Hey Labour, after bashing property speculators, how about big sugar, big banks, big plastic, big tech, big farts & big booze?


Look, while no one is under any illusions that this housing package will do anything meaningful for first home buyers or renters, it’s great that the Government are finally frightened enough of left wing backlash and sick burns turning up in Jacinda’s social media feed, that they’ve taken a great big bloody stick to dirty filthy slumlord property speculators.

Property speculators are just like Casinos, booze barons and tobacco pimps – they are all necessary evils who require the jackboot of State regulation constantly applied to their throats to keep them in line.

Just like Drug Cartels.

But why stop there?

There are others who deserve our wrath as well!

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BIG SUGAR – The Dirty Politics fiasco showed how effective Big Sugar were at derailing any public academic pushing for a sugar tax and they deserve punishment! Bring in an immediate sugar tax and use all taxation raised for dental health and obesity services. Why should they profit from an addictive and deadly product and pay none of the social cost?

BIG PLASTIC – The industry spins PR lies that we as the consumer are to blame for their product and hide that early 5% ever get recycled. There should be an enormous tax on all plastic plus banning some types altogether, the funds of which go to flax weaving local industry and plastic alternatives. I’m not kidding about the flax weaving.

BIG TeCH – Hit Facebook and Google for a media tax that is recycled into local industry journalism.

BIG FARTS – Include methane into climate change gas calculations and tax down th cow herd.

BIG BOOZe –  Hit them with a new social damage super tax on profits, restrict bottle stores and gut advertising.

BIG BANKS – Buy Westpac and stem mass monopoly rentals leaving NZ for bloody Australia!

We need to be kinder to humans and crueller to Corporations.

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  1. and still Labour is doing nothing to help the guy at the bottom….
    10 year brightline – how many investors do you know that just buy and sell without having a tenant to pay off some of that debt first? Its a bloody have so Labour can look like doing something while actually doing nothing.
    Only thing Labour has mentioned is child poverty but children are in poverty because their parents are in poverty but Labour doesn’t want to change a damn thing to fix that just more bloody slogans.

    • I don’t think politics, science, economics or anything else can reasonably explained inequality.

      I’d say that:

      inequality is dependent on wealth

      That there can be no decoupling of wealth and inequality

      That animated intentions is impossible with out mindless animated intentions and that life is contingent and destructible phenomenon.

      So if we except those 4 notions of financial Darwinism and then seek out philosophical notions that are responsive to financial Darwinism there are 2 routes we can take.

      One route is we can mobilise to debunk the economics ideologies and so on.

      The other and what I’ve been eluding to recently is to construct a notion of internal dialogue about financial Darwinism that is consistent with some basic philosophical notions.

      It’s almost like we all on the left are communist leaders and we know better than everyone else. And I’m not trying to patronise we have bright people here on the daily blog and there are guys who are not bright and simplify to much and then you get lefties coming in saying we know more.

      So I believe that philosophy is essential because science and so on isn’t doing the entire job.

    • Actually the Labour Party does not mention child poverty ( or povidy as our pm says ). It was an election slogan for the bewildered and confused. It served its purpose.

    • Let it rip Brucie, where’ere ye be,…let the wind blow free
      Better a bum fart than a brain variety.
      Good one.

  2. Martyn, what do you mean, cigarettes are essential services during Covid!! If only we had more smokers!

    NZ LOVEs to encourage cash businesses spouting up, from drugs, cigarettes, illegal labour, money laundering at Skycity. Cash is king! You won’t hear a word against those industries from most of the politicians.

    No need to pay any taxes! Smuggling cigarettes is a legitimate business and gets you name suppression for hardship, if you happen to have millions in cash in garbage bags along with the millions of cigarettes.

    Cigarette smuggling case: Defendants keep names secret to protect children, employees

    Mother and son arrested for smuggling tobacco into NZ

    Exclusive: Filipino shipping agent escaped jail time after 225k un-taxed cigarettes found in container she arranged

    Cash or illegal Labour is King in NZ.

    Auckland building boss charged with fraud after investigation into illegal labour

    Migrant worker speaks out against exploitation at rural Reporoa holiday park

    Family of migrant worker who died on the job seeks compensation

    Millions in money laundering, no problem!

    William Yan AKA Bill Liu to keep NZ citizenship despite money laundering conviction

    No questions ever asked about drugs smuggling and you get NZ permanent residency without an IRD number and no taxes ever paid in decades while being a drugs smuggler…

    Lawyers’ fees restrained by police after Auckland drug bust

    There are lots of issues springing up in NZ that need political attention, the issue is, only landlords seem to be on their radar – socially harmful activities to NZers are given the green light in real terms by the lack of political interest in enforcement and penalties of those areas.

  3. …”We need to be kinder to humans and crueller to Corporations”…


    Hear hear ! And I agree with everything said in the above article. Cant fault it.

  4. My perspective since 1984 Roger the pig farmer’s dodger coup de etat against all that made NZ a good society we have now reached rock bottom. Our society is controlled by foreign banks and the F.I.R.E. sector. Our so called government merely lackies to the same order: Neoliberalism- neokindness – neofeudalism. What a CONDEMNATION of a society when its young couples are condemned to be rent peasants for the term of their natural life!
    Even if you get a huge mortgage you can never pay back you’re a slave to the BANK for the rest of your natural life!
    Blaircinda, Blair’s bitch is a traitor! The bunch of useless Labour Mps sucking on the public tit a total waste of space.

      • Bert, nice projection. The point is they’re all dickheads and they don’t give a shit about you or I or our children. Conquer and divide, divide and conquer is the only game.

  5. Nothing but big farts coming out in the form of policies from this government. The latest has yet to pass the ‘sniff’ test.
    When something stinks, it usually means the source of the smell is rotten. This government is rotten, and I’m sick of their stink fart policies. They may as well just take a big metaphoric dump on the poor, beneficiaries, working class, renters, stoners, homeless, mentally ill and vulnerable. I never got sucked in by the spin and voted for them. I could smell their hot air a mile away.

  6. NZ is turning into a rip off country with rampant profiteering – in particular profiteering from people who are in a vulnerable place.

    Maree Tinsley may go to court over bill from Crime Scene Cleaners after son’s suicide

    “The Albany mum’s adult grandson paid $500 when booking the cleaning online, with a warning “there could be additional charges for cleaning products etc”, Tinsley said.”

    They then get a bill for $6300 cleaning fee ($500 to $6300 with no warning!)

    Crime Scene Cleaners defends $18,000 bill for cleaning up hoarder’s house

    Among other things ‘weird phone calls’ from the MD.

    “Both Tinsley and the Palmerston North man’s daughter described unexpected conversations with Crime Scene Cleaners managing director Carl Loader. He asked Tinsley to appear in a TV programme about suicide, and he told the daughter about one of his workers trying to bring his wife to New Zealand from India.

    “He says things in phone calls that he doesn’t back up, really weird phone calls,” the daughter said. “I really wasn’t mentally able to battle with someone when you’re dealing with so many other things.”

    Sadly NZ is turning into a place where you increasingly can’t trust anyone.

    Property puzzle: The pensioner who discovered she didn’t own her home

    Fraud is rampant in NZ and often involving the same offenders who seem to get away with it, again and again – then refine their frauds into even better and more confusing and complex schemes that become difficult to unpick.

    “A spokesman for the SFO, which typically only examines cases of alleged financial impropriety where the sums involved exceed $5 million, declined to provide details of the complaint, or when a decision would be made whether to formally open an investigation, but said: “The matter was referred to the SFO by police.”

    Remuera Lawyer Paul Phillips, acting for Rosolowski, said the pattern of transactions, mortgage registrations, and Companies Office filings related to the property was bewildering.

    “It’s a convoluted situation – but whatever it was, it didn’t work for Sandra – it only worked for Peters.”

    Phillips said banks, who repeatedly refinanced the properties in question, and law enforcement, who first received complaints about the matter in 2018, had serious questions to answer.

    “I can’t say too much about which people are responsible – but it’s a disgrace, in my opinion, that the Serious Fraud Office haven’t picked it up yet,” he said.”

    Sadly NZ has not ramped up the amount of fraud investigators, SFO and police to try to stop the burgeoning corporate frauds in NZ that seem to be escalating as there are not enough investigations for the large and increasing amount of white collar fraudsters operating in NZ and preying on victims here. Many of who are repeat offenders.

    Victims are then left in limbo with poverty issues and reduced mental health.

    Just helping someone on the street can earn you a fractured jaw!
    Good Samaritan left with fractured jaw after being robbed and assaulted on the Crown Range

    NZ likes to obsess about property while Rome burns. Seems to be a gap between the obsession with landlords and a lack of interest on why people are still renting longer and more of them (aka crime, low wages, NZ awash with social harmers) with the my little pony mentality that this doesn’t exist and somehow everyone will get on the property ladder (aka new homes to buy seem to be the government’s priority) while not helping people earn enough money to afford to transition to home ownership (or not be robbed of home ownership by frauds after achieving it).

    • I think you are on the money re: fraud, serious fraud at that or at least self perpetrating fraud..I can’t read the herald so no further comment unless a kinder news outlet picks up the story.

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