We Still Haven’t Found What We’re Looking For (With apologies to U2)


We studied the dialectic

Read the whole of ‘Capital’

So we could follow you

So we could follow you


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How we shouted

How we scrawled

Painted slogans on city walls

On prison walls

Proof that we followed you


But, we still didn’t find what we’re looking for

And we still haven’t found what we’re looking for


When they put him on a train

Like a deadly bacillus strain

We didn’t care at all

Knowing he’d end the war


And he spoke for the cause of angels

But his plans were the work of devils

So many comrades died

Building his perfect dream


We sure hadn’t found what we’re looking for

And we still haven’t found what we’re looking for


We believe in the Revolution

When all causes bleed into one

Bleed into one

With peace and freedom reigning


All bonds broken

All chains lost

But not at all

Not at any cost

Giving up on “human”

For “Humanity”.


No, that won’t help us find what we’re looking for

And we still haven’t found what we’re looking for

No, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for

No, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for.


  1. ‘We still haven’t found what we are looking for’ because ‘we’ are looking in the wrong places.

    Some of us have already found it, Chris.

  2. is that the sound of barrels being scraped…dear old anti communism–ever the tonic for some

  3. Times are getting harder for social democrats like you Chris, and it shows.

    The workers always knew what they were looking for, and proved it by mobilising to make revolutions many times. The problem was that the bosses new thus and counter mobilised to stop this knowledge turning into the reality. The revolutions succumbed to counter-revolutions.

    Instead of demonising Marx and Lenin for the sins that were committed by global capitalism that every means to smash popular revolutions that threatened to become a world revolutions, look at the treacherous role of social democracy in aiding capitalism in the counter-revolution.

    Fabian socialism (and every form of parliamentary socialism) was never intended to replace capitalism, but rather to divert the masses into fighting its wars and paying for its crises.

    The reborn Liberal-Labour Party in power re-enacts that whole history from the SPD that collaborated with the fascists to kill Luxemburg and Liebknecht and smash the German Revolution, to the full-on abandonment of social democracy for neo-liberalism by the Fourth Labour Government.

    Ardern’s own Blairite course completes this process by exposing that a majority Labour Government, which can no longer hide behind MMP, will consistently betray the workers.

    The Labour Government is exposed as no different to the first Liberal Labour government, introducing the corporatist-populist state steering landless workers into the petty bourgeoisie, while at the same time smashing the militant Red Fed in preparation for the birth of the Labour Party ready to divert workers into parliament.

    The Lib Labs ruled for about 20 years. Ardern will try to do the same by marginalising and demonising resistance to that popular front and subordinating the working class to the reactionary petty bourgeoisie.

    Social democracy can no longer pretend to meet the needs of labour while openly serving capitalism in terminal crisis.

    No fearmongering by the petty bourgeois intelligentsia and labour bureaucsracy can paint Marx and Lenin as the historic villains when global capitalism in terminal decline has no alternative but to destroy both nature and humanity.

    This time round, as well as finding what we are looking for, the working class will have the power to realise it and prevent all attempts to bury it in counter-revolution.

    • Well put Dave, and a totally justifiable rebuke. Notwithstanding that the right opportunism and class defeatism of the writer has been in plain view for many years now.

      No socialist Revolution* yet has been allowed to proceed unmolested by the armed force and indeed counter revolutionary efforts of Capitalists and Finance Capital. From the 12 Armies to Grenada and Cuba etc. And even quasi social democratic change like Allende’s Chile.

      * a revolution being a fundamental, widely supported, shift in class power–workers power!

  4. Revolution flowers from the barrel of a gun, to cite the little red book.
    Mr Trotter is at least illustrating the dilemma we all face.

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