Simon Bridges starts his National Party leadership bid by attacking Police Commissioner Coster


In another life, I think Simon Bridges would have been an actor.

He has a natural talent to perform and we saw that on the first day of the first term of Jacinda’s Government when Simon pretended to count Labour, Green & NZ First MPs in the House and claimed they didn’t have the numbers  to elect Trevor Mallard as the Speaker.

By lying through his teeth, Simon managed to gain vast concessions out of Hipkins on the very floor of Parliament that handed National huge numbers on select committees they weren’t going to get.

He also showed his flair for performance when he held the entire country’s attention hostage by drip feeding the Treasury website hack over a week and humiliated Grant Robertson in the process.

Underestimate Bridges at your own risk. His decision to ruthlessly give Big Oil extra protections against protesters when National were last in Government marks Bridges out as a driven and clever politician happy to use the power of the State as he sees fit.

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He also sums up the aspiration that the National Party pretends to represent and he has more chance of regaining middle Nu Zilind vote than Judith or Luxon ever could.

The newspapers can mock his latest woke attacks on the Police Commissioner…

National’s Simon Bridges says police commissioner Andrew Coster is too ‘woke’ for the job

National’s justice spokesman Simon Bridges says police head Andrew Coster is a “wokester commissioner” and isn’t fit for the job.

Bridges accused Coster of putting “being nice” ahead of applying the law.

“What you see is, right from the top, an agency or police force that’s much less about arrest, much less about catching gangs and criminals despite huge problems in our society at the moment.

“And much more about being hip and doing things to impress a bunch of other wokesters.”

…but what nice woke middle class journalists living in nice and hip parts of town don’t appreciate is the shadow of fear the 501s have provoked in the working class suburbs working NZ live in.

What sounds comical to the middle class journalists sounds righteous to middle Nu Zilind. The impact of cheap pure meth and the vicious stand over tactics the 501s are prepared to use is causing real anxiety for those living in neighbourhoods where the 501s have moved to.

That NZ want these 501s hurt and arrested, they won’t comprehend the nice facing Police policy that seems to want to cuddle the criminals rather than arrest them.

What’s striking about Bridges attack is that he’s setting it up for the Select Committee meeting and that it’s apparently blindsided Judith.

If I were a betting man this is the start of Bridges leadership bid by running a populist tough on crime agenda while mocking the cultural mantras of the woke.

The biggest mistake the Left and the Government could do right now is write off the concerns of those NZers being forced to live with the blight of the 501s. Those who have daughters sold into prostitution to work off meth debts, those who have had users suffer strokes or brain bleeds or those who are forced to commit violent Dairy robberies to pay for the debts.

The tsunami of meth is devouring communities and while it has seen  persistent focus over the last 6 months by Police targeting the 501s, the damage in the communities left behind is still convulsing.

We don’t need more money going into get tough on crime stuff, we need more money poured into rehabilitation programs.

Simon takes the stage Thursday at the Justice Select Committee. Expect the performance of his career.

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  1. His unflattering summation of the police Commissioner is quite unprecedented but he has a point.

    I strongly suspect Bridges has contacts within the police who are leaking their disapproval of Coster and his wooly social liberal attempts to cure what is ailing a criminal, that was many years in the making ,with a quick one off intervention that amounts to box ticking. It’s quick because the police simply do not have the time or the resources to social work which makes these best intents pointless and worse, exacerbate the issues. And no one cares if gang’s consist of deportees, they just hate these intimidating losers existing. Bridges takes all that into the political arena and it certainly got Jacinda’s attention.

    Coster says we can’t arrest our way out of problems but as Bridges quite rightly pointed out the police’s reason for being is not up for grabs, they’re are there to enforce the law with some discretion. I also suspect the police’s very latest plan to deal with the festering sore that is gangs is more of Costers social working which has proven the last straw for some and hence Bridges rather left field outburst yesterday.

    This is a lot more interesting for what is happening in the police and some of their more influential staff who have turned to Bridges and why. And that he, like any good politician, could not turn down a gift like that! And Labour didn’t see it coming.

  2. “forced to commit violent Dairy robberies”

    Martyn how about you face up to victims of violent dairy robberies and tell them that the perpetrators were “forced” to commit their crimes?

  3. Definition of Simon Bridges “a spineless human being; an inbred excreted straight out of satans arse (I borrowed that from country boy) also known as metabolic waste”.

    • Simon’s wife said that he is a dirty little street fighter – and that’s one of his good points.

      Apparently she thought his broad kiwi accent exotic and that made me laugh so much that I broke four wine glasses, three beer mugs, and a brandy balloon – all over the fence in the neighbour’s Art Deco sideboard.

      Here, I just shattered my artistically sand-blasted front door panel (West Coast virgin beach forest – virgin being a salute to so many politicians’ obsession with sex and the permutations thereof ) plus I knocked over a pair of glass candlesticks neither of which broke, being quality Swedish, pre-Chernobyl.)

      Simon needs to get his hair cut if he’s aiming at featuring in the women’s mags again, maybe produce another photogenic baby and so on ( I don’t approve of that) but if he’s preaching that the police are now nice, instead of being racist bastards, then the lad’s up to something – maybe trying to frighten Coster – ha- ha – I’m trying not to laugh again just in case the lampshade my mother-in-law gave me breaks, and no one will believe that I didn’t break it on purpose. However…

      • “Dirty little street fighter”. A real street fighter would eat him for breakfast.

        If anyone would like to understand the mind of a bully, one needs to only think about him and be overcome with feelings that his face would make a great punching bag.

        He and Simeon Brown would make perfect illustrated dictionary entries for dropkick–along with a whole raft of other unflattering terms.

    • You would truly think Bridges would’ve learnt. But no, bullying doesn’t work, neither does wanting two Indians for one Chinese. Bridges need be careful given Jamie Lee Ross has still to front the secret donation scandal of which Bridges was a massive part. Bridges may indeed feel the full strength of the law by years end.
      At the end of the day Bridges is irrelevant, a wannabe, a has been. He has fallen so far down the national leadership food chain, hell, even the inept dinosaur Nick Smith has a chance even though he was not elected in his own electorate. Watching National ministers during question time is like watching a child who missed out on getting a lollipop.

  4. Since politics has been reduced to insincere posturing against a background of money-lender manipulation of finance and manipulation of other policy aspects by corporations and opportunists, it is impossible to get excited about anything the criminals and clowns in parliament say about the criminals and clowns not in parliament. Indeed, so low has NZ society descended -or should we say been pushed down-none of the things that matter get any attention at all.

    This graph

    portends not just the end of present economic-political arrangements but the rapid end of present economic-political arrangements.

    Maybe that WHY ‘everyone’ is ignoring it.

      • I doubt this will be the end of the Labour Party. It depends on how Jacinda presents herself and it’s up to the arrangments Willie Jackson comes up with. In the wider perspective whats the content of the treaty infrastructure. Trade with China went up 50 billion and Maori wages stayed flat. Y’know you’ve got to give each other something that will keep each other’s interests together. I think it’s in the National Partys best interest to get everyone worked up over a make or break issue like the treaty.

        We have totally missed the twenty-first century. While we get caught up in these irrelevant issues of the past we are missing the innovation revolution in IT and emerging markets making wages anaemic.

          • AFKTT none of Sam’s comments make much sense. I don’t think he has been wearing his funny little thinking hat lately.

          • Please, ignore Control denied, hes just after attention.

            Afktt. I mean I give you mastery of fire that will change civilization and reroute the course of history and you want to totally lose your shit over banks?

            You want people to do a 1% investment into an uncorrelated asset.

            I think that if you explain to people that we are in an engineering breakthrough I’m imagining aqueducts and energy and they get it.

            I don’t think you need to take it to the rights of intellectualism because you lose people from the real point you’re trying to make.

  5. That’s what the country needs, another pitch at prominence by someone whose whinging in the recent past disgusted the public and contributed to them being ditched.

    It’s always amusing watching someone act tough eventhough they exude the opposite qualities.

  6. ” Underestimate Bridges at your own risk ”
    I have always known what this guy is about and it has nothing to do with addressing the consequences of Nationals last decade in power and the damage we are still having to deal with. He was Key’s fix it man and his actions involving anti oil protests will forever tie him to dirty oil and his exploitation of our parliamentary legislative process to enact this draconian anti environmental attempt to outlaw legitimate protest so that National’s friends can come in and rape, pillage and endanger our marine environment says a lot about the people in the Nasty Natz who are still there and want the top job. Bridges failed in the job because he never connected with the public and even the deaf , mad and blind National devotees that is why they rolled him and he is still the same evil neo liberal he always was and presided over one of the worst administrations of the last twenty years.

  7. Burning Bridges last forever more, so the song goes & Drongo Simon just doesn’t have the brains to shut his big mouth & go back to walking with Yaks? And in times like these, Winston Peters caustic sarcasm & wit is sorely missed, in calling out simple Simon, this pathetic, preening loser & coward! Peters would have fired off a similar retort to the idiotic “What about CHOINA” comment by Bridges to mercifully lampoon this failed hasbeen Leader of the Nats, then finish him off with more, withering put downs! Bridges is a joke, he should have resigned when he lost the Leadership but no, this spineless, career Politician whose never worked a day in his life continues to bludge off the NZ Taxpayer with his nose firmly stuck in the Public trough & continued charade & laughable theatrics to criticise the Police Commissioner! Pathetic!

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