Dear Green Party – save us from the evil landlords because Labour won’t – demand rent freeze now!


Dear Green Party

You must save us renters!

Labour have rightfully bashed the dirty filthy slumlord property speculators but those dirty filthy speculators ar flooding social media with gloating threats to viciously raise rents!

We renters need protecting from dirty filthy slumlord property speculator revenge fantasies.

Bewilderingly Labour seem to think these threats are a joke, with Grant saying renters can just move and David Parker laughing the threat off!

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Seeing as Labour won’t protect us from the war thy’ve started with the dirty filthy slumlord property speculators, the Greens are our only hope!

Come out and state that because Labour won’t protect renters, the Greens will with an immediate rent freeze and permanent tenancies which only the tenant can end.

Renters need protecting from the war Labour has started, radical measures are required to defend us from this…

Poverty advocacy group disappointed after property investors joke about using ‘rat poison’ to evict squatters

A poverty advocacy group is disappointed after several landlords joked about poisoning squatters in a property investors Facebook group. 

…Gen X + Gen Y are a larger voting block than Boomers now, and Gen X were the first user pays generation so haven’t had their political values gentrified. These are renters with increasingly more political power, stand up for them and they will stand with you in 2023.

Protect us because Jacinda won’t.

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  1. Here’s the thing; Slowly and deliberately our investor class have boxed in a large slice of the population into permant renters and whether they like it or not. They are dependant on these parasites for somewhere to live. Renters can’t buy their own home because investors have fucked the market and useless government’s like Arderns let it remain that way.

    Investors are now at the point where they throw their weight around and make renters dance to whatever tune they play.

    The threat they now pose to society is too great to ignore. This self serving filth are running what could be best described as a feudal system of land occupancy. I’m sure if renters stuck together and simply refused to pay rent and squatted they could break these pricks just as easy.

    But yes, Jacinda Ardern unfortunately is a big part of the problem. She governs an absolute majority single party government and is not interested in doing anything, full stop, including ending this bullshit. So she may as well pack it in. That leaves the Greens, who seem to be distracted and preoccupied by anything woke.

    But here’s hoping they can do the right thing for once and embarass the useless Labour Party into action. We’ve got no hope otherwise!

  2. So business got wage subsidies during Covid and the commercial landlords were unaffected, while residential landlords got rent freezes.

    No rent freezes for commercial property, bright line tests, interest deductions halter or any taxation for that rort!

    Even before Covid, you wondered how business could maintain the massive cost of commercial property leases in NZ. Since most small businesses fail, no real interest in seeing if high leases might be a factor.

    Labour and Greens helping the 0.01%, of big overseas commercial landlords while spanking 80% of ‘mums n dads’ landlords who had the audacity to buy 1 rental property.

  3. Land, being a natural resource, is always going to be in limited supply, and makes up practically half of the cost when it comes to housing. Tiny houses won’t solve the problem, taxes won’t solve the problem, etc.

    High rise buildings might partially solve the problem, but this would require a lot of political will to get behind, not to mention a complete reshaping of our image of New Zealand as a country of farmland and suburbs.

    Until we understand this, we will never solve the problem.

    Simply put – an individual should not be allowed to own more than 1 property.

    e.g. If I went into Pbtech right now and wanted to buy myself an RTX 3070 graphics card, I’d only be allowed to buy one.

    If we have such common sense restrictions when it comes to non-essential consumer items, we need to apply the same principles when it comes to housing and having a roof over our people’s heads.

  4. GR seems to think rents will not rise.

    Why? Advice from the same people who told him that the property market would fall because of the pandemic (ignoring the wage subisides, Orr flooding the market with money and ending deposit requirements). Or what happened in the UK with loss of interest deductability? If the latter has he compared the comparative supply and demand factors?

    I know what I would do – expect landlords to evict tenants on specious grounds of doing renovation and then bump up rent to a new tenant. Ignoring the fact many homeowners under go renovations while in their property.

    So I would update legislation to require landlords to have renovation plans and quotes for the work and scheduled dates for the work before a tenant can be evicted. And determine whether such work would require the tenant to vacate the property.

    A short of supply market is a windfall profit one. And while such markets exist some form of rent control is required.

    The determinants of market rent are return on property cost (lower mortgage costs variable) and local incomes. So as per the regionalised variations in AS, a regionalised schedule for maximum rent per property value (adjustment down in areas with lower local income) – loosely based on average rents applying now.

  5. Well… it’s the banks isn’t it really? Tennants merely pay the ‘investor’s’ mortgages until ‘capital gains’ is the pay-off.
    Therefore, it’s primarily in the bank’s interests and their minions, the ‘investors’, to maintain a status quo of ponderously slow affordable houses being built and collaboratively nurture a very, very friendly relationship between the banks, the ‘investors’ and the IRD, all of whom harvest renters like that opening scene in The Matrix.
    We must calm ourselves and study the facts.
    There needs to be revolutionary action and that action must be undertaken by our politicians against the cadre of criminals who masquerade as people undertaking sound and responsible business practises. I.e. or AKA if you prefer, the banking industry and its sundry hangers on like the real estate ‘industry’, lawyers and our very own IRD.
    Lets start with the IRD. Lets fuck the IRD and not in that good way. Those Bankster lackeys aka the Wellington neoliberal era tax bureaucrats are done. Gone. Sack the pricks. If they won’t countenance a 100% tax on foreigners making massive net profits from banking enterprises here and refuse to whack on a 99% capital gains tax against our own greedy fucks exploiting a neoliberal crippled societal infrastructure then out they go.
    The foreign owned banksters.
    Give their staff 24 hrs to clean out their desks and to move their Merc’s and BMW’s and slap on a total asset freeze and investigate how much, to where, and to whom, our money has been siphoned off to.
    Sure. They seem a bit fucked now ( Yeah, right. ) but a year ago they were swilling in the trough like hogs on P.
    The very real problems that many AO/NZ’ers face are baseless in logic. There’s, without argument, zero need or excuse for homelessness and general poverty in AO/NZ. None. There’s zero arguments for hardship within the middle classes and there’s even less of an argument for the few multimillionaires and multibillionaires who suck out our money from under OUR IRD’s nose.
    Those to blame for such crass, vulgar and dangerous greed are the banks who enable grotesque levels of exploitation of those who believe they’re powerless to do anything about the dark bankster parasites who blight our beautiful AO/NZ and they have our tax systems in their pockets because our IRD is as corrupt as the banksters need it to be.

  6. “Oh the humanity!”

    This poor guy can no longer leech as much hard earned tenant cash as he thought he was entitled to. The word on the street is that the speculeeches will just smash the rents up and if the tenant can’t pay, the government will by accommodation supplementation. This infestation is going to be tough to control. It requires a complete raft of measures. Stop all supplements, ban rent increases, stop interest only loans. Their entitlement must be eradicated.

  7. It just shows you how naive Jacinda & Robertson are, they just thought they could lob a hand grenade into the Housing Market & expect these SOB, greedy, feudal Landlords to just sit back & take it? These Tapeworm parasitic Landlords are squealing that they will take spiteful, vindictive action against their Tenants by raising rents or selling the properties from under them, rendering them homeless? Ardern expects these lowlifes will treat their Tenants with “kindness”, her signature, bullshit COVID word & Robertson’s advice is for Tenants to just up sticks & move to another slumlords premises? Labour didn’t consider “the Renter” in their attempts to rein in the overheated NZ Property Market! Rent freezes & legislation that states you can’t rise rents higher than the CPI must be a priority for the Greens/Maori Party to force Labour into action!

  8. “Audrey Young: Why National chose to target Trevor Mallard instead of housing”

    Because they have nothing. Collins takes shortcuts( Oravida) Todd wasn’t up to it and Bridges, well at the end of the day he’s just another lawyer. National have failed, failed and failed on housing, why?, because they created this mess.

  9. I am dumbfounded that Robertson said renters can just move. Where to ?

    Somebody should explain to Grant, than when the National Govt said that there was no housing crisis, they were telling porkies.

    One of the few upsides of the housing shortage is two historically troublesome rentals near me, now have model tenants, because they know that if they are a bother, then they will get the boot, and will have great difficulty finding somewhere else to live.

    The whole rental model has to be revisited right now before winter bites, and if David Parker thinks it a laughing matter, then David and Grant should find new jobs, and be replaced by a couple of decent human beings.

  10. Quite so. Rents to rise no more than inflation, and this to be retrospective over a period of some years, with penalties for stepping outside of these bounds; and a rent tribunal to adjudge egregious cases, with powers to reset rent levels.

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