Penal Reform League double down on criticising Green Party Sexual Violence Bill – compares it to Salem Witch Trials


In a blistering critiqué of the Green Party’s Sexual Violence Bill which will strip away any defence from the accused so as to force a successful prosecution of the accused, The Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform League claims Jan Logie’s woke crusade is akin to the Salem Witch Trials…

Jan Logie MP from the Greens is spreading misinformation and misleading the public in her promotion of the Sexual Violence Bill to the extent there is much obfuscation by her to enable loss of certain Bill of Rights provisions!

Those Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s come to mind when one listens to her rhetoric.

However, our NZ Bill of Rights is a fundamental pillar of our society, of our rule of law and makes makes us a civilised country. Please fix the problematic parts to this Bill before it goes any further.

..the Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform League are not chumps and in any other similar situation the Greens and the wider activist Left would embrace their wisdom, but in the current post MeToo faith based ‘believe women’ justice system being established here, the Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform League will be quickly canceled on Twitter today for disagreeing with woke doctrine.

We all want the process for survivors of sexual assault to feel safe and unharmed during any trial and there are already many provisions inside sexual assault Courts that already favour the victim in this, but some of the technical reasons why recording testimony will actually add to the length of time a case gets heard are as problematic as its breach of the right to silence.

The biggest concern however has been the Green’s obsessive desire to gerrymander the system to ensure the guilt of the accused. In woke world, all men are rapists and it seems to annoy the Greens that any trial is even required because anything an accused says on social media now is the new evidential threshold for belief.

When a civil rights organisation as the Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform League are comparing your legislation to the Salem Witch Trials, perhaps, maybe just perhaps you’ve gone too far?

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  1. In any population group there will always be sufficient fringe delusional types and fools to give a party like the Greens the 5% they need to stay in Parliament.

  2. The Meetoo zealots and the woke left only end up eating themselves, once they have dealt to the conservative/moderates and either deplatformed or got them to leave twitter and or any column they may have in a magazine/MSM then they will start to look at their allies* and become even more critical and brural.
    *they have no real allies, only sections that agree with them, in solidarity, to get rid of the conservative voice.

  3. An opposition leader is accused of rape in Senegal and his supporters claim it’s a political move:
    This would never happen here, or would it?
    Women may not be physically equipped to enact actual penetration but can often be enablers, cat callers, traffickers, slavers, brothel keepers, uplifters, enforcers, con artists, organ thieves etc etc.
    Rape is a whole genre, not a single act.

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