Waatea Political wrap with Martyn Bomber Bradbury


Waatea’s Claudette Hauiti wraps the political week each week with Daily Blog editor, Martyn Bradbury:

Are we being told everything about the Virus and why Māori may be apprehensive about taking the vaccine.


  1. This chat, between Claudette Hauiti and yourself, Martyn, was a good conversation. I like the room and the door, the big mike used by Claudia, …it was all very real, it was all home based,… it was all very ‘cup of coffee’ and home grown.

    And it is from the home,… that the issues of life and family spring forth.

    All that was needed was the drone of a lawn mower in the background.

  2. “You’re a marxist and can you have a conversation with someone who has a different opinion to you?”

    I wonder where or if there was a comma in that question? Maybe they’re a secret fan.

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