Oh look at that, just as TDB predicted – the SIS had 2 hits on white supremacy terrorist 


TDB has been predicting and arguing for 2 years now that the March 15th Christchurch atrocity was a cascade failure by the entire NZ Intelligence Apparatus and that if they hadn’t been so intent on making Nicky Hager, MANA, Greenpeace, Māori and Muslims the enemy, they would have seen numerous red flags like the multiple complaints by fellow shooters at his shooting club.

I have also attacked the SIS defence for not catching the last 4 Chan threat. Th SIS and Minister Little argue the SIS couldn’t monitor everything…

The Security Intelligence Service says it cannot monitor the “millions of pages of posts made online every day”, after a member of the public alerted the police to a threat to car bomb mosques in Christchurch.

The SIS says it helped the police investigation that led to the arrest of a man in connection with the threat made in a series of posts on 4chan, an anonymous online message board frequented by far-right individuals, on Sunday.

…I criticised their position earlier this month…

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We know that the first generation Echelon mass surveillance computer system installed at Waihopai after Lange built it had the capability of key word search functions!!!!


Not only was the GCSB which provides intel to the SIS designed to monitor millions of pages of data each day, the new generation hardware can monitor suspects in real time!

Don’t lie to our faces and pretend you don’t have a capacity you had in the fucking 1980s!

…and lo and hold, out of the SIS’s own report, look at this…

Security Intelligence Service releases internal review into decision-making prior to Christchurch mosques attack

As the commission report found, a possible lead received by the SIS was an alert to a New Zealand-based IP address accessing files related to guerilla warfare tactics, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Nowegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

But attempts to identify the user behind this IP address were unsuccessful. The review said the agency’s actions in regard to this lead were “reasonable and appropriate”.


So the SIS did in fact get tipped off by someone searching for far right terrorist material, and if the concerns of fellow gun club members  had been registered, they could have started an investigation.

We are not asking for new powers for the SIS and GCSB, we just want them to be held accountable for the ones they have!

We spend $200m each year on these agencies to keep us safe from the ‘what ifs’

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)

The NSG (National Security Group)

The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)

The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)

The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)

The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)

The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)

The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)

The NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate).

Why aren’t we safe?

Remember Comrades, we may disagree on a lot, but there are also some things we can all agree on…


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  1. So? The SIS effectively chose to ignore any and all heads up on tarrant. ( Which we already knew about. They ex military guy rubbing shoulders with tarrant at the Milton gun range who warned the police that tarrant was a nutter. )
    And why do you think that was..?
    What’s the down-stream consequences of that, then?
    Heightened security, the normalisation of carte blanch surveillance, the ever aggressive encroachment of the security apparatus into our lives?
    And if so, for why?
    In my humble opinion, tarrant was a pawn in a deadly game. If the SIS knew about the bastard and they never intervened in his planned actions then he was to be regarded as an asset and if so, to what ends was he to be exploited?
    Or? Or they just fucked it all up. There is that, of course.
    In my opinion, the SIS ,and the SAS, are the best at what they do in the world. They don’t fuck anything up and it’s that, which should scare the shit out of everyone.

    • With so much wacko stuff around on line these days it is harder to know when you have stumbled across something worthy of attention–but that is why those responsible do it–to create a skewed signal to noise ratio, so that some people just give up and disengage from politics and community affairs and just be compliant consumers.

      Was Tarrant allowed by the Security services and cops to pursue his twisted interests and he “slipped his collar”? or something more sinister…I certainly don’t know, but do know that in the UK, Military top brass publicly stated that they would instigate a military coup if Jeremy Corby was ever elected Prime Minister!
      So engage your faculties before thinking the State Surveillance system would ever get it wrong, or have shady motives–oh that’s right one of GCSB, and SIS main briefs now is economic snooping.

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