Mallard’s woke justice is the reactionary rage the right are looking for  


Under privilege in Parliament, Mallard said the former staffer was someone “who the police investigation found sexually assaulted someone”.

But Police told Newshub no charges were filed.

In a statement police said: “The matter was referred to Police and fully investigated. Following a review of the evidence no formal charges were filed.”

The Right have been floundering around trying to ignite the reactionary rage that columnist Jehan Casinader described this week as ‘stale, pale and male’ woke virtue signalling.

To date this attempt has revolved around trying to pretend He Puapua is some kind of secret plan for Māori seperatism.

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Calling He Puapua ‘a secret agenda’ is disingenuous to the words ‘agenda’, ‘secret’ and ‘a’.

He Puapua is a wish list of hopes and aspirations, it is not a secret blueprint for the takeover of a country by radical Māori, to attempt to frame it as such is bordering on QAnon conspiracy fantasy.

Most Pakeha will see in the Māori Health Authority a solution to poor social statistics –  they won’t envisage Tame Iti and Hone Harawira in balaclava’s shooting AK47s in the air.

Mallard is different, this is a culture war backlash of immense potential for the Right.

Mallard has taken a religious belief position by stating he believes the women, regardless of no jury trial or evidence of guilt beyond a persons word against anothers.

In the world of the Woke, all men are rapists, due process is a cis white male privilege, To Kill A Mockingbird has been cancelled and the evidential threshold is that of the Salam Witch Trials.

If a woman says it, she must not only be immediately believed, ANYONE challenging that statement must also be immediately smeared as a concubine of Beelzebub.

Which is exactly what Mallard did to Bishop in the House last night.

That Mallard would accuse a man of rape simply because he chose to always believe the woman is a standard of justice that would make most reactionary males recoil in furious whiplash.

Mallard’s woke justice is the reactionary rage the right have been looking for, not Māori bashing dog whistles.

The burning down of due process and promotion of a woke justice is the existential fear of the reactionary stale, pale male.

Chippy is already trying to walk this back now…

House Leader Chris Hipkins to meet with Speaker Trevor Mallard after Parliament stoush

Hipkins told reporters on Wednesday he plans to speak with Mallard. 

“I sat through the debate last night. I don’t think it reflected well on Parliament as a whole. I don’t think it reflected well on pretty much anybody that was taking part in that debate,” he said.

“I don’t think the debating chamber of Parliament is the place to deal with these types of issues. I don’t think that was a victim-centric approach. I don’t think it was fair on the person who the allegations were against either.”

Hipkins said Parliament needs to “step back” from the issue. 

“I think continuing down this road isn’t the appropriate course of action for anybody at Parliament.”

…Labour know that outside only the most woke echo chambers, this fiasco could explode in their faces.

Why bother with a trial if the person making the allegation is always right?

An allegation should be taken seriously, not believed!

Mallard has sided with woke middle class fourth wave feminism where it is far better 10 innocent men go down than 1 guilty one walks free, because you know, ‘patriarchy’.

If the right can calibrate their attack, this is going to get very messy very quickly.

When the Woke Twittratti are singing Mallard’s praises, you know you are horribly out of step with middle NZ.


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  1. are you talking about when Bishop started laughing during Mallards statement on an ex staffer accused of sexual assault and Mallard admonishing him? Was that the smear? If we are talking truly innocent until proven guilty then shouldn’t the Nats be calling for the mans reinstatement and compensation with a ‘sorry we didn’t believe you bruv’ statement from his employer while insisting that the accusers approach the Police to make a complaint because ‘we don’t believe you’? Cue Judith Collins, the Bish et al jumping to their defense and demanding the speaker be sacked for protecting a sexual deviant. Just business as usual.

    • That height came with a bit of insight eh? Where did you spring from?
      I can’t wait to get vaccinated, whereupon I’ll be off to a bolt hole in one of two places to watch all this sort of needless, time-consuming, un-productive [by their own definition] shit play out from a distance.
      I hope it happens soon. Sooner the better

  2. It’s playing out in front of us.

    Labour Party sex scandal with young people at a camp party = gallows for all the Labour Party for not taking it seriously

    Speaker takes information he gets about sex assault in Parliament as serious = gallows for Mallard for taking it too seriously

    Meanwhile those horrified upset, offended, disgusted, in hanging mode = some of those who chuckled away at the New Age do-it-your own irreverent way grab a pussy President Trump. (God he was a hard case, wasn’t he?) Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, chuckle, chuckle.

  3. It’s starting to sink in to those on the left that this was an utter cluster fuck by the speaker who clearly “went off the reservation” and didn’t consult anyone let alone the PM’s minders.

    Mallard has always been a zero talent, hot head left bovver boy. National are exposing a weakness that will now be exploited time-and-time again. Watch for the next few months to be niggly behavior from Bridges, Brownlee and Bishop. Mallard can’t help himself and will crack again. The Blairite by not acting has left a wound festering.

    As for Collins this is the gift that will keep on giving. Mallard is unloved by all in the media other than his girlfriend. Look for this to be a “go-to” by the opposition.

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    The jail lock your righting of our word,is stay here learn.

  6. An announcement has been made, and a working group formed, no need for there to be any more concern for the victims, move on nothing to see here.

  7. Although this a a sideshow off a sideshow Mallard is losing it, his behaviour is erratic and I wonder if something is up.

    For whatever reason, he decided to become the judge, jury and executioner but ironically, as an MP who passes laws the rest of us must live by. Clearly the rule of law to Trevor means nothing.

    If someone says something then that rumour must be true. Stone age way of looking at things but Trev likes that a lot.

    Times up Trev but I wished you cared as much about important things like housing rather than the grubby little sand pit of parliament which is all you know. What I’m seeing is you’ve been there far too long and its showing. You are an unwanted distraction while the rest of Rome burns!

  8. And this is why women don’t report sexual harassment, abuse, and rape to police. Their cries for help are questioned at every turn.

    But if your car is nicked, it’s a given; it was nicked. No questions.

    We’ve only marginally progressed from “her skirt was too short so she was asking for it”

  9. Nationals petty, vindictive & pathetic showboating to try & raise its cellar dweller ratings is laughable? Instead of coming up with Policies & ideas to compete with Labours, all it does is wallow in the muck after shitting in its own bed because it has nothing to offer but negativity & nonsense! It just shows the low calibre of their pale, stale & white MP’s such as the sickeningly stupid moron & ignoramus fuckwit, Chris Bishop! This is who the National Party is, a party stuck in the past & it’s brand of Politics is based on race baiting Maori, gaslighting & playing identity Political games? It’s what Nicky Hagar highlighted so accurately in his Dirty Politics Book! The National Party uses its right wing, white privilege, outrage gaslighting propaganda as its primary modus operandi, it’s a watered down NZ version of Trumpism but Judith Collins is no Trump? She’s like the disastrous Hillary Clinton, unliked & unpopular! And the Nats brand of NZ Trumpism & old school Dirty Politics ain’t working for the Nasty Nats anymore? Since COVID, Kiwi’s aren’t buying their shambolic & lame “Make NZ National Again” bullshit & they no longer have that used car salesman & Smiley faced, asshole Banker, John Key to con the masses into buying a lemon car, no ones buying the National Party used car brand, their the LADA of Political Parties thanks to their poisoned Politics? And Mallards ridiculous posturing is playing into Nationals bullshit games? He’s behaving like the Director who made the Movie, “Promising Young Woman” which makes the racist & derogatory assumption that every Man is a potential, leering rapist & all woman must be believed? Well woman can commit sexual crimes, bullshit, lie & murder just like men so there should be no preference given to either sex? Mallard needs to keep his stupid ass, big mouth shut or if he can’t, RESIGN, he’s a embarrassment to Labour & a huge liability to the Taxpayer who have to pay this idiots legal fees every time he opens his FAT mouth! He should be forced to pay his own legal fees as well! The National Party is its own self sabotaging, worst enemy & a utter trainwreck joke!

    • makes the racist & derogatory assumption that every Man is a potential, leering rapist & all woman must be believed?

      So, WHERE exactly did Trevor do that?

      Please give a verifiable linked reference in your reply, or YOU are the slanderer!

      • Link to what? Read the article PROPERLY? The Writer makes this appraisal of Mallards actions, taking into account the big picture, that his support of this supposed Rape victim, implies, by definition, that all men are potential rapists & the Women, any woman, must be believed? Guilt via hearsay? Last time I looked you needed to lodge a Police complaint, supply evidence & lay charges then a Court case decides innocence or guilt, not a big mouth politician’s viewpoint but judgement from a Jury & a Judge? No rape complaint was ever lodged to the Police by the supposed Rape victim! Mallards rape victim support is based on slander & bullshit! But in this ludicrous “Me Too” & man hating, woke justice warrior environment, Mallard has latched onto this woke nonsense perpetuated by this easily offended, cancel culture, snowflake generation? I don’t think you get it, but Mallards slander has already cost the NZ Taxpayer $370,000 in legal fees against this accused Male Staffer! You can’t falsely accuse a person based on zero evidence & hearsay & without a Court trial! Innocent until proven guilty is still the legal requirement! End of story!

  10. I’ve been listening to and watching Parliament for about 50 years and I believe that Mallard is the best Speaker we have ever had. Mallard is a mongrel but he needs to be to deal with those other mongrels Smith, Brownlee and Bridges (& Collins). The rest of the bunch are are hopeless dithering idiots. All this shit is typical Natz MO. Remember Collins and Hyde calling Benson-Pope a pervert under Parliamentary privilege – the most disgraceful display ever in the house – it destroyed Benson-Pope and his family. As I anticipated last year, the Natz will turn to the Maori race card to get votes. They will also be into personal attacks, dirty politics, etc. The hate Jacinda talkback shows are in full flight and are the same sad old moaning superannuant beneficiaries appearing between each show. Only 12 out of 48 hours of talkback are not anti-Maori, hate Jacinda shows with the Natz getting all that free promotion. Add the Herald (and MSM) with those has been losers Prebble, Joyce, Hooton, OSullivan, Young and Treweek and the Natz are getting plenty of free air/screen time. At the end of the day the Natz 25%’ers will do anything to win.
    To our Tory friends, I say Rejoice, listen to the scientists not the right wing conspirators FB and Youtube as we are the safest and free-est country on the planet.

    • You lost me when you said that you had watched parliament for 50 years and you thought Trevor Mallard was the best speaker we’ve ever had. Especially when your justification is that he attacks the opposition, when the first rule of the speaker is impartiality.

      I think both sides of the house would agree that Sir Lockwood Smith was hands down the best Speaker we’ve had, and set the standard that no one has ever attained.

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