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  1. Just as an aside, and dealing with the rilly rilly big issues of what property managers (or rather property managerialists) have to deal with …..
    Did anyone else see that abomination on Television 2 (our publicly owned broadcaster) from Greenstone?
    Oh how we’ve fallen.
    It was a cross between Pleece 10-7 on steroids and very Desperate Housewives.
    Fark! It was like an advertorial for property management companies who’d decided to target the most ferral of the tenants they could find.

    God I’d love to meet the two property managers dressed in all their finery.

    • My God!
      It gets worse. It’s called “Renters”
      And it’s had more than one series.
      The twee at the Spinoff have even done a review on it ( )
      I know prostitution is now legal in NZ and bon chance to all those that have had an earn from this bloody abomination.
      However I hope like hell that anyone from TVNZ – “Commissioning Editors” and any other enabler alike has no future whatsoever in any venture that dresses itself up as public service broadcasting in future.
      I hadn’t realised how bad things had become.

      As for those two specimens that were prancing around the maypole in the episode I caught a glimpse of – deepest sympathy to anyone that’s ever been in a relationship with youse

  2. And then there’s our public service FTA telecaster TVNZ overnight.
    Whatever you think of Monarchy and the constitutional arrangements that go with it and ‘lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight
    What the fuck was TVNZ doing on the announcement of the death of Phil.
    Why they were running infomercials.

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