective idealism, and the anti-Enlightenment ‘chaos theory’ — is the start and the end of the debate. They were already roundly defeated in the ‘Science Wars’ of the 1990s, purely upon this basis.

  5. I guess it is now final. One can no longer be happy and gay. Only happily gay will do from now on.

    Just to make sure. Non men are allowed the vote in NZ? WTF is a non-man? I thought that was an animal or a terrestrial.

    The female suffrage movement is now what exactly.
    1. Non man suffrage movement?
    2. Bowel movement?

    TDB is correct this is total non-Bull shit! All this nonsense to get beyond male/female.

  6. That erasure has been ongoing now for a few years, to the point where in NZ from tomorrow any bloke can go to and change their legal documents to ‘female/woman’ and is thus legally a female/women and demand rights of access to any single sex space, sport, award, scholarship, service. And the non-males better shut up lest they get called toxic anti trans trolls or in short terf.
    Uterus haver, Menstruator, Birther, Birthing people, People with vaginas, People with cervixes, people who menopause, cervix havers, non males are all just words to not use the word women to describe human females, lest we upset the new and better women with penises or inverted penises also called males.
    And we can’t have women loving women ‘lesbians’ that are female when males want to cosplay lesbians whilst hetersexual. No siree, that would be tat transphobic and so cis het normative. So males are now women and men, they be lesbians, gay, bi and heterosexuals, and females are non-males serving as domesticated support and affirmation people to males with no word to describe uniquely just them as a category.
    Well done the left, with the full aid of everyone on the right. The one time where all parties agreed in parliament was the day they decided to reduce females to body parts and being non-male.

  7. It is standard dogma in the world at large that a lesbian is a woman who is both sexually and romantically, and often emotionally, attracted to other women

      • Wow you really going to do woman like that and call Reactionary B a transphobic. You have no idea what you guys are doing. You’re going to get fucked up.

        • Sorry Sam, and RB, I was being sarcastic. I don’t support the gender bullshit at all.
          The idea of a woman with a penis is both absurd and insane.

        • Sorry Sam, and RB, I was being sarcastic. I don’t support the gender bullshit at all.
          The idea of a woman with a penis is both absurd and insane.

  8. Sadly, could see that one coming a mile away.

    In true ‘critical theory’ thinking, once your minority is accepted as mainstream you get punched up at by any minority under you. Sorry Lesbians, like women and now Gay men, your rights will be taken off of you henceforth. What a glorious rainbow world we live in.

    Seriously, this year is the first time I have looked at pride month and thought what a self promoting, political crock of shite. The word ‘Pride’ is now an Oxymoron. What does the Community now have to be proud of?

    The gorgeous Shaneel and various women beaters? Puberty blocked kids who wake up at 25 and discover their bodies or fertility has been mutilated? Women no longer safe in their own spaces? Men being put into women’s prisons? Yep, so much to be proud for just now. The Pride pioneers of the 70’s and 80’s must be so sad at this turn of events.

    • I used to be pro gay rights.
      This lot have driven me to the point that I’d be happy to see ALL QWERTY+ people outlawed.

      • @Jays LGBT individuals and 2SLGBTIAA+ activists are not the same thing.

        There are less gay and lesbian people (the same sex attracted people) going to pride now which seems to be increasingly coopted by ‘aesthetic of queerness’ pretenders from the church of critical theories.

        • Don’t care.
          We gave them an inch and they took 100 miles.
          Time to make homosexuality and all this other nonsense illegal to send an unequivocal message.

      • I would encourage you to continue being supportive of gay rights. Trans and queer theory types have taken over the Rainbow. I feel sorry for the gay people.

    • @Fantail, agree 100%
      “What a glorious rainbow world we live in”
      No longer, the modern pride flag’s symbolism is that of an insurgent triangle of intersectional grievances forcing it’s way into the old universalist rainbow.

  9. And this isn’t the Associated Press or Reuters making up a new style book for reporters, or the NYT or WaPo, or even humble partisan/ideological blogs.

    No, it’s Johns Hopkins University, one of the most famous and prestigious research schools in the world with specialised schools of medicine, nursing and public health. Want to know the real irony here:
    Hopkins’s most well-known battle for women’s rights was the one led by daughters of trustees of the university; Mary E. Garrett, M. Carey Thomas, Mamie Gwinn, Elizabeth King, and Julia Rogers. They donated and raised the funds needed to open the medical school, and required Hopkins’s officials to agree to their stipulation that women would be admitted.

    Depsite my belief that the dead don’t rise from the grave I really, really want the woman listed above to erupt from the earth and go forward eating the brains of the people who have pushed this shite.

  10. Thanks Martyn
    Women can no longer define themselves it seems
    Only men can define themselves and women
    Notice how the gay men are allowed to be men?
    No non women for them
    And also notice how the stunningly brave activists (our taonga ) come as a braying mob for women like J K Rowling, Julie Bindel and Kathleen Stock, while totally ignoring the likes of Douglas Murray and other gay guys who are equally scornful of gender ideology .If that’s not a straight out case of misogyny I don’t know what is

  11. Disgusting! There seems to be a campaign against woman by people promoting a male led agenda. It is crazy.

    Just as crazy as getting rid of the children commissioner – when NZ has high child abuse rates.

    And people seem to be able to access and commit fraud in NZ with government agencies very easily – the latest is Oranga Tamariki who did not check references and only just discovered millions been taken in fraud it seems. The person has left for India so more justice resources wasted as they failed to stop her leaving the country and seems like very easy to commit high sums of fraud in NZ then leave the country.

    Christchurch Oranga Tamariki manager charged with $2m fraud, used fake references to get job

    On top of another person using fake references and qualifications to work as a fake doctor and medical researcher. Again immigration and the DHB failed to check his references and qualifications before giving him the job.

    Seems like the woke are so busy adding or cancelling genders they fail to be able to do the basics anymore to safe guard people in the real world!

    Yet another distraction (and funding) from real problems like child abuse and violence against woman. At the same time, woke falling over backwards to help men who become woman and make sure they have new rights while eradicating the safety and ability of woman to be able to be safe!

    1 in 3 woman experience violence, instead of trying to eradicate this from 50% of the population – they focus on 2 – 3% of the population who can then decide they are woman to have extreme measures to help many of which have known dysmorphic problems, while not only ignoring woman but actively trying to say men who want to be woman are more vulnerable.

    Don’t think so, if sports and rapists are anything to look at.

    Former HS track star Chelsea Mitchell & 3 others suing the state of Connecticut to overturn policy after losing to ‘trans’ athletes. Mitchell says “Even though there were only 2 of them, they took 15 state championships away from other girls and there were 85 girls that were directly impacted from them being in the races.

    Got diversion, aka not even a slap on the wrist. Trans activists are able to use violence to stop people speaking in public and universities.

  12. It’s not just JH and it’s happening here too.

    “National Library blogged that they have adopted Homosaurus, an international LGBTQ+ Linked data vocabulary to use in special collections. Note this is not for all collections but still. Subject headings are the way in which material is catalogued or tagged with key words. While the blog suggests universal approval from the LGBTQ+ community, Homosaurus, in fact, presents an ideological set of definitions that are deep in denial about biological reality and exclusive same sex attraction1. Women and Lesbians are both defined as those who self-identify into those categories. Many women and lesbians are reporting they find such definitions dehumanising, misogynistic and homophobic. So deep runs the trench between Homosaurus and practically everyone in the world, the broader term for women (that is, the term that women is considered a subset of, is listed as gender identity, rather than say human or adults or female persons. According to Homosaurus, women is no longer a human but an idea.”

    Credit to Garwhoungle who is the best writer on this topic in NZ right now.

  13. Universities are not what they used to be under neoliberalism – they are about money and faux qualifications now .

    Speaking of which, NZ is sooooooo stupid we now have more foreign students studying in NZ on our failing and cash poor tertiary sector, but now foreign students have stopped paying because you can get a ghost or low paid job visa so easily here, and then it’s free education (and health care) for all the dependants.

    he report said the direct value of international education to the economy fell from $3.7 billion in 2019 to $800 million last year.

    Somewhere NZ just lost nearly 3 billion or nearly 3/4 of their foreign student money while having more foreign students coming for free and our tertiary full of debts!

  14. It is not the trans debate that is unhinged Martyn, it is the trans rights activists.

    Gender critical WOMEN are only asking to be known as women, mothers who breast feed and give birth. And some of these WOMEN are same sex attracted ie they like WOMEN.
    Meanwhile one of the pure trans jou crowd got diversion for repeatly punching a 70 year old WOMAN in the head giving her a very black eye and a fractured eye socket.

    Some of us WOMEN have had a guts full of this insane, authoritarian gender ideology movement

    And btw, thanks for posting

    • @Anker agreed 100%

      Trans activists are not only erasing lesbians, continuing the trend of erasing woman (breeders, womb-havers etc). They are also redefining ‘gay’ (see the second definition) who like lesbians, are SAME SEX ATTRACTED not same gender attracted.

      This divisive and performative so called activism is misogyny and homophobia rebranded to be socially acceptable.

      Further it is transphobic. According to the activists anyone can simply opt into being being trans by saying so. Imagine how patronising that is for genuine transsexuals. Transitioning is often long, painful and difficult on many levels. It is appropriate for only a tiny number of individuals yet there is now a flood of righteous pretenders into the ‘aesthetic of queerness’ seeking attention and social clout.

  15. no different to the ‘all men are rapists’ ‘all penetration(unless it’s a strapon-lol) is rape’ horsehit but just as thaT was utter utter bollocks so is ‘redefining’ what a lesbian is….it is entertaining though to see radical lesbians having their own tactics turned on them

    • It is the fault of everyone who promotes the idea that human males are women – making the word women and the category woman mixed sex. And yes, Labour/Green party are very much militant when it comes to the support of that ideology. And thus women – human females become non males – because of course the male is the default position in order to please males who want to be ‘lesbians’ and ‘women with a penis’ in other words, heterosexual males.
      And sadly Self ID and all that jazz was brought in under Jacinda Ardern and to her great delight National, ACT, TPM and the Green Party all signed up on it.
      You could say it is Jacinda Arderns big bi-partisan success during her tenure.

    • Wheel. While Ardern may have been complicit, for her own reasons, Greens seem to have initiated and led the gender onslaught impacting upon women, underscored by a petty irrational prejudice against white heterosexual men, to the point of craziness with innocent children being subjected to non-scientific potentially damaging dogma within the education system.

      • What does that have to do with a university in the US? My point was that there is a whole lot going on in the world in general that those doting on National and Act make out like it is all driven by Labour. Crime is up in loads of countries, housing is an issue in loads of countries, and absolutely stupid dumb arse people have far too much sway. Social change is being driven by the internet, with policy following behind, and economically capitalism seems to be a serfdom.

  16. Next to be cancelled will be the bi-sexuals obviously. The mere name suggests only two genders…ah but what two genders???

  17. I’m 100% for equal rights but this doesn’t feel like it does it.

    I kind of feel like society are going back in time and are undermining women’s rights again.

    • Yep – it’s def more undermining woman’s rights and going backwards. As Martin said, lesbians cancelled.

      Anything to do with woman’s experience is being cancelled and language to it, aka breastfeeding, pregnant person and so forth.

      We are in a scary, post reality where they deny reality by pretending something else is happening. 100% of babies come out of woman’s womb not a pregnant person, likewise breast milk and menstruation are only from woman and a woman’s experience.

      50% of the populations female experience and language being systematically cancelled to cater for less than 1%. It is crazy. No wonder mental health is becoming a big problem!

  18. I am a man, but I am a non binary too. Binary is Colonialist Crap. This is Twenty twenty three. Grow up. “People are strange”. Love it!

    • Not ALL her fault, but she was undeniably complicit. More than complicit, because the “Disinformation Project” came out of her office.

    • Binary is colonialism crap? Would you care to elaborate? Pre-contact Maaori society was a glorious rainbow of gender identities, was it? Evidence please.

    • Pre colonial Maori were tane and awhile. There is no mention of non binary or trans in Maori myth, legend, waita, etc.

      What the hell does non binary even mean?

      Go and find something useful to do, like volunteer at a homeless shelter.
      I couldn’t give a f about how you identify. And if you are a man, don’t even think about coming into my change room.

      My tolerance has gone.

    • Everyone is non-binary. No one is non-binary.

      In terms of socially constructed, sex-based stereotypes (ie ‘gender’) most people are non-binary. Most of us are a mix of stereotypical masculine and feminine qualities, interests and behaviours.

      In terms of biological sex (ie male or female anatomies housing either a male or female reproductive system), everyone except for an extremely small number of people are binary. It’s an either/or thing. There are only 2 sexes. Sex is genetic and set at conception. It can’t be changed. There are some situations and activities where sex matters – e.g. health care, sports, intimate care and spaces, enclosed spaces eg prisons, etc. In many other situations sex is irrelevant as we are all human, with a range of human capabilities.

      There are diverse ways of being female and of being male. Makes life interesting.

  19. People can describe themselves however they feel.
    As long as I know what’s under the hood before i pay the restaurant bill.

  20. I’m happy for all gender diversity, unhappy for Jordan dickhead, and as for you …

    You’re about concentrating on the main thing, why don’t you? You’re letting down the rational cause — won’t even say ‘Left’ cause, since Churchill was a socialist during our last crisis.

    This is the end of time. It’s too late but a strong war govt is needed to do our best. That the crisis is ‘leading up to’ rather than immediate like 1939 doesn’t help with our species. So a strong selling party is needed, 40 years of bowing our arses to every 3 years and the rich deprives us of that.

    All this details concentration is how blogs work — remind you of divide and rule? — but the Left isn’t a pastime, it’s about reality.

    You are as boisterous as the original social democrats, I’d like politicians like you, as I’ve said. The big ‘except’ is they need to get through the modern media checking. Peters in his way is a model — brilliant but does it by bluster — cuts through like Trump to the dim. We can’t do that, so we need a very passionate very intelligent rationalist(s). A ‘good prince’ — haha.

    Lets keep throwing the marbles.

  21. It’s hard to believe people are seriously devoting their precious time and energy to defining/defending how they identify themselves for others. Wouldn’t people be better off if they spent the time and energy developing themselves? How specifically categorised does one want to be, and wouldn’t it be easier and more satisfying to simply feel a part of the whole while maintaining the integrity and confidence in your individuality?

    • Sounds sensible and eminently doable. Maybe we will come around to seeing our way through the fog of faux indignation and hyperbole to the deeper problems that face those involved in these movements particularly, and alleviate those, and before then as of right now, think of the way that human society is deteriorating under pressure from venture capitalists whose ventures look away from bountiful earth laid waste, for adventures in space. Have I rounded off your proposition Jkau? If you want to correct or add something please do. We need all practical, philosophical thought around.

      • Thank you Greywarbler for contributing further to the thought. More clarity in the fog is always welcome. We already have the opportunity to experience deeper adventures right here on earth.

  22. Thanks Martyn for going through this discussion with examples so we understand this situation better. I find it frightening now it has been taken up by extremists who are unhappy about everything it seems. I have come across people against 5G and noticed that having taken a stance against that, which was not unreasonable, they seem to have enlarged their space for concern to include anyone who has the spiel of current emotional syndicates.

  23. The continued erasure of women. Qui Bono? The internet platforms that profit from hyper-individualisation and loneliness so they can sell their stupid metaverses. The woke are just the useful idiots, not the drivers.

  24. Don’t worry. This madness is coming to an end as witnessed by the many jurisdictions, corporations and brave individuals who are standing up, shutting down, reversing, undoing and legislating against this dangerous and harmful delusion that seeks to overturn the hard fought rights of women, biology and the protection of children.
    Lil on New Zealand is as always a tad behind everyone else who have come to their senses.
    Hold the line.

      • There is no community.
        The L and the B don’t really have anything in common, no one trusts the B and the rest are just silly.

      • Did you not read the article Millsy? An Iand D officer at John Hopkins University just described lesbians as non men. Do you see a problem with that? The person who describes lesbians as non men is a man. He presents as a women and calls himself a lesbian. Take that in, a man who declares himself to be a lesbian. He is a liar

        • Given that you are sounding more and more like Phyllis Schafly, Mary Whitehouse, and Patricia Bartlett every single, day, I couldnt give a fucking rats ass about your opinion.

  25. I note a rejection of Pride amongst under 18s in my liberal circle. This is largely due to trans ideology being in conflict with same sex youth. A close family member was going down the trans path and instead of validation was presented with gentle information to alternatives such as being same sex. Anecdotally many of the previous trans cohort are now firmly rejecting the T and choosing LGB.

  26. the whole thing is out of hand..are you better manager because your trans, or a better bus driver because you’re a lesbian or a better scientist because you’re queer? in most situations people will be polite about what you present as, expecting them to buy into your ‘special qualities’ is silly, just as ‘your child is not special’ your gender identification is not ‘special’ it’s a facet of your personality once you make it your entire personality, you’re just being silly.


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