What the latest political rumours really say about the Wellington Bureaucratic elites 


Th latest political rumour being feverishly spread through the back channels is that Jacinda and Grant are at loggerheads over a secret new policy programme to the point that Jacinda has threatened to resign if Grant doesn’t give it to her.

Now sure, there is a secret new policy programme and sure it is transformative, but the resistance to it isn’t coming from Grant, it’s coming from the Wellington Bureaucratic elites who are terrified that Jacinda intends to actually make them help the people.

In the immortal words of Unionist Robert Reid…

…the Wellington Bureaucratic elites are neoliberal feudal lords at heart and have zero interest in sharing any of that power with the people they are supposed to serve.

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For too long these Mandarins have shaped the 35 year neoliberal experiment in their favour. For decades, like a legion of Wormtongues, they have whispered into every Government’s ear that there isn’t any money and that this is the best that can be done, but Covid showed the Government can snap its fingers and make money appear on command.

Covid slaughtered every single sacred right wing cow there is and there’s no going back.

People have no interest in hearing National or ACT mantra about small Government when they are fleeing to that Government for protection.

Jacinda has taken the time over the Summer to decide being kind has to mean something, desperate rumours spread by Wellington Bureaucratic elites that there is a split between Jacinda and Grant are designed to create a rift not report on one.

I like it when the Wellington Bureaucratic elites are this frightened.



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  1. Borrowing a hundred billion should have ended Jacindas Government. Let’s call that an inversion narrative.

    The Inversion Narrative always fails because at the end of the day it is always a provable lie. Its just a question of how long it takes to reveal the lie, the agenda behind it and the tipping point of when the majority realize it.

    • …’ Borrowing a hundred billion should have ended Jacindas Government’…


      Yes it should have. However, wrapped within the neo liberal ideology is that which relies on a global approach, not a nationalistic approach, hence the treasonists passing of THE RESERVE BANK ACT, which enabled offshore bankers and investors to strip this country of its wealth.

      NOW,… how about that RESERVE BANK ACT, then ,.. eh?

      • Everytime a New Zealand property developer goes bankrupt I’m going to go out and eat surf and turf steak.

  2. Covid should have slaughtered every right wing cow but perhaps the most important tactic, from either the left or right is control the population. Covid has given that ability to this government, and most others around the world, on a golden platter. I hope you are right about JA’s summer thinking. Any bureaucrat that gets in the way of redistribution of wealth to the poor must be removed.

    • Well I’d be happy if they just did their jobs in an apolitical sort of way, ethically, and recognising that they are what the name suggests: Servants of the Public.
      I can forgive Saint Ashley (for example) for accepting a ticket and being admonished for it. (ONCE)
      If he keeps doing it – Fuk him.
      He’s the LEAST of it though. There are masters-of-the-Universe that have been doing it for decades – and sometimes they’re the very people that are so anal they worry about underlings taking too many biros from the stationary cupboard

      • “…so anal they worry about underlines taking too many biros from the stationary cupboard. “. Ha ha ha. Ha. A Manager at the MSD Special Services Dept, convened a meeting for all the women employees in his department one day at 2 pm, interrupting work time.

        At the solemn meeting, he instructed the women not to put tampons and pads down the toilets.

        That senior women may have long forgotten these things existed, probably escaped him.The meeting was instigated by a righteous PSA delegate, after a blocked lavatory event – big overkill for something which girls have long learned at school, and an experience which the younger women found demeaning.

  3. Who is the PM? Who is the irreplaceable figurehead of the government, and who did every national voter over 55 turn to in gratitude for keeping them alive? JA, not Grant.

    Who can be moved on? – Grant Robertson can!

    Please tell us more about the transformative program.

    • And yet we need to work with both the Blairites Jacinda and Grant , if only to overturn them and replace them with Keynesionists. Hopefully , they will spell their own downfall , along with any remnants of National…

      The truth is both National and Labour have become the global One World LACKEYS they always were,… its time NZ were shod of them.

      Sell outs we do not need.

    • Ada I would suggest that Labour was reelected because of a combination of Jacinda’s communication skill and the fact that the Treasury was in the hands of an inherently conservative minister.

      If Grant had shown himself to be a loose cannon National would be in power now.

    • Pffft. I never really liked popcorn, but it’s growing on me.
      Good to see Jacinda has her loyal suppotas. Sure as shit she’s going to need them (in this space, going forward).
      [ Mandatory prefix] “So” ….., [ And is is it really? ] “Ultimately’, I’m hopeful she might be waking up to reality.
      All you need to do now @Ada is assist her in getting a better bullshit detector – she deserves the best.

  4. If covid slaughtered every right wing cow, then how come the .1%, or whatever the billionaire % is these days, got an extra trillion plus added to their bank accounts this past year?

    • Because it proved without a shadow of a doubt that the deregulated free market creates plutocracy not freedom and neoliberal mythology of small government is a sick joke during a crisis. Your need to disagree and find fault seems to have you drifting.

      • Plus it’s only cow shit that’s right wing, and right wingers don’t even like it when solutions are found to use it to fertilise a few left wing crops because they don’t want the gas back.

  5. …” the Wellington Bureaucratic elites are neoliberal feudal lords at heart and have zero interest in sharing any of that power with the people they are supposed to serve

    For too long these Mandarins have shaped the 35 year neoliberal experiment in their favour. For decades, like a legion of Wormtongues, they have whispered into every Government’s ear that there isn’t any money and that this is the best that can be done, but Covid showed the Government can snap its fingers and make money appear on command.

    Covid slaughtered every single sacred right wing cow there is and there’s no going back”…



    Which is what Mickey Joseph Savage’s government did.

    NOW,… about that RESERVE BANK ACT,………

  6. Very interesting.

    I am certainly hoping what Jacinda said back in 2017 about being transformative actually meant something real.

    All power to her be that the case.

  7. ” I like it when the Wellington Bureaucratic elites are this frightened ”
    I prefer so terrified and so much so they resign and take their golden handouts and fuck off.
    The neo liberal elites and they cover many categories are like covid very hard to eliminate.

    • Well they are the same thing; viruses.

      And as for ”take their golden handouts ”. No thanks, fuck off yes, but not take our money with them the scivving arseholes.

  8. Pass the bloody popcorn. I no longer have any sympathy for any of them – well maybe except for one or two.
    Cudda Shudda Wudda begun dismantling some of the clearly dysfunctional departments and Munstries in the first term. There were reasons enough.
    I’ve not heard the back channel rumours – probably because I’m no longer interested – even though I see and hear of many of the more ethical public servants looking for “other opportunities, going forward” or getting the hell out altogether. The effort it takes to push shit uphill gets harder the longer you have to do it.
    NONE of it would surprise me though.
    Let’s hope it’s true. We might belatedly get some “transformation”, though they’re seriously running out of time.

  9. politicians, bureaucrats, they’re all bloody awful.
    Just cant be fucked voting anymore, its like a huge waste of time. Zero help my entire voting lifetime.

    • Vote man!
      Either for the least worst option, OR for anything that gives them the shock that’s needed. It is POSSIBLE we might need a round of Jude and a couple of Actoids, and the rest of her enterage to remind us just how BAD things could get.
      I’ve always felt things are probably going to have to get worse before they can get better – although I see signs Jacinda is waking up and the ‘administration’ (i.e. “officials”) is/are getting worried. They should be!
      Christ! Vote bloody TOP if necessary, or if it all gets too hard – Green or even those bloody Murries.
      Why would you disenfranchise yourself because there are complete bloody tit heads running the show. We (i.e. “us” that team of 5 million) put ’em in there, AND we can remove them.

  10. The Jacinda rumour sounds like wishful thinking really, but, NZ Labour Party loyalists I have known since the late 70s, and some of their current younger brethren, are now–albeit gently–pushing back. Sue Moroney, one time Labour MP has been calling for action over housing and benefits on social media and many others that never bucked the party line previously are doing the same.

    So what you say? NZ Labour since the 80s has been built on cliques and insiders and focus groups. The Labour Caucus (parliamentary wing) constitutionally has much power over the ordinary rank and file members, shrinking as those numbers may be. Jacinda will have someone that pays 15 min a week attention to left wing blogs, the feedback is growing from NGOs, and all sorts of community based people–Start Transforming Labour–is what the people are saying.

    Will Labour staying true to rotten neo liberalism cause the class uprisings Dave Brownz talks about on TDB? Dunno, but they bloody well should do!

  11. Grunter has the numbers around the cabinet table. Just. Grunter knows there is some real pain economically around the corner and knows the middle won’t appreciate it if they start to lose jobs and sees ‘radical’, woke policy.

    The Blairite sees her star slowly dimming with her faithful (such as many here) combined with the (Maori) squad will be wanting to do something meaningful and progressive.

    Let’s see who is the monkey and who is the organ grinder.

  12. Great thread !! Wonderful range of the utter cynicism we all now possess mixed with a liberal dollop of despair, entertainingly presented. Cheers to you all!

  13. Bomber, good fellow, likewise the inhouse Marxist.
    Neo-feudalism is a better term, but no, wait, neo-Czarism. Or Tsarism if we are a little bit binary these days.
    Oligarchy rules people.

  14. I was watching one of these Wellington Bureaucratic elites this morning:

    Chief Executive and Secretary to The Treasury, Caralee McLiesh saying “the impact of low interest rates on inequality is unknown”.

    Really?? You couldn’t dream this bs up, let alone say it with a straight face.

    Where the hell has she been the last decade, under the same rock as Adrian Orr? Well more likely in a detached mansion blissfully gazing at seaviews and fluffy clouds, far far removed from the damage of their policies on the peasants on struggle street.

    I was, and am still expecting a wet blanket, smoke and mirrors, window dressing housing policy announcement this week. I hope I am wrong but having watched two decades of it, it is hard not to.

    Housing inflation was already rampant, particularly in the regions in 2019 after Jacinda ruled out any tax measures, and Adrian slashed interest rates to the delight of specuvestors.

    To then in 2020 have another 20% housing inflation after slashing interest rates again, scrapping the LVR on specuvestors and flooding the market with cheap money for houses is a total disgrace from all parties involved.

    It is close to Jacinda’s last chance to be transformational, or she will be another Helen Clark, John Key, and I mean that in the most unflattering way.

  15. AO/NZ’s an alarmingly wealthy country. It always has been. Particularly if one ponders the fact that we’re still only a scant few five million on lands larger than the UK by 25 K sq km and our beautiful AO /NZ can grow any food, anywhere at anytime.
    There’s no argument to that fact. Unless, or course one’s argument’s going to be based upon refusing to see what’s right in front of one. ” There’s certainly no mountain of money to be found then used… unless I can get MY hands on it. Then it’s what it is and I’m off mountain climbing.”
    Am I about to witness the dawn of the end of The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie? La Grande` Escroquerie ?
    I still have some life left in me. I can still dance on graves and piss on headstones. All the swindling deviant morons educated beyond their intellegence fuckers have to do now is drop dead for me.

  16. Am allowed to slaughter,what boat,cost,bank to berth, my boat,what cost,this bourgious luxuary fool any english knwing,foool who you.

  17. I am Pakeha but seriously feel like if we had some Maori representation on this elitist monetary policy committee we might have some consideration of the plight of the poor. These people are unelected and in the last year have decided that making very rich people much richer is their top concern. For transparency we must know how many houses this group and their family own. There is something not right here. Look at them…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh-8OCqdPMQ

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