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We are back.

For the first time since COVID-19 hit, School Strike 4 Climate is back and demanding climate action once again! On Friday, April 9th, we will be holding our first post-COVID Intergenerational Strike 4 Climate to demand a better future for us all. Backed by the 80,000 people who rallied with us on September 27th 2019, we are ready to take another stand.

Even with the COVID-19 crisis still having major impacts on our day-to-day, so too is the climate crisis. Our Pacific Island neighbours are sinking further into the sea, and 2020 brought with it drought and high temperatures across Aotearoa. Tāmaki Makaurau has had water restrictions since early 2020, and the climate crisis is showing no sign of slowing down.

Jack Barlow, 16, is a year-13 student at Western Springs College and is a School Strike 4 Climate spokesperson.

‘We are not doing enough to stop this crisis. COVID-19 showed us that we can rise to crises with proper leadership and that when there is a strong governmental mandate people are willing to change their entrenched behaviours immediately,’ says Jack Barlow. ‘We need to see the same urgency and ambition we’ve been praised around the world for applied to the climate crisis.’

‘We will continue to fight for climate justice until we see a real, tangible, and ambitious change from our leaders. We will continue to strike because we’ve seen bold leadership in the face of one crisis – and need it with this one.

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‘Our COVID-19 recovery provides a unique opportunity to rethink the way we do things. All of our investments need to be future-focussed and climate-resilient. 86% of New Zealanders believe climate action should be part of Aotearoa’s COVID-19 recovery plan. We have a mandate. Let’s do this.

That’s why on Friday, April 9th, School Strike 4 Climate is holding our fourthIntergenerational Strike 4 Climate. We’re meeting at 12pm at Te Komititanga and marching up Queen Street, the reverse of our normal route.

Christina Sieberhagen, 15, is a year-12 student at Northcote College and is a School Strike 4 Climate Auckland spokesperson.

‘With the recent community case and on-going global pandemic, safety is our number-one priority. With this in mind, our strike will only take place if we are at Alert Level 1. There will also be QR codes on the day and on social media, and we strongly encourage everyone to sign-in using the NZ COVID Tracer app. Marshals and event organisers will be wearing masks, and we encourage protesters to do so as well. We also ask if you have displayed COVID symptoms in the two weeks prior to the strike you stay home. Make sure to follow the SS4C social media accounts for updates and recommendations.’

‘It’s time to put the pressure back on local and central governments to deliver bold climate action. Current climate legislation is not going to be enough to save us,’ says Christina Sieberhagen.

We need adults to strike with us to show strength, solidarity, and power.We are high-school students trying to navigate an adult world, and we cannot face this existential problem by ourselves. Every single person calling for action counts towards a better future for us all.

‘Be there.’


  1. There is no question regarding the need for urgent action on Planetary Meltdown.

    There is no question the government will resist every step of the way and will promote non-solutions.

    • Well if the schoolies, adults and Te Ao Maori team up we just might have the political capital, influence and power to bend the crown to our will. Let’s do that eh?

      • Will that balance the rural lobby and business NZ who appears to have reins on the govt.
        No matter how it is fudged the emission keep rising and NZ targets set are a sick joke.

        We need strong policy changes, close monitoring and monthly reporting to the public.

        • The whole corrupt system is maintained in the short term by NOT reporting to the public (as per the non-reporting by TVNZ, Radio NZ and the corporate press etc.) and focusing of the public’s attention very firmly on trivia and distractions, e.g. Americas Cup.

          Whilst we need ‘strong policy changes’ we will not get them from any government that is in awe of modern-day economists and serves the wants of the global banking sector, as the Adern non-government is.

          The neoliberal era will end via catastrophic collapse and disaster capitalism, I’m afraid. It’s already underway and is coming super-fast now, with massive droughts in the US, China, Taiwan and numerous other nations around the world that don’t even get reported by the alternative media because there’s just too much now.

          The crunch comes over the period May to September 2021.

          Meanwhile, the politicians are focused on what they are always focused on: stealing resources and filling their bank accounts with computer digits.

          I see the Americans, under the leadership of the known warmonger Biden, are about to have another go at stealing Syria’s oil.

          And the Americans are all set to ramp up the proxy war against Russian-speaking Ukrainians, so they can complete the unfinished business of looting the Donetsk region, as per Hunter Biden’s agenda.

          I’m sure Putin is not impressed.

          Nor are the Chinese, who have just launched the biggest submarine in history (nuclear-armed, of course), ready to defend themselves from further American aggression in the control of resources.

          It’s the final battle for control. And the Americans have already lost.

          Where that leaves the idiots that comprise NZs political ‘elites’ is unclear.

          By the way, it’s extraordinarily dry around here and the forecast is for more dry warm, dry weather, but there is still ground water if yoiu go down deep enough.

          • How many Kiwis in this blogsite know that the US congress funds weapons and training for the imported “Syrian” rebels. Many are recruited from Uighurs , battle hardened then returned home to create mahem. Congress also funds the NED who created the Hong Kong riots. Several billion $US was spent destabilising the Ukraine but backlash is showing.

            Meanwhile the US is in Syria illegally trespassing and stealing oil big time. Syria did not invite them but has told them to go many times.

            • ‘How many Kiwis in this blogsite know that the US congress funds weapons and training for the imported “Syrian” rebels.’

              Let me guess. 3. You, me and perhaps one other person.

  2. Kids will protest/march about anything if it means half a day or more out of school, some will be marching for the cause, most will just be there to make up numbers. And The Green party hijackers will be there, nothing of note from the party on environmental causes since election, but a great opportunity for Marama, Golritz plus any other Green MP to grandstand and carry the megaphone when MSM cameras are rolling.

    • I think you will find ‘Labour’ MPs (LINO) will also take the opportunity to grandstand, they may even try to take over, (as Andrew Little did last time I had anything to do with him -arsehole) whilst implementing policies that make the environmental predicament worse faster.

      Political hypocrisy knows no boundaries.

    • ImR
      Have a look at the Green party policies and you will see the climate concerns loud and clear.
      No- one needs to belong to any political party to have an understanding of why these kids are solemnly and desperately protesting.

      I am suprised that you are not expressing support for them and anger at the lack of action by all the political parties and Business NZ in insisting on immediate action to reduce Green House Gas emissions, reduce human population, reduce energy harvesting and consumption, localise food supply and getingt cars off the roads.
      Of course all that will have to be planned and managed but that should have started over 40 years ago. It is now too late to prevent widespread and chronic hardship which will involve sharing of wealth and a complete evolution of governance.
      Good luck to the kids who are rightfully fearful of the older generations lack of ability to comprehend the changes ahead.

  3. They should all go back to school and learn about “System Change” and “Green Washing Capitalism” which is what the Climate Change movement is.

    • Denny in the mid 70 new material was brought into schools introducing resource depletion, unsustainable world population and environmental degradation.
      It all got withdrawn and much of it collected in and destroyed.
      Business NZ did not like it. Our schools must not educate young minds.
      Big money controls society and most aspects of government, the MSM and propaganda content and flow.

      A disgusting announcement on Wed 7 April was that 6%”Growth” is forecast.

      If you don’t know what is bad about that then I really am talking to the ignorant.
      Hint for research ” We live on a finite planet”
      Human overshoot is already decades ago.

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