Another example of Scum Landlords having too much power


Another week, another example of the unbelievable power imbalance between increasingly desperate renters and scumbag Landlords…

Privacy Commissioner crackdown on information compiled and shared by landlords

The Privacy Commissioner is cracking down on privacy breaches by landlords after tenants were ordered to produce bank statements to secure homes or placed on secret “blacklists”.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards announced he will focus on the collection, retention and disclosure of information by landlords and property management agencies after his office received a raft of complaints.

…as this Government give property speculators and Landlords more economic power while tinkering at the edges of their obligations, scum Landlords now want more power than the cops by demanding bank records and setting up black lists!

We need an urgent Rent freeze, we need permanent residencies and we need more rights to make those houses homes.

The commodification of houses in an under regulated market is the only way to make wealth in NZ meaning the housing market is rigged against the renter.

The little Labour are doing is a feast of famines on this housing issue.

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  1. Also all the 90 day notices that have happened within the last couple of weeks.

    Proving were not all in this together.

  2. If a tenant trashes a house more than once or habitually does not pay rent then it should be public, likewise serial landlords who are found guilty multiple times at Tenancy Tribunals. At the end of the day, those that take housing out of circulation via deliberate acts should not be allowed to keep going.

  3. There are scum landlords and scum tenants and fortunately both are a small minority . The state owning and controlling more homes would mean rents would go down and the condition of homes would improve as they need to match the state houses. The biggest problem with state homes is that they finish up being the only place bad tenants can live and that makes life difficult for those good people in the area

  4. Real estate managers have been running a blacklist of bad tenants for decades: A list of people with a bad payments record and people who damage property. Any landlord who doesn’t have access to the list is just asking to be ripped off.

    A rather naïve friend rented his house out because he moved in with his partner, now wife. In six months his first tenant caused $30,000 of damages. It later transpired, once the repairs had been completed and he’d handed it to a professional agent to manage, that his old tenant was on the list.

    • Had the same sort of situation where we rented a place, inherited, to 4 Uni students very cheaply on the proviso they didn’t get a student loan to pay for it. They didn’t get any loans as they were too busy selling the contents of the house on Trade Me. They sold, or so they say, everything bar the wall paper. Our recourse, nothing not a thing.

      So I kicked them out while ignoring their pleas they had no where to go, which I believe was correct. Sorry dudes you were given a hell deal and you fucked it up big time, go find a bus stop.

      That house is currently empty as we can’t afford to make it inhabitable for us to use let alone all the extra extra coin on top of that required to make it rentable.

  5. Please remind me, wasn’t one of the election promises the Ardern version of the neo-Labour party made the first time they got in, to give tenants security of tenure? I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. Even as a very good tenant there is always the fear of having to move on a whim of a rentier.

    • Landlords LOVE long term tenancies. It’s their dream scenario.

      The only ‘”whim of a rentier” is the urgent need to remove someone who isn’t paying and/or is destroying your property.

  6. last place we were in was a dump, was the only place we could get, we put up with it. Was fixed term lease and the ad said long term, 9 months in and we got a 90 day notice, we had finished paying off her mortgage and she was selling up before having to do all the healthy home improvements.
    We tried to look at getting a mortgage but with only one income coming in the bank said no.
    Trapped with no other option but to pay someone elses mortgage.

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