MEDIA WATCH: Jacinda is now a Lego figure – get ready for Mike Hosking to lose his shiz


Mike Hosking is about to lose his shit!

For the people who think Dr Suess and Mr Potato Head have been cancelled, get ready for the next thing the right wing in NZ are about  to freak out over…


Th coolest thing is that…

20% of sales of this minifigure go to Kiva: Kiva is an international non-profit organisation which gives out micro-loans to women around the world to help them with their small businesses. The money is a loan and not a donation. When the loan is paid back to us, we then add the money straight back to the loan pot again, so that more and more women can benefit from these micro-loans. We do not receive interest from these loans. 

…so buy one here and post them to ZB Talkback care of Mike Hosking, 2 Graham Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

Happy Days!

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  1. “She is known for her progressive policies …”

    Like failing to bring in a CGT or a wealth tax? Like doing practically nothing to roll back user-pays? Like continuing our heavy dependence on indirect taxation (GST) that punishes people on low incomes? Like instead pushing ahead with “hate speech legislation”?

    • Yes indeedy.

      But what I notice about this advertising is how “normalised” the right wing neolib shit has become. That someone as tepid as Jacinda gets described as “progressive.”

      Tell people something often enough and they’ll believe it..

  2. Various reactionaries will likely be yawning in technicolour over this little product announcement. While an open critic of this Govt.’s lack of action on housing, poverty, union rights and many other things! am tempted to buy one and leave it unboxed for the grand kids as a reminder of the 2020 COVID year.

  3. Are any of you familiar with the saying ” Everything is connected to everything else” ?
    Was it Alexander von Humboldt who said that first?
    In AO/NZ politics, which would be almost indistinguishable from the records of the minutes of the meetings between scurrilous mafioso criminal gangs, we must remember that our politics is steeped in dodgy bastards doing dodgy things. One does not become a city-bound kiwi-as multibillionaire by sticking to the rules and obeying natures indefatigable laws of integrity, honesty, humility, care of those less fortunate, love, and old fashioned straight-up-and-downedness. The very first skill one must master when manipulating then exploiting another’s for their money is of how to exploit that other’s ignorances. And remember? Ignorance isn’t a bad thing. The bad comes in when ignorance is exploited and in a capitalist democracy it’s usually for monetary gain.
    In defence of Adern, I’d say she’s still reeling from the enormity of what lies behind her. A grand set of swindles trailing off into our post-Colonial history like a trail of blood from a freshly murdered body dragged across a snow covered tennis court.
    From the dawn of refrigerated shipping then the merger of two not doubt villainous Auckland cartels being the banks and the money lenders led along a trail of deception which has led us to this day and me to this comment and that’s what our young prime minister must deal with.
    Gas bags like me and crooks like them.
    The answer to that conundrum, is, of course, honesty. To come clean. To spell it out. Are you the one to do it and prove your detractors (Including me, I admit.) wrong?
    Go on Prime Minister Jacinda Adern. You can do it? I promise you, the results of which will lead to enormous, unimagined prosperity for the many and a heart attack for the few.
    P.S. I like the Leggo. Is fucking brilliant. Old dodgy, poncy, white, male wankers got Knighthoods for fucking us without the kissing while you get a Leggo character in your image. Fabulous!

  4. Is there any way to track how many are sold? I’d be fascinated to see the sales volumes on these or does Lego just do it to be seen as being woke?

  5. Adern really is worse than Key and National because at least they didn’t not deliver to their own supporters for nine years.

  6. COVID-19: Jacinda Ardern’s message to MIQ guests as unpaid invoices reach $20 million.
    Hahahahahahahaha hilarious – go you Lego figure!

  7. What a lot of right wing tory tuggers we have above. You are all still mourning and grieving after John Key – get over it. Basically you hate Jacinda because she (and the scientists) have saved us from Covid and made NZ the country with the most freedom in the world, just look at today. You are all hoping NZ goes down the gurgler and if you had any power would jump at the chance to sabotage that freedom we enjoy. You must lose a lot of sleep when you hear all the good news and envy about Jacinda and NZ from around the world.
    Listen, Collins and Seymour and their right-wing conspiracy mates are as useful as tits on a bull. Thank god none of them are looking after the health of NZers otherwise we would now be in dire straits. How about all you sourpusses rejoice and enjoy the freedom we experience.

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