New Mallard Allegations – when you go Welly Woke, you go Welly Broke


So despite knowing he was wrong to claim rape, Trev just went there anyway?

National renews calls for Speaker Trevor Mallard’s resignation amid new revelations over ‘rape’ comments

National is renewing calls for House Speaker Trevor Mallard to resign amid new revelations he repeated an allegation against a former staffer in public after having been advised it was false.

Mallard came under fire in December last year after more than $300,000 in taxpayer money was spent to settle his legal battle with a former parliamentary staffer accused of sexual assault, which Mallard had described as tantamount to “rape”.

In the hyper real moment of the now in woke world, all men are rapists, all white people are racists and anyone defending free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

In such a nuanced post Me Too cultural landscape, ALL women must be BELIEVED, the evidential threshold is anything said on Twitter and due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege.

You would have thought that after The Spinoff and Feminist journalist hit job at Stuff  insinuating that Jacinda and Labour had covered up a serious sexual assault that Trev would be a tad more sceptical, but jaw droopingly he wasn’t.

Trev went woke and accepted a radical new definition of rape…

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The man claimed the three allegations were related to hugging a colleague, complimenting another colleague on her hair, and kissing another on her cheek as he said goodbye to her after she visited him and his wife for tea.

However, the first complainant alleged he hugged her from behind, pushing his groin up against her, and that he was staring at the breasts of the woman who’s hair he complimented.

…that’s apparently the definition now. There is now talk of a second earlier complaint that Trev is attempting hang all of this on, but that reeks of desperation rather than justification.

Trev’s attempt to get down with the kids and their new trigger threshold definitions was akin to GrandDad mistakenly doing a Nazi salute tic tok dance and accidentally sending it to all his contacts.

So based on how well Trevor was actually doing at his job as Speaker, I think we should forgive this bewilderingly poor judgment call as the sad over compensation cultural virtue signal it was.

I know, I know. The guy who was called a rapist by the Speaker of the House has had his career destroyed and mangled while costing us a fortune, but this is the new cultural landscape of subjectively perpetual wounds and a bonfire of reputations and careers will be burnt before that feminist rage has been sated.

In the new justice of the Woke, it is far better 9 innocent men are destroyed than 1 guilty man walks free.

Just be thankful it didn’t cost as much as Trevor’s bloody slide.

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  1. Trev is no more a bully than Collins is a crusher bully or Oravida border bully, Bridges is a Chippie bully when deciding to back Trev or Brownlee is an airport bully. The hypocrisy calling Trev a bully is not lost on anyone.

    • Bert those other lot you mention are just politicians in general being the dicks they are. The speaker of the House is meant to set a better example and rise above that sort of school yard name calling behaviour.

      • I don’t pretend Trev is an angel and he got this so horribly wrong but Collins attack on Trev’s personality, that is, one of a bully is so hypocritical it really is very funny.
        The best examples can be seen in last years election debates.

    • Exactly, Bert.
      It is not mere hypocrisy. There is a bullying intent behind what they / Nats are doing.
      National are desperately clutching at straws. Why anyone would buy into their vile campaign, baffles me.
      It is disheartening.

      • National are desperate and desperate people do desperate things so they are going after Mallard again. Where is national alternative housing policy at the moment they have two barking dogs in Willis and Bishop.

        • They are desperate, yes. And they are using similar strategies now, to those used when they framed Jacinda as being someone who was involved in, or was at least covering up a sex abuse scandal. That BS also got traction for a while – the media promoted it!

          And now, so far, they’re having the same success in their sabotage of Trevor Mallard’s anti-bullying moves in the parliament. I don’t know why some on the ‘Left’ are (again) buying into the Nats’ garbage.

  2. Apparently – according to Barry Soper – the man accused of rape by the Speaker was saved by the journalists of ZB and the Herald who in that hour were alone in defending truth, justice and honour.

    Yeah the bitter old man misses the days when people in government would be accessible, and has formed a laager of the wealthy landowning white people of Auckland and their media, those who know best. Shots across the bow of the 2000 winter of discontent.

    But sorry it was not a moment of weakness, from day one to the time the government paid of the victim, Mallard was a bully.

    • “But sorry it was not a moment of weakness, from day one to the time the government paid of the victim, Mallard was a bully.”

      Similar to Key pulling the ponytail and the victim was paid….a bottle of JK’s wine! Did Key lose his job and where was Barry Soper then, at a barbecue at Key’s?

  3. The context of all this has been lost.
    When the Jacinda-led Labour Government took office at the end of 2017 they inherited several huge problems which had accrued during the decade of National’s predatory, exploitative reign. (Eg, Our Kiwi homes were being flogged off overseas while entire families here at home were living out of their cars, or anywhere they could, while they went to work. Homelessness was rife, beggars were a common sight on our streets. Inequality had skyrocketed and a trajectory for its perpetuation had been established – That has yet to be addressed.)

    One of the problems Labour inherited was the culture of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, within parliament itself. The new Labour government addressed this directly, with their Independent External Review into Bullying and Harassment

    It was Trevor Mallard who launched the Review in November 2018.
    From that link: “Bullying and harassment are not acceptable in any workplace. It’s important that people at Parliament feel respected, safe, and supported each day coming to work,” the Speaker said.

    At the time, he spoke about the need to address the problem “proactively”. It was clearly something that he felt, wholeheartedly, – this was not a token action by some pen-pusher, but a determination to change what had been a toxic culture.

      • If you think you have a genuine point to make then go ahead and make it – Say what you think, in clear language. And if it’s more attempts to smear Trevor, you need specific examples with links that can be checked.

        • Let’s summarize shall we:

          1). Mallard knew the rape allegation was false; however
          2). Continued legal proceedings (out of our pocket, not his); and
          3). Threatened the other party with the airing of dirty laundry if they didn’t desist

          In other words he made false allegations and continued with these when he knew they were wrong. If the Police or another government department got caught doing this there would be allegations of corruption.

          But hey let’s not stop with this example let’s go back into the past shall we:

          i). Threatened to stick beer bottles where the sun doesn’t shine with foreign sports officials because they democratically decided to award a sporting event to Australia
          ii). Had and prosecuted for a physical fight outside the speaking chamber.

          That’s the known events – there are of course plenty of other unsubstantiated rumors.

          An individual patently unsuited to the role of speaker. Any argument otherwise is tribal in it’s content with mental and moral gymnastics required to justify his continued stewardship.

          • Thanks for clarifying.

            Answering your first point:

            1. “Mallard knew” … that calls of sexual harassment had been made by at least two different women against this 50+ year old male.

            This happened during the time he was trying to clean up the mess of various forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying which had been rife in our parliament at the time Labour took office. It mattered to him to change that pre-existing culture, hence the launching of the Review.

            In the week when that word was spoken, that “R” word which has somehow become the new wokey “oooo.. can’t say it” word – In that same week, Mallard released the now completed Independent External Review into Bullying and Harassment. That is what was on his mind.

            Consequent to the National Party’s whipped-up hysteria over Trevor having used that baad baad word, the concerns raised by those women have faded into nothingness – they are not being heard, not being addressed.

            Again, look across the ditch and see what’s been unfolding in Canberra.

  4. As long as I have followed politics Mallard has been a bully in some cases hiting out at his own side. It seems some have blickers when it comes to their own.
    It is up to supporters to let their representatives know when they let their people down.

    • Both Gerry and Nick were told in no uncertain terms that they weren’t wanted by their supporters, yet here we are, two bullies by way of an antiquated political system. Perhaps we need to look at all politicians morals eh Trevor, not just the blinkered supporters you mentioned, or do you hold the high ground on who is a bully and who isn’t.

  5. Trevor Mallard is absolutely right to consider the meaning and application of the concept, “Rape”.

    By my reckoning, Andrew Falloon committed rape, because I am fully aware of the devastating, life-altering effect of his kind of behaviour. (Of sending images of WOMEN BEING DEGRADED to other very young women, when he was in a position of power)

    So now, on the strength of my having expressed that opinion, which is all that Trevor Mallard did, does Foul-loon also get a grand payout of $300,000 ++ ?

    Give me a freaking break!!!!!!!

    And, just look at what is happening across the Ditch, where women working in the halls of their parliament cried out for help against the abuses and sexual assault, and were ignored. One of those women has recently suicided. So now we have Scromo weeping crocodile tears and claiming absolution from any guilt because he loves his mum and his sisters etc etc – What BS!!!

    Over here, Trevor Mallard championed the women who were calling out for help, and look where it has got him.

  6. Ill never forget Collins in cahoots with hyde (and plunket) destroying Benson-Pope’ family by calling Benson-Pope a pervert because he was telling his girl students to hurry up and get ready. This was really gutter politics. Natz useless in parliament-Bridges pay should be docked, they are not making any contribution except wasting time on Mallard. Act are nearly as useless – Labour should give them some their questions at question time. Mallard has been the best Speaker i’ve seen/heard in my 50+ years following politics. It takes a mongrel to deal with the mongrels in the Natz. I note that Hooton and the old herald tories have started their campaign for Luxon to replace collins. The Natz will be looking for dirt to ramp up the dirty politics – the same characters are still around.
    What a weekend this has been – thanks Jacinda and Ash for keeping us safe. You only need to have a look at the rest of the world – yes we are the land of freedom,

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