Wait – what? The SIS failed to spot ANOTHER white supremacist terror threat?





Security Intelligence Service defend terror threat miss

The Security Intelligence Service says it cannot monitor the “millions of pages of posts made online every day”, after a member of the public alerted the police to a threat to car bomb mosques in Christchurch.

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The SIS says it helped the police investigation that led to the arrest of a man in connection with the threat made in a series of posts on 4chan, an anonymous online message board frequented by far-right individuals, on Sunday.

And Intelligence Agencies Minister Andrew Little has defended the SIS against suggestions it missed the threat saying, “I’m confident that all of our authorities involved in our counter-terrorism effort … are doing their job, are responsive, and are keeping people safe”.

A 27-year-old man was charged with threatening to kill people at the Masjid An Nur (Al Noor Mosque) and the Linwood Mosque after police raided two homes on Thursday searching for the person responsible for the 4chan posts.

Almost 2 years on and the NZ intelligence apparatus which caused such a cascade failure that a white supremacist could operate here for 2 years without being detected has shown it once again is refusing to take white supremacy terrorism seriously!

A member of the public tipped them off to this latest threat FFS!

Sing it Robert Reid…

…Right now the NZ Police have an under cover agent in every single major Organised Crime gang.

Right now the NZ Police impersonate teenagers online to catch pedophiles.

Right now the fucking MSD has panty sniffing bureaucrats shifting through the social media feeds of beneficiaries trying to catch them out in a ‘relationship’.

But the NZ Intelligence Apparatus that costs us $200million each year and is made up of acronyms you’ve never heard of…

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)

The NSG (National Security Group)

The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)

The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)

The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)

The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)

The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)

The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)

The NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate).

…doesn’t have one operative on 4chan watching out for White Supremacist terror chatter.




What is most egregious about this is that the Government are claiming criminalising the misuse of pronouns towards the Trans community and religious blasphemy laws will protect us from another white supremacy atrocity!

What the fuck are we spending these millions on inside the NZ Intelligence Apparatus if we aren’t safer?

How is it that when the Police and SIS wanted to illegally raid Nicky Hager, spy on Maori, Muslims and environmentalists those fucking pieces of filth couldn’t move fast enough to breach their civil rights, yet when it comes to monitoring white supremacists it’s still based on members of the public to inform them???

The solution here is not more vast surveillance powers, it’s the intelligence agencies using the existing powers they already have against real threats, not the reds under the bed who they’ve focused on so far.

How the fuck have we ended up in a situation where it’s easier for the State to spy on beneficiaries in relationships than fucking white supremacist terrorists!!!!

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  1. I note the snivelling rat Andrew Little, who couldn’t win the seat he contested because he was so unpopular, and got into government on the party list, has defended the failure. No surprise there.

  2. Martyn, I fear that you do not understand the priorities of capitalism.
    Killing a bunch of Muslims will not reduce property prices or make our society more equal. Therefore the government only makes pious noises about protecting their lives( I do not want to shock you but sometimes politicians do not tell the truth).

    The police and security services must concentrate on state enemies(you, Nicky Hager and, in my modest way, I). You found that out the hard way, you subversive devil.
    People organising or undermining the power of landlords and financiers might force social and economic change. Maggie Thatcher was right when she said of left wing revolutionary groups , ‘these people want to change our whole way of life,'( by ‘our’ she meant her own group- not the population as a whole).
    Enough said. Here is a funny.
    Question; How many Marxists does it need to change a light bulb?
    Answer; None, the light bulb carries within it the seeds of its own revolution.

  3. Maybe the criteria of nepotism, pronouns use and creative marketing spin, is now more important in government agency employees job descriptions, than actually preventing terrorism and crimes to people in NZ.

    They probably have people monitoring TDB, as anyone advocating against wage theft or for the people, is now an economic threat, which I believe under John Key, the criteria of terrorism was changed to include ‘economic’ and ‘foreign business’. We now pay to protect foreign business profits so no money left in the kitty against terror against the people!

    No lessons learn’t from

    Damning report confirms Government agencies used private investigators for spying

    “He was scathing in his criticism of government agencies’ actions against New Zealanders exercising their democratic rights through TCIL reporting on the activities of groups such as Greenpeace, the Green Party, the Mana Movement and some Northland East Coast and Taranaki iwi groups., which he said were treated as a “security threat”.
    “This is an affront to democracy, and government agencies should have challenged TCIL’s definition and treatment of issue-motivated groups,” he said.

    “I am clear that it is never acceptable to classify a person or group of people as a security threat just because they lawfully exercise their democratic rights, or use that as justification for gathering information.”


    AKA anyone trying to get their earthquake claim fixed or

  4. Agree 100% .
    Our spy agencies are white supremacists themselves and will do nothing unless forced to .

  5. The SIS ARE the terrorists if Ian Wishart’s book ” The Paradise Conspiracy” is to be believed.
    The SIS don’t miss a thing. Therefore, why do they choose to ignore threats such as the one you draw attention to here?
    Why do I see a building anti-Muslim narrative behind their victimisation?
    There’s a double meaning in the threats and attacks against Muslim people and their mosques etc. Was it ever said? ” Get rid of them Muslims and there wouldn’t be any trouble out of them nutters!”
    I conspiratorially theorise that there are larger fish here being fried in the deeper, darker depths of the ocean.

  6. This is the NZ john Key gifted us..I assume the current government doesn’t want to hurt johns feelings by fixing the bugs it contains.. This project meant so much to him..

  7. Some hard questions need to be asked of these government agencies as to why they did not identify this threat. A simple ‘can’t watch everything’ is not good enough.

    • What threat? Some keyboard warriors talking themselves up on an online forum? Law enforcement has limited powers to respond to non-“real world” acts. The reason that the Aussie sociopath didn’t appear on the radar of local law enforcement is that he didn’t do anything illegal (apart from modifying some firearms without an appropriate license) prior to his murderous rampage. People posting on forums should be civil and constructive in my opinion but if they are unruly and rambunctious, that is a matter for moderators to deal with, not the police.

      • Tarrent apparently used internet referee’s for his gun license who had never met him but nobody checked and was so alarming in his right wing views, members of the gun club reported him to police…. clearly officials missed the red flags and didn’t wake up to the idea that NZ is now open to international business, including terrrorism and handing out automatic weapons (or any weapons) to new visitors is probably not a good idea… When they did the checks post Tarrant apparently police had given out a gun licence to a NZ visitor living in an Auckland apartment, and he had stockpiled large amount of weapons. Suspicious, apparently not!

        • The weapons that Aussie misfit obtained were semi-automatic and he bought them legally but modified them illegally as he didn’t have a Category “E” licence. Police didn’t follow the correct process for issuing his gun licence and those processes have now been tightened supposedly. It’s difficult for the police or intelligence agencies to identify potential mass murderers as people may buy multiple weapons for legitimate purposes e.g. a collector but purchasing 7,000+ rounds of ammunition (as the Aussie misfit did) should be a red flag in my opinion.

  8. Agree, if the intelligence community can’t monitor one bloody bulletin board like 4chan with their full take capability then what is the point of this creepy surveillance?

  9. So what you want is some sort of intrusive surveillance of the internet like the Chinese. There is no pleasing the left or the right. Us centrists (the vast majority) are very happy with the way things are.

    • It seems we already have intrusive surveillance of the internet not unlike the Chinese. Martyn has already told you who it is focussed on – classes of people who are obviously not your notional centrists. Meanwhile, there are groups and individuals who are given a free ride UNLESS some vigilant persons outside of the mega-million dollar internal and international spy systems provide a free service so that those of evil intent can be picked up by the Police. The most depressing thing about your comment is that you seem to be happy with this unacceptable and discriminatory state of affairs.

    • The one term I disparage is the “vast majority” offered as the evidence for their statement of fact.

      • I’ll rephrase that.to I suspect the vast majority. Assuming you are employable what do people talk about at your work. Politics or sport. I suspect the latter.
        FYI over at the kiwiblog he has a great post about his purchase of a leaf.

  10. That,s a serious expense account. What do they spend their 200 million on? Lawyers? Loveins? Cups of coffee?

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